calling themselves   (自分自身を呼び出す)

The team also ran ad campaigns calling themselves "the Dips."

Shortly after the merger, a team calling themselves Ayr Thistle F.C.

Along with Pohl, the four started calling themselves the "Quadrumvirate".

calling itself   (自分自身を呼び出す)

At this time K-102 was calling itself "South Florida Hottest Rock".

A group calling itself the Sankiliyan Force claimed responsibility.

There was an online organization calling itself Americans for George.

began calling   (呼び始めた)

Later, Gray began calling it "Salvia microphylla" var.

The press began calling Harding "Katharine Hepburn's other half".

He began calling himself "Nico Castel" early in his singing career.

calling upon

Kurus fly away, calling upon the Suta's son to rescue them.

By her example, poor Ella appealed to society, calling upon the people to live in Christian faith.

The duchess, whose hauteur was very pronounced, had considerable scruples about calling upon the wife of Talleyrand.

resolution calling

At the 1953 Supreme Convention, the delegates adopted a resolution calling for a united Ireland.

Lewis Edwin Harvie of Amelia County offered a substitute resolution calling for immediate secession.

After the invasion, members of the League passed a resolution calling for Japan to withdraw or face severe penalties.

calling the film   (映画を呼ぶ)

Rohit Ramachandran of rated it 1/5 calling the film "sickening."

Ahmed Adhushan of "Mihaaru" concluded his review calling the film "a step backward" in the progress of cinema.

"TV Guide" gave the film a negative review, awarding it a score of 1 out of 4, and calling the film "laughable".

group calling

A group calling itself the Sankiliyan Force claimed responsibility.

In 1949, Bulányi wrote a pamphlet (Old Scripture) on behalf of a group calling itself (Bush-Eco).

The Mediterranean island of Corsica has a significant and growing group calling for independence from France.

started calling

Wags at the time started calling him "Arthur Adding-one".

Along with Pohl, the four started calling themselves the "Quadrumvirate".

Miller started calling out Joseph Parker, saying he would fight him anywhere.

calling the album

calling the album "Top shelf".

"The Morton Report" was generally positive, calling the album "dreamy".

"Q" gave a more mixed review, calling the album "a mess, but [...] never less than an absorbing one."

calling card

The calling card of the play is its authenticity.

This concerto was to become his "calling card".

The song is also a calling card of the San Francisco radio station 107.7 The Bone.

petition calling

Amnesty International also organized an online petition calling for an inquiry.

In 2016, Kurek circulated a petition calling for exhumation of the victims of the Jedwabne pogrom.

By 26 January, 5,600 people had signed an online petition calling on the Council to reconsider their decision.

statement calling

On August 10, 2018, 11 former Miss Americas released a statement calling for both Carlson and Hopper to resign.

She has been a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin and his policies, and she signed a statement calling for the government to free Pussy Riot.

Kennedy immediately responded to Khrushchev's letter, issuing a statement calling it "an important and constructive contribution to peace".

before calling

It gets the job done quickly and effectively before calling it a day.

In the presence of SCOOP and given the separateness of codice_1, making the check on codice_7 before calling codice_6 would not be reliable.

Ward made over 20 appearances and was eventually promoted to the conference before calling time on his career at the age of 28 after medial advice.

now calling

They sold around 150 cars in 1932, now calling the model the Datsun Type 11.

The character returns in the fourth season, "Avengers: Secret Wars", now calling herself the Crimson Widow.

Orana, now calling herself the "New Wonder Woman", departs for New York City with dreams of becoming an even greater heroine than Diana.

calling attention   (注意を喚起する)

Each year, they issue a joint declaration calling attention to worldwide free expression concerns.

"He traversed the corridors of power for many years without calling attention to himself and his achievements."

", calling attention to "how they recycle ... key images (the MIR Space Station, the astronauts on the Moon, etc.)

group calling itself

A group calling itself the Sankiliyan Force claimed responsibility.

In 1949, Bulányi wrote a pamphlet (Old Scripture) on behalf of a group calling itself (Bush-Eco).

Following the attacks, a group calling itself the "Liberation Army for Holy Sites" took credit for the bombings.

calling the game

Hunt insisted on calling the game the "Super Bowl" after seeing his children playing with a popular toy at the time, a Super Ball.

He concluded his preview by calling the game "a solid, enjoyable JRPG experience that has promise to be enjoyable for years to come".

Copeland has looked back positively on his work on "Spyro", calling the game's music some of the best compositional work that he has done across the span of his career.

calling into question   (質問する)

Yet, Nero did not marry Poppaea until 62, calling into question this motive.

"Freedom" reviewer Tom Jennings dissented, calling into question the theoretical coherence of the book.

investigative reports have started calling into question whether the modern-day slot-machine is addictive.