Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

came up   (surgió)

The record company came up with the idea, I think.

The 100th store came up at Kamala Mills in Mumbai.

Instead Bergman came up with "The In-Laws" (1979).

came back   (Volvió)

When she was two, her family came back to England.

The series and Agassi came back to action in 2014.

The lights came back on after the match concluded.

first came   (llegar primero)

Boncelles first came under attack on 6 August 1914.

In 1994 charter schools first came into Detroit.

Hanjour first came to the United States in 1990.

came into effect   (entró en vigor)

This legislation came into effect in January 1958.

The changes came into effect on 16 November 2018.

The renaming came into effect on 1 January 2011.

came against   (vino en contra)

His run-on debut came against the Chiefs in 2007.

This score came against Cambridge University in 1855.

Tazawa's second start came against the Texas Rangers.

came together

The production ultimately never came together.

They came together when Koko awakened them.

The following year, the two schools came together as one.

came through   (llegó a través de)

Tomić came through Široki Brijeg's youth academy.

Touray came through the Newport County academy.

Thaly's intense patriotism came through in his books.

came when   (llegó cuando)

However, heartbreak came when Linda miscarried.

The problem came when the course was measured.

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

came to power

In 846 CE, King Pyinbya (r. 846–886) came to power.

His eldest son, Govinda II came to power after him.

They came to power only once, between 1906 and 1910.

came down   (bajó)

Hudson said it came down to Lambert and Mortensen.

Votes came down to Erik's to reveal the tie breaker.

The vote finally came down to two 'yes' and two 'no.'

came into force   (vino a la fuerza)

It came into force in those nations ratifying it.

The Convention came into force in December 1969.

30, item 151), that came into force on that day.

came across   (encontré)

There she came across the idea of humanitarian aid.

came across the drifting wreck and finished her off.

Technopolis felt the game came across as amateurish.

came into existence   (llego a existir)

Vallikunnu Panchayath came into existence in 1962.

That day Sigma Phi Epsilon came into existence.

The park came into existence in December 1923.

when he came   (cuando el vino)

He also was a bass player when he came to New York.

But when he came to sell his labor, he sold himself.

He enlisted in the Marines reserves when he came of age.

came to prominence   (llegó a la fama)

The fort came to prominence during the Chandela rule.

Jazz came to prominence in Cleveland during this period.

He came to prominence, however, on Supertramp's 1983 ...

came close

The suburbs of the city came close to Choti Tekri.

One day a Scythian and an Amazon came close.

None of the candidates came close to winning a seat. ""

came second

He had four more wins and came second nine times.

He also came second in the National Championship.

Tom came second at the Greenwich Trials in 1881.

when it came   (cuando llegó)

And when it came down to it I realised the band was the most important."

Coolidge was frugal, and when it came to securing a home, he insisted upon renting.

I guess the seeds were there for me to nourish when it came to the seismic charges."

never came

The case never came before the Elections Committee.

Fortunately, that eventuality never came to pass.

The announced package with the lyrics but never came.

came off

"He came off that turn like it was a stroll.

Cockley came off contract at the end of the 2013/14 season.

And then the wheels came off that fall.

debut came

His run-on debut came against the Chiefs in 2007.

His debut came in the Tyne–Wear derby in April 2003.

His debut came against Hungary in April 2000.

season came

The lone highlights of the season came on the road.

Pearce's lone full season came with Washington in .

His lone start of the season came against the Boise Burn.

then came

He then came back to Cairo, where he died in 1990.

The caution then came out and bunched the field up.

He then came to Mumbai to work and earn money.

later came

Most of the members later came to abandon Marxism.

This theory later came to be called "nominalism".

It later came to refer to someone who did odd jobs.

reorganisation which came   (reorganización que vino)

It was disbanded following the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015.

came third

Dienstbier came third according to one of polls.

Again she came third and again she lost her deposit.

Surrey came third in the competition that year.

came into contact   (entró en contacto)

Around 1900 she also came into contact with the nearby .

Through her husband she came into contact with Claude Lévi-Strauss.

There, Dollfuss came into contact with all branches of the industry.

eventually came

They eventually came face to face, shocking Avery.

This line, too, eventually came under Reading control.

However, he eventually came well short, recording 30 reps.

came during

Her next line period came during the second week in July.

Hughes' third term in the Council came during the 1883 session.

His first goal of the campaign came during a 2–1 defeat to Arsenal.

name came

The name came from combining systems with sisters.

The name came from the state nickname for New York.

Its name came from the Catalan "Port Escos" (hidden port).

came home   (vino a casa)

He came home for the first time just before Christmas 1992.

Wells came home and won the 2008 U.S.

Still, Brad ended his romance with Lauren when Traci came home.

came to fruition   (llegó a buen término)

Whether the scheme came to fruition is unknown.

This four-way proposal never came to fruition.

The tour (Jones's last) came to fruition entitled, "."

success came

The chief military success came over Scotland.

With success came opportunities for travel.

The biggest success came to Sarkar in 1998.

came to light   (salió a la luz)

The underground movement came to light in the fall of 1988.

Furthermore, in the Ogofau region a number of pits came to light.

Finally, some of Charles's own intrigues opportunely came to light.

came in second

In 2009, she came in second place in Ms. Olympia.

"Justified" by Justin Timberlake came in second place.

Luca Mazzanti, who came in second, inherited the victory.

came forward   (se adelantó)

They claimed that Corbett came forward only after Lt.

In 1840 Field came forward as an advocate of chancery reform.

However, no one ever came forward.

goal came

The sixth goal came from an own goal by Roshan Singh.

The goal came in the 79th minute of the match.

The goal came in the 69th minute with France trailing 1–0.

came within

The first wave came within 5 minutes of the earthquake.

On July 19, 2006, 177P came within 0.36 AU of the Earth.

Finn came within less than 300 votes of defeating Ballam.

team came   (el equipo vino)

The Russian team came in 3rd to claim the bronze.

Overall the team came fourth in the championship.

The team came under fire from three directions.

people came

The Minangkabau people came from Western Sumatra.

Some 1,200 people came to Canterbury for the occasion.

Many people came and went since Cartagena was a port city.

came under fire   (vino bajo fuego)

The team came under fire from three directions.

The Gqom singer came under fire for shaming Lady Zamar.

The church's policy toward Native Americans also came under fire during the 1970s.

career came

The pinnacle of his art career came in the 1790s.

The greatest success of his career came in 2004.

Clarke's television career came about by chance.

came into conflict   (entró en conflicto)

Most of the family, including Eleanor's children, came into conflict with Sibila.

In 1942, for the first time in his life, Sperati came into conflict with the law.

When groups came into conflict, the victor often appropriated the loser's property.

came into use   (entró en uso)

The term "Cottonopolis" came into use in about 1870.

The name also came into use by samurai as a title, .

The Rural Telephone system came into use around 1909.

came upon   (encontré)

It was here that Lady Mary first came upon variolation.

The prince came upon a woman on the seashore, next to a barrel.

The Germans came upon them once but were unable to get rid of them.

appearance came

Bal's first stage appearance came in "Gypsy Lady".

His first appearance came against Lamia on 28 September.

His final appearance came in 1923 against the same opposition.

finally came   (finalmente vino)

The website finally came into being in February 2005.

The vote finally came down to two 'yes' and two 'no.'

The chance finally came their way in late 1968.

came to know

He came to know that Haniya is his daughter.

Both writers came to know and work with the Wachowskis prior to "Sense8".

I worked on him a good deal in 1947 and 1948, when I first came to know you.

soon came

shortages of other goods soon came about.

Birch soon came up with a name for the formative band: The Records.

The Moros soon came to make peace and do homage to the king of Spain.

came before

The case never came before the Elections Committee.

The Act came before the House again in 2018.

It came before Yankee's mainstream debut, "Barrio Fino".

what came

These efforts typify what came to be known as neo-noir.

My father was very positive, always thinking of what came next.

Most films of this period were what came to be called "chase films".

came under attack   (fue atacado)

Boncelles first came under attack on 6 August 1914.

Liège first came under attack on 6 August 1914.

They were ambushed and the safe house came under attack.

station came   (llegó la estación)

This was also where Veitshöchheim station came to be built.

The station came under the control of the Southern Railway (SR) in the 1923 Grouping.

On July 15, 1996, the station came to air with a grupera format known as "La Picosa".

originally came

The Gayer family originally came from Liskeard.

His family originally came from Mash'had, Iran.

The statements originally came from the school regent.

came in third

He also came in third place at the 2003 competition.

He came in third place, gaining 15.3 percent of the vote.

She won 35 times, placed 18 times, and came in third 9 times.

came of age

The submarine truly came of age in World War I.

When John I came of age, he ruled jointly with Otto I.

Marketing ethics came of age only as late as the 1990s.

came first

In 2012, she came first in the Dili half marathon.

Boardman came first in the third race at Knochill.

Carmella came first with sixty-six percent of the vote.

family came   (familia vino)

When she was two, her family came back to England.

After that his family came to Krishnanagar, Nadia.

He and his family came to Oregon in the early 1920s.

win came

Their only win came against newcomers Myanmar.

Another win came on January 27 as they defeated Inter.

His lone win came in a Truck race at Phoenix.

came from another   (vino de otro)

I said I believed the information came from another source, whom I could not recall.

If they came from another center, they kept the letter and the number assigned as identification.

He was able to vaporize people with his heat vision and thought that he came from another planet.

club came

His last goal for the club came in a 3–0 victory against Stoke City.

His debut for the club came on 9 September versus Argentinos Juniors.

His début for the club came in a 2–0 defeat to RC Lens on 28 July 2001.

game came

Technopolis felt the game came across as amateurish.

The game came to be known as Obolensky's game.

The idea for the game came when the NAOMI board was unveiled.

breakthrough came   (avance vino)

Her next breakthrough came at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

Baker's breakthrough came as an opportunity to support Legend.

Her breakthrough came at the end of 2008 when she teamed up with van Iersel.

came to see

Ultimately, Barnabas came to see Julia as a useful ally.

People from all across the country came to see the buses.

When his father came to see him he was imprisoned as well.

came along

", until Battle Picture Weekly came along in 1976.

The names of the chapters came along later in the book.

Professional advances also came along for both Thomas'.

album came

The songs on the album came out Hencor'Pir"".

From this album came the single Shir Atzuv ["Sad Song"].

This album came after "TV Action Jazz!

came to nothing

The negotiation, however, came to nothing.

It all came to nothing, but the king granted him a pension.

This attempt came to nothing, however.

came fourth

She came fourth in the 2011 Miss Hong Kong contest.

Overall the team came fourth in the championship.

He came fourth on the show after lasting 21 days.

break came   (llegó el descanso)

His big break came in 1945, when his "R.M.

Her first break came right after she auditioned for Solly Moholo.

His break came in 1954 when he was asked to shoot a story for Time–Life.

came to believe

Later, she said, her parents came to believe that L.D.

Rahman came to believe he may be infertile.

Encouraged by the nobles, he came to believe he was the true heir to the throne.

again came

She again came fifth, throwing a distance of 35.01.

Tyrone once again came out on top winning by four points.

Japanese import restrictions on oil once again came under debate.

only came   (solo vino)

Segregating students only came in 1996.

In these years, CBS only came on the air for basketball at 7:30 p.m.

Boyle only came into the team for the Ulster semi-final against Fermanagh.

time came

It was still goalless then, so extra time came.

However, when the time came, Paetus wavered in his resolution to do so.

Most would reenlist to become "Veteran" regiments when and if their time came.

when they came   (cuando vinieron)

But, ...when they came to look for the little brown woman, she had gone.

The ships' officers had been captured when they came ashore near Bucks Harbor.

These traditions were brought from many different countries when they came to the Caribbean.

nothing came

The book caused a minor stir, but nothing came of it.

But nothing came out of this either.

However, nothing came of the offer.

came away

Kerala came away as the 1–0 winners to win the group.

Germany prevailed 45–27 and came away with a bronze medal.

He came away with a victory based on points after six rounds.

came in contact

Shri Subba Rao came in contact with his mentor Dr. N.S.

English and European ingredients constantly came in contact.

There he came in contact with Jawaharlal Nehru and became his protégé.

came to dominate   (llegó a dominar)

Women came to dominate all aspects of society on the island.

The Cyrillic script came to dominate Glagolitic in the 12th century.

One of these dialects, Late West Saxon, eventually came to dominate.

victory came

Jasta 69's first aerial victory came on 23 March 1918.

Its first aerial victory came on 2 May 1918.

Its first aerial victory came 14 March 1918.

all came

It all came to nothing, but the king granted him a pension.

These features all came into wider use among other Czech games.

These airlines all came to participate in the Qualiflyer program.

came under heavy

The hospital itself came under heavy fire on many occasions.

A few hundred meters from Tel Faher he came under heavy fire.

They were discovered by Spanish scouts and came under heavy fire.

came here   (vino aquí)

"GTE came here because they were bombed in New York.

"Athletes came here just for [team] pursuit.

Before I came here they spoke differently.

title came   (el título vino)

The first title came in 1995, with the Russian Cup.

In essence, that's where the album title came from.

Their biggest title came when they won the 2009 Japan Open.

came later

This came later, especially after the Second World War.

Telecasts of the Oscar ceremony came later.

The Mouïoy prominence came later especially in Cayor and Baol.

came on board   (subió a bordo)

Sonia Aggarwal came on board for a supporting role.

Smith formally came on board Arkane in 2008.

They came on board and spent the day.

came to live

Later that year, he made aliyah and came to live in Jerusalem.

Chika was a hunter from Zambia who came to live among Basubia.

Mariana, however, came to live with her father two years later.

song came

So the words to this song came from that realization.

... Snatches of song came from here and there in the multitude."

Each song came together in one day as a surprise to the audience.

role came   (el papel vino)

His first major role came in the 2007 film "Rocket Science".

When the offer of this film's protagonist role came to him he accepted.

His last cinematic starring role came in 1963's "The Man from the Diners' Club".

came just   (vino solo)

His death came just five days before Lucille Ball received the Kennedy Center Honors.

The first came just before halftime as Dennis Franklin fumbled on fourth down at the two.

The tipping point came just after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in late June 1941.

came to public   (llegó a público)

Golds first came to public prominence in the drawn Grand Final in 2010.

Avalon first came to public attention as a model, then he moved into acting.

He came to public attention in 2017 with the release of his novel "The Beast".

settlers came

At the same time French settlers came to the French Bay.

Spanish settlers came to Argentina in 1536.

The main body of settlers came in one large group in 1636.

came to visit   (vine a visitar)

The Robinson sisters came to visit Anne in December 1848.

His brother came to visit him in Paris.

On one occasion, when he fell sick at work, his wife came to visit him.

match came

His first match came versus San Martín on 27 August.

His first match came on 27 August against River Plate.

Gate receipts for the match came to a total of £4,300.

came from behind   (vino de atrás)

in the last scene, Lola came from behind and kissed Alejandro.

In both games, Liga came from behind to get favorable results.

Northwest Missouri State came from behind to defeat Pittsburg State 38-35.

change came

Along with the format change came a new callsign: WJZ-FM.

The format change came on March 16, 1992.

The next change came in November 2007.

came around   (dio la vuelta)

They came around 1577, as they were expelled from Spain.

The offense came around in the late 1930s.

When the day of shooting came around everything worked out well.

area came

This area came under Sandhawalia Jat ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1814.

Several theories exist as to how the area came to be known as Bóthar Buí.

The name of the area came from the combination of "Koppers" and "butadiene".

came ashore   (llegó a tierra)

The female convicts came ashore on 6 February 1788.

The ships' officers had been captured when they came ashore near Bucks Harbor.

Sailors came ashore and killed a farmer's ox for food, apologizing for the theft.

idea came

Another idea came from a poster at a Zoo Records office.

It has been given up, but the idea came up again in 2007.

The idea came out of necessity, however.

war came

The range war came to a boil in the winter of 1895-6.

He was able to play in only three times before the war came.

The end of the war came in August, and the Group moved to Morotai.