Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

build a new   (construir un nuevo)

A fight to regain an old passion and build a new one.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

build up   (construir)

and started to build up their fanbase in Finland.

Around permanent ice began to build up on Antactica.

He also helped build up Sturmey Archer Gears.

decided to build   (decidió construir)

Finally, the Andorrans decided to build a chapel there.

In 1902 they decided to build the church.

In 1898 the Duquesnes decided to build an even better team.

plans to build   (planea construir)

In 1900 there were plans to build a synagogue.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

used to build   (solía construir)

This money was used to build an Engineering block.

In the early stages people used to build dingies.

order to build   (para construir)

In order to build a railway, they demolished Banruo Temple.

The lodge incorporated in 1868 in order to build the building.

Houses were literally cut in half in order to build the four-lane street.

began to build

Around permanent ice began to build up on Antactica.

The British quickly began to build other settlements.

They began to build houses around an existing bell tower.

helped build

In 1943 students helped build a livestock squeeze.

He also helped build up Sturmey Archer Gears.

Anselmi helped build the Rogers Centre and Rogers Arena.

build new

Lumber to build new homes, sluice boxes, etc.

navy used the port's shipyards to build new ships for the navy.

Levine left Waze in 2013, after it was sold to Google, to build new startups.

help build

Along with those skills, our programs help build character.

Materials were donated in order to help build the new clinic.

He asked the Los Angeles Water Company to help build the water pipe up the hill.

design and build

Its design and build quality have also been praised.

Christensen decided to design and build a power brake.

Tillinghast was hired to design and build the golf course.

plan to build

This led to the plan to build a second minor seminary.

In July 2017, the Government of India approved a plan to build 35 MMLPs.

Eventually the village council agreed a plan to build an observatory on the mountain.

planned to build

Uzbekneftegaz planned to build eight UTT-3000 plants in Uzbekistan.

This project planned to build large tunnels in the centre of Marseille.

ORCO initially planned to build a luxury hotel and luxury shopping mall.

contract to build   (contrato para construir)

Dorman Long wins the contract to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Dorman Long wins the contract to build the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle.

Thomas Haddock of Williams, Arizona was granted the contract to build the bridge.

build their own

Major naval powers raced to build their own dreadnoughts.

In 1847, the Methodists raised $700 to build their own chapel on new land.

Alternatively, the GM may build their own world and script their own adventures.

able to build   (capaz de construir)

The team continued to not be able to build momentum in June, posting a 5–6 record.

He and Matilda grew the farm and were able to build a 22-room mansion on the property.

It was even able to build a new fine arts center, which opened in November of that year.

million to build

The 975sqm building cost $9.1 million to build.

The project took three years, and $70 million to build.

It opened in November 2017 and cost $270 million to build.

build the new

Kier Education were appointed to build the new school.

Materials were donated in order to help build the new clinic.

The cost to build the new school will be approximately 21 million dollars.

continued to build

Paff and the reformers continued to build their organization.

The wing simply continued to build on the 7108th Tactical Wing's missions.

Knight continued to build his case on the evidence gathered by detective work.

build upon

Several of his works build upon the precepts of "De officiis".

In 2019, DHX would change its name to WildBrain to build upon this use.

According to Beeman, the episode would start very calm and then begin to build upon itself.

wanted to build

I wanted to build a mini-orchestra with my friends.

Some also wanted to build a better life for themselves in Singapore.

Many wanted to build a bridge to connect San Francisco to Marin County.

not build

We cannot build pride upon a lie."

Erasmus did not build a large body of supporters with his letters.

You will not build a house again.

permission to build   (permiso para construir)

Eventually he was given permission to build a permanent building.

Dinguiraye town authorities have also refused permission to build a church within its boundaries.

In February 1961, Boaks unsuccessfully applied for planning permission to build a heliport in his garden.

started to build

and started to build up their fanbase in Finland.

Soon he started to build the great Cathedral of Mainz.

The hall started to build in 2005 and completed in October 2014.

funds to build

Mboya raised funds to build a headquarters for the KFL.

He is then in the midst of a scandal over funds to build a local hospital.

This led to a shortage of housing and a shortage of funds to build more housing.

project to build

In 1840 was started the project to build a cemetery.

The project to build a new Church in Novar Drive was blocked by WW1.

After the war, in 1919 Lawson started a project to build America's first airline.

build a church

His will provided £50 to build a church beside his grave.

The dream was to build a church."

Toulanians build a church in its honor in the middle of the village.

money to build

Fuller raised the money to build a mission in Liberia in 1944.

His government donated money to build the Taipei Grand Mosque on Taiwan.

The Birmingham family soon provided money to build the original Wylie High School.

build the first

He helped to build the first exhibition hall and buy the Kisch House in Haifa.

He used leftover titanium frames from a chemical job to build the first frame in 1986.

The towns of Ormond and Daytona competed to build the first bridge across the Halifax River.

decision to build   (decisión de construir)

The decision to build the line was taken by the Parliament of Norway in 1894.

The decision to build this powerline was made in 1977 and it went in operation in 1985.

The decision to build the museum was taken by the Subcarpathian Regional Assembly in June 2008.

build more

This is practiced to build more forward disc momentum and distance.

BMW was reportedly unable to build more than 10 to 20 Z1 vehicles each day.

This led to a shortage of housing and a shortage of funds to build more housing.

years to build

It took 13 years to build and was completed in 1784.

It took Steinway about four years to build the piano.

The Buddha and its bamboo frame took 38 years to build.

build and operate

Enrichment facilities are expensive to build and operate.

British companies, however, continued to build and operate blockade runners for the South.

All required permits to develop the project are in place and major contracts to build and operate the mine have been awarded.

proposal to build   (propuesta de construir)

The Socialist Left Party's proposal to build neither received 11 votes.

In the 1960s, a proposal to build a freeway through the area was fought.

A proposal to build a lifesaving paddleboard for the Red Cross came their way.

how to build

I, your subject, have determined how to build the bridge.

She knows how to build an alliance, how long to keep it, when to get rid of it.

The details of how to build a chronoscope relatively easily and cheaply are now available to everyone.

build a line

It was to build a line as a first stage to connecting the Bristol and English Channels.

On 17 July 1862 the company was authorised to build a line from Coleford Junction near Crediton, to .

From this, the CPR wanted to build a line to the rich coalfields of Fernie over the Rocky Mountains in BC.

build a railway

In order to build a railway, they demolished Banruo Temple.

After leaving the army he was involved in a project to build a railway in the French Congo.

As of October 2008, the Armenian government was considering implementing an ambitious project to build a railway to Iran.

needed to build

There are no resources needed to build units, as every player has exactly 1000 credits.

Similar to other Zynga ‘ville’ games, players are given tools needed to build their restaurants.

"I had to rethink the whole thing, and decided that we needed to build up some credibility again".

build a house

You will not build a house again.

He decided to build a house in the traditions of local architecture.

Under the terms of the grant, McKearnan was obliged to build a house on this land.

helped to build

Reed said that Lopes helped to build her confidence.

This all helped to build a well informed film audience.

Green died in Dalton, a city that he had helped to build.

build a bridge

Many wanted to build a bridge to connect San Francisco to Marin County.

From the late 19th century, there had been proposals to build a bridge for Lisbon.

Many politicians promised to build a bridge between both villages, but no one has initiated.

attempt to build   (intento de construir)

In 1837, Charles Babbage was inspired by Jacquard's loom to attempt to build the Analytical Engine.

CP/CMS formed part of IBM's attempt to build robust time-sharing systems for its mainframe computers.

It was dismissed by the press as an attempt to build a perpetual motion machine, and a publicity stunt.

build a large

Poland build a large Baltic port at Gdynia (Gdingen).

Erasmus did not build a large body of supporters with his letters.

Discussions concluded that it is not necessary to build a large lake on the edge of North-Holland.

effort to build   (esfuerzo para construir)

At the time, a renewed effort to build a city in the area was made; these plans never materialized.

The community responded to this gesture with a strenuous effort to build financial support for the new hospital.

She then made career moves between Los Angeles and New York City in an effort to build the structure of her calling.

new build

The underframe was taken from an old box van, but the body was a complete new build.

These comprise several categories, including new build, refurbished and converted pubs.

The ranger, a martial striker, received one new build in "Martial Power", the beastmaster.

land to build   (tierra para construir)

The Sikhs used the land to build a gurdwara.

The land was later expropriated along with Palestinian land to build Pisgat Ze'ev.

Under his supervision, Westchester County acquired new land to build new public parks.

efforts to build

She was the leader of the resistance and routinely sabotaged the toads' efforts to build the converter.

Their efforts to build a bridgehead were in vain, suffering over 600 Irish casualties in a 36-hour period.

Eventually the efforts to build the castle on Hradske were abandoned and construction moved to the current site.

intended to build

Evans Partnership said it intended to build an 11-story, office building.

France intended to build six battleships of the and es, and the Italians four ships.

Whether the state (or Stalin personally) really intended to build this project is not clear.

build houses

They began to build houses around an existing bell tower.

In 1973 plans were made to build houses and apartments in Houtwijk.

Chew divided his land into building lots and sold them to developers to build houses.

agreed to build

In 1979, Oriental Land and Disney agreed to build a Japanese theme park.

The CTA responded to the residents and agreed to build a Kostner station in 1961.

For a fixed payment, he agreed to build the railroad, which also purchased his iron mines.

made to build

Plans have been made to build a second exit on Dundonald Street.

In 1973 plans were made to build houses and apartments in Houtwijk.

Effort was made to build a uniform design language across Jaguar's saloon range.

build and maintain   (construir y mantener)

Also they had to build and maintain irrigation devices such as canals.

Still, he strove to build and maintain a literary aesthetic in his work.

Conversely, towed artillery was and remains cheaper to build and maintain.

proposed to build

He proposed to build the canal where Noteć river was the closest to Bydgoszcz.

Malacca has been proposed to build a Melaka Aerorail line for urban mass-transit.

In 1867, it was proposed to build a public grammar school adjacent to the reserve.

build another   (construir otro)

There are plans to build another plant, Wilton 11, a waste to energy plant.

The house had a typical castellano patio but it was demolished to build another house.

As a result, the JMSDF had to wait 10 years to build another DDG, the first destroyer.

planning to build

During 1960, the list of manufacturers planning to build COBOL compilers grew.

The local government was planning to build a 5-star eco-lodge and a game reserve.

The West Bengal government is also planning to build a deepwater port in Sagar Island.

build quality

Its design and build quality have also been praised.

The excellent keyboard shows up other ultrabooks, and the rugged build quality is reassuring.

"Photozone" noted the newer VR model has a better build quality than the earlier non-VR model.

sought to build

Shelden introduced new information that sought to build on Crick's work.

In addition, the Government of Ghana has sought to build the second nuclear power plant in Africa.

PQCC research into code generation process sought to build a truly automatic compiler-writing system.

trying to build

Together they were trying to build a machine that would stop time.

From then the army is trying to build interest by drip, drip, drip.

Using the same analogy, imagine trying to build a wall or a building with polished marble statues.

build his own

He returned to Portland in 1900 and began to build his own practice.

Zero begins to secretly build his own weapon from NESTS' technology called the "Zero Cannon".

When he grew up, he sailed with model boats on Bällstaån and started to build his own boats at the age of 13.

build its own

Goldenwest was the first credit union in Utah to build its own facility.

After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Prussia slowly began to build its own small fleet for coastal defense.

The brand hires German piano construction experts and uses American advanced technology to build its own pianos.

build bridges

Eventually, Shirley manages to build bridges with her father and Dean.

Her work towards interfaith dialogue resonates with USFMEP’s primary mission to build bridges of tolerance and understanding.

Because the General Secretariat operates under strict neutrality, it is perfectly placed to build bridges between the various partners and stakeholders.

necessary to build   (necesario para construir)

That made it necessary to build another section of the fortress on the same side, to the East.

Discussions concluded that it is not necessary to build a large lake on the edge of North-Holland.

The "Pedroteños" (demonym for the residents of Pedro Muñoz) then decided it was necessary to build a new church.

build the line

The total investment to build the line was m$n 17 million.

The decision to build the line was taken by the Parliament of Norway in 1894.

The GWR did not build the line on to Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn remained the terminus.

attempted to build

After Indonesia's independence, the residents attempted to build a foundation for a new government.

The De Lessups company, which ran the Suez Canal, first attempted to build a Panama Canal in the 1880s.

Coming to the South, Dung Hà attempted to build her own gang in Saigon, and often came into conflict with Văn Cam.

required to build

At its heart, DFT formalizes the natural flow of material, processes and information required to build a product.

The final paperwork would also be greatly reduced due to the lack of materials required to build the circuit board.

As a result, manufacturers are required to build cleaner engines and refiners are required to produce cleaner fuels.

build roads

John also tries to build roads between the cities.

Our engineers will build roads, bridges, airstrips and camps for UNTAG.

It is also authorised to build roads within its limits and impose taxes on properties coming under its jurisdiction.

build a second

This led to the plan to build a second minor seminary.

Plans have been made to build a second exit on Dundonald Street.

It was such a success that the brothers build a second elevator in 1884.

possible to build

By the late 1960s, it appeared possible to build stable mirrors.

It is also possible to build such a system at relatively low cost.

The MOSFET made it possible to build high-density integrated circuits.

time to build

The primary drawback of these positions was the lengthy time to build them.

The conclusion of the 1948 war afforded the navy the time to build up its strength.

The first half does ramble a bit and takes time to build up into a riveting second half."

company to build   (empresa para construir)

The two cities contracted a company to build the bridge for just over $4 million in November 2010.

That year civic boosters instead formed a new company to build the bridge, and the new officers requested proposals in May 1847.

Reid also installed the world's first oil furnace in the new hotel, prompting a Los Angeles oil company to build tankers to carry the oil to Coronado.

build a school   (construir una escuela)

Bharathi then advice Kathir to build a school in place of a fan club.

Due to public demand he soon left for Tunaliya, Nadi where he helped to build a school.

Stubblefield was founded by local resident Wyatt Stubblefield, who donated land to build a school there.

attempts to build

Renewed attempts to build it were made in 1896, 1901, 1918 and 1945, again with no success.

There were attempts to build a temple for Nathuram Godse and to celebrate 30 January as a "Shaurya Diwas" ("Bravery Day").

Conductive education attempts to build up the impaired children’s personalities gradually in a manner appropriate to their age.

build the church

In 1902 they decided to build the church.

A decision was made to build the church with private contributions, with the estimated cost being INR 10,000.

The last remaining stones were used to build the church in 1683, so no physical evidence remains of the castle.

build a small

The newcomers went deeper into debt to build a small synagogue.

Every village and peasant was encouraged to build a small iron smelter and produce pig iron.

In 1997, Anton was able to build a small gym in his home until a proper gym was constructed in 2010.

build a road   (construir un camino)

The "zayat"s lay in utter ruin and the bricks had been used to build a road for the troops.

Cross Bay Boulevard dates from Patrick Flynn's 1899 proposal to build a road across Jamaica Bay.

The City of Lewiston allocated $5,000 to build a road to the observatory once it was constructed.

did not build

Erasmus did not build a large body of supporters with his letters.

Yet Canada's first people did not build towns or cities upon arrival.

According to the New Testament, the earliest Christians did not build church buildings.

right to build

Boxer won the right to build four multiplex networks to broadcast digital television in 2008.

Lots were cast and founder Yosef Rivlin won the right to build the first house in the neighborhood..

The 2006 resolution also recognized Israel's right to build a security barrier along its pre-1967 boundaries.

tried to build

Petty lives in a cabin which her friends tried to build it.

Dijkstra tried to build a group of computer scientists who could collaborate on solving problems.

He tried to build relationships with Andy and Daz but Andy made it clear that Jack was his father.

opportunity to build

The boxholders association together with Archduke Ferdinand seized the opportunity to build a prestigious new theatre.

Because of this sin, God denies David the opportunity to build the temple, and his son Absalom tries to overthrow him.

The program offers students the opportunity to build their own bikes as well as earn a stipend at the end of the program.

contracted to build   (contratado para construir)

KEC International Limited (KEC), an Indian company, is contracted to build the section from Elboro to Logologo, both in Marsabit County.

China Railway International Group had been contracted to build the airport at a cost of US$318 million, borrowed from the Exim Bank of China.

Benjamin F. Yoakum, a railroad executive who was a director of the C&S, was contracted to build more track in Trinity and Brazos Valley system.

build a temple

In 2000 Hinckey announced plans to build a temple in Nigeria in the city of Aba.

In that year Russell M. Nelson announced plans to build a temple in Lagos, Nigeria.

David wishes to build a temple, but Nathan tells him that one of his sons will be the one to build the temple.

government to build   (gobierno para construir)

Colonial Governor James Douglas petitioned the British government to build the lighthouse.

This involved unsolicited bids by private companies for agreements with the government to build the project.

The development of Geylang Serai in the 60s also prompted the government to build mosques and theatres in Joo Chiat.

build a railroad

The company was founded in the 1880s to build a railroad across the swamps of Oahu, Hawaii.

The corporation chartered to build the canal complicated this arrangement by deciding to also build a railroad.

The American Construction Syndicate wants to build a railroad across Baluchistan, as part of their plans for global development.

allowed to build

That money allowed to build a skeleton of the new building in 1926.

They were also not allowed to build or repair churches without Muslim consent.

Wealthy people were allowed to build private churches, known as convenience churches.

build a larger

In 2015, there were reports that FAMA planned to build a larger museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here it was possible to build a larger wind tunnel, and Eiffel began to make tests using scale models of aircraft designs.

In the spring of 2012, a referendum was passed to allow the library to build a larger facility to account for population growth.

ability to build

He was intrigued by Jewish music's "ability to build a jolly melody on sad intonations".

The novel, "has none of Fleming's ability to build up tension or introduce detail casually.

Today, the three plants that make up TMMC have the ability to build over 600,000 vehicles annually.

managed to build

S2S Pte Ltd has managed to build a very strong network across Asia.

Polish academics mostly relied on Western studies and managed to build up the whole concept.

Most of central Asmara was built between 1935 and 1941, so effectively the Italians managed to build almost an entire city, in just six years.

aims to build

The programme aims to build essential skills and behaviours that empower young people to succeed.

Weight training aims to build muscle by prompting two different types of hypertrophy: sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar.

The Constitution Party "aims to build a new Egypt based on democratic governance, education, competence, experience and the rule of law."

helping to build

From 1922 he sang at the new Wagner Festival at the Zoppoter Waldoper, helping to build its reputation as "Bayreuth of the North".

His father an Aviation Engineer earned a presidential commendation from Ronald Reagan for helping to build engines for the Apollo spacecraft.

These connections often result in partnerships between event participants and Community Partners, helping to build the capacity of these organizations.

commissioned to build

American architect Henry Hobson Richardson was commissioned to build a tomb in 1868.

In 1569, Ammanati was commissioned to build the Ponte Santa Trinita, a bridge over the Arno River.

The Young Electric Sign Company was commissioned to build the neon version of the sign by the owners of the Pioneer Club.

build support   (construir soporte)

The case was also used to build support for the renewal of the Ku Klux Klan which had been inactive since 1870.

He also sought to build support for a political comeback in the 1922 elections, but his career was derailed by illness.

The JLP used the threat of socialism to build support among property owners and churchgoers, attracting more middle-class support.

build a strong

The primary role is to build a strong ethical culture within the organization.

The Railway's own workshops build a strong new engine called Jock, who at first thinks himself superior to the others.

Her intention in doing so was "to ground oneself is to reconnect physically to the earth, to root, to restore power, to build a strong foundation."

build such

It is also possible to build such a system at relatively low cost.

Edward George Bowen was added to the team to design and build such a transmitter.

The goal is to build such devices and spaces critical to the service of amateur circles.

build homes

In 1956, Broad and Kaufman decided to partner and build homes together.

He was also listed as one of the top 10 Indian architects who is harnessing traditional wisdom to build homes of the future.

The land was located in a Special Planned Community Preservation District and required a special permit to build homes there.