concentration camps   (強制収容所)

See List of German concentration camps for more.

Open homosexuals were interned in Nazi concentration camps.

Alderney had the only Nazi concentration camps on British soil.

refugee camps   (難民キャンプ)

It is taught in schools in refugee camps in Thailand.

Most fled to refugee camps in Jordan.

Fatah is also active in the control of Palestinian refugee camps.

training camps

US drones target two al-Shabaab training camps.

The line also served Army training camps in the valley.

Many younger players have attended Paul Sculthorpe's training camps.

summer camps

The women also sent some of these children to summer camps in the country.

He later ran hockey schools as summer camps in Canada and the United States.

JPPM has several annual events as well as educational programs and summer camps.

internment camps   (収容所)

Most of the Japanese American internment camps were built by the people held there.

Many German and Italian citizens were also arrested or placed into internment camps.

labor camps

status in June 1940 and transferred to labor camps.

By January, 1940, there were labor camps all over Poland.

Many more died during the harsh years in exile and in labor camps.

death camps   (死のキャンプ)

Deportations to transit and death camps followed.

They visited death camps and Jewish community centers.

The transports to the death camps in the east occurred later.

prison camps   (捕虜収容所)

About 56,000 soldiers died in prison camps during the War.

The traumatic hardships of the prison camps increased support for communism in Finland.

The accounts of young Union prisoners at Confederate prison camps are especially harrowing.

extermination camps   (絶滅収容所)

The first out of three Aktion Reinhard extermination camps was Bełżec.

The extermination camps sites have been accessible to everyone in recent decades.

The WVHA was the Nazi government office that ran the concentration and extermination camps.

detention camps

During this time, thousands of Germans were held in prisons and detention camps or used as forced labor.

During the PRRI rebellion, the insurgents arrested leftist activists and placed them in detention camps in West Sumatra.

Accordingly, the D voters facing trial before the Foreigners Tribunal were sent to the detention camps at Goalpara and Kokrajhar.

labour camps

The labour needed for its construction was supplied by several labour camps around the works.

4000 Jewish residents were sent to death camps and killed; 4000 more were sent to labour camps.

At one point, every third Albanian had either been interrogated by the Sigurimi or incarcerated in labour camps.

camps during

About 56,000 soldiers died in prison camps during the War.

The teaching of Esperanto was not allowed in German prisoner-of-war camps during World War II.

Croatia was the only nation beside Germany to operate extermination camps during World War II.

military camps

Hezbollah made many efforts to attack the IDF's military camps.

Between 1980 and 1982 he was a political prisoner in military camps.

Archeological finds have confirmed the existence of Roman military camps in the area.

mining camps

They then toured gold mining camps and the San Francisco Bay area as entertainers.

They began to market Navajo blankets for use in mining camps and as area rugs in the eastern United States.

Along the way, they stopped in towns and mining camps along the Michigan shore of Lake Superior, securing hundreds of signatures in support of their cause.

other camps   (他のキャンプ)

5, a "bad boys" prison for those who attempted escape from other camps).

Lakota families from other camps who preferred the safety of Ft. Laramie joined Smoke's camp.

All Jews and others "undesirables" passed through Drancy before heading to Auschwitz and other camps.

war camps

For the scenes of the war camps, 1,500 starved-looking extras were sought.

The garrison was taken into custody and sent to prisoner of war camps in East Prussia.

Of the Soviet prisoners, at least 18,318 were documented to have died in Finnish prisoner of war camps.

work camps   (ワークキャンプ)

Due to the dire state of the planet Earth, the miners are quickly enslaved and forced into work camps.

John Field, "Working Men's Bodies: work camps in Britain, 1880-1940", Manchester University Press, 2013

About 5,000 died at the hands of the communists, about 3,000 were sent to Soviet work camps, and about 1,500 ended up escaping to the West.