Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

business district   (Distrito empresarial)

Bagh, the central business district of the city.

The campus is from the Brisbane central business district.

The station is in the heart of Maywood's business district.

central business   (negocio central)

Bagh, the central business district of the city.

The campus is from the Brisbane central business district.

It is about 10 km south of Sydney's central business district.

central business district   (Distrito Central de negocios)

Bagh, the central business district of the city.

The campus is from the Brisbane central business district.

It is about 10 km south of Sydney's central business district.

family business   (negocio familiar)

N A Haris later joined the family business in 1997.

Caroline also went to work for the family business.

Bass took control of the family business in 1968.

business partner   (socio de negocios)

Squire is married to her business partner Howard Panter.

In the mid-1860s, he became a business partner of Enoch J.

A business partner or alliance can be crucial for businesses.

small business   (pequeños negocios)

In June small business tax credits took effect.

Her mother is a small business entrepreneur.

Currently it houses small business offices.

business model   (modelo de negocio)

The business model was revolutionary for its time.

This business model remains unique in Ecuador.

Each category is pursuing a slightly different business model.

business interests   (intereses de negocios)

Over the years his business interests have shrunk.

Kennedy has other business interests outside motorsport.

He resumed business interests in Pittsburgh.

business administration   (administracion de Negocios)

He graduated with a degree in business administration.

He graduated in 1979 with a BS in business administration.

He is currently working on his degree in business administration.

show business   (Mostrar negocio)

", dishing out the latest rumors in show business.

The sport is also associated with show business.

Adelson got his start through the trade show business.

doing business   (haciendo negocios)

More than 100 U.S. companies are doing business in Ecuador.

The station's owner is Dennis King, doing business as TKO, Inc.

Their way of doing business has a distinctive brand from Xinjiang.

own business   (negocio propio)

General contractors often run their own business.

At the age of 24 he established his own business.

In 1886, he established his own business called W.G.

new business   (nuevo negocio)

He arrives in Erinsborough to start a new business.

Bollhagen became an employee of the new business.

They decided to call their new business a "design agency".

music business   (Negocio de la música)

He grew up deeply immersed in the music business.

She retired from the music business shortly afterwards.

Doyle worked in the independent music business for 15 years.

business leaders   (líderes del negocio)

These ideas were developed by some business leaders.

A letter signed by renowned business leaders sent to all U.S.

In some cases, business leaders have used the services of the maras.

business school   (escuela de Negocios)

New York University's business school is named after him.

The business school was renamed in Argyros' honor in 1999.

The first serviced institution was French business school ESSEC.

business owners   (dueños de negocios)

High taxes on business owners thwart economic activity."

Local business owners and other professionals come to give presentations.

He has conducted public hearings to listen to the concerns of business owners.

business community   (Comunidad de Negocios)

Those surveyed typically includes members of academia, and the business community.

The majority of the private business community is made up of Marwaris and Biharis.

Many members of the business community opposed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

business manager   (gerente de negocios)

Macune served as business manager of the enterprise.

She was also a student and a business manager of a store.

Wirth, business manager here many years.

business development   (desarrollo de negocios)

often has a background in engineering or business development.

He then headed MSN business development at Microsoft and was employee no.

State incentives include tax incentives and a business development department.

other business   (otros asuntos)

Four other business partners pled guilty to crimes.

Manual invested in, and created other business ventures.

Kennedy has other business interests outside motorsport.

business executive   (Ejecutivo de negocios)

Sue Naegle Sue Naegle is an American business executive.

Tim Worner Tim Worner is an Australian business executive.

Hubbard is currently married to John Mann, a business executive.

local business   (negocio local)

The local post office operated out of a local business until 2008.

The "Ann Arbor Business Review" covers local business in the area.

It also offers advice, loans and grants to further local business development.

degree in business   (licenciatura en negocios)

He graduated with a degree in business administration.

He is currently working on his degree in business administration.

Before becoming a professional chef she earned a degree in business.

business ventures   (empresas de negocios)

Manual invested in, and created other business ventures.

Hill had a series of failed artistic and business ventures.

Clyde X helped to launch many business ventures with Temple No.

business partners   (Compañeros de negocio)

Four other business partners pled guilty to crimes.

By June 1825, he and his business partners had lost £7,000.

The pair were good friends and business partners in a photographic agency.

international business   (negocios Internacionales)

he studies international business.

She studied international business administration and has a degree in law.

That same year, Gruner International Ltd. was established to enhance international business.

business practices   (prácticas de negocios)

In the 1990s Sotheby's and Christie's colluded on auction commissions and other business practices.

It offers a Charter in Business Development that focuses on ethical business practices and standards.

Ultimately, poor management and business practices forced Chrysler and General Motors into bankruptcy.

business activities   (Actividades de negocio)

Consequently, he ceased his business activities.

He later focused his business activities on real estate.

He enjoyed farming and business activities.

business management   (administración de Empresas)

He is majoring in business management and human resources.

Ou holds a business management degree from Pace University.

He studied law and business management as a university student.

business plan   (plan de negocios)

Vero's business plan is also distinct from similar social media apps.

However, the business plan has been reviewed and approved by funders.

That is not my business plan."

business owner   (propietario de la empresa)

Crews is a retired Air Force pilot and small business owner.

2 Hispanic business owner on Inc. 500.

Sarah Frey Sarah Frey is an American farmer and business owner.

business career   (carrera de negocios)

Romney's web site defends his business career.

Schwarzenegger has had a highly successful business career.

In 1995 Stormer left music to pursue a business career with IBM.

business unit   (unidad de negocio)

Leading Edge Forum is a business unit of DXC Technology.

As of 2012, the business unit operated from 60 locations worldwide.

The Axciom brand was transferred to IPG alongside the AMS business unit.

business schools   (escuelas de negocios)

CEIBS follows the European model of business schools.

It is also the home of INSEAD, one of the world's most elite business schools.

Finance, which is another specialization of business schools, is related to accounting.

business operations   (operaciones de negocios)

In June 2015, the team ceased business operations.

Park'N Fly began its business operations in Canada.

In 2013, Rolf Fehlbaum withdrew from daily business operations with the company.

business people   (gente de negocios)

At Burger, he taught effective writing to business people.

This episode shows three business people and their career and pursuit.

In 2016, Irving was listed as one of Canada's most powerful business people.

business world   (mundo de negocio)

He became very successful in the business world with his wife.

McCallion left the business world in 1967 to devote her life to a career in politics.

In the business world, descriptive statistics provides a useful summary of many types of data.

business trip   (viaje de negocios)

Partridge died in Portland while on a business trip.

The episode included a business trip to Paris.

He died unexpectedly on his business trip to Japan in 1992.

successful business   (Negocio exitoso)

Schwarzenegger has had a highly successful business career.

The successful business was destroyed by fire in 1862 however.

A Jewish immigrant pawnbroker builds up a successful business.

private business   (negocios privados)

He spent 1955 to 1962 in private business.

He returned to private business.

There are 105 private business currently registered in the Vau i Dejës.

business route   (ruta de negocios)

82B) is a business route of US 82 in Union County, Arkansas.

SH 35 has four business routes and one former business route.

A business route is signed on the former path of the highway.

main business   (negocio principal)

The company's main business is metal fabrication.

It is one of the main business areas of the district.

Agriculture and Textiles are the main business.

business man   (empresario)

He is a prominent business man and a young leader.

As a business man, Batt is a franchisee of Jos.

Malik Tujjar was one of the richest business man of his time.

business process   (procesos de negocio)

Dimensional models are built by business process area, e.g.

A natural fit for CEP has been with business process management (BPM).

The business process reengineering of the 1990s was built on this concept.

insurance business   (negocio de seguros)

In May 1970, Bates first entered the insurance business.

Quinn was in the insurance business, as was his brother Percy.

In the late 1980s, Ray sold the insurance business to a large underwriter.

business units   (Unidades de negocios)

Other business units are gynecology, dermatology, and anti-infectives.

The division created two new business units – Baldeodas-Kedarnath and Baijnath-Juggilal.

The division created two new business units - Baldeodas-Kedarnath and Baijnath-Juggilal.

estate business   (negocio inmobiliario)

He then concentrated on his real estate business.

He was also engaged in the real estate business.

Goodman was in the real estate business and was an auctioneer.

core business   (negocio principal)

Air freight is the core business of Dimerco Express Group.

The core business of the group is pharmaceuticals and power.

The core business segment for Old Dominion is LTL common carrier.

business park   (parque de negocios)

It is located in a business park from the Main Campus.

There is also a 75-hectare business park next to the harbour.

The site today is a business park.

real estate business   (negocio inmobiliario)

He then concentrated on his real estate business.

He was also engaged in the real estate business.

Goodman was in the real estate business and was an auctioneer.

business opportunities   (oportunidades de negocio)

The aim was to promote business opportunities for Finnish companies.

They move to Ecuador for business opportunities and as cheaper place for retirement.

The Europeans soon flooded the Ethiopian economy looking for business opportunities.

big business   (grandes negocios)

It was a hobby with me which became big business."

Disney music was moving into the big business level.

In 2015, NME stated that "vlogging has become big business".

business models   (modelos de negocio)

There were also different business models.

At University of Tennessee, Vitasek researches business models.

Advertisement-funded software is also one of the business models for open-source software.

first business   (primer negocio)

John Huyler's first business was a shop on Broadway near 18th Street.

From South to North, its first business route serves downtown Gate City.

His first business venture was a fish and chip shop in London's East End.

manufacturing business   (negocio de manufactura)

Burberry's also included a clothing manufacturing business.

He had a plastic manufacturing business.

During this time, Mingay ran his own radio manufacturing business.

went into business   (entró en el negocio)

He went into business with his friend Rikoll Eide.

He also went into business for himself as a landscaper.

Thorne went into business with his uncle Timothy Ruggles.

business venture   (empresa comercial)

This was a business venture with long-time racing partner Finotto.

Is it possible Hanna inspired or helped Jori in this business venture?

According to Kim, Han used all the money into a failed business venture.

publishing business   (negocio editorial)

He carried on the publishing business in the Strand.

The church purchased the publishing business built by Rev.

In 1976 he started his own publishing business - Outdoor Press.

business processes   (Procesos de negocios)

Good management can contribute to efficiency of business processes.

Implementing ERP typically requires changes in existing business processes.

It is designed to be able to handle business processes that require reasoning.

opened for business   (abierto para los negocios)

The diner opened for business on September 5, 2011.

The courthouse opened for business on 5 January 1910.

The elegant Queen's Hotel opened for business in 1863.

business strategy   (estrategia de negocios)

The team focuses on creative strategy over business strategy.

Then Bruce asked a momentous question: 'What about business strategy?'

Her brother is in charge of watches, innovation and business strategy.

business loop   (bucle empresarial)

I-45-G) is a business loop of Interstate 45 that passes through Ennis in Ellis County.

Business State Highway 35-C (formerly Loop 409) is a business loop that runs through Alvin.

I-45-F) is a business loop of Interstate 45 that passes through Corsicana in Navarro County.

business news   (noticias de negocios)

Daily updated business news is available on the main site.

She began covering business news in 1995.

It also pioneered business news shows on Indian television.

former business   (negocio anterior)

He resumed his former business pursuits in Philadelphia.

SH 35 has four business routes and one former business route.

The station takes its name from the former business district of Dongshan.

retail business   (negocio al por menor)

The suburb contains 2-3 retail business, but is mainly residential.

Butina, at age 21, launched a furniture retail business in Altai Krai.

He was a pioneer in the department store and retail business in Denmark.

banking business   (negocio bancario)

He would leave in 1878 to enter the banking business.

After leaving Congress, he resumed the banking business.

He also was involved with the banking business in Racine.

business affairs   (asuntos de negocios)

Peter Jefferson also managed the plantation's business affairs.

In 1970 he became director of business affairs for CBS Television.

Gunungsitoli remains the center of the business affairs of the entire island.

business dealings   (negocios)

His Quaker faith and values were reflected in his business dealings.

He met with Mobutu Sese Seko, to assist the regime's business dealings with De Beers.

By 1618 Elbląg had left the Hanseatic League owing to its close business dealings with England.

s business   (negocio de s)

She began in photography when she was thirteen years old, working in her uncle’s business.

Driving Cisco’s business in the region to reach USD 450 million, and maintaining 30% YoY Growth rates

In 1988 Klein began managing Phil Spector’s business affairs, including his publishing and recording assets.

printing business   (negocio de imprenta)

He was an apprentice in the printing business.

The S. C. Toof & Co. printing business was founded in 1864.

He began a small printing business of his own in Leipzig in 1796.

business class   (clase de negocios)

For example, in business class, Italian espresso was served.

All business class seats were also equipped with AC power ports.

"Club World" is the mid-haul and long-haul business class cabin.

s business   (negocio de)

She began in photography when she was thirteen years old, working in her uncle’s business.

Driving Cisco’s business in the region to reach USD 450 million, and maintaining 30% YoY Growth rates

In 1988 Klein began managing Phil Spector’s business affairs, including his publishing and recording assets.

business activity   (Actividad de negocios)

His main business activity is banking.

Healthcare services became the company's main business activity.

Out of total population, 1,356 were engaged in work or business activity.

business sector   (sector empresarial)

The other ministers are linked to the business sector.

Besides, Wong plays a role in the business sector in Hong Kong.

It is spoken by all educated Haitians and is used in the business sector.

business grew   (el negocio creció)

TD's wholesale business grew slowly during the mid-1950s.

The business grew quickly, adding gas stations and car washes.

When the business grew too big it relocated to the new harbour.

business relationship   (relación de negocios)

Valerie and Havok enter in a business relationship.

In many instances, the potential partner might not be interested in forming a business relationship.

The two had a loving and business relationship, and in 1995 they formed KLOCK WORK Entertainment together.

business areas   (Areas de negocio)

It is one of the main business areas of the district.

Expansions in new business areas as well as new offers in the area of funding are planned.

The route enters business areas and comes to an intersection with US 13 (Frankford Avenue).

major business   (negocio principal)

The City is a major business and financial centre.

"Sukrabare bazaar" is the major business hub of this region.

Whether it's President Ford or major business leaders, whether it's people on television."

business intelligence   (inteligencia de negocios)

It specializes in business intelligence tools and data visualization.

These days XAP is used for complex event processing and real-time business intelligence for big data.

Management by exception has both a general business application and a business intelligence application.

business services   (servicios de negocios)

specializing in music, entertainment, and business services.

It has been a member of the business services portfolio of CIVC Partners since 2005.

The quick economic recovery was driven by tourism, business services and increased consumer spending.

business center   (centro de negocios)

This city is also the largest business center of the country.

It has a casino, several restaurants, a business center, and a pool.

business associate   (socio de negocios)

The Counselor meets with Westray (Brad Pitt), a business associate of Reiner's.

The president was a friend and business associate of Toponce's, going back to 1864.

Keeble's business associate in the 1930s, Francis B. Warfield died August 6, 1975 at age 84.

business area   (área de negocios)

The business area of the Edekabank extends to all of Germany.

In 1950, transportation planning was included as a new business area.

Parambil bazar is a main business area in kuruvatoor grama panchayath.

construction business   (negocio de la construcción)

In 2007 he admitted being in construction business.

He now runs a construction business in London.

He owns oil and construction business inside the KSA and in several other countries.

business environment   (ambiente de negocios)

A competitive business environment may call for unethical behavior.

The country needs to shift to a business environment that is conducive to private investment.

The original competencies were regulatory in nature, restricted to matters of maintaining a healthy business environment.

various business   (varios negocios)

Michalewicz is the co-author of four books on various business topics.

Besides that, information processing influences various business functions e.g.

They merged because they were in debt having invested heavily in various business endeavors.

lumber business   (negocio de la madera)

Then he engaged in farming and the lumber business.

Diversified interests, related to the lumber business.

He moved to Boston at age 20 to engage in the lumber business.

entertainment business   (negocio del entretenimiento)

He started in the entertainment business in the early 1990's.

But we all got in the entertainment business because it was fun.

That convinced him he wanted to be in the entertainment business.

sold the business   (vendió el negocio)

In 1971 Mrs Leser sold the business to Mrs Annette Monester.

Saine later sold the business to Athens businessman Billy Slaughter.

Leach sold the business after finding new jobs for all of the employees.

business case   (caso de negocios)

There is, however, a good business case for Stratford-Cotswolds link.

The questionnaire centers on a simple business case that ensures comparability across economies and over time.

The business case for sales outsourcing should also include consideration of the cost of controlling the contract.

business called   (negocio llamado)

In 1886, he established his own business called W.G.

She also has a film business called Derby Street Films.

In the early 1950s, Miller started a small business called Acme Metal Products.

business was sold   (el negocio fue vendido)

The business was sold to the Dynacord company in the 1980s.

In October 1994 the business was sold to Strathclyde Buses.

The business was sold in May 2007 to Cross Atlantic Capital Partners.

business enterprises   (empresa de negocios)

They were business enterprises run for profit.

Workers in business enterprises are often shareholders also.

Mr. Goo Kim came to Hawaii in 1867 and early engaged in business enterprises.

business partnership   (compañero de negocios)

The documentary covers the business partnership of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

NISCO also had a long business partnership with Hong Kong listed company for trading iron ore.

She forms a business partnership with Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and opens a gym called The Shed.

business through   (negocios a través de)

It continues to do business through its web site.

The group mostly spread information about their business through word of mouth.

It was a family business through the years, until its sale in 2000 to one of its employees.

business acumen   (visión para los negocios)

His foresight and business acumen made him a wealthy land owner.

Submissions were judged on creativity, a sense of business acumen and originality.

In his next large transactions, the 25-year-old Leavitt again demonstrated his business acumen.

business empire   (Imperio de negocios)

Akhmetov's business empire has benefited enormously from his access to power.

Selected Group One race wins: On his death, his business empire was taken over by his two sons.

Following the war, he developed a business empire that included casinos in Britain, France and Lebanon.

conduct business   (conducta empresarial)

Committees hold both public hearings and conduct business at private meetings.

He is shown to be a good salesman, and frequently disappears on Haruka's orders to conduct business elsewhere.

In 1514 he agreed to do it throughout the Crown, and in 1518 was given the privilege to settle in any place and conduct business.

mercantile business   (negocio mercantil)

As a young man, Meigs entered a mercantile business.

Lyman ran a farm and a small mercantile business in Blanding.

He began farming, and also ran a mercantile business dealing in wool with his brother.