Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

breast cancer   (cáncer de mama)

In 1988, Connally was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She died on 16 December 2004 from breast cancer.

In April 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

lung cancer   (cáncer de pulmón)

Steve Conliff died of lung cancer on June 1, 2006.

Shostakovich died of lung cancer on 9 August 1975.

In January 2010, Aydın Aybay suffered lung cancer.

died of cancer   (murió de cáncer)

Woodall died of cancer in prison on April 8, 2001.

Olga Ivinskaya died of cancer on 8 September 1995.

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

prostate cancer   (Cancer de prostata)

In 2006, Knuth was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Johnson died from prostate cancer in February 2011.

In 2005 he was diagnosed incurable prostate cancer.

cancer cells   (Células cancerígenas)

CYP4Z1 is overexpressed in breast cancer cells.

Remaining cancer cells were weakly stained or negative.

CPZ4Z1 is likewise overexpressed in ovarian cancer cells.

pancreatic cancer   (cáncer de páncreas)

Ledward died in 2000 from pancreatic cancer.

Crile died at age 61 from pancreatic cancer.

On 21 January 2018, Sun died of pancreatic cancer, aged 80.

cancer research   (Investigación sobre el cáncer)

1359, Tax check-offs for cancer research (2012) S.B.

in support of cancer research and development projects in Ethiopia.

In the 2016 fiscal year, the NCI funded $5.2 billion in cancer research.

cancer patients   (pacientes con cáncer)

The revenue from the museum is used to assist cancer patients.

McCorkle wanted to better understand management of terminal cancer patients.

As a result, 80% of cancer patients present with advanced/incurable cancers.

diagnosed with cancer   (diagnosticado con cancer)

Chambers was herself diagnosed with cancer in 1981.

At the age of seven he was diagnosed with cancer.

Around this time, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

ovarian cancer   (cáncer de ovarios)

Clarke was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000.

Glennis Yeager died of ovarian cancer in 1990.

Rachel Rockwell died on May 28, 2018 of ovarian cancer.

colon cancer   (cáncer de colon)

He died due to complications of colon cancer.

Sonny Escudero died of colon cancer in 2012.

He died at the age of 90 of colon cancer.

cancer treatment   (tratamiento para el cáncer)

McDougall opposes conventional cancer treatment.

Poly-MVA is an ineffective alternative cancer treatment.

In 2007 he successfully finished a round of cancer treatment.

liver cancer   (cáncer de hígado)

Kuei died of liver cancer in 1999 at the age of 61.

He died shortly thereafter of liver cancer at age 43.

Not long after, in 1996, Karmal died from liver cancer.

died from cancer   (murió de cáncer)

She was born on 1915 and died from cancer in 1973.

Satterfield later died from cancer at the age of 53.

Zahava died from cancer on September 28, 2001.

stomach cancer   (cáncer de estómago)

On August 2, 2016, Houghton died of stomach cancer.

On 24 August 2007, Chu died of stomach cancer.

He died in his 74th year from stomach cancer.

brain cancer   (Cáncer de cerebro)

Prestia was diagnosed with brain cancer circa 2004.

On August 29, 2009, Carlberg died from brain cancer.

Zakaïb died on October 1, 2018 of brain cancer.

colorectal cancer   (cáncer colonrectal)

"DCC" has long been implicated in colorectal cancer.

XB130 was identified as a potential colorectal cancer markers.

It is a pre-malignant disease that can develop into colorectal cancer.

cervical cancer   (cáncer de cuello uterino)

In 2008, Marcel was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Nin was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1974.

Limerick, underwent a smear test for cervical cancer.

battle with cancer   (batalla con el cáncer)

Shanta died in 2006 after a long battle with cancer.

He died at the age of 72 after a battle with cancer.

Park died on 23 July 2019 after a battle with cancer.

throat cancer   (cáncer de garganta)

He was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 1994.

Manglapus died on July 25, 1999 from throat cancer.

In October 1952, Ruth Sherwood died of throat cancer.

cancer cell   (célula cancerosa)

It induces apoptosis in some cancer cell lines.

Ceramide influences cancer cell survival, growth and death.

This B7-H3 protein is expressed on cancer cell for several types of cancer.

skin cancer   (cáncer de piel)

Some of these are associated with increased risk of skin cancer .

Ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer.

Bishop McCauley suffered from facial skin cancer for much of his adult life.

bladder cancer   (cáncer de vejiga)

In November 2005, Holton underwent surgery for bladder cancer.

In 2010 Richard contracted bladder cancer for which he was treated.

It has been tested in humans with skin papillomas and bladder cancer.

death from cancer   (muerte por cáncer)

He remained active until his death from cancer in 2008.

The couple remained married until her death from cancer in 1969.

She published seven novels before her death from cancer at age 61.

thyroid cancer   (cáncer de tiroides)

Kang is a thyroid cancer survivor.

Some endocrinologists treat hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer with I.

This exposure is only 5 years before the risk of thyroid cancer increases significantly.

types of cancer   (tipos de cáncer)

It is also being studied for other types of cancer.

This B7-H3 protein is expressed on cancer cell for several types of cancer.

This treatment is still in very early development stages for many types of cancer.

terminal cancer   (Cáncer terminal)

His condition worsened and Most was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The score was finished after Pierre was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

McCorkle wanted to better understand management of terminal cancer patients.

cancer risk   (riesgo de cáncer)

This exposure may be associated with a very small increase in cancer risk.

Albiglutide causes immunogenicity in rodents, so its cancer risk could not be assessed.

Therefore controversies on cancer risk at low population levels of dioxins are understandable.

testicular cancer   (Cancer testicular)

Mark was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 1988.

It may be used for some types of testicular cancer but cisplatin is generally more effective.

Carboplatin has also been used for adjuvant therapy of stage 1 seminomatous testicular cancer.

treatment of cancer   (Tratamiento para el cáncer)

He was particularly interested in the cause and treatment of cancer.

Ehrlich was not optimistic that effective chemotherapy drugs would be found for the treatment of cancer.

Nesvacumab Nesvacumab is an experimental monoclonal antibody originally designed for the treatment of cancer.

suffering from cancer   (sufriendo de cáncer)

Samir's mother is suffering from cancer.

He was suffering from cancer for long time in his last days.

He had been suffering from cancer.

cancer awareness   (conciencia del cáncer)

Free is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

To raise money for cancer awareness, Mike Strange started the Box Run.

Tanya Snyder is now a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness.

bone cancer   (cáncer de hueso)

In 1988, Clark was diagnosed with bone cancer.

One daughter, Nanette Tevrow, died of bone cancer in 2009 at age 52.

He died of bone cancer on Thursday at his home in Cliffside Park, N.J.

esophageal cancer   (cáncer de esófago)

He had esophageal cancer that metastasized to his liver.

In March 2017, Torell was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Hill died on May 14, 2017 due to issues with esophageal cancer.

cancer at age   (cáncer a la edad)

He died shortly thereafter of liver cancer at age 43.

Harper died on January 10, 1906, of cancer at age 49.

Paridis died after a long battle with cancer at age 69.

cancer diagnosis   (diagnóstico de cáncer)

In November he withdrew, following his wife's breast cancer diagnosis.

After a cancer diagnosis, he expressed public regret for being "more abusive than most."

In December 2017, Munroe summarized the time since his wife's cancer diagnosis in a comic entitled "Seven Years".

cancer survivor   (sobreviviente de cáncer)

Rey is a metastatic breast cancer survivor.

Andre Agassi's mother, Betty, is a breast cancer survivor.

Huntsman was a four-time cancer survivor.

cause cancer   (causa cancer)

A virus that can cause cancer is called an "oncovirus".

Oxidative damage in DNA can cause cancer.

These mutations can cause cancer.

such as cancer   (como el cáncer)

Some pathologies, such as cancer, have particularly improved visibility with iodinated contrast.

Cryosurgery procedures such as cryoablation use liquid argon to destroy tissue such as cancer cells.

They also are more susceptible to diseases such as cancer and pneumonia due to a weakened immune system.

cancer screening   (la detección del cáncer)

BowelScreen is the national bowel cancer screening programme.

BreastCheck is the national breast cancer screening programme.

Abcodia Abcodia is a company that focuses on biomarkers for cancer screening.

kidney cancer   (Cancer de RIÑON)

He died at the age of 38 years from kidney cancer.

On September 12, 2001, Aku underwent surgery to remove his kidney cancer.

He eventually ends up living in Munich, where he later dies of kidney cancer.

cancer treatments   (tratamientos contra el cáncer)

Experimental cancer treatments cannot make medical claims.

In August 2005, Fogelberg announced the success of his cancer treatments.

Babe and Lau both survived the 1983 season while undergoing cancer treatments.

due to cancer   (debido al cáncer)

Radadiya died on 29 July 2019 due to cancer.

He resigned from all offices in May 2018, due to cancer.

Healey died on March 2, 2008 due to cancer.

cancer care   (cuidado del cáncer)

The Moffitt Cancer Center offered cancer care in Tampa, Florida.

Sikora is very critical of cancer care available on the National Health Service.

The medical center is a center for cancer care and cardiac care, including open heart surgery and interventional cardiology.

against cancer   (contra el cancer)

Beljanski believed he had found antivirals effective against cancer and AIDS.

Later, the fungus samples are tested against cancer cells and pathogenic bacteria.

Its efficiency against cancer was discovered by scientists at Shionogi BioResearch.

dying of cancer   (morir de cáncer)

Laura claims to be dying of cancer, but Fallon is suspicious.

Jimmy inherits his next big case from a friend dying of cancer.

Similarly, Rose had been dying of cancer before crashing on the island.

cancer therapy   (terapia contra el cáncer)

This may lead to a more effective and personalized cancer therapy.

This drug could be used for effective anti-ovarian cancer therapy in the future.

Apoptosis is known to be one of the primary mechanisms of targeted cancer therapy.

cancer when   (cáncer cuando)

Her mother died from lung cancer when Hà was 14.

His father died from cancer when he was nine years old.

His mother died of breast cancer when Smith was a teenager.

endometrial cancer   (cáncer endometrial)

General contraindications of estrogens include breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and others.

MGA was approved for the treatment of endometrial cancer in 1971 and wasting syndromes in 1993.

cancer patient   (paciente con cancer)

During this time, Monica befriended Paige Bowen, a fellow cancer patient.

He meets Mia, a fellow cancer patient in the adjacent room, and the two quickly form a connection.

McCorkle's primary research interest is the role of advanced practice nurses in managing the care of the cancer patient and family.

gastric cancer   (cáncer gástrico)

A high-salt diet is linked to gastric cancer.

Yılmaz Güney died of gastric cancer in September 9, 1984, in Paris, France.

Opromolla battled gastric cancer for the whole year of 2004 and died on December 15, 2004.

cell lung cancer   (cáncer de pulmón celular)

An increase in expression has been linked to small cell lung cancer.

It has been used off-label for non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer.

PTK7 is expressed by many tumors, including ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer.

form of cancer   (forma de cáncer)

Kris died in May 1987 from a form of cancer.

It was an aggressive form of cancer and spread to his lungs and kidneys.

Healey, who lost his sight to a form of cancer called retinoblastoma, was praised by B.B.

cancer cell lines   (líneas celulares de cáncer)

It induces apoptosis in some cancer cell lines.

Increased expression of ABCG2 is found in different drug resistant cancer cell lines and tumor tissues.

Subsequent studies showed that these molecules exhibited favorable cellular uptake and cytotoxicity in human ovarian cancer cell lines.

risk of cancer   (riesgo de cáncer)

Although cancer syndromes exhibit an increased risk of cancer, the risk varies.

The germline mutations are carried through generations and increase the risk of cancer.

Exposure to PFAS can affect the immune system, increase cholesterol and increase the risk of cancer.

human cancer   (cáncer humano)

In 2005, HBV was officially recognized as one of 58 known agents that cause human cancer.

TIN2 loss in human cancer cells has resulted in reduced glycolysis and increased oxidative phosphorylation.

Currently, more than one hundred mutational signatures have been identified across the repertoire of human cancer.

cancer prevention   (prevención de cáncer)

Mutational signatures have shown their applicability in cancer treatment and cancer prevention.

DHEA supplements have been promoted for their claimed cancer prevention properties, but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Jordan was the first to discover the breast cancer prevention properties of tamoxifen and the scientific principles for adjuvant therapy with antihormones.

including cancer   (incluyendo cáncer)

Therefore, endometrial changes, including cancer, are among tamoxifen's side effects.

Poly-MVA is promoted with claims that it can treat a variety of human diseases including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Geisel's wife Helen had a long struggle with illnesses, including cancer and emotional pain over Geisel's affair with Audrey Stone Dimond.

type of cancer   (tipo de cáncer)

Enzalutamide is also being investigated for this type of cancer.

The efficiency of chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer and the stage.

On November 25, 2015, Jake revealed that he has sarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

cancer and died   (cáncer y murió)

His second wife developed breast cancer and died in 1997.

Both Prithviraj and Ramsarni had cancer and died about a fortnight apart.

In 1946, he became ill with nasopharyngeal cancer and died from the disease two years later.

cancer survivors   (sobrevivientes de cáncer)

Her TED talk, "What can cancer survivors teach us about cancer treatment", was in Arusha, Tanzania.

Shedd officials stated that Bubba was popular with cancer survivors, especially children, and was a favorite of visitors.

In 2002, Hostettler met in Washington with eleven breast cancer survivors from Indiana who were seeking support for more research funding.

forms of cancer   (formas de cáncer)

Carboplatin is used to treat a number of forms of cancer.

Philpott suffered from various forms of cancer for nearly twenty years.

Many of these treatments are alleged to help against only specific forms of cancer.

breast cancer awareness   (conciencia del cáncer de mama)

Free is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Tanya Snyder is now a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness.

PCVR also annually sponsors a breast cancer awareness event with Estee Lauder and Nikon.

treat cancer   (tratar el cáncer)

In detail, there are more than 800 medicines and vaccines to treat cancer.

Cdk4/6 targeted therapy will only treat cancer types where Rb is expressed.

treat cancer, win chess or soccer, manage a successful business, design useful tools).

cancer and other   (cáncer y otros)

He was suffering from cancer and other ailments at the time of his death.

These compounds particularly target control of the cell cycle for treating cancer and other diseases.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved two synthetic cannabis drugs for treating cancer and other medical issues.

treatment for cancer   (tratamiento para el cáncer)

He left Orica in 2005 to undertake treatment for cancer.

She had first sought treatment for cancer in Vienna in 1914.

In 1928, he began to use it as a claimed treatment for cancer.

battling cancer   (luchando contra el cáncer)

Baker was battling cancer as of November 2018.

One of the editors-in-chief was also published in "The Best Teen Writing of 2007" for a story she wrote about a teacher battling cancer.

Baker wrote "We shall miss him terribly" in a newsletter on his website, in which he also indicated that Courtney had been battling cancer.

breast cancer cells   (células de cáncer de mama)

CYP4Z1 is overexpressed in breast cancer cells.

Calyculin A was studied in an experiment that used breast cancer cells.

Aluminium increases estrogen-related gene expression in human breast cancer cells cultured in the laboratory.