Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

phone calls   (llamadas telefónicas)

Stehlin subsequently received threatening phone calls.

The misdialed phone calls had a profound effect on Katz.

The letters were followed by phone calls.

what he calls

In 1974, Epstein experienced what he calls an "epiphany".

It's what he calls grinding meat."

He opposes the use of what he calls "secret ingredients" to craft cocktails.

telephone calls   (llamadas telefónicas)

These areas provided the basis for tariff calculations for telephone calls.

In addition to live guests, Steve Allison took telephone calls from listeners.

These were the first publicly-witnessed long distance telephone calls in the UK.

calls the police

The woman calls the police, who search the house.

She immediately calls the police, who charge him.

Finally convinced their danger, Luc calls the police.

then calls

The Defense Attorney then calls all of their witnesses.

Papa Nichols then calls Walter a "German."

Mitchell then calls Ben to the stand.

calls upon

He calls upon us to realize that "we are what we think".

Ursula calls upon Chernabog (from "Fantasia"), who summons deceased spirits.

Sammy calls upon Kadi for help and Mrs. Pollifax decides to accompany her to Africa.

calls itself

The Qur'an calls itself , "Arabic", and , "clear".

WAJD calls itself "99 Jamz" using the frequency of the FM translator.

Wisconsin calls itself “America’s Dairyland,” with more dairy farms than any other state.

led to calls

His comments sparked fury, and led to calls for him to resign.

This has led to calls to abandon the astronomical unit as a unit of measurement.

This has led to calls to reform the Senate; however, such a move would entail constitutional changes.

emergency calls   (llamadas de emergencia)

In 2017, VF&RS responded to 67,000 emergency calls.

Dana's frantic emergency calls summon Trevor.

All medical emergency calls were received through the PRPD's telephone line.

calls off

With Lalitha's consent, Suryam calls off his wedding.

She then jumps off the boat and calls off the engagement.

Nadena calls off her engagement to Fedor.

what it calls

It also advocates what it calls a more balanced US policy towards the Middle East.

ParknShop sells products under generic brands, both what it calls "private label" and "Best Buy" branding.

At least one device maker has threatened legal action against what it calls "unfounded and unproven allegations."

system calls

They call the lower-level "fork" and "execve" system calls, respectively.

Kernel space can be accessed by user module only through the use of system calls.

It uses a code verifier to prevent use of unsafe instructions such as those that perform system calls.

what she calls

Isabel gives him a get well card, with a drawing of what she calls a “water kelpie” on it.

Cat confronts members of what she calls the "redneck posse", led by cocky, wealthy, homophobic Tommy Lawson.

Creating what she calls wearable art, da Silva collaborated with artist Ayoola Gbolahan for her 2017 collection.

calls made

Difficulty is measured in number recursive calls made by a DPLL algorithm.

It can detect ultrasound, which enables it to detect ultrasonic calls made by rodent prey.

There are many local variants of the calls made by the stickman for rolls during a craps game.

whom he calls

Whereas Nav Bajwa has invented a machine whom he calls Raduaa.

After an episode in which he "borrows" a janitor whom he calls "Dr.

He hires a local actor to play the part of his grandfather, whom he calls Doo-Dah.

plan calls

The plan calls for two main routes.

The plan calls for raising the priority given to NCDs in international development work'.

The Culgaith Parish plan calls for the re-opening of Culgaith station with an adequate provision for parking.

calls for help

She calls for help and Iago, Montano and Gratiano appear.

It is the doctor's house which Viktor calls for help regarding his girls.

It is the patrol deputy who most often is the first on the scene when one calls for help.

alarm calls

Marmoset alarm calls tend to be short and high-pitched.

Approximately 1% of police alarm calls actually involve a crime.

Primates have also been observed responding to alarm calls of other species.

port calls   (puerto de llamadas)

The ship also made port calls to various Baltic ports, including cities in Estonia and Sweden.

The 1952 voyage included a NATO amphibious landing on the coast of Denmark (Operation "Mainbrace") and port calls in Scotland in England.

That first wartime series of port calls in the South Pacific established a pattern of operations for her that endured through the next 20 months.

voice calls

However, voice calls cannot be made on the Galaxy Camera.

All versions include a phone that includes support for Short Message Service (SMS) and voice calls.

Digital technologies such as GSM and CDMA2000 support multiple voice calls on the same channel and offer enhanced features such as two-way text messaging and data services.