İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much broader   (çok daha geniş)

This white line is much broader in female.

"It's something much broader than that.

However, the "garay" were much broader and did not have outriggers.

broader range   (geniş aralık)

The focus was expanded to encompass a broader range of international films.

The model was updated for 2018, with engine mods giving a broader range of power.

"Active Directory" became the umbrella title of a broader range of directory-based services.

broader sense   (daha geniş anlamda)

However, the term was also used in a broader sense.

The group in a broader sense was also considered a Modernisation Movement ().

In a broader sense, this transition also entails a democratization of energy.

broader audience   (daha geniş kitle)

This broader audience gave Nuevo Laredo Companies the result they expected .

The White House performance was televised, giving Schuur a much broader audience.

Judging from its form, it is nonetheless likely that Cicero wrote with a broader audience in mind.

broader context

They have been used to treat the implied broader context.

Many references to data warehousing use this broader context.

The bra–ket notation continues to work in an analogous way in this broader context.

within the broader

Engaged theory is one approach within the broader tradition of critical theory.

The divines also considered themselves to be within the broader European Reformed tradition.

Extreme helium stars form a sub-group within the broader category of hydrogen-deficient stars.

broader public   (daha geniş halk)

It was only after this merger that NPR became the broader public radio body it is today.

Author Colin Milburn refers to the prize as an example of "fetishizing" its namesake Feynman, due to his "prestige as a scientist and his fame among the broader public."

After Stanford University acquired her archive, Leeson worked with Henry Lowood (Stanford Humanities Lab) to convert parts of the archive into something for a broader public.

broader community   (daha geniş topluluk)

The broader community has also been witness to and a victim of the armed conflict.

It recognises the nation’s cultural diversity and the role screen culture plays within the broader community.

Now in its 37th year, CBT continues to celebrate its history of artistic activity and service to Filipino-Canadians and their broader community.

broader definition

In 2008, the family was given a broader definition courtesy of Cau and Arduini.

The Pinsent Masons Water Yearbook uses a broader definition including also wastewater services.

Most classification societies use a broader definition, by which a bulk carrier is any ship that carries dry unpackaged goods.