Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

broken up   (roto)

The event was broken up by police two hours later.

"Philippines" was broken up at New Jersey in 1924.

She was scuttled in May 1945 and broken up in 1947.

broken down   (desglosado)

The word Jujutsu can be broken down into two parts.

The discus technique can be broken down into phases.

It is an integral model, broken down into steps.

suffered a broken   (sufrió un roto)

Truex, Jr. suffered a broken wrist after the accident.

In December 2011, Faure suffered a broken toe.

She suffered a broken left hand and multiple bruises and contusions.

broken leg   (pierna rota)

Worse still, one of his dogs had a broken leg.

Before John wakes up, Hooker sets the man's broken leg.

Cobb was sidelined with a broken leg and Jones with a sprained PCL.

broken off

At the beginning of World War II relations were broken off again.

The British had broken off the attack in the night and were retreating.

Or are the tops broken off?"

record was broken   (el récord se rompió)

His record was broken three years later by Migen Memelli.

This record was broken in 2009 by sixteen trips of Barack Obama.

The record was broken by Poland's Irena Szewińska a month later.

not broken

Kiri's ankle was in fact not broken but badly injured and weakened.

It was not broken by the weight of the ship but by a sharp cutting edge.

Single panels usually, but not always, are not broken up and lack continuity.

broken arm   (brazo roto)

Their injuries were minor, but one person did suffer a broken arm.

A flesh-colored stocking lies draped over the statue's broken arm.

Injury, including a broken arm in 2006, slowed him down in later years.

broken glass

Four of the paintings had been damaged by the broken glass.

Two others were injured by broken glass.

broken heart   (corazón roto)

I really believe I could die of a broken heart".

Victor's father died of a broken heart ten years later.

He died of a broken heart, and was cremated.

ground was broken

In late September 1794 ground was broken in North Billerica.

On June 10, 2008, ground was broken for Clemens Field's renovation.

On April 21, 1947, ground was broken for the school's construction.

broken bones

They represent between 25% and 50% of all broken bones.

Players would often have to quit due to broken bones or other serious injuries.

These episodes can result in physical injuries, including occasionally broken bones.

broken when   (roto cuando)

The barrier is broken when Giroro flies his mech into it.

The bulb was broken when it was delivered, perhaps during transportation.

This was broken when temperatures in Mae Hong Son reached on 28 April 2016.

broken ribs

Later he found he had a broken wrist, broken ribs and a broken pelvis.

The accident left him with broken ribs and injuries to his head and collar bone.

After the match, Masato was sent to the hospital for broken ribs and facial damage.

broken nose   (nariz rota)

He was known to have had a broken nose.

Phinisee scored 34 points against Muncie Central, despite a broken nose.

However, on July 19, it was announced that Oezdemir pulled out due to a broken nose.

broken through

My parents had broken through the shackles of dogma.

It was broken through on 23 April 1980.

Stitches are used to strengthen the weakness where the hernia has broken through.

broken ankle   (Tobillo roto)

He suffered burns and a broken ankle.

There, Nasution finally received first aid for his broken ankle.

He was placed on season-ending injured reserve with a broken ankle on December 30.

having broken

She was soon reported as having broken up.

The strain of high office having broken his already fragile health, Joseph Gallieni died in May 1916.

Susan admitted to having broken into the house to reclaim furniture that she considered to be rightfully hers.

broken away

Both had broken away from their early backgrounds in their teens.

Some of the protruding edges of the rear mounting plate are broken away.

It included elements that had broken away from Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)).

broken jaw   (fractura de mandíbula)

He played almost the entire season with a broken jaw.

He sustained a broken jaw in the 1983 Ulster semi-final defeat of Monaghan.

Moncayo also prevailed in the rubber match when Shepherd again sustained a broken jaw.

later broken

The record was later broken again by Portugal.

The record was later broken by Loreen at Melodifestivalen 2012.

On 10 February 1948, she was decommissioned and later broken up.

suffering a broken

In addition to suffering a broken nose at the hands of the officers, Lifeson was tased six times.

Willis was named the team captain in 2009 before suffering a broken ankle 4 games into the season.

His season was ended in late August after suffering a broken jaw that occurred during an outfield collision.

finally broken   (finalmente roto)

The 2012 record was finally broken in 2018

"Mercury" was finally broken up at Woolwich in January 1814.

After many years at this harbour service, she was finally broken up in March 1854.

broken hand

Before the 2006 season, he revealed he had played through the 2005 season with a broken hand.

However, Oliveira was forced out of the bout with a broken hand, and replaced by Marcus LeVesseur.

The event featured a tournament format, but Abbott forfeited due to a broken hand acquired while punching Anjo.

broken windows

When the plane's engine explodes, Zach is blasted out of one of the broken windows.

Galveston suffered primarily wind damage in the form of unroofed structures and broken windows.

When he arrived, Seldin described it as "shacks and trash", with holes in the floor and broken windows.

broken foot

He missed some games in January 2018 with a broken foot.

The boy was immobilized with a broken foot.

In 2014, Lind spent time on the disabled list due to a broken foot.

eventually broken

"Niobe" was eventually broken up in 1919.

This was eventually broken by 21-year-old Jamal Lewis in Super Bowl XXXV.

She was condemned in February 1798 at Brest, and eventually broken up in January 1800.

broken collarbone

He had to sit out part of his junior season due to a broken collarbone.

Grice, whose car was a write-off, suffered a broken collarbone and was taken to hospital for x-rays.

The next day, on October 16, it was announced that Rodgers would have surgery on his broken collarbone.

broken neck

Burnett ended up fighting Thomas with a broken neck.

Headrick played with a broken neck, infected gums, and a fractured thumb.

While outside a bird flies into the window and appears to die of a broken neck.

broken wrist   (muñeca rota)

Truex, Jr. suffered a broken wrist after the accident.

A broken wrist led to her being replaced on a 2012 summer tour.

Later he found he had a broken wrist, broken ribs and a broken pelvis.

records were broken

His records were broken only in 1950, by Joris Tjebbes.

Several team and league records were broken by both clubs.

Age records were broken in 1998 at both ends of the spectrum.

broken during

The shepherd's neck is broken during the ensuing scuffle.

Several games and national records were broken during the games.

On March 31st, Joseph's jaw was broken during a game against Orlando City SC.

further broken

The fable is 27 stanzas; the moralitas is 4 stanzas: The action of the fable itself can be further broken down thus:

the model is based on aggregate data for the cohort concerned which are then further broken down by pension type and benefit.

This group of models can be further broken down to: Dynamic models with dynamic ageing can be further differentiated by other criteria.

then broken

"Spartan" was laid up and then broken up in 1822.

It may be then broken down with a cultivator or rolled.

The windrows are then broken up and spread over the road.

not be broken

I was one who did not conform, and whose will could not be broken.

He also compared the Egyptian army to the Pyramid, saying that "it cannot be broken".

Julia makes a tender and impassioned appeal that her heart may not be broken, and in the end Sir John gives way.