İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

team captain   (takım kaptanı)

In his senior year Marlowe was voted team captain.

In , he was named the Tacoma Rainiers team captain.

His teammates chose him to be their team captain.

rank of captain   (kaptan sırası)

He received the rank of captain in February 1865.

In 1896 he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Carlin rose to the rank of captain in the Regular Army.

promoted to captain   (Yüzbaşıya terfi etti)

He was promoted to captain on December 13, 1861.

He was promoted to captain on November 1, 1806.

He was promoted to captain in 1915 and major in 1929.

club captain   (kulüp kaptanı)

In July 2004, Westwood was appointed club captain.

He was club captain during his time with the club.

He was club captain at Sussex in the 1885 season.

appointed captain   (tayin edilen kaptan)

McCarthy was appointed captain of the team in 1969.

He was appointed captain of police July 21, 1903.

Charles Bennett was appointed captain of the company.

sea captain

His father was a schoolteacher and former sea captain.

He has the appearance and personality of a sea captain.

His father was a sea captain from Sweden.

former captain

He is the former captain of the Mumbai Champs.

She is the former captain for the Australian women's sevens team.

She is the former captain of the Nepalese women's national football team.

named captain

In 2005, Varitek was named captain of the Red Sox.

Pejčić was named captain of FK Radnički Niš.

He was named captain in the local militia in the same year.

became captain

In 1917, he became captain of the battleship .

On 15 September 1880 he became captain of HMS "Carysfort".

She soon became captain of the Angel City Hollywood Scarlets.

served as captain

He served as captain on numerous occasions.

He served as captain for the football club.

He served as captain in the local militia.

new captain

In June 2009 Allister Gall was named the new captain.

Menk was also appointed as the new captain of the team.

Nitish Rana was appointed as the new captain of the team.

first captain

The team's first captain in an official match was Jani Kosta.

The Fog Devils first captain was Newfoundlander Scott Brophy.

Vincent Brooks became the first African-American first captain in 1980.

made captain

In the autumn of 2008 he was made captain of Esbjerg fB.

Baloy was also made captain in Grêmio despite his youth.

He was then made captain of the aircraft carrier followed by .

captain during

He was club captain during his time with the club.

He was promptly promoted to the rank of captain during 1943.

Richard served in his father's army as a captain during the baronial revolt.

s captain

"Vulture"s captain at the time was Andrew Sutherland.

For her second voyage, Douglas was still "Queen"s captain.

On 8 March, "Batavia"s captain, cook, and steward again recaptured her.

alternate captain

Phaneuf was named an alternate captain of the Senators at the beginning of the 2016–17 season.

Prior to the start of the 2007–08 season, Higgins was named an alternate captain for the Canadiens.

He was alternate captain of the 1992 Fredericton Canadiens that won the AHL regular season championship.

group captain

He was promoted to group captain on 1 July 1958.

Thus his proper rank would probably be that of group captain.

As group captain, Read commanded No.

became a captain

He became a captain at Air France in 1936.

He also became a captain from 2011.

When Army nurses were given relative rank in 1920, she became a captain.

named team captain   (adlandırılmış takım kaptanı)

He was named team captain of the 97-98 squad.

In 2017, Echevarria was named team captain.

Upon his return to juniors, Hayton was named team captain.

police captain

37 year police captain, Charles Austin, believed paranormal activity occurred in the house.

Asencio served in the United States Army Reserve and later went on to become a police captain.

He is Gwen Stacy's father and a former police captain from the New York City Police Department.

ship captain

His grandfather was ship captain and politician James A.

Constantine soon distinguished himself as a fire ship captain.

Mukundan (Arun Kumar) is an Indian ship captain who lives in Rameshwaram.

named as captain

Phil Waugh was subsequently named as captain.

Players marked (c) were named as captain for their national squad.

On January 28, 2016, Cirelli was named as captain of the Generals.

vice captain

He was retained by Kings for the 2020 season and was appointed as vice captain.

In October 2018, he moved to Al-Hilal Club, having previously been vice captain at Akwa United.

Wayamba Royal vice captain Tarindra Ekanayake captured a five wicket haul to register this historic win.

captain general   (kaptan general)

He was named captain general in 1527.

Triadan Gritti was appointed as Venetian captain general instead of Pietro Mocenigo.

At the same time he served as interim governor and captain general of Nuevo Reino de Granada.

elected captain

Keizur was elected captain of the company.

Jerry Dalrymple was elected captain.

Loyd Roberts was elected captain.

army captain

In the Canadian Army, the rank insignia of an army captain is three pips.

Both brothers were supporters of the unjustly accused French army captain, Alfred Dreyfus.

Next day a new clash started near the airport where 5 ISIS militants were killed and an army captain was killed.

post captain

On 7 June Cator received promotion to post captain.

Marshall received promotion to post captain on 7 June 1814.

The action resulted in a promotion to post captain for Andrew.

acting captain

"Fantome" took command as acting captain.

In 1916 he was promoted to lieutenant and subsequently acting captain.

Cranston was appointed captain of Lancashire in 1947, replacing acting captain Jack Fallows.

promotion to captain

Lieutenant Wilburn was rewarded with a promotion to captain.

He returned home in November 1776, and asked his mentor van de Perre to obtain a promotion to captain for him.

Following promotion to captain, he went to sea in as prospective commander of a mid-Pacific submarine wolf pack.

promoted captain

He was promoted captain on 31 December 1956.

He was promoted captain in July 1901.

For his services he was promoted captain in 1855 and awarded the C.B.

became the captain

In 2017, he became the captain of the national team, which he is still today.

Paulomi became the captain and decided to go 1st, followed by Palak and Nauman.

He moved back to Norway in 2004 to join FC Lyn Oslo, where he became the captain.

flag captain

He also took part in the Battle of New Orleans; but in 1819 a quarrel with his flag captain led to his leaving the service.

Anderberg served as flag captain in the Coastal Fleet from 1941 to 1943 and he was promoted to captain ("kommendör") in 1942.

Beatty famously turned to his flag captain, saying "Chatfield, there seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today."

temporary captain   (geçici kaptan)

He was promoted to first lieutenant in May 1917, and temporary captain in August.

He was made Rangers temporary captain, with the absence of formal club captain David Weir for the first part of the 2011–12 season.

Showrunner/EP Warren Leight said of Baldwin's character, "We have a temporary captain coming in, Adam Baldwin, and he’s replacing Cragen because Cragen is not fit for duty at the moment.

current captain

He is the current captain of PSL team Karachi Kings.

She is the current captain of the New Zealand women's sevens team.

He continues to play minor matches for Montserrat and is the current captain of the team.