called up   (呼び出します)

He was also called up for a friendly against Peru.

On May 11, he was called up to the major leagues.

On May 11, 2012, Dunn was called up by the Marlins.

sometimes called   (時々呼ばれる)

The state is sometimes called a principality, i.e.

The highway is sometimes called the Essex Freeway.

Thus they are sometimes called “whispering bats”.

now called   (今呼ばれる)

The Parish is now called St Dominic's Parish, Yaba.

It is now called St Mary of Eton with St Augustine.

These arrangements are now called Mackay icosahedra.

often called   (しばしば呼ばれる)

This configuration is often called a hybrid setup.

This altercation is often called the "Poupou" war.

Theurgy is often called Zoroastrian Magic as well.

originally called   (もともと呼ばれた)

The track was originally called "Happy Halloween".

The community was originally called Grosse Pointe.

It was originally called "Royal Canadian Mounted".

called upon   (呼びかけ)

All repeatedly called upon Arjuna to rescue them.

Spira is often called upon as an online dating expert.

Meanwhile, Ybor and Agio called upon Frea, Godan's wife.

then called

The rebadged version was then called the JMC Teshun.

The host then called to reveal the second challenge.

The faces are then called the Re"-face and Si"-face.

group called   (と呼ばれるグループ)

The group called themselves simply "Christians".

Together, these form a group called Paraves.

He left and set up his own group called "Aiki no Michi".

commonly called

It is commonly called the "Bone" (from "B-One").

His vassals were commonly called "De Lacy's Barons".

This drug combination is commonly called co-amoxiclav.

band called

This gave birth to a new band called the "Jaggers".

Wim Bieler left to form a band called Dambuster.

Jones played in a band called M Blanket in Victoria.

called   (「)

Thus they are sometimes called “whispering bats”.

Its name derived from a palm plant called “Pitogo”.

The initiates are housed in lodges called “mophato”.

later called

This method was later called Gaussian elimination.

The Querechos were the people later called Apache.

(The latter process was later called Lamarckism.)

company called   (と呼ばれる会社)

He ran a small publishing company called Wowapi.

This was a move the company called the "DC Explosion".

They started a company called the Ceramic Art Company.

office called

A post office called Delhi was established in 1858.

A post office called "Brownsborough" opened here in 1873.

A post office called Bascom has been in operation since 1850.

post office called   (と呼ばれる郵便局)

A post office called Delhi was established in 1858.

A post office called "Brownsborough" opened here in 1873.

A post office called Bascom has been in operation since 1850.

show called   (呼ばれるショー)

They also had their own TV show called "Surf's Up!"

His direct homage to Bowie is a show called 'ZIGGY'.

She has presented a weekly show called "Games Report".

so called

Chitanbeh is famous for its Rice so called Champa.

13 of the districts are so called Sámi districts.

program called   (プログラムが呼び出されました)

The 10pm1am block featured a program called "Shockwaves".

She has a program called "Magia de la Cancion" (Songs Majic).

From 1995 to 1997, she hosted her own program called "Véro Show".

song called

He also recorded a novelty song called "Fat Is In".

The single's b-side was a song called Gotta Find Out.

The album features a protest song called "Sem Terra".

called the film   (映画と呼ばれる)

He also called the film "a depressing experience".

Director Jadaone was called the film's "true strength".

"Variety" called the film "fresh, colorful and inventive."

what he called

Papyrus is what he called 'Space Binding'.

He excluded what he called "apocryphal writings" entirely.

Richard did not like what he called its "pseudo-rock" beat.

series called

As of May 2013, Gil is filming a TV series called "The Avatars".

In August 2012, ABC ordered a pilot for a series called "S.H.I.E.L.D."

Pico considers his four books as a series called the "Teebs tetralogy".

called off

The expedition was called off in early September.

The engagement was called off a few months later.

The bout was officially called off at 55 seconds.

album called

Then came the game changer album called Re/Evolution.

In 2012, she released new album called "7".

In 2014 he released a solo album called "Escape Velocity".

project called   (と呼ばれるプロジェクト)

They formed a project called Loose Tapestries.

Castro has a solo project called Caroucells.

Another project called the "Industrial Airport" is underway.

formerly called   (以前呼ばれていた)

This sequence was formerly called 'Silgará Formation'.

They were formerly called the Kreen-Akrore.

Its Dutch-speaking counterpart is (formerly called BLOSO).

book called

In September 2011, Cedella released a book called "One Love".

In 1999 historian David M. Kennedy published a book called "".

Queen Uberta has written a book called "Queen U to the Rescue!"

place called   (と呼ばれる場所)

He was lookin' for the place called Lee Ho Fook's.

At Patmos there was a place called Amazonium.

On the hills they first settled at a place called Afianko.

usually called

Cathode rays are now usually called electron beams.

Stirner's philosophy is usually called "egoism".

Organic cyanides are usually called nitriles.

magazine called   (と呼ばれる雑誌)

magazine called the song 'excruciatingly operatic'.

"Rolling Stone" magazine called them "emo-gone-pop".

"New York" magazine called the scene "torture porn."

called the album

The newspaper called the album "still very funny".

"Rolling Stone" called the album "conceptually sharp".

He called the album "brilliant" and the song "written".

organization called   (呼ばれる組織)

And It was a joint labor organization called Dure.

In 1933 an organization called the Restorers of Mt.

In 1950, he established an organization called the Christian Crusade.

area called

It is also close to a large marshy area called Dachauer Moos.

Vortigern then retreats to the north, in an area called Gwynessi.

Jita people are originated from Ethiopia in one area called kushi.

film called   (と呼ばれる映画)

In 1962 Klein produced a film called "Without Each Other".

In 2006, a documentary film called "Crokinole" was released.

Pre-release critiques of the film called it "strikingly original".

process called   (呼び出されたプロセス)

The male grasps the female in a process called amplexus.

All Landser albums were censored via a process called indexed.

They now pass through a process called CTP (compliance test plan).

called the song

magazine called the song 'excruciatingly operatic'.

Herald Sun had called the song a "romantic ballad".

"The Guardian" called the song a "disco charmer".

first called

He was first called to the bar in Melbourne in 1902.

Bai was first called up into China U-17's squad in 2005.

Rayner was first called up to represent his state in 1947.

what is called

It is in what is called the Carpenter Gothic style.

This causes what is called vacuum polarization.

The tubers are grated into what is called masa.

system called

As mentioned earlier they had a system called sawei.

Before colonial times a system called sawei was practiced.

Chris Harrison developed a working system called Omnitouch.

called back   (コールバック)

He was called back up during the end of the season.

It also called back to moments earlier in the season.

He was called back for Team Melli under Afshin Ghotbi.

called themselves

The Nighthawk's pilots called themselves "Bandits".

The group called themselves simply "Christians".

Only 11% called themselves completely not spiritual.

simply called   (単に呼ばれる)

Previously, the station was simply called De Riet.

Often Munatia Plancina is simply called "Plancina".

It is also simply called a binary relation over "X".

initially called   (最初に呼び出された)

At that time it initially called "Yuanjue Temple" ().

At that time it initially called "Jianyuan Temple" ().

At that time it initially called "Stone Stele Temple" ().

game called

A game called 'singlestick' was also practised.

Daisy appears in an MMORPG game called Toontown Online.

There is also an arcade game called "Hive!"

village called

The women of the village called her "Mama Bunu".

The village called Holovkivka was first mentioned at 1792.

After coming to Saipan they built a village called Arabwal.

man called

His physician was a Greek man called Philotas.

The owner of the store is an old man called Mr. Coates.

God felt regret for making humans, but there was a man called Noah.

called into question   (質問された)

Therefore, that date has to be called into question.

The issue of AIM's security was called into question.

His very sanity had been called into question.

called   (と呼ばれる)

Mayen is often called ‘The Gateway to the Eifel’.

Students and alumni are called ‘Devagirians’.

Together, these three are sometimes called ‘The Three Dodds’.

team called   (呼ばれるチーム)

He played for a team called The Crescents in Lenasia.

Each team called a time out in succession with 1:29 left.

They played for a team called the Rhinos.

still called   (まだ呼ばれている)

In Catalan it is still called "Els banys d'Arles".

Nevertheless, she still called the author a genius.

In 2004, the tournament was still called Ispat Open.

officially called

The bout was officially called off at 55 seconds.

Citizens are officially called Barbadians.

At the time, it was officially called a Concentration Camp.

previously called   (以前に呼ばれた)

It was also previously called "Byeokgandang" (벽간당).

The space was previously called Central Tavern.

It was previously called Ermelo- Veldwijk (1863-1952).

what was called

Maybe it has tinges of what was called "Emo"?

I enjoy what was called swotting in my day.

Cassidy and Lay began hiding out at what was called "Robbers Roost", in Utah.

called the book

The "New York Times" called the book "absorbing".

Cottrell has called the book "an anti-memoir".

Brock called the book “rather conspicuously a failure”.

plan called   (と呼ばれる計画)

The plan called for corollary units at 107 locations.

The final plan called for the building to contain 58 stories.

Hastings' plan called for two courts.

town called   (と呼ばれる町)

It also neighbors a small ghost town called Yukon.

Levač comprises 32 villages and one town called Rekovac:

Felicity lives in a fictional town called Little Blossoming.

not called

He was not called up for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

However, the men were not called up for many months.

In the end, he was not called to give evidence.

event called   (呼び出されるイベント)

in an event called "Football at Fenway".

Since 2011 the city annually hosts WTA tennis event called Baku Cup.

10 years prior to the game an event called "Fastest Legend" took place.

club called

In April 2010 the club called for a new bidding round.

In 2003, a new club called Maribor Branik was founded.

The company hosts a running club called “O.V.

version called

It was followed by an upgraded version called Gp-160.

This is the version called "More Endless Art".

Yet another version called "Flying Toasters!"

once called

Yukio Mishima once called him the "Japanese Walter Pater".

(Orlando was once called Fort Gatlin.)

() It was once called Coombe Gate House or Coombe Green House.

house called

The house called Wolterton Hall was completed in 1742.

By this time it had a house called New Hall.

In 1896 he owned a rooming house called "The Wellington."

called because   (という理由で)

Mont-Royal), so called because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal.

It is so called because the dancers wear face masks which look like .

A compulsory armistice was then called because of the lack of any warships.

single called

The group released a single called "Happy House" in 1990.

In 2010, she released another single called "Zalan Menny".

A second single called "Bežim" followed in September 2015.

school called   (と呼ばれる学校)

This is a private school called "Torvikbukt Skule".

He graduated from the Han school called founded by .

She was in a school called Saint Mary school.

newspaper called

The newspaper called the album "still very funny".

It also publishes a newspaper called Shaam.

In May 1901 she founded an anti-Díaz newspaper called "Vésper".

called simply

The canyon is called simply "Dol" (Slovene for vale).

The resulting county was called simply Cambridgeshire.

It was also called simply "U-bird" or "Bent Wing Bird".

so called because   (いわゆる)

Mont-Royal), so called because it leads to the foot of Mount Royal.

It is so called because the dancers wear face masks which look like .

The Cathedral Quarter is so called because St Anne's Cathedral lies at its heart.

track called   (呼ばれるトラック)

The vinyl release had a bonus track called "Dark & Ugly".

It included as B-side another album track called "Pour vous".

The First Press edition includes an extra track called "Mint".

service called

Between 1982 and 1985 Amtrak operated a service called "Silver Palm" between Miami and Tampa.

Microsoft's Zune works only with its own content service called Zune Marketplace, not PlaysForSure.

Columbus maintains a widespread municipal bus service called the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA).

technique called   (呼ばれる技術)

A technique called "Montgomery's ladder" addresses this concern.

The third BIOS virus was a technique called "Persistent BIOS infection."

For Eastern brown snakes and death adders, a technique called “pipetting” is used.

character called

It was a story about a character called "Master George".

We even have a character called Dead Girl."

The mascot of the convention is a female anime character called ""Ayna"".

people called

The historic Chumash people called them "anchum".

"It wasn't the first time people called me crazy.

Local people called it Ca Po - Hua Mak cave.

collectively called

These vulnerabilities are collectively called "BlueBorne."

This led to various initiatives, collectively called Homes for Heroes.

Many people enjoy watching miniseries collectively called Taiwanese drama.

locally called   (ローカルに呼び出された)

These were locally called साखर, (Sākhara).

She was locally called Mother of Zambia.

Dhani Nallah is named after a mangrove associate locally called as Dhanipatti.

called the game

Stanford's coach called the game "a measuring stick".

It also generally called the game "quite nice".

Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman and Rob Stone called the game.

called the

She has been called the “Grande Dame of Abstract Art.”

The preparation of the mummies began in a workshop called the “Wabt”.

It has been called the “Everest of Rivers” because of the extreme conditions.

popularly called

The form makes it popularly called the "iron".

Ltd. popularly called as Yum Yum Noodles.

The eve of this day is popularly called "Demera" in Amharic – meaning "Bonfire".

play called   (呼ばれる遊び)

He and his unit wrote a play called "Is This the Army?

This was followed, in 2000, by a part in the Hindi play called 'Dr.

As a child, she wrote a play called "Toyland" which she performed at a dinner party.

again called

Police were again called to break up the protest.

In the 1993–94 season, he was again called up to the New South Wales squad.

On November 7, 2008 Ali Daei again called up Mohammadi to the national team.

station called   (と呼ばれる駅)

Mesquite ISD operates an FM radio station called KEOM 88.5.

In May 2013, a community radio station called Pulse was launched.

A station called Huanggang Checkpoint opened at Huanggang Port in 2016.

what they called

The Palestinians refused to conduct what they called arbitrary arrests.

Despite that, however, they endorsed Ryan in what they called "a tough choice.

The Romans were strong believers in what they called their "civilizing mission".

generally called

In society he is generally called Buyangiin Jagaa.

It also generally called the game "quite nice".

Ra is generally called "nu metal with an exotic twist".

documentary called

She is also featured in a 2011 documentary called "Dressed".

A documentary called "Forgiving Cain" was made in his parents' honor.

His greatest successful role was on a documentary called "The Golden Hour".

restaurant called   (と呼ばれるレストラン)

There is a hotel, bar and restaurant called the Harvard.

At ground level, there is a restaurant called Chef's Station.

It currently houses a Mexican food restaurant called Cafe Sabor.

party called

Joke party called To Live Brno was also successful.

The party called for the abolition of the communal electoral system.

He started his own political party called Makkal Needhi Maiam in 2018.

campaign called   (と呼ばれるキャンペーン)

It included 7 new cars and added a new 10-mission campaign called Isha’s Taxis.

An RTS game was released based on America's western campaign called "Company of Heroes".

Pavan launched a global campaign called “Corporation 2020” at the Rio+20 conference in 2012.

time called

The village of Dunscore was at this time called Cottack.

Plans at the time called for phased construction taking about a decade.

Paul sometimes uses a style of writing common in his time called a "diatribe".

feature called   (と呼ばれる機能)

Windows 10 now offers a similar feature called 'Task View'.

Danish is characterized by a prosodic feature called "stød" (lit.

In April 2017 Resistbot added a feature called "Letters to the Editor".

woman called

A woman called Vira revives from suspended animation.

A woman called Bunni Begum had her breasts chopped off.

His wife or sister was a woman called Meryt.

called following

The by-election was called following the death of Cllr.

device called   (呼び出されたデバイス)

The key to access one world is a magical device called an Octych.

It used a device called the RamCard to increase its capabilities.

They are created from pure Dalek DNA contained in a device called a "Progenitor".

movie called

In 1985, a movie called "" was released.

And it’ll be a movie called CLERKS III!"

The story is about In-Grid who watches a movie called In-Tango.

today called

The capital was at Fort Jameson, today called Chipata.

The area in Fatih around the Mosque is today called Sultanahmet.

It is today called "Plasticart".

sometimes also called   (時々呼ばれる)

The class is sometimes also called the I class.

The whammy bar is sometimes also called a "tremolo bar".

They were sometimes also called Bulányists.

website called

On 15 May, the Ma'an network launched an eCommerce website called Maan Souq.

In 2013 CAMRA launched public access to a national pub database website called

On a website called "" four tracks as well as the album title were confirmed.

movement called

In 1948, a movement called "New Horizons" ("Ofakim Hadashim") was founded.

In 2003 there was a European political movement called Europe–Democracy–Esperanto created.

In 1966, he joined the underground movement called Mizo National Front (MNF) as Foreign Secretary.

label called

A new label called RooArt records noticed the band in 1987.

In 2010, Gomi started his own record label called Gomination.

Prince in 2008, Harrison created an independent label called Planet 9.

channel called

They will move to a new channel called SportsNet LA in 2014.

It originated from a channel called tm3.

She hosts her own YouTube channel called "Mallika's cookery".

plans called

The plans called for the project to take 10 years.

The plans called for Venetian blinds in all rooms.

The plans called for a boat that displaced surfaced and submerged.