Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

new building   (nuevo edificio)

The new building was dedicated on November 3, 1921.

The new building was consecrate on 17 October 1843.

The last new building was completed in 1939-1940.

listed building   (edificio catalogado)

It is a privately owned Grade II* listed building.

It has been a Grade II listed building since 2016.

The old hall today is a Grade II listed building.

station building   (edificio de la estación)

The original station building has been demolished.

The main station building is now a private house.

school building   (edificio escolar)

The school building was constructed in two phases.

The present high school building was built in 1958.

The current high school building was built in 1913.

main building   (edificio principal)

The main building was sold to a funeral institute.

The main building at Singel 425 is from the 1960s.

The original main building was constructed in 1934.

church building   (edificio de la iglesia)

The church building was only wide, long, and tall.

The church building was built and dedicated in 1927.

The church building is frequently used for weddings.

office building   (edificio de oficinas)

It is a "richly Italianate" stucco-clad office building.

The high-rise office building stands 16 stories in height.

In 1988, the building was converted into an office building.

building located

The building located in the entrance was destroyed.

It is an Italianate-style building located at 429 E. 10th St.

It is a 25,000 square feet building located in downtown Elkhart.

brick building   (edificio de ladrillos)

The main building was a three-story brick building.

The Habsburg residence is a two-story brick building.

It is a rectangular stone and brick building in plan.

building was designed   (el edificio fue diseñado)

The building was designed by Ödön Lechner in 1896.

The building was designed for multiple purposes.

The building was designed by the architect Robert A.

building was built

The jail building was built between 1870 and 1873.

The school's impressive building was built in 1930.

The present high school building was built in 1958.

original building   (edificio original)

The original building was 300 feet by 269.90 feet.

The original building held dorms for missionaries.

The original building was replaced in about 1678.

building was constructed

The school building was constructed in two phases.

The original main building was constructed in 1934.

The building was constructed of pure white stone.

historic building   (edificio histórico)

The site designated a historic building in 1991.

The historic building has been preserved and renovated.

It was listed as a historic building in 1992.

tallest building   (El edificio más alto)

Tower Plaza is the tallest building in Ann Arbor.

At tall, it is the fourth tallest building in Tokyo.

It is also 19th tallest building in Finland.

building was completed

In 1953, an Administration building was completed.

The last new building was completed in 1939-1940.

The building was completed and refurbished in 1906.

apartment building   (edificio de apartamentos)

It eventually became a run-down apartment building.

It planned to erect an apartment building in its place.

It was the third luxury apartment building built in Atlanta.

building materials

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials.

Many different building materials have been used for lintels.

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials.

building up   (construir)

In January 2016, the city put the building up for sale.

He was also a lawyer, building up a practice in West Africa.

Since 2037, the some classes are running on the same building up to now.

first building

The first building was regarded by many as inadequate.

The first building for Marion College was a log cabin.

The first building on the Iowa State campus was Farm House.

building was listed

The building was listed as a Grade II building in 1988.

The building was listed on the National Register in 1978.

The building was listed as Grade I in 1952.

current building   (edificio actual)

The current building was preceded by two temples.

The current building dates from the 15th-century.

The Royal Danish Theatre's current building (No.

commercial building   (edificio comercial)

It is a commercial building and was built in 1978.

It was a two-story nine-bay brick commercial building.

A commercial building has been built above the station.

building a new

FC Zestafoni management is building a new base for the club.

The dancers symbolised the workers building a new Australia for the future.

The Corris Railway is currently building a new locomotive to the same design.

began building

began building bridges in Clinton County, Ohio.

Hinners began building pipe organs in 1890.

Feller began building sets when he was 15.

present building   (edificio actual)

The present building is the fourth Knighthood House.

The present building was erected on the site in 1744.

The present building was erected in 1898-1902.

old building

The old building at 1200 State Street still stands.

The old building was sold to the Knights of Pythias.

The old building was sold in 2003 for $210,000.

terminal building   (edificio terminal)

A new terminal building opened in June 1969.

A new terminal building was inaugurated in February 2009.

The former terminal building is on a site.

building was demolished

The old school building was demolished in 1970.

The building was demolished in 1969 after being sold.

In March 2002, the old building was demolished.

building is located

The building is located in SIUE's University Park.

The station building is located next to the platform.

The new building is located from the first one.

building was used

The building was used as the town hall until 1907.

Afterwards, the building was used for church services again.

The building was used as a school by the district until 1986.

same building

8HA's sister station, Sun 96.9, is based in the same building.

In the same building there is also an aquarium of small sea animals.

Today the garage is running in the same building as Mac's Auto Service.

building houses

, the building houses around 1,000 businesses.

The building houses Government offices today.

Young also resumed work on building houses.

building is now

The building is now owned by the pension fund PKA.

The building is now owned by the City of Florence.

The main station building is now a private house.

building blocks

Characters are the basic building blocks in Warlord.

Cells are often called the "building blocks of life".

Thioureas are building blocks to pyrimidine derivatives.

building opened

The building opened in 1939 as the County Cinema.

The new Holy Family College building opened in 1960.

The current three-story building opened in 1873.

administration building   (Edificio de administración)

The administration building is smaller but also 3.5 stories.

It served as an administration building.

The administration building (K-1001) provided of office space.

building became

The building became a private residence in 1971.

The building became a community arts centre in 1974.

The original building became the Main Building.

building built

The Bill Monroe Homeplace is a building built in 1920.

It is a Colonial Revival-style building built in 1919.

The first was a log building built in 1826.

building material   (material de construcción)

The building material is tires filled with earth.

Ruins were used as a building material for new houses.

Baked brick is a common building material in the town.

building designed

It is an International Style building designed by Edwin A. Keeble.

It is a three-story brick building designed in Classical Revival style

It is a Sullivanesque building designed by architects Purcell & Elmslie.

building constructed

It is a one-story building constructed of cut limestone.

It is a three-story frame building constructed about 1890.

A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original school.

building was erected

Tilson and a one-room frame building was erected.

The present-day station building was erected in 1911.

The present building was erected on the site in 1744.

frame building

Tilson and a one-room frame building was erected.

The wood frame building was constructed in 1893.

The structure is a T-shaped wood frame building.

stone building

The Ham stone building has clay tile roofs.

The stone building has hamstone dressings and slate roofs.

The stone building has a tiled roof with a small bellcote.

residential building

It emphasized its character of a residential building.

All residential building requires septic installation.

The tower was actually a huge high residential building.

building itself

The building itself has very low energy emissions.

Blanchet's building itself is Leed Platinum Certified.

The building itself is deep, wide, and has a footprint of .

building was added

A new building was added to the museum in 1999.

In 1922 a vocational building was added to the campus.

A second building was added in 1926.

library building   (edificio de la biblioteca)

The new Carnegie library building was opened in 1905.

The library building is of similar size and height as the town hall.

Construction began on Woodstock's permanent library building in 1959.

building work   (obras de construcción)

Crump started the building work on 23 August 1937.

The building work took several years, fully occupying Christie.

Speer's building work made him among the wealthiest of the Nazi elite.

oldest building

The "Schlössli" is the oldest building in the city.

It is notable as the oldest building on 42nd Street.

The oldest building on the farm is a cabin built in 1889.

building now

The building now ranks as the in the United States.

The building now there runs the length of the block.

This building now houses the training center and offices.

building was opened

The new Carnegie library building was opened in 1905.

The current building was opened March 31, 1924.

In 1912, the "Parkschule" building was opened.

historic building located

Garner Building is a historic building located in Ottumwa, Iowa, United States.

The organization was founded in Pioneer Hall, a historic building located in Jackson, California.

Patrick Henry Building The Patrick Henry Building is a historic building located in Richmond, Virginia.

building projects

Similar building projects existed in slaveholding states.

Recent building projects like the "Zoofenster" document these efforts.

They relocated to Brighton in 1815 and worked on various building projects.

building was sold

The main building was sold to a funeral institute.

In 1984, the building was sold to Michael Bigelow.

The old building was sold to the Knights of Pythias.

building was originally

The building was originally called the Sibley School.

The plan of the building was originally a simple rectangle.

The building was originally a Taoist Temple, built in 1719.

building dates   (fechas de construcción)

The Stanton's Mill building dates from about 1797.

The current building dates from the 15th-century.

The present-day school building dates from 1988.

building features

The building features timber buttresses which were added later.

The main building features original items from this building, e.g.

The ritual building features 16 floors, stands tall, with 1,037 rooms.

building housed

Later, the building housed a sign company for a time.

At the time, the building housed the offices of DuPont.

The building housed 15 businesses at the time of the fire.

building still   (construyendo todavia)

The Grand Guignol building still exists.

The original 1843 Christ Church church building still stands.

It is the oldest church building still in use in Howard County.

started building

It started building a second Pleasurewood Hills style park in Cleethorpes.

Hansen started building the second Christiansborg in 1803 in a French Empire style.

In 1983, McDonald started building his own cars and March was left outside F1 once more.

capacity building   (creación de capacidad)

It also provides community talks and capacity building for judges, prosecutors, and police.

They support this work through training, research, advocacy, evaluations and capacity building.

Indonesia has relentlessly strived to fulfill its commitment to capacity building for Palestine.

building complex

Nikita Natasha is the largest building complex in Amrut Nagar.

The Derry Area Middle / High School share one building complex.

It is now part of a five building complex of the Erie Art Museum.

building served

After that time, the building served various uses.

This building served as the Director's residence before.

The building served as their private home.

building began

Construction of this building began in July 2006.

The demolition of the building began on January 9, 2012.

Planning and design of the building began in April 1966.

headquarters building

In 1990 the firm moved to a headquarters building in Gordon Street, Glasgow.

A new €750 million headquarters building begun in 2010 and was completed in 2017.

Michael opted for the former and is confined to the STN-J headquarters building at all times.

museum building

The museum building was renovated in the 2010s.

The museum building was designed by architects Zhukov and Checherin.

The museum building was designed by the Zurich architects Weber & Hofer.

building new

It was recently decided that building new concrete runway parallel to ul.

The Faroese hope to broaden their economic base by building new fish-processing plants.

This has led to several oil majors and independents building new global offices in the city.

building was converted

In 1988, the building was converted into an office building.

The building was converted for use as senior housing in 2008.

The church building was converted into a chapel for the cemetery.

entire building   (edificio entero)

The entire building is outfitted with free Wi-Fi.

The entire building spans 17,620 square feet.

In 1982 a fire destroyed the entire building.

style building

The Neoclassical style building was completed in 1909.

It is a combined Tuscan Villa / Italianate style building.

Awsumb designed the church’s Gothic Revival style building in 1926.

large building

They share the large building with a number of tenants.

In 1925 they were connected to form one large building.

The lithograph depicts a large building roofed by a never-ending staircase.

building contains

The building contains most original cedar joinery.

This building contains grades 3-5 from across the district.

The interior of the building contains several innovative elements.

small building

The small building has an almost square area.

The French had a small building of their own.

Initially it was a small building with a facade facing the valley.

entrance building

Six more tombstones are inside the entrance building.

The entrance building of Niederselters station is listed.

The entrance building is a listed building.

high school building   (edificio de la escuela secundaria)

The present high school building was built in 1958.

The current high school building was built in 1913.

A new high school building was built around 1910.

building was destroyed

The original building was destroyed and rebuilt.

This original building was destroyed by fire in 1867.

This building was destroyed by an earthquake in 1245.

purchased the building

The company purchased the building for $35 million.

In 1983 the Town of Dongo purchased the building.

Washtenaw County then purchased the building.

building used

The building used to be home to the Harris Wine Cellar.

It is a three-story, banked log building used for storage and preserving.

Also on the property is a contributing two-story stone building used as a garage.

public building   (edificio publico)

The Sudanese style influenced public building and important residences.

Metilia Donata was prominent enough to commission a large public building in Lyon.

The parish Church of St Margaret is the most obvious public building in the village.

existing building

The existing building was also renovated to be ADA-accessible.

About that same time, Loyola added on to their existing building.

The existing building was expanded to the north into a late Gothic style.

inside the building

Since 1993, a restaurant operates inside the building.

There are showers and changing rooms inside the building.

What happens inside the building drives the way the outside looks."

when the building   (cuando el edificio)

The solution came when the building was purchased in 1985 by the Hinman Company.

It played in Chicago in March 2014, when the building was almost completely gone.

The building was not consecrated until 20 June 1911 when the building fund was repaid.

own building

In the beginning, the school had no its own building.

The Elks own building had burned that year.

His own building was, however, to be taller than them all.

government building   (edificio del gobierno)

Before retreating, AQAP destroyed a government building.

The government building is located in the centre of the capital city.

His last public design, for the government building in Zaryadye, is dated 1940.

building was renovated

The museum building was renovated in the 2010s.

The old building was renovated to become a VIP terminal.

After sitting empty, the building was renovated in 1996.

building construction

Contracts were let for building construction in September 1931.

It introduced powerful parametric tools for plant modeling and building construction.

The building construction work started with the funds from Sri Subash Nayak, the then-M.P.

building block

building block) of the neurofilament.

The starting material is a bead which binds to the building block.

This colorless gas is widely used as a fuel and a chemical building block.

wooden building

The steam power house was and was a wooden building.

It was a wooden building that was built around 1320.

But the wooden building burnt in a fire in 1781.

building codes   (construyendo códigos)

This is in addition to building codes which must be met.

The standards are like building codes.

Most building codes require that they be installed in older buildings as well.

building site   (sitio de construcción)

He combined his Junior career with working on a building site.

The LAP announced the purchase of a building site in April 1962.

at the building site.

second building

The second building was completed at a cost of $30,000 ().

The second building was removed in 1948.

A second building was added in 1926.

building housing   (construcción de viviendas)

The building housing it was a Nizam's heritage monument.

It spread to a neighboring building housing antiques dealers.

In the late 1980s the centre received a new building housing an Elbrus-2 computer.

administrative building

One is the main administrative building, called building A.

On the project of Levynskyi there was built an administrative building.

Heads of United College: The administrative building of the United College.

modern building

This modern building has a total height of in 21 floors.

This modern building has a total height of .

It is housed in a modern building with a panoramic view over the harbour.

building program

The building program cost $1,386,745 and was completed by February 1976.

During the same period the LDS Church engaged in a massive building program.

Even during the final design stages there were struggles regarding the building program.

building boom   (auge de la construcción)

The growth sparked a building boom during these decades.

As a result, Colombia is seeing a historic building boom.

A building boom began in 1998 and continued through the 2000s decade.

building consists

The building consists of three floors over a high celler.

On campus, the main building consists of 60,000 square feet.

The building consists of a living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

building project

In 2007 the most recent building project was completed.

The entire building project was completed in October, 1998.

The plant was the biggest private building project in Saxony.