digital cameras   (デジタルカメラ)

The Optio line is a series of consumer digital cameras.

Sensors in modern digital cameras come in several sizes.

35mm and 645 lenses optimized for digital cameras are currently in production.

video cameras

WSTO uses state of the art professional video cameras for remote shoots.

The system is connected to 18,000 CCTV cameras video cameras around New York City.

The basis for digital video cameras are metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) image sensors.

security cameras

Police turned off the security cameras inside the home.

The act was recorded by security cameras.

Video of the tornado was captured by security cameras of The Greene Town Center.

surveillance cameras   (監視カメラ)

The school utilizes 65 surveillance cameras.

In January 2018, TRENDnet launched 4K UHD PoE surveillance cameras with covert IR LEDs.

The renovation installed surveillance cameras for law enforcement to reduce crime activity.

television cameras

Mayer had kept a low profile until the television cameras spotted him with the ball.

The satellite used television cameras to take pictures of clouds as it orbited the Earth.

Mladić posed for television cameras, before declaring that Srebrenica had been "returned forever to the Serbs."

film cameras   (フィルムカメラ)

However, high-speed film cameras were used for particular murder scenes.

Plaubel is especially known for their 6x7 Plaubel Makina roll film cameras.

Since the introduction of the original LOMO LC-A, Lomographische AG has produced a line of their own film cameras.

speed cameras

Mobile speed cameras were first used in New South Wales in 1991.

The government of Western Australia started using speed cameras in 1988.

In June 2018, Golden co-sponsored legislation to eliminate all speed cameras after six months.

hidden cameras

24 hours a day their life is recorded by hidden cameras in all the rooms in the House.

They come into the Church, as one lady did from the Boston TV station, with hidden cameras and microphones.

The majority of the film was shot undercover with hidden cameras and non-actors in real locations in Scotland.