İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

buried next   (sonra gömülü)

He was buried next to his wife on the family farm.

He was buried next to his second wife in San Mateo.

Warhol was buried next to his mother and father.

buried here   (buraya gömüldü)

), was buried here: both died shortly before 1369.

Of those, nineteen Muslims died and were buried here.

Their daughter, Rosemary Kennedy, is also buried here.

buried near   (yakınına gömüldü)

He was buried near St. Michael's church in Loretto.

He is buried near a sea embankment in Simuay.

He was buried near the church of Saint Nicolas de Jaffa.

body was buried

His body was buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.

His body was buried in an undisclosed location.

His body was buried in Cemitério de São João Batista.

buried alive   (canlı gömüldü)

They were tortured, executed and in some cases, buried alive.

They finally saved Numkang from being buried alive by Chatta/Sihnsamuth.

Settling at Anjar, Jesar died and Turi was buried alive close by his tomb.

buried beneath   (altına gömüldü)

Their bodies were found buried beneath a dam.

Alboin's remains were allegedly buried beneath the palace steps.

It is currently buried beneath the snow and ice in the vicinity of the Pole.

buried beside   (yanına gömülü)

He is buried beside his wife in Jacksonville, Florida.

His wife was eventually buried beside him.

Sharon was buried beside his wife, Lily.

buried alongside

Thomas's widow, Caitlin, died in 1994 and was buried alongside him.

McGlinchey was buried alongside Mary and their young daughter Máire.

She is buried alongside her husband at Steepletop, Austerlitz, New York.

remains were buried

His remains were buried in the West Terrace Cemetery.

Volta's remains were buried in Camnago Volta.

His remains were buried again in a small cemetery in Fanano.

buried with full

He was buried with full military honors.

When he died at 62, Watkins was buried with full military honors.

He is buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

later buried

He was later buried in the Bratsky Monastery of Kyiv.

His son was later buried nearby within Mound Cemetery.

He was later buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery in Athens.

buried within

His body was later buried within the confines of the prison.

Members of the Huxley family, including Aldous Huxley, are buried within the cemetery.

Most of the what was found in a tomb depended on the status of the person buried within it.

buried together

Karen and Taha are buried together in one grave.

They are buried together at Waverley Cemetery.

They were buried together after Bose's death.

found buried   (gömülü bulundu)

Their bodies were found buried beneath a dam.

These sarcophagi were found buried with significant glass artifacts as grave goods.

One is a tall Gothic lantern cross which was found buried in a trench next to the church in 1838.

then buried

Jimmy and Eleanor then buried the body under the shed.

He was then buried at that county's Westwood Memorial Park.

The bodies were then buried there.

ashes were buried   (küller gömüldü)

His ashes were buried in the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow.

He was cremated and his ashes were buried at Westminster Abbey.

Stout died in 1979 and his ashes were buried in Karori Cemetery.

buried at sea

Three men died before the accident and were buried at sea.

Richardson then collapses on the bridge, dies, and is buried at sea.

But Baranov died in 1819, while they were still at sea, and was buried at sea.

originally buried

Meighan was originally buried at Calvary Cemetery in Queens.

He was originally buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Chicago.

He was originally buried in Old Dorchester Burial Ground, Boston.

initially buried

She was initially buried in an unmarked grave.

Johnston was initially buried in New Orleans.

He was initially buried in the Basilica di Sant'Agostino.

people buried

The following are some people buried in Mt.

Many of the people buried there are thought to have died from drowning and exposure.

His research determined that approximately half of the African people buried at the site were children.

now buried

His remains are now buried in the Cathedral of Milan.

He is now buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Dens were found in the KSRTC garage area, which are now buried).

buried treasure   (gömülü hazine)

Ó Séaghdha describes Irish as "the amazing buried treasure".

Popular belief says the island is the site of Captain Kidd's buried treasure.

(An account of this may have given rise to subsequent stories of pirates and buried treasure).

not buried

There are claims that Tuitātui is not buried in Malapo, but in Mua.

Since the mid-5th century, the dead were not buried on grave fields anymore.

Her body was not buried, but was donated to the Rotterdam medical school founded in 1642.

partially buried

The partially buried, wrecked hulls of two other tanks may be seen at Titchwell Marsh in Norfolk, UK.

Its range appears to be limited to coastal waters off Tumbes in northern Peru, where it is found partially buried in sand or mud.

Her hull is partially buried in sand, featuring an intact bow and stern, but her midsection is broken and almost completely covered with sand.