İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

dark brown   (koyu kahverengi)

The scales on the wings are narrow and dark brown.

Their eyes are dark brown with a grey outer-ring.

The male has green-glossed dark brown upperparts.

light brown   (açık kahverengi)

Its head's front vertex and scape are light brown.

Their skins are generally reported to be light brown.

Hens are completely light brown gold brindled.

reddish brown   (kırmızımsı kahverengi)

In colour it is reddish brown, purple or bleached.

The reddish brown bark is fissured or lenticellate.

The forewings are mostly ochre and reddish brown.

pale brown   (soluk kahverengi)

Anal appendages are pale brown, tipped with black.

Ventrally, it is uniformly pale gray or pale brown.

The pale brown bark becomes deeply fissured with age.

greyish brown   (grimsi kahverengi)

The bark is greyish brown and vertically furrowed.

The greyish brown bark is smooth, fissured or scaly.

The upper surfaces of the hind feet are greyish brown.

brown trout   (kahverengi alabalık)

Less commons species include burbot, grayling and brown trout.

The Otaki River also offers fishing of brown trout and white bait.

The owner, a Mr Alcock of Grasmere, then stocked it with brown trout.

brown bear

The brown bear is often described as nocturnal.

The brown bear can live an average of 25 years.

The polar bear is a recent offshoot of the brown bear.

yellowish brown   (sarımsı kahverengi)

Head, thorax, abdomen and wings are yellowish brown.

The hindwings are yellowish brown, shining bluish violet.

Elytra black and body yellowish brown.

brown hair   (kahverengi saç)

Bobby is seventeen with brown hair and blue eyes.

She is 5'10" (1.78 m) tall and has brown hair and eyes.

She can be recognized by her long brown hair and dark blue eyes.

brown spots   (kahverengi lekeler)

It has cream-buff to pinkish gills with brown spots.

The animal is yellow with black or brown spots.

The flowers are yellow with dark brown spots and blotches.

brown above

The tail is dark brown above and below.

The coloration is yellowish to greenish-gray or brown above and white to yellow below.

The coloration is grayish blue or brown above and whitish below, without fin markings.

brown scales   (kahverengi ölçekler)

They are brown, spiny, and covered with glossy, dark brown scales.

The forewings are blackish brown, covered with dense reddish brown scales.

A ring is present on the central to lower part of the stem as a zone of dark brown scales.

brown or black

Adults are predominantly dark brown or black in colour.

These are long white, brown or black cloaks trimmed in gold.

The fur is dark brown or black in color.

brown to black

Pedicel dark brown and flagellum dark brown to black.

It is a dark reddish brown to black monoclinic mineral.

The stripes, spots, and blotches are deep brown to black.

blackish brown

Dorsal surface blackish brown to black.

Forewings fasciated with buff, apple green and blackish brown.

brown dwarf   (kahverengi cüce)

A brown dwarf companion was detected in 2001.

It is a brown dwarf of magnitude 15.14 and spectral class M6.5V.

If classified as a brown dwarf, its spectral type would be L7±3.

brown bears

Wildlife includes brown bears and other wild animals.

The forests are home to brown bears and wolves.

Areas of the eastern Alps are still home to brown bears.

brown eyes

Michael has brown eyes and thick, dark hair and is tall.

These horses often have light brown eyes.

Both blue and brown eyes are seen.

darker brown   (koyu kahverengi)

The skin is slightly darker brown on the upper part of the body.

The head is grey with a darker brown forehead and a black muzzle.

Its body is darker brown in color.

brown in color

The pupa is sclerotized and brown in color.

It has long, soft fur that is white or pale brown in color.

The integument is a dark brown in color.

brown color

"R. appendiculatus" is long, and is a dark reddish-brown or brown color.

The stem surface is whitish, but will stain a light brown color if handled.

"Bronze" is a metallic brown color which resembles the actual alloy bronze.

brown coal

Until the mid-20th century brown coal was mined in the valley near Motnik.

That would also ensure war reparations to France (chiefly in the form of brown coal).

This brown coal open cast mine is required to feed the waste water into the surface water.

brown in colour

The heartwood is light to dark brown in colour.

The body is a dark purplish brown in colour.

The cap surface is smooth, and ochre to pale brown in colour.

brown sugar

Jam is prepared by stewing the flesh with brown sugar and ginger.

These are usually black due to the brown sugar mixed in with the tapioca.

Madhavan hides brown sugar in Jeeva's pillows, leading to Jeeva's arrest.

golden brown

The grass becomes orange, red, or golden brown at maturity.

Fry until just golden brown.

The coat is golden brown.

brown dwarfs   (kahverengi cüceler)

The object's mass is well within the range of deuterium-fusing brown dwarfs.

All the observational studies have so far failed to find evidence for brown dwarfs or gas giants.

However, this is disputed because it would make the planets become brown dwarfs to fit into the cooling models.

brown markings   (kahverengi işaretler)

Thorax is yellowish with dark brown markings.

The centre lobe is linear to egg-shaped, wide with a few pale brown markings.

Some variants of this fish have mort distinct brown markings as opposed to yellow.

brown colour

Part of this entailed repainting the exterior to a tan and brown colour.

The clay turns a red or brown colour when it is fired in an oxygen-rich oven.

The dorsal surface is a dull grey to brown colour, and can be blotched with dark brown.

chocolate brown   (çikolata kahverengi)

The coloration is a deep chocolate brown.

"C. eisenmanae" has an average snout-to-vent length (SVL) of and is chocolate brown.

The bats have a dark chocolate brown body with paler underparts, and hairless, translucent wings.

grayish brown   (grimsi kahverengi)

The hindwings are grayish brown, shining bluish violet.

Its fur is short and dense, with its color grayish brown.

The hindwings are pale grayish brown, shining bluish violet.

brown or grey

This stonefish is usually brown or grey, and it may have areas of yellow, orange or red.

Officials of Braavos, called keyholders and justiciars, wear drab coats of brown or grey.

They are mostly yellow in color, although parts of the abdomen and thorax are dark brown or grey.

grey brown

The colour is dark grey brown or horny brown.

The hindwings pale grey brown.

They are dark grey brown.

brown and white

The labral teeth are reddish brown and white towards the columella.

Her coat is a rich satin red with black, brown and white tinges and a white chest.

Bo (the Irish for cow) is a brown and white calf who stays with Reuben, a friend of Emma.

olive brown

Thorax and abdomen olive brown and are stout and short.

Head broad, olive brown and covered with smooth scales.

Labial palps long, porrect and pale beige or pale olive brown.

brown plumage   (kahverengi tüyleri)

Some rare rufous morph female has a black barred and reddish brown plumage.

In the range of overlap, only brown males of "F. hypoleuca" exist and are thought to have evolved the brown plumage to prevent hybridization.

Order: CharadriiformesFamily: Stercorariidae They are in general medium to large birds, typically with gray or brown plumage, often with white markings on the wings.

brown head   (kahverengi kafa)

The larva is creamy white with a brown head.

Larvae are large with a cream coloured body and brown head.

Female has brown head, antennae and legs.

grey or brown

The fur is thick and evenly colored, usually grey or brown.

The general colour is grey or brown with the cnidocyte area cream coloured.

Branchlets are thick, grey or brown and hairy, with easily visible leaf scars.

forewings are brown

The forewings are brown, irrorated with purple reddish brown scales throughout in females and from the base to the antemedian line in males.

brown algae   (kahverengi algler)

Alginic acid, or alginate, is extracted from brown algae.

In brown algae, phlorotannins may be a constituent of the cell walls.

Halidrys siliquosa Halidrys siliquosa is a large marine brown algae.

black or brown

The animal is yellow with black or brown spots.

Most species are black or brown, a few are more colorful.

These goats have glossy, short hair in either black or brown.

brown spot   (kahverengi nokta)

It has a single lateral ovoid brown spot.

The specific name is derived from the Latin prefix "apici"- (meaning apex) and "maculatus" (meaning macula) and refers to the ovate, blackish brown spot near apex of forewing.

Due to its obviousness, the brown spot is not always marked (neither are the unmistakable and , at the left and right intersections, respectively, of the baulk line and the "Ds curve.

purplish brown   (morumsu kahverengi)

Anterior and posterior segments pale purplish brown.

The pupa is greenish but speckled with purplish brown.

Its thoracic and posterior segments are purplish brown.

small brown

Both subspecies are small brown butterflies with a wingspan rage of 34–44 mm.

It often has ribs near the top, and the surface has small brown dots and points.

Pseudorthodes vecors Pseudorthodes vecors, the small brown Quaker, is a species of cutworm or dart moth in the family Noctuidae.

red brown

The colour is red brown becoming more grey with age.

Head and thorax are red brown, with a dark stripe on the vertex.

Head, thorax and abdomen red brown.

brown seeds

The reddish brown seeds are about 2 millimeters wide.

The brown seeds are under 2 millimeters wide.

The fruit is a winged capsule 2 or 3 centimeters long containing dark brown seeds.

dull brown   (donuk kahverengi)

It is dull brown with creamy tufts of hairs at the sides.

Its forewings are dark, dull brown.

The involucre changes from greenish-white to dull brown as the fruit matures.

shades of brown   (kahverengi tonları)

The gleba consists of elongated loculi that are various shades of brown.

The color is generally cream to light fawn dorsally, with shades of brown.

The upper surface of the cap may be various shades of brown, and is sometimes zonate.