broad range   (広範囲)

Silicone resins represent a broad range of products.

There are many available that cover a broad range of topics.

Accordingly, criticism in the "Voice" spanned a broad range.

broad gauge   (広軌)

The MU&WG was built to the broad gauge of the Erie.

All lines around Adelaide were originally broad gauge .

The broad gauge was removed throughout the country in 1892.

broad spectrum   (広域スペクトラム)

CP-40294 CP-40294 is a broad spectrum insecticide.

BAY-29952 BAY-29952 is a broad spectrum insecticide.

Participation in the festival cuts across a broad spectrum of Utahns.

very broad   (非常に広い)

Generally the temporal fossae were very broad.

It has very broad wings, and is mainly black.

The valley gets very broad here and camping spots are plenty.

broad categories   (大まかな分類)

Von Wright's writings come under two broad categories.

Guitars can be divided into two broad categories, acoustic and electric guitars.

Generally, they are divided into two broad categories: those that are painted (Tib.)

broad daylight   (真っ昼間)

Some may feel nervous about not keeping the traditional lamp burning in broad daylight.

He runs around in the dark, finally falls unconscious at the porch… When he comes to, it is broad daylight.

All these individuals had been killed in busy areas of Calcutta in broad daylight while crossing the street.

cm broad

The leaves are deciduous, 5–10 cm long and 2–4 cm broad.

They and less than 1 cm broad.

Leaves coriaceous, glabrous, oblong-oblanceolate, 30-52 cm long, 9-14 cm broad.

broad sense

In a broad sense, it denotes the act of referring.

McLuhan understood "medium" in a broad sense.

It examines the nature, the tasks, and the functions of cognition (in a broad sense).

broad wings

It has very broad wings, and is mainly black.

The column is about long with broad wings and has red spots or streaks.

They have long, broad wings.

long and broad   (長くて広い)

The parish is around long and broad, and contains .

The leaves are sessile, up to long and broad.

The flat spikelets are long and broad.

broad area

The cones and lava fields cover a broad area around Lake Tolmachev.

The site covers a broad area including the major elements of volcanic sequence.

To the south of the municipality of Uncastillo lies a broad area known as Los Bañales.

broad array

For school-age children there is a broad array of offerings.

Tourists who visit Lieser year after year are offered a broad array of hotels, private rooms and pensions.

Field experiments encompass a broad array of experimental designs, each with varying degrees of generality.

broad white

The forewing has a broad white oval spot between veins 3 and 7.

The spider is generally black with broad white stripes across the opisthosoma.

The upper wings are black, and the very short tail is black with a broad white band.

across a broad   (広い範囲にわたって)

Participation in the festival cuts across a broad spectrum of Utahns.

It presents a frontal plane toward the city, across a broad plaza between the building and Pratt Street.

After flowing through the Zur, the Jordan drains into the Dead Sea across a broad, gently sloping delta.

broad variety

A broad variety of sulfur compounds of arsenic are known.

Finally, "Austerity" has been cited by austerity critics in a broad variety of media, e.g.

Cairns have been and are used for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present.

broad gauge line

It had a single platform on the eastern side of the broad gauge line, with the standard gauge running behind.

Velankanni railway station is a terminal station on the 10 kilometre long Nagapattinam - Velankanni broad gauge line.

The station had a single platform on the east side of the broad gauge line, with the standard gauge line running behind.

too broad

Walker argued that Florida’s system for re-enfranchisement is too broad for interpretation.

The label "algorithmic composition" is likewise too broad, particularly in that it does not specify the use of a computer.

A corresponding concept is an interval estimate, which captures a much larger range of possibilities, but is too broad to be useful.

broad jump

At PSU's Pro Day, he also had a 9'11" broad jump and a 35" vertical.

She won the 100 yard dash, 100 yard low hurdles, and running broad jump.

He set state records in the broad jump, 100-yard dash, and 180-yard hurdles.

broad black

There is a broad black dorsal spot in segment 10.

The short tail is white with a broad black tip.

The caterpillar is hairy with a broad black line along the back.

broad support   (幅広いサポート)

I've got broad support amongst my colleagues.

Some historical christological doctrines gained broad support.

The idea of a new uprising was met with broad support among the masses.

broad group

Additionally, districts were required to involve a broad group of individuals in policy development and to have a plan for measuring policy implementation.

In the late 1960s, a broad group of concerned citizens saw the need for a federal-interstate coordinating agency to lead the conservation, development, and administration of the Basin's resources that would preserve and enhance its value as a scenic and recreational asset for the people who live in the Basin.

It involves pulling together a group of state leaders to actually go and visit two or three of the leading countries, talk to many people there at all levels of the system, and see for themselves what can happen if a concerted effort is made and sustained over a long enough period of time to make a difference, and then helping that group help others understand what they have observed and work with a broad group of stakeholders to come up with a long-range plan to build a comprehensive system of the kind that they have seen.

broad audience

It aimed to be understandable to a broad audience and was based mainly on Central and Upper German varieties.

He was the 2007 winner of the Weaver Prize for Scholarly Excellence in promoting human dignity to a broad audience.

The celebration is designed to raise awareness of free speech issues and encourage a broad audience to openly express themselves.

broad coalition   (幅広い連合)

After all, 'alliance' itself implies some sort of broad coalition.

Political parties developed, such as the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), a broad coalition of Muslim groups.

He retained the confidence of Parliament following the October 2012 general election, forming a broad coalition government.

broad band

The majority of the exported pieces were of the “broad band” tradition.

The underside is brownish, markings similar as above, but broader, and the discal spot of the hindwing is enlarged to a broad band.

The echolocation call of "M. microtis" is a broad band multi-harmonic FM sweep with most energy in the second harmonic between 95 and 75 kHz, i.e.

broad public   (広大な)

A 2015 Populus poll in the United Kingdom found broad public support for assisted dying.

Each issue is dedicated to a topic of broad public interest, approached in the form of longreads articulating different standpoints.

The magazine addresses a broad public interested in research issues and is available as a free subscription (as well as freely accessible on-line).

broad base

The courses have industrial orientation on a broad base.

As the channel has a broad base of reporters, exclusive videos are shown pertaining to each news item.

Each tooth resembles a fan, with a broad base rising to a small, sharp central point flanked by 3 or more smaller cusps on both sides.

converted to broad

It was converted to broad gauge in 1927 and closed in 1988.

The line was originally narrow gauge , but was converted to broad gauge in 1927.

The railway track from Raxaul was converted to broad gauge by Indian Railways to connect Sirsiya (Birganj) Inland Container Depot (ICD).

broad definition

By a broad definition including Mongolia and Afghanistan, more than 90 million people live in Central Asia, about 2% of Asia's total population.

The broad definition, used generally throughout history, is that chemical affinity is that whereby substances enter into or resist decomposition.

Informatics, with origins in the German word ""Informatik"" referring to automated information processing, has evolved to its current broad definition.

rather broad   (かなり広い)

It appears somewhat episodically [...] Between the very specific and the very general, there remains a rather broad territory.

The brown macular band rather broad, the cell distally brown; in the female the whole central area as far as the band with a brown tint.

As in the wings of modern birds, the flight feathers of "Archaeopteryx" were somewhat asymmetrical and the tail feathers were rather broad.