İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

brought up   (büyüdü)

The couple brought up three sons and two daughters.

Smith brought up her son and daughter on her own.

She was brought up in the town of Widnes, Cheshire.

brought back   (geri getirdi)

They also brought back Pido Jarencio as head coach.

The painting was brought back to Finland in 1960.

They were brought back in 2017 when "Fantasmic!"

brought together   (bir araya getir)

It brought together more than 150 witnesses.

A powerful air armada was brought together.

This meeting brought together more than a thousand delegates.

brought down   (aşağı getirdi)

From all accounts, Fotomaker brought down the house.

They had also brought down many infantrymen.

Cobble Hill was brought down and used to fill in the marshes.

brought before

The Tuyere order that Svengaard be brought before them.

(Papp was also brought before the committee.)

He says that the matter should be brought before Athena.

brought against   (karşı getirildi)

However, no legal proceedings were brought against AFD.

No charges were ever brought against him.

No charges were brought against Swift's corporate officials.

brought forward   (ileri sürülen)

More and more French artillery was brought forward.

Following this, the Regalia was brought forward.

This was brought forward in February 2018 to mid-2018.

then brought   (sonra getirdi)

This was then brought to Kierkegaard by Sibbern.

In the station, the trains are then brought to a halt.

Settlers were then brought in from Germany.

brought home   (eve getirdi)

They brought home three golds and two silvers.

He brought home a silver medal in the individual event.

A few days later, Daniel was released and brought home.

brought an end   (bir son getirdi)

World War I brought an end to the Habsburg Empire.

He brought an end to his player career shortly afterward.

This brought an end to the show.

brought many   (birçok getirdi)

His conversion also brought many people to Islam.

The move brought many challenges to the Pool Parties.

The Fifth brought many to tears and welling emotions.

brought forth   (ortaya çıkardı)

A virgin hath brought forth, which her nature alloweth not.

He was brought forth to rid Earth of the plague of humanity.

A flourishing independent rock music culture brought forth Chicago indie.

first brought   (ilk getirilen)

The Lumière brothers first brought their show to London in 1896.

Enuma was the one who first brought the countess to Heaven's Gate.

A man named Louis Menard in 1955 first brought the pressuremeter to the forefront.

brought to trial   (Yargılanmak üzere getirildi)

Burnett Phelps was the first raider brought to trial.

She was found and brought to trial.

As a result, he was charged and brought to trial with the others.

brought new   (yeni getirdi)

1967 brought new styling including new grills.

Travel brought new influences and outlets.

The new exterior brought new production and sales records.

brought along

Wright brought along the nickname, too.

Green brought along his friend Nigel Watson, who played the congas.

So he brought along with him people of diverse cultures and professions.

brought to light   (ışığa getirildi)

It brought to light the fairy-tale interest that he has.

The pairing brought to light themes of "sexuality, death, and sin."

Chang's restaurant was brought to light by various sources, and later confirmed by P.F.

brought more   (daha fazlasını getirdi)

have brought more people to this remote location.

Cockcroft, a member of the Tizard Mission, brought more.

's favor as it brought more publicity.

born and brought

Chambers was born and brought up in Dagenham, Essex.

Abedin was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Davis was born and brought up in Barnet, North London.

later brought

It later brought trade and Roman settlements.

The book was probably written in India and then later brought to Sri Lanka.

Carreon later brought a suit against Kremen over compensation for the case.

not brought   (getirilmedi)

The AWU has not brought charges against Wilson or Blewitt.

Deep states of being are not brought out by effort," he said.

The Grand was not brought to its original width until the early 1960s.

brought a new

The 1950s brought a new optimism to the city.

Jahn brought a new standard of scholarship to the field.

And this victory brought a new vigor to the resistance movement.

brought to life   (hayata geçirmek)

To produce perfect books these rules have to be brought to life and applied."

Many tales are differing on how the golem was brought to life and afterward controlled.

With Vishnu and Lakshmi's blessings, Meenakshi is brought to life and to Sundar and the two return to Earth.

eventually brought

The uprising was eventually brought under control.

Zomba eventually brought back the Volcano Entertainment moniker.

The language's revival eventually brought linguistic additions with it.

case brought   (dava getirildi)

This case brought him more than ever into national reputation.

This followed a 1984 Supreme Court decision in a case brought by BMM.

In 1999, a case brought him to Tampa, Florida, where he decided to retire.

brought the first

The year 1861 brought the first English side to Australia.

In 1466, Filippo Strozzi brought the first artichoke to Florence.

They brought the first enslaved people from West Africa to Dominica.

brought him back   (onu geri getirdi)

The Jets let him go and Tampa Bay brought him back.

Josie went after him and brought him back to the present.

", so they brought him back.

lawsuit brought   (dava getirildi)

A lawsuit brought by Richard Kuhn opposed the merger, but did not prevail.

So it was stated in a lawsuit brought by his sons against du Barry's heirs.

Afterwards, SCA was included as a defendant in a lawsuit brought against the owners of Kin-Buc.

brought to justice   (adalete teslim)

Her husband's killers were never brought to justice.

I trust that the perpetrators of this attack will be brought to justice.

The grieving Roman people assembled and demanded that Caligula's murderers be brought to justice.

finally brought   (sonunda getirdi)

Koteeswaram is finally brought to book.

In the early summer of 1864, leading members were finally brought to trial.

After close to a year of delays, Floyd was finally brought to trial on March 13, 1912.

brought on board

NBC was brought on board as the series' network.

And Lenny Bruce was brought on board as a columnist.

When Judd retired in 1945, Kahale was brought on board.

brought attention   (dikkat getirdi)

Her speeches brought attention to the movement, for Black women, but also for White.

This story brought attention to a major problem at Westville: drug trafficking by staff.

Epistemic communities brought attention to chlorofluorocarbons and their polluting consequences.

century brought   (yüzyıl getirildi)

The 20th century brought avant-garde revolution.

The 13th century brought the Mongol conquest of China.

The early 20th century brought its share of challenges.

brought the total   (toplamı getirdi)

This brought the total investment to over £32m.

Six Formula Two Coopers brought the total entry to 25.

This brought the total number of Class 411 trains to 60.

brought suit

Klein and Spector brought suit in federal court.

They also brought suit, but in a lower court.

Subsequently, Garland brought suit against Bell to annul the Bell patents.

brought to bear   (ayılmak)

Onomastic analysis has also been brought to bear on the question.

New evidence can be brought to bear during a retrial at a district court.

Strong pressure was brought to bear to increase the Titan share of the London orders.

brought under control   (kontrol altına alındı)

The uprising was eventually brought under control.

The situation was brought under control by 9 March.

The fire was brought under control by midday on the 14th.

brought heavy   (ağır getirdi)

The depression brought heavy rainfall to coastal West Bengal.

The storm's precursor brought heavy rainfall to coastal Bangladesh.

Alice brought heavy rainfall to Florida, peaking at in Lake Placid.

season brought

The 1985 season brought high hopes.

The 2010 season brought more success for Harbaugh and the Cardinal.

The 1975 season brought change, as Alzado moved to defensive tackle.

charges brought   (suçlamalar getirildi)

Wright appealed for mercy to Burghley, who replied by informing him of the charges brought against him.

Of the 27 criminal charges brought against him, he was only convicted of four, before his death at age 47 in 2001.

He pleaded guilty to a sample of charges brought against him involving sums totalling more than ten million euros.

again brought

The summer again brought a change of manager with Sam Allardyce replacing the departed Avram Grant.

In 1962, he again brought the Bolshoi to the U.S. for a tour at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Crimean War again brought the two countries under Russian military administration, inaugurated in 1853.

changes brought

Restrictor changes brought the power down to 550 bhp for anyone still racing with the R8.

In the United States, these changes brought destruction to many film companies, the Vitagraph company being an exception.

At first, it seemed that none of these changes brought KCBS any closer to becoming a factor in the Los Angeles news ratings.

never brought

Her husband's killers were never brought to justice.

However, the bill was never brought to a vote.

The project was never brought to fruition.

brought several

1983 brought several changes to the Field House.

The "Suda" has brought several accusations against Cratinus.

The 1980s brought several changes in women's religious practices.

case was brought   (dava getirildi)

In 2015, the case was brought to an appellate court.

On 16–17 September, their case was brought to the court for a committal procedure.

The case was brought before a military court and presided over by the Constable of England.

brought all

World War II brought all the fanfare to an abrupt halt.

He brought all the scholars, masters, Sufis of all orders and other khanqahs of Bihar together.

A writer of "Billboard" magazine noted that Knowles "brought all the fierceness" on stage for the tour.

brought upon

The killing of al-Malik brought upon SSNP a massive crack-down in Syria.

The latter role brought upon him a large amount of media sentimentalism and sensationalism.

Over tea, Eva tells Lily she wants justice brought upon the man who murdered the prostitute.

charges were brought

Obscenity charges were brought under Illinois state law.

No charges were brought against Swift's corporate officials.

The charges were brought under art.

soon brought

This soon brought Makary under Rabih's control.

This attack started some fires, which were soon brought under control by firefighters.

With this key provision, the treaty system soon brought a degree of peace to the frontier.

often brought   (sık sık getirildi)

They are often brought by commandeered AC Transit buses.

Parents often brought their children.

Ernie often brought his family to observe the construction of this beautiful Reservoir.

having brought

Preminger can take pride in having brought to the screen a Twentieth Century birth of a nation."

De Burgh was suspected of having brought Edward Bruce, who was then marching on Dublin, to Ireland.

Meanwhile, Flynn, having brought the Driver's car to the group's hideout, finds a girl in the trunk of the vehicle.

body was brought

His body was brought to Sudeley Castle, and buried there.

His body was brought back to Salem fekdesh the "Canemah".

Her body was brought back to New Orleans for funeral services and buried there.

only brought   (sadece getirildi)

However, Cortés only brought about sixteen horses with his expedition.

These flights were only brought to an end when the pilots ran out of airfield.

This not only brought protection, but was also believed to bring good fortune and happiness.

brought much   (çok getirdi)

The 1960s brought much more success.

Foreign influence brought much change to the culture of the Fore, both directly and indirectly.

Until 2018, Don Floyd stadium was used primarily as a practice field, which brought much criticism from Midlothian citizens.

brought another   (başka getirdi)

"...That night brought another turning point in my life.

1981 brought another division championship for the Cowboys.

brought it back   (geri getirdi)

We are told: "Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back."

Probably he brought it back from Germany, possibly in concert with Harold.

So I just like a slight steer to the left and brought it back to the music.

not be brought

Change cannot be brought forth unless it is needed under certain circumstances.

It is disputed whether proceedings in "res adiratae" could not be brought in royal courts.

As Qatar follows Shariah Law, alcohol and pork products cannot be brought into the country.

cases brought   (getirilen davalar)

It also highlights several criminal cases brought against these people.

Scrope v Grosvenor Scrope v Grosvenor (1389) was one of the earliest heraldic law cases brought in England.

Rangers did not dispute this ruling, and was sued for damages in 60 other cases brought by relatives of the dead.

storm brought   (fırtına getirdi)

In New Caledonia, the storm brought flooding and landslides.

In Newfoundland, the storm brought rainfall up to in many areas.

The remnants of the storm brought strong winds to Atlantic Canada.

brought into use   (kullanıma sokuldu)

Two additional turbo-alternators were brought into use in 1909.

New elevated platforms were brought into use from 19 October 2013.

In 1673, a new mark was brought into use which had a diameter of between 13 and 14 mm.

brought onto

Importantly he also brought onto the museum staff chemists.

A new trainer, Kim Lyons, is brought onto the ranch to replace Jillian.

Producer Shigeru Ohmori was later brought onto the project, helping to expand on the gameplay.

brought to court   (mahkemeye çıkarıldı)

Supreme Italia was brought to court in 2016 by Supreme New York.

He was brought to court several times for unpaid mortgage debts.

History does not record whether Teodoreanu was ever brought to court.

brought great   (harika getirdi)

The war brought great losses of manpower and resources.

Yet the conflict brought great personal tragedy to Garvin.

This brought great results and the population increased to over 340 by 1980.

brought the band

The EP brought the band its first wide acclaim.

144 on the "Billboard" 200, the album brought the band closer to the mainstream.

The three-song EP sold all 2,000 copies and brought the band to the attention of the UK music press.

charges brought against   (aleyhine açılan suçlamalar)

Wright appealed for mercy to Burghley, who replied by informing him of the charges brought against him.

Of the 27 criminal charges brought against him, he was only convicted of four, before his death at age 47 in 2001.

He pleaded guilty to a sample of charges brought against him involving sums totalling more than ten million euros.

brought here   (buraya getirildi)

They are the unemployed, brought here from Częstochowa.

Gen. John C. Carter was brought here and died on Dec. 10, 1864.

There is a Cornish cross in the churchyard; its original location is unknown but it was brought here from Carburrow.

brought further

1993 brought further refinement to the Quad 4.

The Kulturkampf brought further indignities.

The 1990s brought further improvements.

brought no   (hayır getirdi)

The Commission cost a lot of money but brought no improvement.

These expeditions were successful, but brought no lasting victories.

French police had few leads and their appeal through the media brought no reports of forgery.

brought aboard   (gemiye getirildi)

Miles was hired as head coach and Gundy was brought aboard as offensive coordinator.

He moved to afternoons and Joan Holliday was brought aboard to fill the mid-day position.

Sacha and Haji met and brought aboard both Elliott Wilson and later Jefferson "Chairman" Mao.

brought to market   (piyasaya sürüldü)

All landed individuals are brought to market for human consumption.

The drug, under the brand Dotarem, was brought to market by Guerbet.

The first lorries with diesel engines were brought to market in 1924.

quickly brought   (hızla getirdi)

Arlen's Falcon was quickly brought to the screen by RKO.

Silius Nerva quickly brought the situation under control.

This decision quickly brought on a crisis.

brought significant   (önemli getirildi)

1915 brought significant changes to the team.

Webb maintained that his methods brought significant benefits.

brought them back   (onları geri getirdi)

The break only got three minutes clear before the peloton gradually brought them back.

Many were not rescued until Henry Bouquet brought them back from Ohio to Pennsylvania in 1764.

Hunter-gatherers likely collected cactus fruits in the wild and brought them back to their camps.

brought into service   (hizmete girdi)

Vessels brought into service by the Eastern Region:

Such a nozzle could be brought into service before its altitude compensation abilities were developed.

A revolving restaurant on Florianturm, a TV tower in Dortmund, Germany, was brought into service in 1959.

originally brought   (başlangıçta getirildi)

Henry's departure was expected, as Solis Doyle had originally brought him in to the campaign.

St Clement's character was originally brought in on a trial basis for a period of three episodes.

Letterman is a Presbyterian, a religious tradition he was originally brought up in by his mother.

brought suit against   (karşı dava açtı)

Subsequently, Garland brought suit against Bell to annul the Bell patents.

The Devault-Graves Agency brought suit against the Salinger Trust for what they termed as interference with their foreign marketing of the book.

The Second Audiencia brought suit against the "oidores" of the First Audiencia Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán, Juan Ortiz de Matienzo and Diego Delgadillo.

brought her back   (onu geri getirdi)

and brought her back to his palace.

She eventually found her mother in Mississippi and brought her back to Nashville to live in her home.

After her first attempt at running away, her mother found her three days later and brought her back home.

successfully brought

The strong majority of parents successfully brought in a new principal.

He continued his father's trend and successfully brought textile weaving to America from Britain.

The Confederates successfully brought the supplies they seized during the previous weeks with them into Virginia.

subsequently brought

This production was subsequently brought back for another run in 2007.

In May 2004, the group was subsequently brought by the Co-operative Group.

142, 143 and 144, in Joka, were created in 2012 and subsequently brought under Borough No.

action brought   (getirilen eylem)

This action brought him into conflict with the authorities.

The latter, which aired on January 23, 1982, was the subject of a libel action brought by General William Westmoreland.

All seven were arrested and served from one to two months in jail, but their action brought attention to the problems of inequality.

brought into question   (sorgulandı)

Schwarzenegger's official height of has been brought into question by several articles.

If the attack connects, the weapon damage and the target's armor are brought into question to calculate the amount of damage done.

In his sophomore year with Northern Arizona University, one of his lungs collapsed, and Estrada's career was brought into question.

team brought   (takım getirdi)

His team brought parts of two of the five engines to the surface.

The team brought back white socks for the last time in team history.

The team brought back Kenny Lofton for his third stint with the team in late July.

year brought   (yıl getirdi)

After their disastrous defeat at Blenheim in 1704, the next year brought the French some respite.

The first year brought the club a 3rd place and it did not take long for the Blues to win the first championship, which happened a year later in 1904.

However, the next year brought him a great upset: none of them could compete in the 1956 Summer Olympics because of its boycott by the Dutch government.