campaign against   (反対キャンペーン)

The video was a part of a campaign against Dove.

Later, he launched a campaign against the demolition.

Sturge led a campaign against this delaying mechanism.

presidential campaign   (大統領選挙)

He also covered the 2000 presidential campaign.

In 1988 Russell worked on Joseph Biden’s presidential campaign.

The company ran Uhuru Kenyatta's presidential campaign in Kenya.

election campaign   (選挙運動)

Land reform was the centerpiece of Árbenz's election campaign.

During the 2004 election campaign, Scheer opposed same-sex marriage.

However, they had also gone into debt to fund their election campaign.

advertising campaign   (広告キャンペーン)

Challenge: Design an advertising campaign for 1 of 3 products.

advertising campaign in the 1960s.

The Academy responded with its first modern advertising campaign."

during the campaign   (キャンペーン中)

King Charles was in the area during the campaign.

Stark refused to debate Swalwell during the campaign.

He scored 12 goals in 39 appearances during the campaign.

campaign manager   (キャンペーンマネージャー)

In 2007, Bonaros served as Xenophon's campaign manager.

Over the following months, Quintus acts as his campaign manager.

Duffey's campaign manager called Kudlow a "brilliant organizer."

military campaign   (軍事作戦)

Purniah attended every military campaign Tipu Sultan led.

Alexander then embarks on a military campaign in Armenia.

Antigonus had returned from a successful unspecified military campaign.

successful campaign   (成功したキャンペーン)

The 2014 was a successful campaign under the circumstances.

In 1910 he managed McLean's successful campaign for the Senate.

The siege was part of Spinola's successful campaign of 1605-1606.

marketing campaign   (マーケティングキャンペーン)

A 1996 marketing campaign promoted the nickname "Hockeytown".

The marketing campaign was misleading.

This plate became the cornerstone of Lenox's marketing campaign.

ad campaign   (広告キャンペーン)

In 2011, Mello Yello relaunched its ad campaign.

The Clairol ad campaign, "Does she ... or doesn't she?"

has long been part of the ad campaign.

launched a campaign   (キャンペーンを開始しました)

Later, he launched a campaign against the demolition.

Abernathy launched a campaign for Georgia governor in 1958.

The civic organization Avaaz launched a campaign to release Rimsha.

campaign finance   (キャンペーンファイナンス)

DeLay was facing charges of money laundering and violation of campaign finance laws.

The budget included repealing the campaign finance reform bill passed a decade earlier.

He has also researched the political effects of campaign finance laws in the United States.

bombing campaign   (爆撃キャンペーン)

M19CO engaged in a bombing campaign in the 1980s.

The attacks were part of the start of a new bombing campaign in London.

Keating was active in London during the 1939/1940 IRA bombing campaign.

fundraising campaign   (募金キャンペーン)

Moreover, she helped launch its national fundraising campaign.

An awareness and fundraising campaign for car 60 began in June 2014.

He also led the deans in the design of a $1.6 billion fundraising campaign.

political campaign   (政治キャンペーン)

She is also a member of its political campaign committee.

This is more than a political campaign.

The Old Court House has been a favored political campaign stop.

first campaign   (最初のキャンペーン)

She has been re-elected every time since her first campaign.

Her first campaign was in 1964 for the position of deputy reeve.

He launched his first campaign to recapture Halych in 1205 or 1206.

qualifying campaign   (予選キャンペーン)

He was regular in the national team during Iraq’s 1994 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Essam was a regular during U.A.E'96, Lebanon 2000 and the Olympic qualifying campaign in 1996.

In 2007, he was a part of the Australian Olyroos for the 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifying campaign.

began a campaign   (キャンペーンを開始しました)

In 1359, he began a campaign to complete that undertaking.

Local people began a campaign for the children to be allowed home.

The WNBF began a campaign against President Yoweri Museveni in 1995.

league campaign   (リーグキャンペーン)

Westwood played only nineteen games in their league campaign though.

The club also had the second most away wins in a league campaign (10).

Chapman started the league campaign the next season with the five forwards from the cup final.

campaign began   (キャンペーン開始)

The campaign began in August 2008, ended in May 2009.

The official campaign began July 1, 2018.

campaign contributions   (キャンペーンの貢献)

It is funded from her leftover campaign contributions.

WellCare has since halted all Florida campaign contributions.

These include protests, campaign contributions and lobbying, and voting.

following campaign   (次のキャンペーン)

He added ten in 30 in the following campaign.

For the following campaign he joined top level newcomer C.D.

The deal was subsequently repeated for the following campaign.

campaign was launched   (キャンペーンが開始されました)

In 2005 The Arbroath Abbey campaign was launched.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on July 30, 2012.

media campaign   (メディアキャンペーン)

Wayne hired publicist Russell Birdwell to coordinate the media campaign.

Together with these practices she started a media campaign to raise awareness about the disease.

In 1973 and 1974, the Soviet media campaign continued, targeting both Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn.

campaign setting   (キャンペーン設定)

It features 96 pages of monsters unique to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Additional builds were added in "Primal Power" and the Dark Sun campaign setting.

The module includes campaign setting material on Blackmoor and the Thonian Empire.

crowdfunding campaign   (クラウドファンディングキャンペーン)

The crowdfunding campaign concluded unsuccessfully in January 2012.

A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign set a national record by raising more than .

Obsidian started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for it in September 2012.

campaign called   (と呼ばれるキャンペーン)

It included 7 new cars and added a new 10-mission campaign called Isha’s Taxis.

An RTS game was released based on America's western campaign called "Company of Heroes".

Pavan launched a global campaign called “Corporation 2020” at the Rio+20 conference in 2012.

new campaign   (新しいキャンペーン)

In late May 2017, LDH announced a new campaign titled E.G.

Andrew departed for a new campaign against Halych in summer 1213.

Her wooden decking was replaced with aluminium for the new campaign.

campaign during   (キャンペーン中)

Some participated in Burma campaign during Second World War.

Carse's South Georgia Survey did not make a campaign during the 1954–55 year.

Australians played a central role in the New Guinea campaign during 1942 and 1943.

campaign ended   (キャンペーン終了)

The campaign ended on 31 October with mass meetings.

The campaign ended his military career in the field.

The campaign ended in an Allied victory.

promotional campaign   (販促キャンペーン)

Hamasaki's summer single "Blue Bird" was used in a promotional campaign for Zespri Golden Kiwis.

It was unlike any promotional campaign that had been seen before, and was extremely comprehensive.

Because of its large promotional campaign, the film performed above expectations at the box office.

national campaign   (全国キャンペーン)

It plays a dual role of administration and a national campaign strategy.

Developed demographic strategy for the Australian Labor Party national campaign in 1983.

On May 18, 2011, Huntsman opened his 2012 national campaign headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

campaign led   (キャンペーン主導)

This campaign led to an investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

The campaign led to numerous other controversies, especially concerning the Prussians.

This was amidst a homophobic campaign led by socially conservative critics of Portillo.

campaign to raise   (上げるキャンペーン)

Together with these practices she started a media campaign to raise awareness about the disease.

Afterwards, Shaw established a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the families of the four victims.

Kurlow launched an online campaign to raise money for full-time classical ballet training, raising over $7000.

capital campaign   (資本キャンペーン)

The event benefited the capital campaign for construction of the C.S.

Donations are accepted by the "seedling" Foundation for the current capital campaign.

He has overseen all aspects of the project and has spearheaded a $155 million capital campaign.

throughout the campaign   (キャンペーン中)

Rounds was widely seen as the front runner throughout the campaign.

Past comments came back to haunt Goldwater throughout the campaign.

Different-sized allied forces thus appeared throughout the campaign.

unsuccessful campaign   (失敗したキャンペーン)

The NAACP spearheaded an unsuccessful campaign to ban the film.

In 2002, there was an unsuccessful campaign to re-open the station.

He also ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Indiana Senate in 1990.

qualification campaign   (資格キャンペーン)

Yemen would next look towards the qualification campaign of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Santa Cruz scored four goals during the qualification campaign for the 2006 World Cup.

The qualification campaign for the 2011 Asian Cup was acceptable for Yemeni' standards.

reelection campaign   (再選キャンペーン)

He ran Ed Lee’s mayoral reelection campaign.

Forsythe has contributed to Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign.

Chao's 1977 reelection campaign was noted for criticisms of Wang Yu-yun.

propaganda campaign   (宣伝キャンペーン)

The propaganda campaign introduced Indonesians throughout Java to the song.

Bartlett has characterized the White Helmets as being part of a Western propaganda campaign.

Crusade for Freedom The Crusade for Freedom was an American propaganda campaign operating from 1950–1960.

gubernatorial campaign   (知事キャンペーン)

Gilliam was also a top donor to Ken Cuccinelli's 2013 gubernatorial campaign.

During the same year, he volunteered for Tommy Thompson's gubernatorial campaign.

She was treasurer of former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim's gubernatorial campaign.

led a campaign   (キャンペーンを主導した)

Sturge led a campaign against this delaying mechanism.

He led a campaign supported by over 120 MPs.

On the contrary, economist Eugen Böhm von Bawerk led a campaign against Marxism.

electoral campaign   (選挙運動)

"Economic independence" was the key concept of the electoral campaign.

Cohen was a leading spokesperson for Proposition 2 in a heated electoral campaign.

In 1985 she participates in the "cantonal" electoral campaign, alongside Michel Destot.

awareness campaign   (啓もう活動)

The posters were part of an awareness campaign by the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), which Laurie joined.

THANS organises an annual purple ribbon awareness campaign in memory of the École Polytechnique massacre.

Entrepreneurship Week India is India’s largest awareness campaign to build public support for entrepreneurship.

smear campaign   (塗抹キャンペーン)

Grassby and his supporters accused these groups of mounting a racist smear campaign against him.

She restated her innocence of any wrongdoing, and claimed that she was the victim of a sexist online smear campaign.

Carles had previously denied the affair despite persistent rumours, claiming to be a victim of a Labor smear campaign.

during his campaign   (彼のキャンペーン中に)

The town also saw the passage of the troops of Napoleone Bonaparte during his campaign in Italy.

McClellan claimed that the loss of these forces prevented him from taking Richmond during his campaign.

In 1976, Broms served as an adviser to Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Democrat) during his campaign for U.S. Senate.

started a campaign   (キャンペーンを開始しました)

Opposition started a campaign of non-violent resistance called UBK ("Ukraine without Kuchma!

In February 2013 the BBS started a campaign against the halal certifying system in the country.

In 2013 the Jack Webb Fan Club of Los Angeles started a campaign to get the series released on DVD.

general election campaign   (総選挙運動)

He went on to play a major role in the general election campaign, serving in the famous War Room.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the repeal of old laws during his 2014 general election campaign.

primary campaign   (主なキャンペーン)

His primary campaign featured a "Tea Party-tinged" message.

She was also a prominent supporter of Senator Clinton's primary campaign.

Netanyahu's attorney and his primary campaign have contested the disqualification.

campaign trail   (キャンペーントレイル)

During the campaign trail, Ardern expressed her support for decriminalising abortion by removing it from the 1961 Crimes Act.

The chronic condition proved incapacitating, forcing Hanford off the campaign trail and limiting his contributions to the written word.

Pence's recent graduation gave her time to travel the country and she joked that her role on the campaign trail was to "babysit her parents".

public campaign   (公開キャンペーン)

When his aims were rejected by the Legislative Council, he embarked on a public campaign of "coercion".

There is a public campaign calling to protect pangolins which are considered threatened treasure in Brunei.

In 2002, Republicans in the General Assembly called for an end to public campaign finance, as an economy measure.

military campaign against   (に対する軍事作戦)

Joachim also participated in Andrew's military campaign against the Principality of Halych in 1211.

The chronicles say that Kievan Rus organized military campaign against Sosols in 1060 and taxed them.

According to the First Sophia Chronicle, Ostromir died in 1056 during his military campaign against the Chudes.

campaign started   (キャンペーン開始)

A Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights campaign started in 2003.

When the campaign started, 3–69 AR led the rest of 3ID on the drive to Baghdad.

The campaign started in Ballyclough, with the side beating Charleville 3-15 to 4-09.

campaign group   (キャンペーングループ)

An NGO campaign group is "Keep Antibiotics Working".

In June 2007, the campaign group Greengauge 21 published a proposal for High Speed Two.

According to one campaign group, a CRT computer monitor or TV contains an average of of lead.

campaign funds   (キャンペーン資金)

He had over $7 million in campaign funds.

Taylor was convicted of wire fraud for using campaign funds for personal expenses.

An average of 25 percent of presidential campaign funds in 2012 were made in "small individual contributions."

publicity campaign   (広報キャンペーン)

She called the suit a "publicity campaign" and a "desperate grab for fame".

After her retirement in 2007, she chaired Turkey's publicity campaign for the Expo 2015.

The film's backers understood that the film needed a massive publicity campaign if they were to cover the immense cost of producing it.

second campaign   (第二キャンペーン)

In May 2019 she launched a second campaign for the office.

In October Arnulf undertook his second campaign into Italy.

In AD 15, Vitellius accompanied Germanicus on his second campaign in Germania.

major campaign   (主なキャンペーン)

In 1355, Edward III laid out plans for a second major campaign.

Transport was a major campaign issue of Bidois' during the 2018 by-election.

They later became the new faces of a major campaign for Impulse women's deodorant.

campaign saw   (キャンペーンソー)

A disappointing Premier League campaign saw the club finish in sixth place.

The 1909–10 campaign saw him score 27 goals, making him the club's top goalscorer for the season.

season Huddersfield Town's 1921-22 campaign saw Town win their first trophy in their 14-year history.

campaign included   (キャンペーンが含まれています)

The campaign included a televised debate.

The murder campaign included all political and racial undesirables.

This campaign included the fabrication and distortion of SWAPO actions.

campaign launched   (キャンペーン開始)

Development was started in 2013 and a crowdfunding campaign launched in late 2016.

A campaign launched from it in 1259 conquered the remaining part of the island including Lilleborg.

The song was also used as the soundtrack for an international marketing campaign launched by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch.

campaign slogan   (キャンペーンスローガン)

A popular campaign slogan was "Moat Vonarchist".

Her campaign slogan was "Less Government, More Prosperity".

His campaign slogan read, "Vote for me, I've done jihad, and I'm rich."

finished the campaign   (キャンペーンを終了しました)

He finished the campaign with 32 appearances and 4 goals to his credit.

He finished the campaign with 30 total appearances scoring only one goal.

He finished the campaign with a 5–16 record due to a pair of nagging injuries.

international campaign   (国際キャンペーン)

One Billion Rising is an international campaign to end violence against women.

Plans to import toxic waste from Europe were cancelled after an international campaign to halt the trade.

The eight started their 2018 international campaign with a fifth placing at the World Rowing Cup II in Linz, Austria.

campaign to save   (保存するキャンペーン)

The council still declined and a massive campaign to save the theatre arose.

Despite the efforts of a local campaign to save the cinema, it closed to the public on 20 August 1995.

A Facebook campaign to save The Hobbit was launched, and by 16 March 2012 had gained over 50,000 followers.

campaign team   (キャンペーンチーム)

He established a campaign team led by Howe and Farley and a "brain trust" of policy advisers.

Compared to the Prabowo-Hatta campaign team, the volunteers and staffs were described as "more sporadic".

He was included on Sassou Nguesso's campaign team for the March 2016 presidential election as head of electoral operations.

bombing campaign against   (に対する爆撃キャンペーン)

The United States began a strategic bombing campaign against Axis forces in Europe in mid-1942.

In 1973, the ISOC commenced a bombing campaign against hill tribe villages in northern Thailand.

The 23rd Air Flotilla had in the meantime resumed its daylight bombing campaign against Port Darwin.

campaign aimed   (目的のキャンペーン)

For example, the trade union campaign aimed for 100% literacy for its workers by 1923.

The campaign aimed to register black voters in a place where the voting rights for blacks were nearly non-existent.

The relaunch campaign aimed to evoke nostalgia for the door to door soft drink delivery by local brands in the 1960s to early 80's.

campaign to promote   (促進するキャンペーン)

In 2011, she fronted their advertising campaign to promote a new charity project.

Sony Pictures launched a "Humans Only" marketing campaign to promote "District 9".

Two major victories in the 1930s cemented the ACLUs campaign to promote free speech.

s campaign   (のキャンペーン)

Houston’s campaign trunk is displayed in the house.

This was the final battle in Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s campaign to reunify Japan.

One of Nixon’s campaign aides was unsure if he should speak up and give his input.

campaign website   (キャンペーンウェブサイト)

- John McCain's campaign website, 2008.

Lewes councillor, Donna Edmonds (Con) set up Delingpole's wind-farm campaign website.

The Green Corridor web site is a campaign website dedicated to preserving its natural form.

air campaign   (空爆作戦)

After the four-week air campaign, coalition forces launched the ground offensive.

From April–June 1999, the 22 ARS supported Operation Allied Force, the NATO air campaign against Serbia.

The German air campaign against Sevastopol in June 1942 surpassed by far the German bombings of Warsaw, Rotterdam or London.

strategic bombing campaign   (戦略爆撃キャンペーン)

The United States began a strategic bombing campaign against Axis forces in Europe in mid-1942.

Losses of territory and a dramatic expansion of the Allied strategic bombing campaign caused the collapse of the German economy from late 1944.

The B-17 was primarily employed by the USAAF in the daylight strategic bombing campaign of World War II against German industrial and military targets.

previous campaign   (前のキャンペーン)

Derby finished two points and four places better off than the previous campaign.

The two opposing campaigns spent a combined $32,000, more than in any previous campaign.

As in his previous campaign, Williams avoided using his radio show to discuss campaign issues.

campaign focused   (キャンペーン重視)

His campaign focused on economic issues.

The campaign focused on "middle-class youth smoking marijuana".

The presidential campaign focused on an alleged insecurity problem.

campaign raised   (提起されたキャンペーン)

The campaign raised the then astronomical sum of $21 Billion.

A crowd funding campaign raised $45,000 to start up the enterprise.

The campaign raised more than $1.4 billion from about 16,000 donors.

social media campaign   (ソーシャルメディアキャンペーン)

The Shkëndija supporters, the Ballistët, began a social media campaign requesting Ecolog to take over Shkëndija.

He described the power of the social media campaign that caused sponsors to act as "both inspiring and horrifying" and said Jones has got "a dose of his own medicine".

On February 10, 2014, despite a social media campaign particularly on Twitter using the hashtag "#savePUSH", Push the Talking Trash Can was retired at Walt Disney World.

final campaign   (最終キャンペーン)

He spoke throughout the state in his final campaign tour.

This action prompted the third and final campaign in 1434, in which Qara Iskander was once more forced to flee.

After sitting out the 1962 season, they returned for a final campaign as members of the South Atlantic League (SAL) in 1963.

s campaign   (のキャンペーン)

Houston’s campaign trunk is displayed in the house.

This was the final battle in Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s campaign to reunify Japan.

One of Nixon’s campaign aides was unsure if he should speak up and give his input.

long campaign   (長いキャンペーン)

This follows a long campaign by parents.

A long campaign of defacing road signs led to the first bilingual road signs in the 1980s.

After a long campaign, a blue plaque in his honour was put up at his Leicester home in 2007.

campaign when   (キャンペーン時)

The ship fired the first shots of the campaign when she encountered and crippled a Norwegian patrol boat.

In early 2019, it was announced that Iturraspe would leave Athletic at the end of the campaign when his contract ended.

He scored at least once every season, except the 1986–87 campaign when he was injured mostly and played just five matches.

mayoral campaign   (市長キャンペーン)

In 1989 he volunteered on Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral campaign.

He resigned this post in order to work for George B. McClellan Jr.'s mayoral campaign.

His mayoral campaign included a patriotic theme at a time when Canada was involved with World War II.

campaign finance reform   (キャンペーンファイナンス改革)

The budget included repealing the campaign finance reform bill passed a decade earlier.

Much of the impetus behind campaign finance reform in the United States and in other countries is an attempt to prevent economic power being used to take political power.

During his two terms in the Senate (1970 - 1978), Gregorio authored laws dealing with legislation and campaign finance reform, alcohol and drug abuse, the arts, environment, education and health.

campaign mode   (キャンペーンモード)

There are two modes: arcade mode and campaign mode.

This variant contains power-ups and a campaign mode.

Fans of the series expressed disappointment at the game's lack of a campaign mode.

leadership campaign   (リーダーシップキャンペーン)

In total, he had donated more than £700,000 to the party by February 2020, including £10,000 for Boris Johnson's leadership campaign in 2019.

In his 1999 leadership campaign, Griffin embarked on a strategy to make the party electable, by taking it away from Tyndall's extremist image.

After a fortnight-long leadership campaign and election, David Shearer, with deputy Grant Robertson, won Labour caucus support over the ticket of David Cunliffe and Nanaia Mahuta.

campaign staff   (キャンペーンスタッフ)

The Parks Department volunteer to become her campaign staff, with Ben as Leslie's campaign manager.

In 1993, Moran designed EMILY's List's campaign staff training program and served as its first director.

Sharon became chairman of the campaign staff for that year's elections, which were scheduled for November.

another campaign   (別のキャンペーン)

In 1296, Wizlaw's son Sambor launched another campaign.

Two months later, he was loaned to Rayo Vallecano for another campaign.

Thirteen years later hostilities were renewed and another campaign was directed against Simway.

own campaign   (自分のキャンペーン)

In 2014, Land gave $3 million to her own campaign.

Graves donated more than $500,000 to his own campaign.

In spring 810, Liu Ji thus launched his own campaign against Chengde, capturing a number of towns.

campaign rally   (キャンペーン集会)

On April 23, 1993, Lalith Athulathmudali was shot dead during an election campaign rally.

Participants were shot at and attacked at the Republican campaign rally in Camilla, including by the sheriff.

Maradona participated and danced at the electoral campaign rally during the 2018 presidential elections in Venezuela.

campaign promise   (キャンペーンの約束)

King Tom II carried out his first campaign promise as soon as he was elected.

Others noted his 2012 campaign promise that he would serve as governor for a full five-year term.

On January 1, 1995, Allen's central campaign promise became a reality when TIS and abolition of parole went into effect.

campaign featuring   (キャンペーン特集)

An example of this success is seen in the Secret Garden campaign featuring Rihanna.

It launched its first direct mail campaign for new donations and ran a PSA campaign featuring comedian Steve Allen.

It was unveiled with an advertising campaign featuring billboards and posters reproducing the album's art direction and design.

campaign came   (キャンペーンが来ました)

His first goal of the campaign came in a 7−1 away victory over C.D.

His first goal of the campaign came during a 2–1 defeat to Arsenal.

Howson's first goal of the 2014–15 campaign came in a 2–1 away loss at Nottingham Forest.

entire campaign   (キャンペーン全体)

This election was close throughout the entire campaign.

Estimates vary as to the casualties for the entire campaign.

The casualties for both sides during the entire campaign were 57,225.

campaign before   (前のキャンペーン)

Most other states did not have updated polling numbers to give an accurate placing for Kerry's campaign before Iowa.

Returning from that success in January 1915, she went to New York City and Newport, Rhode Island to campaign before heading west.

Lawn had a brief career in politics, working for a congressman and the 1968 Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign before entering journalism.

campaign received   (受け取ったキャンペーン)

Schiff's campaign received endorsements from Ron Paul and Steve Forbes.

Graves' campaign received bipartisan support across the political spectrum.

Robertson's campaign received donations from at least two American supporters.

campaign through   (キャンペーンスルー)

"Stonewall" Jackson's campaign through the Shenandoah Valley during the American Civil War.

led the campaign   (キャンペーンを主導した)

In the 1940s, Baldwin led the campaign to purge the ACLU of Communist Party members.

She led the campaign for Nicolas Perruchot (UDF), who became mayor of the city of Blois, during the municipal elections of 2001.

Farnham led the campaign to retain the office of Senator, supporting "Option C" in the Jersey electoral reform referendum held on 24 April 2013.

relations campaign   (関係キャンペーン)

The Soviets mounted a public relations campaign against the Western policy change.

The customer backlash surprised Cessna and resulted in a company public relations campaign.

It recounts the contemporary effects of Joseph Stalin's public relations campaign in the aftermath of the assassination of rival Sergei Kirov.

campaign for governor   (知事キャンペーン)

He revealed this part of his past in 1971 prior to his campaign for governor.

In 2016, Soni worked with Eric Greitens on his successful campaign for governor in Missouri.

Earnest was communications director on Jim Davis' campaign for governor of Florida, in 2006.

presidential election campaign   (大統領選挙キャンペーン)

Kaušpėdas also participated in the presidential election campaign of Rolandas Paksas.

The first televised debate of the presidential election campaign was held during the fifth episode.

During the 2000 presidential election campaign, he served as a site supervisor for George W. Bush's campaign.