İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

younger brother   (Küçük kardeş)

Marc's younger brother Lee also plays for HB Køge.

Her younger brother was Camille, Prince of Marsan.

He is the younger brother of actor Lorne Berfield.

older brother   (abi)

Poole has an older brother who attended Marquette.

His older brother, John C., Jr., was born in 1892.

His older brother was Charles Erskine (1716–1749).

elder brother   (abi)

He succeeded his elder brother Sukkhasoem in 1852.

123) that his elder brother was flying in with No.

She is the second child and has an elder brother.

twin brother   (ikiz kardeş)

His twin brother Jordao also plays for Deltasport.

He tells that he is indeed Dev twin brother Anand.

His siblings included his twin brother Henry O.H.

eldest brother   (en büyük abi)

He is the eldest brother of 7 brothers and 1 sister.

His eldest brother, Howard Sachar, was also a historian.

Tuxford was the eldest brother of the Hon.

youngest brother

Her youngest brother became famous as Tex Owens.

He is the youngest brother of the late Asad Amanat Ali Khan.

1966), only son of Lord Plunket's youngest brother, the Hon.

brother and sister   (erkek ve kız kardeş)

Both his brother and sister have doctoral degrees.

She has two elder siblings, one brother and sister.

His purses covered college tuition for his brother and sister.

brother named

She has a younger brother named Lê Ngọc Minh Hải.

He has a brother named Andrew, a skilled locksmith.

Shahab has a younger brother named Raffi Shahab.

half brother

He succeeded to his half brother's titles on 11 March 1869.

He is the older half brother of The Game.

Slew o' Gold was a half brother to the stakes winning Coastal.

brother of former

He is the brother of former Major Leaguer, Jim Tyrone.

He is the older brother of former NHL star Chris Drury.

He is the brother of former tennis-star Brian Gottfried.

father and brother

His father and brother were also football players.

His father and brother are also active in the FPÖ.

Hart's father and brother are also screenwriters.

another brother   (başka bir erkek kardeş)

They also have 8 sisters along with another brother.

He also has a twin sister and another brother, Abdul.

He has another brother, John David Thornton.

little brother   (küçük erkek kardeş)

Cornelius "Neeley" Nolan is Francie's little brother.

Henry Haluki - Crow's friend and Lani's little brother.

Crow - Sky's little brother and a friend of Henry Haluki.

s brother   (nun erkek kardeşi)

Perry visits the Morlocks to rescue Weena’s brother.

Josh’s brother Jay currently plays at UNLV.

Magna’s brother was Roman Senator, Consul Gaius Plancius Varus.

own brother

The man tells Eli to stay with his brother and calls Eli his own brother.

This made Konstantin extremely jealous, even of his own brother Alexander.

Amar Singh considers him as his own brother and gets him a good education.

s brother   (' nun erkek kardeşi)

Perry visits the Morlocks to rescue Weena’s brother.

Josh’s brother Jay currently plays at UNLV.

Magna’s brother was Roman Senator, Consul Gaius Plancius Varus.

brother in law

Will talks on the phone with Gavin, his brother in law.

Her brother in law was for many years a keyboardist at Tanglewood.

Roomi had good understanding with his brother in law Anjum and sister in law Zoya.

alongside his brother

There he played alongside his brother Juan "Chiquito" Flores.

He went on to represent both Auckland and Taranaki alongside his brother.

While at Manchester United, he played briefly alongside his brother, Martin.

other brother   (diğer kardeş)

His other brother, Arne, was a professor of engineering.

Just like every other brother in fact."

His other brother, Ulises Humala, has also run for the presidency.

oldest brother

His oldest brother John George Ott died in 1954.

His oldest brother, William Gardiner, (1787-ca.

His oldest brother, Ernst Jacobus, died young in 1918.

whose brother

He was finally knocked unconscious, reportedly by a small boy whose brother was a Bowery Boy.

One day, Padma (Isha Koppikar), whose brother is engaged to Kanakamurthy's sister, visits the house.

On 15 August 1953 he married Elizabeth Spicer, a primary school teacher whose brother he had known at Oxford.

succeeded his brother

Son of Aplahanda, he succeeded his brother Yatar-Ami.

He succeeded his brother to the family estates in 1657.

He succeeded his brother Ralph as 4th Baronet on 22 September 1732.

brother died

When her brother died she stopped studying music.

His brother died there in 1994 after 18 years away.

Her older sister entered a convent and her brother died at sea.

mother and brother

Soon afterward, his mother and brother both fell ill and died.

Marcia runs home to inform her mother and brother about what had happened.

Her mother and brother help her but at the same time make her feel guilty.

brother of fellow   (adam kardeşi)

He is the brother of fellow cyclist, Allan Davis.

He is the brother of fellow French rapper La Fouine.

He is the twin brother of fellow boxer Pat McCormack.

late brother

He has a brother John Charles III and late brother Tim.

Youngest and late brother Gerald played at the University of Georgia.

Ingham, along with his late brother Jack Ingham purchased and raced Octagonal from New Zealand.

joined his brother

In 1834, he joined his brother James in practice in Halifax.

Kasab briefly joined his brother in Lahore and then returned to Faridkot.

He joined his brother Cody, who was selected in the second round of the draft.

when his brother   (kardeşi)

Remained a Vampaneze when his brother was cast out.

In 2014, he fled to Benin when his brother lost power.

Liam teahan saved his brother when his brother stopped breathing when his brother was 10 weeks old.

against his brother   (kardeşine karşı)

He scored two goals against his brother, Gary Smith.

On the French tour he played against his brother, who by then had gained French residency.

The pair played against each other, as Borussia Dortmund II won 7–1 against his brother’s team, SC Wiedenbrück on 29 August 2011.

big brother

Bianca was later reunited with her big brother Alfredo.

He was affectionately addressed as Bhau or big brother by the local people.

The structure recalls the famous "big brother" of Naples, namely the Angevin.

third brother

The fate of the third brother is not mentioned.

The third brother Selvakumar (Prabhu Deva) is a doctor.

A third brother, Moritz Melchior (1816-1884).

adoptive brother   (evlat edinen kardeş)

He has an adoptive brother and sister who were adopted from Manila.

They stole three of the melons of an adoptive brother of mine, the only good ones he had.

Upon his departure from the serial, his younger adoptive brother Oliver Barnes was written into storylines.

brother and successor   (kardeş ve halefi)

Simon's brother and successor Roger II was born here in 1095.

His brother and successor Aimery was recognised as King of Cyprus by Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor.

His younger brother and successor Kundavarman built the Narayananapura city and a Vishnu temple in that city.

identical twin brother   (özdeş ikiz erkek kardeş)

His identical twin brother, Tarvis Simms, is also a fighter.

Drew Posada was born with his an identical twin brother Alex Posada.

Also in the team that day was Fred Cook, his identical twin brother.

brother   (erkek kardeş ')

Back in Geneva, she joined her brother’s office.

Now Curtis is seeing his brother’s ghost.

He is severely beaten with the buckle end of the brother’s belt.

full brother

He is full brother of Prince Al Waleed bin Talal.

He also had an older half-brother and a younger full brother.

Uljay had a younger full brother named Alju, who died in infancy.

brother s   (Kardeşler)

Back in Geneva, she joined her brother’s office.

Now Curtis is seeing his brother’s ghost.

He is severely beaten with the buckle end of the brother’s belt.

younger brother named

She has a younger brother named Lê Ngọc Minh Hải.

Shahab has a younger brother named Raffi Shahab.

She just has her father and younger brother named Kasun.

including his brother

This project was extended to a Quartet including his brother Roger Johansen (drumes).

McFarlane and LeFevre (including his brother John LeFevre) found considerable success with "Face to Face" over a period of 18 months.

Malergården was also a residence for other Swane family members engaged in the arts including his brother Leo (1887-1968), who was an art historian.

only brother   (sadece erkek kardeş)

His wife died in 1831, and his only brother in 1839.

Martha's only brother, Otto Donner, married Alice Louise Monk, niece of the Hon.

The next year one of her male relatives, probably her only brother, was murdered by Malcolm II.

brother of actor

He is the younger brother of actor Lorne Berfield.

He is the younger brother of actor Nirbhay Wadhwa

He is the older brother of actor Mehmet Kurtuluş.

deceased brother

Chaos, replacing her deceased brother in the band.

Constans then took control of his deceased brother's realm.

Sarah Collins died of pneumonia after a cold night spent hiding in the woods from her deceased brother.

surviving brother

In 1979, his last surviving brother, Juan Cojuangco, died.

The unstated premise was that the surviving brother would be king.

He died on 12 February 1948 aged 77 and was succeeded by his only surviving brother.

second brother

Phalke's second brother, Raghunathrao, also worked as a priest and died at a young age of 21.

Her second brother died in a concentration camp in 1970; the other three were released in 1978.

The second brother, Anstice Ford Eastman, who became a general surgeon, was born in 1878 and died in 1937.

brother became

Her youngest brother became famous as Tex Owens.

His brother became a very successful artist.

He and his brother became pastors.

young brother

Almousa's young brother was arrested by ISIS since 2015 in Syria.

The young brother of two police officers borrows one of their uniforms.

The army heads to Bern (Verona), where Dietrich's young brother Diether has remained.

foster brother

Nate Warren is Jim Street's foster brother.

Manivannan was cast as the foster brother of Ganesan's character.

Edward's foster brother, Jasper, overwhelmed by the scent of Bella's blood, attempts to attack her, but is restrained.

older brother named

Norman's only sibling was an older brother named Frank.

She also has an older brother named Chris.

He has one older brother named Robert.

sent his brother

Obtaining two ships, he sent his brother, J.

When Álvaro discovered this, he sent his brother Gonzalo, who set out with a larger army.

He initially sent his brother al-Mughirah to take control of al-Mansurah, but the city's inhabitants rebelled and expelled him.

sister and brother

She has three elder sisters and two younger sister and brother.

She was the eldest of three children – she has a younger sister and brother.

Several years later, Ginter's mother died, leaving him to be raised by his older sister and brother with their relatives.