bringing together   (結集)

Medem said this was "a way of bringing together the two sides of my family."

The Tampa Rally broke its own record by bringing together 121 food trucks in 2014.

This bringing together priests from across the worldwide Anglican Communion served two primary purposes.

bringing the total   (合計をもたらす)

The package features an extra from its V10 engine, bringing the total to .

Oprah Winfrey agreed to match her funding, bringing the total to $100,000.

In January 2016, an additional order was placed, bringing the total to 1,000.

bringing back   (持ち帰る)

The CPIFL is bringing back rivalries from the past.

Additionally, the site gives multiple ways of bringing back the fundamental data.

One of his ideas is bringing back the characters as old men, instead of teenagers.

bringing up

Divorcee Ajwad is bringing up his son, Jawad.

Manstein ordered a halt for a week, whilst bringing up reserves.

The Indians give chase, with Little Chief Paleface bringing up the rear.

instrumental in bringing   (もたらすことに尽力)

The co-op was instrumental in bringing stonecut image art to the area.

He was also instrumental in bringing the 25-year-old war in Angola to an end.

Jones was instrumental in bringing Brennan to Hawaii during his sophomore year.

bringing down   (倒す)

The story ends with Stan as the driver of a wrecking ball for a demolition company, bringing down a building.

Alpha and Bravo meet Mason's contact, Fiona who aids the team in bringing down La Guadaña and killing Bautista.

Also assisting the project was Parker Dozhier, a bait shop owner who was reportedly obsessed with bringing down Bill Clinton.

responsible for bringing   (持参の責任)

The person responsible for bringing it to Vienna was Sambucus, the imperial librarian.

It was the latter who would be most responsible for bringing the publication into the next decade.

Mini-Microsoft has also been responsible for bringing some transparency to the compensation structure at Microsoft.

bringing an end

Hugh died in 1267 at age 14, bringing an end to the first House of Lusignan.

On 1 October 1995, VF-84 was disestablished bringing an end to the "Jolly Rogers".

He retired from club football in 1978, bringing an end to an incredible playing career.

credited with bringing

Jane is credited with bringing stock car racing to Australia.

He is credited with bringing 31 new species into cultivation.

Kris is credited with bringing in increasingly more sales to Cole's than previous years.

role in bringing   (もたらす役割)

This played a pivotal role in bringing the CPI-M to power in 1978.

Mayor Allen also played a key role in bringing Major League Sports to Atlanta.

Finger is best remembered for his role in bringing modern architecture to Texas.

thus bringing

Yoga awakens the deep mind, thus bringing forth positive attributes, inherent gestalts, and virtuous qualities.

When the Jin invasion forces reached the Wu capital Jianye, the last Wu emperor Sun Hao surrendered, thus bringing an end to the conquest of Wu.

She tells this secret to her grandmother, who confronts the man and reveals it to the rest of their neighbours, thus bringing shame to Gwendolen.

bringing the number   (数をもたらす)

South Ward was added on 29 December 1891, bringing the number of aldermen to twelve.

For this performance, he composed an alternative Epilogue, bringing the number of items to 35.

The catalogue of 1991 shows a radical downsizing of products, bringing the number of kits to 290.

bringing new

Railways arrived in 1880, bringing new settlers.

By the 1920s tourism was bringing new life to the region.

In September 1969 "Penthouse" was launched in the U.S., bringing new competition to "Playboy".

bringing more

De Almagro joined Pizarro soon afterward, bringing more men and arms.

The trail was widened in 1870 and again in 1913 when horses and mules started bringing more visitors to the summit.

The church of Saint Marc and town hall were subsequently renovated, bringing more modern architectural styles to the town.

bringing home   (持ち帰る)

The event was a great success with the winner bringing home cash prizes.

He has the co-distinction of bringing home to India its inaugural individual gold medal, from the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The very next week he outclassed the field in the Budweiser 400 at Riverside, bringing home his final Winston Cup victory.

succeeded in bringing

The next election reform was enacted in 1896 by Kasimir Felix Graf Badeni, who succeeded in bringing about more radical reforms than Taaffe had achieved.

A campaign titled The Danse Society Reformation Plot was started on Facebook at the end of 2009 and succeeded in bringing most of the band back together.

Fire and rescue parties, in some cases forced to use gas masks, succeeded in bringing the blaze under control but not before 11 men had died and 16 more had been injured.

bringing all

Trevino enjoying the idea of fighters bringing all their arsenal to the octagon.

The female remains at the nest brooding the young in the early stages with the male bringing all prey.

They toured the Kansas City area and the Midwest, playing jazz for a year, bringing all of its members into prominence.

before bringing

Shi worked on "Bao" alone for 2 years before bringing in a crew.

It is wise to ask about what is expected at a particular session before bringing a non-'traditional' instrument.

None of the rioters had died, and Conley made sure they were all fully healed before bringing them up on charges.

bringing its total   (その合計をもたらす)

It spent two more weeks in the top 100, bringing its total weeks to four.

The "Press-Democrat" won Breaking News Reporting, bringing its total to two prizes.

In its second week the album sold 2,600 more copies bringing its total album sales to 9,100.

bringing attention   (注目を集める)

His stated goals include bringing attention to sicknesses children have, and emphasizing organ donation.

The book documents a series of scientific observations and political processes, bringing attention to the causes and effects of global climate change.

British free improvisation group AMM, particularly their guitarist Keith Rowe, have also played a contributing role in bringing attention to the practice.