seating capacity   (座席定員)

The seating capacity was meager, only 5,000 seats.

The seating capacity remained the same until 1960.

The aircraft had a seating capacity of 156 or 149.

maximum capacity   (最大容量)

The stadium's maximum capacity is 10,000 people.

The stadium has a maximum capacity of 16,000 people.

It has a maximum capacity of 1900 persons/hour.

storage capacity   (ストレージ容量)

Taken together, the dams have storage capacity of .

The dam is high and has a storage capacity of .

The boats had storage capacity for of coal.

production capacity   (生産能力)

The production capacity was increased significantly.

About 10% of steel production capacity was lost.

The production capacity is more than 20,000 tons per year.

installed capacity   (設置容量)

The total installed capacity of MCL is 8.6 lakh tons.

The total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons.

The installed capacity of the plant is 950 megawatts.

total capacity   (総容量)

There are five fuel tanks with a total capacity of .

The total capacity was increased to 2500 seats.

Ochilview Park today has a total capacity of .

carrying capacity   (運搬能力)

Her carrying capacity is 12,200 gross tons at draft.

Its bomb carrying capacity was also limited to 2,205 lbs.

Its carrying capacity ranges from a few hundred kilograms to over 2 tons.

full capacity   (全容量)

The full capacity of the arena was 5,831.

Its full capacity is 1,090 MW.

The shed had 20 tracks under cover but was never used to its full capacity.

generating capacity   (発電能力)

While PSE-owned generating capacity is at 3,597 MW.

The plant had a generating capacity of 81,500-kilowatts.

Allen had a generating capacity of 741 MW.

capacity building   (能力構築)

It also provides community talks and capacity building for judges, prosecutors, and police.

They support this work through training, research, advocacy, evaluations and capacity building.

Indonesia has relentlessly strived to fulfill its commitment to capacity building for Palestine.

heat capacity   (熱容量)

The formula_82 is the height of the heat capacity peak.

it will have a greater heat capacity than a monatomic gas.

This is the result of the water's mass and specific heat capacity.

generation capacity   (発電能力)

As of April 2018, Egenco's generation capacity was .

The MKER-800 has an electrical generation capacity of 800 MW.

At its creation, the company had a generation capacity of 6.47 gigawatts.

official capacity   (公定員)

The stadium has an official capacity of 30000 spectators.

Genial in private life, he was harsh and unyielding in his official capacity.

The President is also immune from civil suits for acts done in his official capacity.

fuel capacity   (燃料容量)

The fuel capacity was estimated at 700,000 imperial gallons.

The ship has a fuel capacity of giving the ship a range of at 12 knots and an endurance of 20 days.

In addition to more power and a higher top speed, they also had more fuel capacity than the E4 class.

same capacity   (同じ容量)

He then served in the same capacity with VI Corps.

In 1989 he joined the Yankees in the same capacity.

He was re-elected in the same capacity 2004 state election.

passenger capacity   (乗客定員)

The company projects to have a passenger capacity of 330,000 per year.

The ferry has room for six cars (or 75 tons) and a total passenger capacity of 49.

First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years.

high capacity   (大容量)

He also does not support restrictions on high capacity magazines.

The links were subsequently upgraded to high capacity synchronous links.

Hence, 802.11ax has the ability to form high capacity Wi-Fi ad hoc networks.

limited capacity   (限られた容量)

These metabolic pathways have only a limited capacity.

However, a buffer has limited capacity.

Bayern Munich limited capacity during their league and cup games to 69,000.

engine capacity   (エンジン排気量)

Cars competed in three engine capacity divisions.

The field was divided into four engine capacity classes:

Performance This is followed by the approximate engine capacity (e.g.

increase capacity   (容量を増やす)

If need be, only pumps would need to be installed to increase capacity by one more TMC.

Their bicycles sold well, requiring the company to relocate to be able to increase capacity.

In 1970 a second road bridge was opened immediately next to the first, to increase capacity.

capacity crowd   (収容人数)

A capacity crowd attended the event, which was televised nationwide by satellite.

Pete, watching her perform to a capacity crowd, gets an idea how to save the circus.

The First Leg was played in front of a capacity crowd at Estadio Azul in Mexico City.

cargo capacity   (積載量)

They have a cargo capacity of in five holds.

She has a gross tonnage of 162,252 and a total cargo capacity of .

Each ATV has a cargo capacity of .

current capacity   (現在の容量)

The current capacity of the stadium is 4,500 seats.

It has a current capacity of 12,000 spectators.

The current capacity is between 1300 and 1400.

annual capacity   (年間定員)

The brewery has an annual capacity of around .

The projected average annual capacity factor is more than 90%.

Its annual capacity was increased to 7,5 million passengers/year.

capacity of approximately   (およその容量)

It holds a capacity of approximately 4,100 fans.

Each train has a capacity of approximately 800 passengers.

In total the fields have a combined capacity of approximately 1000 Scouts.

increased capacity   (容量の増加)

The lengthening increased capacity and made the overall length 125 feet with a 24-foot beam.

The 767-300's increased capacity has been used on high-density routes within Asia and Europe.

Transpac 3 (TPC-3), which went into service April 18, 1989, increased capacity to 3780 channels.

total installed capacity   (総設置容量)

The total installed capacity of MCL is 8.6 lakh tons.

The total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons.

The six units have a total installed capacity of 1020 MW.

increase the capacity   (容量を増やす)

The GWR undertook many projects to increase the capacity of the line in the 1930s.

The third terminal will increase the capacity of the airport to over 90 million passengers per year.

For the 2014 Games, additional temporary stands were erected to increase the capacity during the games.

annual production capacity   (年間生産能力)

By 2010, the plant's annual production capacity will reach 120,000 vehicles.

In phase two, the plant will achieve an annual production capacity of 150,000 units.

Unibeton has annual production capacity of 10 million meter cube and over 3000 employees.

power capacity   (電力容量)

Alberta has 1491 megawatts of wind power capacity.

By 1920, the company's power capacity had grown to 45 million kWh.

India aims to install a total 60 GW of wind power capacity by 2022.

water capacity   (水容量)

It originally had a water capacity of and recirculated a minute.

The first known water capacity Barrax is opposite the church of San Roque.

A water capacity was also required to reduce the need for regular watering.

higher capacity   (より高い容量)

The line will use higher capacity six car type A subway cars.

This enclosure accommodated higher capacity, full-height -inch drives.

The higher capacity is incompatible with some recorders and recording software.

payload capacity   (ペイロード容量)

The van model had a payload capacity of and the truck .

The C-5 was designed for a payload capacity to the Moon.

The smallest model 314 had a payload capacity of 1.5 tonnes.

capacity was increased   (容量が増加しました)

The production capacity was increased significantly.

The total capacity was increased to 2500 seats.

The ground's capacity was increased slightly during this time.

capacity of around   (周りの容量)

The brewery has an annual capacity of around .

The stadium has a capacity of around 3,000.

The square has a capacity of around 5,000.

capacity of up   (アップの容量)

Each boat has a capacity of up to 1.5 tons.

It has a towing capacity of up to .

The school now has about 190 students, with a capacity of up to 300.

capacity to produce   (生産能力)

It has the capacity to produce 5 million liters per year.

The Hyderabad plant has a capacity to produce 250 tons of UO per year and is expected to expanded to a 600 tons per year capacity.

One of the most studied species is "C. glutamicum", whose name refers to its capacity to produce glutamic acid in aerobic conditions.

advisory capacity   (助言能力)

ACE has a number of practitioner fellows who act in an advisory capacity.

Each group is a self-governing entity with AA World Services acting only in an advisory capacity.

He spent the winter of that year at the newly constructed Fort Halkett, serving in an advisory capacity.

nameplate capacity   (銘板容量)

The nameplate capacity of all the power sources in the system is about 354 MW.

The unit generated 100 MW and gave Picway a maximum nameplate capacity of 220 MW.

It consists of seven REpower MM92 wind turbines with a nameplate capacity of 2 MW each.

larger capacity   (大容量)

The advantages are larger capacity, reduced fuelwood consumption, and better product quality.

"A size" trains are longer and have larger capacity than "B size" trains, which are used on other operational lines of Zhengzhou Metro.

The 597cc featherbed framed Model 99 Dominator was introduced in 1956, as a larger capacity version alongside the 500 cc Model 88 version.

filled to capacity   (満杯)

The school was immediately filled to capacity.

As of the 2000s, the cemetery is nearly filled to capacity.

The reservoir filled to capacity for the first time in 1958.

additional capacity   (追加容量)

The same year, Camp Kaweah was established to provide additional capacity.

Eventually, with additional capacity in mind, it acquired six steel masts.

A second, smaller facility, located on Vulcan Road, provides additional capacity.

capacity during   (中の容量)

Bayern Munich limited capacity during their league and cup games to 69,000.

For the 2014 Games, additional temporary stands were erected to increase the capacity during the games.

She served in this capacity during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911–1912 but she saw no action during the conflict.

load capacity   (負荷容量)

The yard has six cranes, with a total load capacity of 60 tonnes.

They are more durable, but usually heavier for the same load capacity.

The stage floor itself had five elevator lifts, each with a load capacity.

combined capacity   (総容量)

By 1919, six reservoirs had a combined capacity of .

The two units had a combined capacity of 60 MW.

In total the fields have a combined capacity of approximately 1000 Scouts.

mental capacity   (心の余裕)

It is neutrally aligned, for despite its violent and savage nature, it lacks the mental capacity to choose between good and evil.

He has a deep love and incredible patience with Brendan (Kain O'Keeffe) who is twenty, but with a mental capacity of a four year old."

Weaver believed that Dalkowski had experienced such difficulty keeping his game under control because he did not have the mental capacity.

memory capacity   (記憶容量)

The memory capacity was up to 10 6 knocks.

We do not yet know the practical limit of long-term memory capacity.

To increase memory capacity and bandwidth, chips are combined on a module.

greater capacity   (大容量)

First, each section of road was designed to receive greater capacity of traffic.

Another medicinal area is in creating pigs with greater capacity for human organ transplants (xenotransplantation).

Generally, organisms with more complex nervous systems have a greater capacity to learn new responses and thus adjust their behavior.

large capacity   (大容量)

this large capacity is the byproduct of Afyon's poppy plantations.

Water cisterns with unusually large capacity for the region were found.

The University of Bamberg regularly uses the arena for end-of-term exams, because of its large capacity.

capacity factor   (容量係数)

The design also has an expected capacity factor of 90%.

The projected average annual capacity factor is more than 90%.

Unit 3 generated 9,651 GWh in 2017, achieving a capacity factor of 99.70%.

stadium capacity   (スタジアム定員)

Phase 2 will consist of stadium capacity expansion.

The original stadium capacity was 15,000.

The current stadium capacity is 4,936.

design capacity   (設計能力)

The design capacity for MCI-Framingham is 452 inmates.

The original design capacity of Gibraltar Reservoir was .

It has a design capacity of 1.35 million passengers per year.

gross storage capacity   (総ストレージ容量)

This indicated that the gross storage capacity of the reservoir in 1911 decreased to in 1987.

reduced capacity   (容量の削減)

The airline continues to fly out of Grand Rapids in a reduced capacity.

The stand became all-seater, retaining the single tier with a reduced capacity of 12,000.

Officials said the reduced capacity would help DEP prevent swimming outside of authorized areas.

similar capacity   (同様の容量)

These two stadiums also have a similar capacity and age.

Two years later, he joined Belmont University in a similar capacity.

'Health Services for the Elderly' operates in the downtown area in a similar capacity.

tank capacity   (タンク容量)

The petrol tank capacity was also increased from .

Fuel tank capacity is which includes the reserve.

Its fuel tank capacity was 10.6 gallons.