Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

motion capture   (chụp chuyển động)

She has also worked as a motion capture actress.

The actors remained on set to provide motion capture.

He went to Japan to do the character's motion capture.

able to capture   (có thể chụp)

They were eventually able to capture 14 Mauser rifles.

In 1994 he was able to capture the title by outpointing Jesse James Leija.

Lee was not able to capture the men in the redoubt and left the next morning.

attempt to capture   (cố gắng để nắm bắt)

Players attempt to capture each other's pieces by hopping over them.

During another attempt to capture Kafisha it is alleged he lost his eye.

It was an attempt to capture the atmosphere of the group's live stage show.

managed to capture   (quản lý để nắm bắt)

The Lithuanians managed to capture three Russian flags.

Gentile managed to capture his highly unusual injury on video.

Their attack was a success and they managed to capture Jin Zong alive.

failed to capture   (không chụp được)

On his return he again failed to capture Hennebont.

Despite a pursuit lasting several days, Revolutionary forces failed to capture them.

Though a bold attempt, Pugazhendi has failed to capture the attention of the audience".

avoid capture   (tránh bị bắt)

Pule immediately went into hiding to avoid capture.

Filipov committed suicide to avoid capture on the ground.

London used his Sonic Stunner to avoid capture from Grant.

not capture

The models presented here do not capture those effects.

His studio recordings did not capture the essence of his live performances.

It does not capture differences in the severity of poverty amongst the poor.

capture the city

Babur had a great ambition to capture the city.

The Ukrainian Army did not manage to capture the city.

In 219 BC, Philip V of Macedon tried to capture the city but without success.

order to capture   (để nắm bắt)

In order to capture dugongs and sea turtles, the hunters needed to maintain the utmost degree of stealth.

The Choujin Enma had tasked him to join Team Super Phoenix in order to capture Neptuneman, who had cheated death.

In order to capture the lucrative coal transport business, East Indian Railway laid lines up to Raniganj in 1855.

carbon capture   (chụp carbon)

carbon capture and storage, bioenergy and offshore wind power.

Another long-term option is carbon capture directly from the air using hydroxides.

Furthermore, they seek to construct at least one full-scale carbon capture demonstration plant by 2020.

attempted to capture

His army had previously attempted to capture the city in April 634, but without success.

Some other Muslims also attempted to capture the fort, but they were unsuccessful as well.

General Sam Lane (Lois' father) attempted to capture Superman, seeing him as an alien threat.

attempts to capture

Later Orana attempts to capture a terrorist named Warhead.

Meanwhile, Kalabhairavan attempts to capture the Mookuththi.

British intelligence also continued its attempts to capture McGlinchey.

tried to capture

In 1643 La Tour tried to capture Port-Royal again.

The British never again tried to capture Santa Cruz.

Several times during the night the Arabs tried to capture the hill.

used to capture

The oral jaws are used to capture and manipulate prey by biting and crushing.

In the April 1910 interview, he described three of the methods he used to capture African animals.

The bag contained a forgotten camera that had been used to capture images of the first Moon landing.

unable to capture   (không thể chụp)

The mughal were unable to capture him.

The Hizam troops seized intelligence material, but were unable to capture the terrorist.

Valaenza was besieged again in 1696, but this time the French and Savoyards were unable to capture it.

evaded capture

They resisted, inflicting some casualties, but then evaded capture.

The pilots ejected, evaded capture, and were picked up by rescue helicopters.

He evaded capture for approximately two months, suffering from frostbite and snow blindness.

evade capture   (trốn tránh bắt)

They are unsuccessful, as he manages to evade capture.

Dollhouse managed to evade capture, however.

Some members of the group manage to evade capture and continue with terrorist activities.

capture all

The object of the game is to capture all of the opponent's pieces.

First the knights should blockade the pawns and then capture all except one.

Hikaru manages to capture all of the Freaky Monkey Five, except Yellow Monkey.

trying to capture

But in trying to capture young animals alive, the deaths of older wild animals and animals used as bait did occur.

From then on, it's a battle of wits between Woody and the German, the clockmaker trying to capture the elusive Woody.

The Autobots mount a response, trying to capture the facsimile and a battle breaks out, with Prowl and Hot Rod capturing the facsimile.

neutron capture   (bắt neutron)

Natural deposits of plutonium and neptunium are produced by neutron capture in uranium ore.

The s-process is a slow neutron capture of lighter elements inside pulsating red giant stars.

electron capture

The most stable of these is , decaying by electron capture with a half-life of ays.

It decays by electron capture to stable K with a half-life of about a hundred thousand years.

However, Dy decays primarily by alpha decay, and Dy and Dy decay primarily by electron capture.

ability to capture

The MERV system measures a filter’s ability to capture large particles.

VSN has an ability to capture images with different depth of focuses in the scene using several cameras.

The higher the MPR, the better the filter’s ability to capture particles from the air as it passes through the filter.

attempting to capture

But he was also attempting to capture the features of the land that most perplexed him.

Reiner is accidentally killed by cartel members while they are attempting to capture him.

The stakes were high as Cork were attempting to capture a first three in-a-row since 1954.

capture and storage

carbon capture and storage, bioenergy and offshore wind power.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is explicitly excluded from the scenarios.

The transition does not require Germany's nuclear phase-out ("") to be extended nor the construction of coal-fired plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS).

wanted to capture

That's what I wanted to capture".

They wanted to capture performances that were immediate and intimate.

We wanted to capture that feeling and have it sound a bit raucous and messy and euphoric.

escaped capture

One person who escaped capture came and told Abram what happened.

The three Yugoslav ships that escaped capture were used to create a KJRM-in-exile.

The rear guard was the only contingent in the rebel army which sensed the danger and escaped capture.

try to capture

My writing is very honest, I just try to capture that moment as best as I can.

In the meanwhile the soldiers standing outside see Jumbo running out of the tent and try to capture it.

In the summer of 1655, the joint Russo-Cossack army approached the fortress, but did not try to capture it.

during the capture

He was seriously injured during the capture and had an arm amputated.

He further stated that he had been asleep during the capture of the sloop "Francis".

One year after (1830), he commanded the artillery in Africa during the capture of Algiers.

capture the town   (đánh chiếm thị trấn)

The NDH forces encircled Drvar, but lacked the artillery to capture the town.

The Polish army under Stefan Czarniecki failed to capture the town, defended by Ivan Bohun.

Possession of Caen and its surroundings would give the Anglo-Canadian forces a suitable staging area for a push south to capture the town of Falaise.