small businesses   (中小企業)

All loans must be used to build small businesses.

Kirchheim is home to many small businesses.

Of these, about 75% are small businesses."

local businesses   (地元企業)

Towne Centre Drive provides access to local businesses.

This further cements the paper's ties to local businesses.

Both are local businesses in the town.

businesses involved   (関係する事業)

, there were people employed in the primary economic sector and about businesses involved in this sector.

The MPOB requires all businesses involved in the palm oil industry to be licensed through the organisation.

, there were 9 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 4 businesses involved in this sector.

other businesses   (他の事業)

The other businesses are based in nearby Mayfair.

There are a few other businesses and also a general practitioner.

Her family also ran a gas station, barbershop, and other businesses.

homes and businesses

Water also entered a few homes and businesses in Tamarac.

The road passes homes and businesses before merging onto Joliet Street.

PA 38/PA 208 turns east onto Main Street and passes homes and businesses.

many businesses

By the 1900s Tyler had many businesses and homes built.

There are also many businesses that have booths all over the fair.

As a result, many businesses no longer accept traveller's cheques.

several businesses

Throughout their political careers, Wu and Chu invested in several businesses.

He owned and operated several businesses, including a mill in Sparkill, New York.

As of the next morning, power was still out to several businesses affected by the tornado.

new businesses

Fantasy football also saw new businesses and growth.

In 2002, 55 new businesses were established in Winkler.

Haber used the money to start several new businesses on the side.

private businesses   (民間企業)

Smaller private businesses are more likely to have less formal procedures.

He also became involved in private businesses, such as fattening beef cattle.

The Wigram Aerodrome still exists, and is now used by several private businesses.

businesses such

There are many businesses such as cafes, bars, and shops that support the economy.

It is used by international businesses such as BASF, Unilever and DaimlerChrysler.

It has a small industrial estate that is used by mainly local businesses such as joiners and plumbers.

businesses including

She often performed covers at local businesses including Blue Dry Goods.

The family invested in other businesses including banking, and once owned a stake in CBS.

The village has a number of locally owned businesses including a local newsagent, the Cutting Room and a tea shop.

number of businesses   (事業数)

Broadview acquired a number of businesses since its founding in 1996.

With her sister she owns a number of businesses in the Dominican Republic.

AOL acquired a number of businesses and technologies help to form ONE by AOL.

retail businesses   (小売業)

The Ocado Smart Platform is Ocado's software for operating retail businesses online.

They sometimes come into conflict with local retail businesses that serve non-members.

By 1966 he had sold his retail businesses and for the next 20 years he was a real estate broker.

various businesses

While in Seward Kawabe owned various businesses, such as:

He gained a secondary education, then was employed by various businesses in Corsica.

The site is now used by various businesses and is called the Catfoss Industrial Estate.

commercial businesses   (営利事業)

Constructed in 1904, the building has housed several commercial businesses.

The neighborhood is now a combination of residences and commercial businesses.

The town has no commercial businesses but it does have a St Mary's Anglican Church.

residents and businesses

The festival was cancelled due to numerous complaints of disruption to residents and businesses in the proximity.

Though the area is served by municipal water supplies, numerous residents and businesses operate private irrigation wells.

Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods continued declining as residents and businesses sprawled further into rural Allen County.

few businesses

Establishing themselves as such were a few businesses in textile manufacturing.

Unfortunately, the Great Depression devastated the area and few businesses remained.

own businesses

Most of the Chinese worked in small own businesses.

His decision to move several of his own businesses to Wales created 500 jobs.

Not all celebrities eventually succeed with their own businesses and other related side ventures.

family businesses   (家族経営)

The Huntingdon Gleaner was owned by various family businesses for most of its history.

Upon their return to Singapore, these young men would take their place in the family businesses.

He specialized in advising family businesses, corporate acquisitions, tax law, foundations and trusts.

businesses along

HART said some of the documents show it overspent on relocating residents and businesses along the rail route, which may have cost up to $4 million.

A rumor that rioters may attack businesses along Market Street sent a combined force of SFPD/CHP officers to patrol that area, but no violence was recorded in the area.

Small businesses along Chicago Avenues closed, and the arson rate in East Village was so high that in 1976 Mayor Richard J. Daley convened a task force to address the crisis.

businesses include

Local businesses include a butcher's shop and a tractor sales outlet.

Other Massow businesses include "Halos and Horns" and "Massows Angels".

Smaller businesses include grocery stores, barber shops, and soul food restaurants.

large businesses

The East Bay has a mixed economy of services, manufacturing, and small and large businesses.

In practice, the needs of artisans for raw materials were neglected in favour of large businesses.

After the war, she ran a consulting business, with customers that included large businesses and public figures.

individuals and businesses

It offers training to individuals and businesses.

CBAU serves the banking needs of individuals and businesses in Uganda.

The platform allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites.

owned businesses

Some of them owned businesses and taught school.

Most of the locally owned businesses from the 1980s have been acquired by westerners.

Guam's economy depends primarily on tourism, Department of Defense installations and locally owned businesses.

businesses before

The road passes homes and businesses before merging onto Joliet Street.

Following this, MS 24/MS 48 passes through more residential areas with some businesses before leaving Liberty.

US 13 heads past farm fields and businesses before coming to the Maryland border and continuing north into that state.

related businesses

Agriculture and related businesses are prominent with the residents.

D‘Ieteren also owns various car related businesses in Belgium including the "Carglass" windscreen replacement company.

The firm and its related businesses maintained offices at 17 Battery Place in lower Manhattan, until ceasing operations in 1986.

businesses and individuals

Over the next 55 years it grew to provide financing, lending and insurance services to businesses and individuals.

It enables small businesses and individuals to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Not part of any of the major theatre chains, the O'Brien has been owned by several small businesses and individuals over the last decades.

businesses within

Their membership includes nearly 800 households and businesses within the watershed.

The group was also restructured into several independent businesses within a federal business structure.

Empresa de insercion Empresas de Inserción ("Insertion companies" or "EI's") are businesses within the Spanish social economy.

more businesses

A vertical merger takes place when two or more businesses that operate at different levels merge.

Newsom supported biotech and clean industry tax incentives to bring more businesses to San Francisco.

Following this interchange, the route becomes undivided again and passes more businesses, crossing CR 501.

businesses and organizations

Archive Services is also home to the archives of several individuals, businesses and organizations based in Dundee and the surrounding area.

He has advised businesses and organizations worldwide on strategic communications, image management and competitive leadership, using stories.

Many businesses and organizations incorporate "Nature Coast" in their names, but most of them do not explicitly define the region, or define a smaller region.

all businesses

The regulation applies to all businesses and government agencies in the European Union countries.

The MPOB requires all businesses involved in the palm oil industry to be licensed through the organisation.

These definitions mean the law is applicable to all businesses in China that manage their own email or other data networks.