İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bring back   (geri getir)

Mind, and Raven can bring back the Alpha students.

GolfCross can bring back many advantages to normal golf.

The Egg-Wizard calls an army of scorpion eggs to bring back Toto.

bring together   (bir araya getirmek)

The ISF aims to bring together experts from across the globe.

Therefore, it was difficult to bring together the necessary capital.

Its goal is to bring together Mini enthusiasts from around the world.

not bring   (getirme)

Graves cannot bring himself to shoot Harper.

And do not bring us to a cause of doubt!"

Teddy cannot bring himself to shoot him as the warrior flees.

bring down   (indirmek)

Thank you for helping to bring down the #wall."

As if Ceausescu and company are to bring down imperialism!!

In some cases, coyotes can bring down prey weighing up to or more.

bring up   (konuyu açmak)

Elizabeth was left a widow to bring up their son.

A Forth system has often been used to bring up new hardware.

The strongest horses were used to bring up the wooden barrels.

order to bring   (getirmek için sipariş)

Then he stretched out his rod in order to bring on the first three plagues.

A number of changes were implemented in order to bring the bike up-to-date.

In order to bring the SC/ST colonies in the main stream so many projects are being planned.

helped bring   (getirmeye yardım etti)

Aggressive marketing helped bring traffic back to M&E.

Wilburn's actions helped bring law and order to the region.

His love for jazz helped bring the genre to a wider audience.

able to bring   (getirebilme)

Ranchod is able to bring Abha and Karan back together.

The development team was able to bring Giles Martin aboard as the game's music producer.

The company doubled in size by 1932 and was able to bring the first natural gas to Minnesota.

attempt to bring   (getirmeye teşebbüs)

An attempt to bring EasyTAG to OS X is ongoing.

In an attempt to bring the MD of Foothills No.

The limited format was introduced in an attempt to bring more balance to the environment.

bring more   (daha fazla getir)

This is the reason these rivers bring more frequent floods now.

DeSantis also believes the act will bring more jobs to America.

Many people find their increased skills bring more enjoyment to driving.

help bring   (getirmeye yardım et)

"I was asked to help bring Persiba to the right place.

Einstein asked them to help bring Jewish scientists out of Germany.

In 1864, he returned to Pennsylvania again to help bring the regiment up to strength.

bring him back   (geri getir onu)

Charlie promises to bring him back with him.

Liu Yao managed to rescue Liu Wei and bring him back safely.

Eurystheus commanded Heracles to find Cerberus and bring him back.

decided to bring   (getirmeye karar verdi)

At age 14, a friend decided to bring Tonon to a local jiu-jitsu tournament, which interested Tonon.

As a joke they decided to bring the garbage to the exhibition as well, after Kikuhata urinated on it.

However, in 2004 during an extensive Rancid hiatus, Armstrong decided to bring the Transplants back together.

bring attention   (dikkat et)

She agreed to the project to bring attention to gun violence.

It was designed to bring attention to the Affordable Care Act.

did not bring   (getirmedi)

However, the Unification of Italy did not bring immediate benefits.

For Giersing, the 1920s did not bring the level of success he might have hoped for.

George's acceptance of the Seljuq suzerainty did not bring a real peace for Georgia.

wanted to bring   (getirmek istedim)

They wanted to bring Holtz in to replace Green.

He wanted to bring a definitive end to their quarrels.

He wanted to bring the war to an end himself and gain glory this way.

bring peace   (Barış getirmek)

It's not anything to rely on to bring peace to Somalia.

He explains that this is the only way to bring peace to the world.

O honoured king, bring peace".

used to bring   (getirirdi)

On 6 February, the road is used to bring in more food.

The method is used to bring formulas into a desired form.

A Forth system has often been used to bring up new hardware.

efforts to bring   (getirme çabaları)

There has been efforts to bring the Marianas together.

Mandukhai made persistent efforts to bring the various Mongol tribes under control.

Recent efforts to bring business media to these countries have proven to be worthwhile.

effort to bring   (getirmek için çaba)

The Demitarian Diet is an effort to bring conscious awareness to where meat comes from and how it is produced.

In 2006, restoration work began in an effort to bring the house up to a standard worthy of monumental protection.

She has been an advocate of environmental issues and in the effort to bring the 2020 Summer Olympics to Minnesota.

bring all   (hepsini getir)

The competition is to bring all the people of all the world.

A Meta market will bring all buyers and sellers in one place for one purpose only.

Edington saw the need to bring all royal expenditure under the oversight of the exchequer.

bring an end   (bir son vermek)

He felt that President Lincoln acted too slowly to bring an end to slavery.

Others, like new character Tusk, want to bring an end to Gargos and his reign of evil.

The end of World War I that soon followed did not bring an end to fighting for the Romanian army.

helped to bring   (getirmeye yardım etti)

Anthony helped to bring major league baseball to Los Angeles.

He helped to bring about a peace treaty between them and the ruler of Kiev.

All this, therefore, helped to bring him closer to the personality of General de Gaulle.

tried to bring   (getirmeye çalıştı)

In 2010, Chiam tried to bring the Reform Party into the SDA.

He tried to bring important new works native and strange artists on the stage.

They tried to bring him to his monastery many times but people would not see him.

sought to bring   (getirmeye çalıştı)

She also sought to bring the Arts and Crafts movement to Chicago.

Mendik has sought to bring together academic interest and fandom through Cine-Excess, a film festival.

They sought to bring attention to artists, art, poetry and writing that had been largely neglected or forgotten.

intended to bring   (getirmek niyetinde)

It was intended to bring the railway system into the 20th century.

I think Archie's intended to bring a bit of light-hearted humour to the show."

The Fisker Latigo and Tramonto were intended to bring back the lost art of custom coachbuilding.

designed to bring   (getirmek için tasarlandı)

It was designed to bring attention to the Affordable Care Act.

CFWheels was designed to bring many concepts from Ruby on Rails to ColdFusion, Railo and Lucee.

trying to bring   (getirmeye çalışmak)

They followed the process of trying to bring the book back to shelves.

Browne said at the time: "We are trying to bring it back to its original state.

Of the choice, she said, "We are trying to bring something positive to the country.

bring home   (eve getir)

Manachai outscored Kiatpetch to bring home the win.

He also agrees to bring home Pressfield's wayward daughter Laura.

Apolonia managed to win the game with 1–0 and bring home the only cup.

bring new   (yeni getir)

He helped bring new jobs to the area, and saved existing jobs.

The SIEFs will bring new challenges.

The wall also saves energy by lowering the need to bring new air into the building.

managed to bring   (getirmeyi başardı)

Thus, Marcellus managed to bring the war to an end before the arrival of Lucullus.

I find it extraordinary that we have managed to bring this talented player to Enschede.

Lieutenant George Watt of "Shannon" then managed to bring the ship off the shore without loss.

bring it back   (Onu geri getir)

Murray broke in the 5th game to bring it back to serve.

Browne said at the time: "We are trying to bring it back to its original state.

You must bring it back again and again and apply it to the meditation on the Lord.

bring people   (insanları getir)

Weiss was inspired by Armstrong's ability to bring people of different races together.

Organisations, municipalities and institutions from all over Catalonia booked buses to bring people to the event.

For this album I wanted to bring people to the campfire that was such a big part of my life when I was growing up."

bring them back   (onları geri getir)

She tells Sita to place the heads back on the bodies and she will bring them back to life.

The Quraysh sent emissaries to bring them back to Arabia, but the King of Axum refused their demands.

Dudley followed in an attempt to bring them back, leaving Major James Shelby in command at the battery.

bring her back   (onu geri getir)

We’ll bring her back for the of the two-parter."

I wish the clock could be turned back only to bring her back.

We’ll bring her back for the second episode of the two-parter."

attempted to bring   (getirmeye çalıştı)

Around noon, Connaway attempted to bring back to periscope depth, seeking another opportunity to attack.

Although Chiczewski had attempted to bring in as much food as he could, there was a severe food shortage.

On 19 May the German-manned cargo ship attempted to bring supplies to the German forces advancing in Nordland.

bring forth   (meydana getirmek)

A cult forms to bring forth a new dark lord by killing Soma.

She was said to bring forth pins in her vomit, in her water, and "downwards".

Then wisdom will arise and bring forth light, which is the clear "qi" of the person.

way to bring   (getirmenin yolu)

He explains that this is the only way to bring peace to the world.

I couldn't think of a better way to bring this 17-year run to an end.

This used baseball and other team sports as a way to bring young teenage boys into the LDS Church.

attempts to bring   (getirme girişimleri)

There have been some scientific attempts to bring dead organisms back to life, but with limited success.

A few (notably "RAW") represented experimental attempts to bring comics closer to the status of fine art.

Currently Brasília has the Rock Basement Festival which attempts to bring new bands to the national scene.

bring awareness   (farkındalık getirmek)

All of these games bring awareness to important issues and events.

It will look to bring awareness and involvement to work against human trafficking.

It began in 2005 as an event to bring awareness to health issues to African-American women.

aims to bring   (getirmeyi hedefliyor)

It aims to bring about a united Ireland.

The ISF aims to bring together experts from across the globe.

The ministry aims to bring joy to the sick, the elderly and the forgotten through music.

bring their own   (kendi getir)

Visitors must bring their own provisions.

Hikers must bring their own stoves as campfires are banned.

Audience members may also bring their own chairs and blankets.

plans to bring   (getirmeyi planlıyor)

In it, he talked about his plans to bring the "bloodied message" to America.

She plans to bring John with her, and use her research to develop instruments of peace.

The event was eventually officially discontinued in 2016, and there are no known plans to bring it back.

bring water   (su getir)

When the Thune Dam is completed, it will bring water to the village.

The firm built canals to bring water from the Los Angeles River to Bunker Hill.

An extensive system of dams and waterways has been constructed to bring water to farming areas.

try to bring   (getirmeye çalış)

They were to try to bring the young King and Queen to him.

The pesky lovers try to bring Sriranjini and Mukesh together.

They are good women and try to bring wealth and well-being to the areas they live in.

bring forward   (öne sürmek)

If you know anything, if you saw anything, heard anything, have any ideas you can bring forward, talk to the police."

Let's learn the lessons and then also work with the organisation to implement what recommendations they bring forward.

One question was a binding referendum on whether to bring forward the 2008 parliamentary elections from October to April/May.

failed to bring   (getiremedi)

The bombardment force failed to bring its torpedoes into action, and turned back.

He set up the Cripps Mission in 1942, which tried and failed to bring the factions together.

Later, a hungry Jake lies in bed, and remarks that the figure has failed to bring him good luck.

plan to bring   (getirmeyi planla)

Cain wants to use spanner's powers to speed up his plan to bring Satan to Earth.

They plan to bring down Vetvix's ship using the antenna on top of a tall tower nearby.

I plan to bring all of that to the table to allow Michonne to be as rich and complex as possible.

bring good   (iyi getir)

There were complaints that the new law destroyed tobacco that used to bring good money.

This not only brought protection, but was also believed to bring good fortune and happiness.

In Japanese folklore, It is said that if a white snake is found in your home it will bring good fortune.

first to bring   (ilk getiren)

He was first to bring and breed piranha and "Callichthys callichthys" in Russia.

Oyé were also the first to bring Songhoy Blues to the UK on tour in January and February of 2015.

Pohnpeian legend recounts that the Saudeleur rulers, the first to bring government to Pohnpei, were of foreign origin.

bring the total   (toplamı getir)

bring the total freeway access points to a total of four.

The four matches with the Under-20s in Japan in August referred to above bring the total to 31.

The first phase of construction will bowl in the south endzone, and bring the total capacity to 83,489.

unable to bring   (getirememek)

But once he sees the state that Samir is in, he is unable to bring himself to it.

However, she falls in love with Hung Yu and is unable to bring herself to kill him.

Maria tries to perform a tracheotomy on him, but is unable to bring herself to make the cut.

bring it up   (getir)

In 2004 work began to finish the tunnel, and to bring it up to European standards.

I wanted to start a note at a lower volume and then bring it up, like a saxophonist does.

When Lyra casually mentions Dust, Mrs Coulter sternly warns her never to bring it up again.

ability to bring   (getirme yeteneği)

Weiss was inspired by Armstrong's ability to bring people of different races together.

Women called upon Artemis, a goddess with the ability to bring new life into the world as well as the ability to take it away.

The Fourth Pillar's Reward is Life, its function is not determined in the book, but is possibly the ability to bring people back from the dead.

allowed to bring   (getirmesine izin verildi)

Jeffries was allowed to bring along his best friend.

Visitors are allowed to bring their dogs to the park.

Again, fans were allowed to bring their dogs to the park.

required to bring   (getirmek zorunda)

Students are also required to bring school issued smart cards.

Pumping equipment costing £10,000 was required to bring the problem under control.

Members are also required to bring their chef and paring knives to each cooking event.

expected to bring   (getirmesi bekleniyor)

The NDRRMC alerted their agency as the storm is expected to bring heavy rains.

A "Jordanian invitation" means that one is expected to bring nothing and eat everything.

Each knight was expected to bring his own retinue, but limited to 10 persons and 4 horses.

tries to bring   (getirmeye çalışır)

Alina tries to bring them together but they see through her plan.

She also tries to bring him out of the memory of Komali but in vain.

Dialogue with Time tries to bring a perceptive change about old people.

worked to bring   (getirmek için çalıştı)

With the lunar landing canceled, mission controllers worked to bring the crew home alive.

Covering parties were sent out, and details worked to bring up machine guns, mortars and ammunition.

The U.S. State Department and especially the consulate in Tehran worked to bring the guilty parties to justice.

enough to bring   (getirmek için yeterli)

But Hoffman and Thompson are each good enough to bring out a glow in the other."

He had criticized Welch for not doing enough to bring economic development to the district and matching needs to resources.

The script by Jeevan Job Thomas is taut and layered enough to bring out the depth and dimensions of the case Ajayan is caught in.

attempting to bring   (getirmeye çalışmak)

Participants hold the hump for as long as possible, attempting to bring the bull to a stop.

Won-ho is a police detective attempting to bring down Asia's biggest drug cartel run by a man called Mr. Lee.

He modernized older classifications of race, attempting to bring the race concept into line with ideas in population biology.

not to bring   (getirmemek)

Some EPA employees also reported being told not to bring cellphones or take notes in meetings with Pruitt.

Senators are able to retain membership to their respective parties, however they are asked not to bring party factionalism to the floor itself.

Upon his arrival, his human owner (voiced by Bea Benaderet), tired of picking up his things, orders him not to bring one more thing inside the house.

bring food   (yemek getir)

Aqeel received no pay and even had to bring food from home.

These trails are used by ants to collect and bring food back to the mound.

The mourners ("saattoväki") traditionally bring food to the mourners' house.