Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

other candidates   (các ứng cử viên khác)

None of the other candidates reached the 10% mark.

None of the other candidates exceeded the 5% mark.

McDonald won that race over two other candidates.

presidential candidates   (ứng cử viên tổng thống)

Other presidential candidates challenged the election results.

Many presidential candidates set up campaign headquarters in Des Moines.

"Gangnam Style" has been used by presidential candidates during elections.

list of candidates   (danh sách thí sinh)

The list of candidates was published on 6 April 2018.

The definitive list of candidates was presented on September 30, 2006.

Electors are barred from signing for more than one list of candidates.

independent candidates

No independent candidates registered to contest the election.

He defeated independent candidates Md.

Also running were two independent candidates: former Republican U.S.

following candidates

By the autumn of 1939, the following candidates had been adopted to contest that election.

By the autumn of 1914, the following candidates had been adopted to contest that election.

In addition to the candidates above, the following candidates lost in the primary election.

all candidates

Of all candidates, Bach was the only one without a university education.

He received the most preferential votes of all candidates in the election.

Note that, apart from Group A, all candidates appeared in the ungrouped column.

potential candidates   (những ứng viên tiềm năng)

NIFTY Next 50 constituents are thus potential candidates for future inclusion in NIFTY 50.

CNTs are potential candidates for future via and wire material in nano-scale VLSI circuits.

He presented himself as one of the potential candidates in Somalia's 2012 presidential elections.

number of candidates   (số lượng thí sinh)

There are a number of candidates for location of the Ballymacsliney.

Kadis endorsed a number of candidates in the 2007 Ontario general election.

He was selected after a search committee considered a number of candidates.

party candidates

No third party candidates won these elections.

In the general election, Dilan won the seat with 87% and defeated three third party candidates.

Nominations for party candidates closed on 8 November, and for independent candidates on 9 November.

candidates were elected

2 Conservative candidates were elected unopposed.

No candidates were elected from either ballot in 2003.

Three SNP candidates were elected in the 2016 election.

political candidates

Qualifications for political candidates were amended to require New Zealand citizenship.

In the UK, political candidates "stand for election", while in the US, they "run for office".

In the Downsian model, political candidates commit to ideologies on a one-dimensional policy space.

both candidates

The declaration was followed by speeches from both candidates.

Chances of both candidates in second round were considered balanced.

Other positions in the party hierarchy were divided between supporters of both candidates.

possible candidates

Civic Democratic Party was considering possible candidates at the time.

Patrice Breland was amongst the list of possible candidates for the Senate.

Other possible candidates included Giuseppe Civati, PD, and Valdo Spini, ex-PSI.

candidates contested

A total of 313 candidates contested this election.

2017 was the first time 31 candidates contested from a single ward (164).

A total of 331 candidates contested the remaining 59 seats up for election.

candidates ran

Altogether 392 candidates ran for seats in the Soviet.

A total of 850 candidates ran for the 91 available seats.

Five candidates ran for the open seat.

candidates won

No third party candidates won these elections.

Three different candidates won the first three contests.

Five out of 25 female candidates won a seat.

lists of candidates

The votes are for party or coalition lists of candidates for each of the 28 administrative divisions.

On 13 March 2018, the Independent Electoral Commission announced 58 lists of candidates were selected for the senatorial election.

The electoral law provides that parties, federations, coalitions and groupings of electors are allowed to present lists of candidates.

top two candidates

The top two candidates faced off in the November general election.

The top two candidates of Nova Esperança, José Pereira Coutinho and Rita Santos, are both Macanese.

In 1941 he finished 5th in a Boston School Committee race where the top two candidates were elected.

candidates stood

819 candidates stood, compared to 905 at the previous elections.

Note: no UKIP candidates stood in this election, compared with two in 2016 and six in 2014.

In total 1,485 candidates stood in the election but the main fight was between the PML-N of Nawaz Sharif and the PPP of Benazir Bhutto.

candidates running

Governor candidate from the two candidates running.

These are elected during municipal elections from candidates running in Eindhoven.

The incumbent president, Alexander Lukashenko, was one of the candidates running for office.

several candidates

This period was extended on request of several candidates.

Bell Shoals Baptist Church has hosted several candidates forums.

The Libertarian Party ran several candidates in the District of Columbia.

candidates included

Other possible candidates included Giuseppe Civati, PD, and Valdo Spini, ex-PSI.

Harbor Commission candidates included Robert Bernardo, Sabrina Brennan, and William Klear.

Also, the candidates included all players, from both professional sports leagues such as the NBA or the EuroLeague, etc.

candidates elected

In Barking and Dagenham, it saw 12 of its 13 candidates elected to the council.

In Maharashtra, Rajiv Satav and Chavan were the only Congress candidates elected.

Among the People Power candidates elected was the station's CEO, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen.

female candidates   (thí sinh nữ)

Five out of 25 female candidates won a seat.

Deaconesses helped female candidates for reasons of modesty.

In those days, famous medical schools in England and America refused admission to female candidates.

opposition candidates

The video have been negatively commented by opposition candidates.

Various campaigners for opposition candidates, as well as many within the Labour Party, made homophobic comments about Tatchell.

Three Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP) seats were offered after the election to the top three losing opposition candidates.

leading candidates

The leading candidates with the largest number of votes were elected.

Teng started the season as one of the leading candidates for the season MVP.

During the campaign, Halla-aho and Sampo Terho emerged as the leading candidates, according to opinion polls.

individual candidates

RUP is the only PR system of the three that lets voters rank individual candidates in order by preference.

Many parties are fielding individual candidates both on joint electoral lists and contesting the list-based seats.

(From 2000 to 2011, Serbian parliamentary mandates were awarded to sponsoring parties or coalitions rather than to individual candidates.

nominate candidates   (đề cử ứng viên)

Each party is expected to nominate candidates for parliament separately.

Political parties nominate candidates for partisan elections according to their charters.

The party filed a petition to nominate candidates under the name "Industrial Government Party."

successful candidates

Only the two most successful candidates from the first round participate in the second round.

It also organises examinations and issues certificates of proficiency to successful candidates.

Only the two most successful candidates from the first round would've been able to participate in the second round.

candidates nominated

Fourteen candidates nominated for the mayoral election.

A total of 887 candidates nominated for the election, down from 896 at the 2014 election.

Detailed below are all of the candidates nominated to stand in each ward in the upcoming election.

slate of candidates   (bảng xếp hạng của thí sinh)

The group ran a successful slate of candidates in a Calgary Board of Education election.

A PAC, Pinellas Democrats PAC, endorsed a slate of candidates and ran an ad attacking Heller.

Parties nominate a slate of candidates (generally, one per seat in each district where the party is competing).

ten candidates

Of the remaining ten candidates, "The Press" labelled them a mixture of eccentrics, tryers and also-rans.

The Pirate Party stood ten candidates in the 2017 general election, the highest number in the party's history.

From 1925 to 1945, according to the year, some eight to ten candidates were admitted on the 60 to 100 who applied for the selection.

fielded candidates

In the 2015 general election, Mebyon Kernow fielded candidates in all of the constituencies in Cornwall.

The short-lived Anti-Masonic Party was formed, which fielded candidates for the presidential elections of 1828 and 1832.

The CLP fielded candidates at the 1975 federal election, winning one seat each in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

election candidates   (ứng cử viên)

Gannon was one of five general election candidates put forward by the Social Democrats to contest the 2016 general election.

The controversies caused the Republican Party to look for ways to prevent its election candidates from making similar comments about rape.

Shortly before usual campaign period for the 2013 elections, the Electoral Affairs Commission of Macau banned the use of commercial advertising by election candidates.

major candidates   (ứng cử viên lớn)

The morning after the election, the major candidates were neck and neck.

By the 1980 campaign, all three major candidates stated that they had been born again.

Roosevelt, meanwhile, declined to run again on a third party ticket, leaving Hughes and Wilson as the only major candidates in the race.

many candidates

Parties are allowed to place as many candidates on their "ticket" as there are seats available.

With attrition rates averaging from 70 to 100%, many candidates self eliminate during this portion.

In the summer of 1990, Douglas auditioned for the German hard rock singer Doro Pesch and was chosen among many candidates.

candidates received

Protectionist candidates received a plurality of the vote.

Pro-free trade candidates received a majority of the vote.

Nineteen candidates received votes during the first ballot.