Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

held captive   (cautivo detenido)

The last commando held captive was released in 1988.

In this portrayal, he has a demon held captive.

Ælfheah was taken prisoner and held captive for seven months.

taken captive   (tomado cautivo)

Creighton and the three others were taken captive to Boston.

However, du Parquet was himself betrayed and taken captive by Poincy.

As each new element arrived they were taken captive by Elizondo's men.

captive breeding   (cría en cautividad)

Several zoos have started captive breeding programs.

The St. Louis Zoo, in St. Louis, Missouri, has one of the most successful captive breeding programs.

In 1996, five adult racers were collected and sent to the Jersey Zoo for the first attempt at captive breeding.