died in captivity

As a result, 8,296 Australian prisoners died in captivity.

On 8 April 1364, King John II of France died in captivity in England.

Another diplomat, Boualem Sayes, later died in captivity from a chronic illness.

years in captivity

They can live for over eleven years in captivity.

They can live for up to six years in captivity.

Aardvarks live for up to 23 years in captivity.

kept in captivity

Various species of dolphins are kept in captivity.

Dolphins and porpoises are kept in captivity.

Beluga whales were the first whales to be kept in captivity.

bred in captivity   (圈养)

The Skunk Botia has yet to be bred in captivity.

It been bred in captivity with a moderate level of difficulty.

From age 1 individuals vary from 100g-150g when not bred in captivity (99g).