captured during   (中に捕獲された)

Sambhaji was captured during this war and killed by Mughals.

John II was captured during the Battle of Baesweiler in 1371.

He was captured during this action, but was released four days later.

forces captured   (捕獲された力)

On 20 May, Hezb-i Wahdat forces captured Bamiyan.

In September, Dostum forces captured Badghis.

Turkish forces captured the northern part of the island.

captured the city   (都市を占領した)

The North Vietnamese captured the city on March 24 1975.

The force captured the city of Kandahar on 8 January 1879.

Jordan captured the city during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

captured and executed   (キャプチャされて実行された)

Phra Sisin was captured and executed in Ayutthaya.

Zenebishi himself was captured and executed.

The king fled but was captured and executed.

then captured

They freed everyone, then captured Clea and Ptra.

The cruel king then captured the dead king's queen.

Pule was then captured, tried, and executed.

captured several

VC captured several districts across Mekong Delta.

There "Erie" too captured several prizes.)

Bison has captured several A.N.

later captured

He is later captured by the Red Queen's forces.

Umm Hawsh was later captured by SDF, on 30 August 2016.

Yang Ye was later captured by Liao forces.

killed or captured

All able bodied men will be killed or captured.

In addition, 2,000 Eritrean Askaris were killed or captured.

Warriors, along with women and children, were killed or captured.

captured the town   (町を占領した)

Drake and his men captured the town and its treasure.

ISIS captured the town in 2014.

On 16 October 2016, Turkish-backed rebels captured the town from ISIL.

eventually captured

The port of Quilon was eventually captured in c. 1097 AD.

She is eventually captured and imprisoned by Ottoman pirates.

Maqana was eventually captured and imprisoned on Robben Island.

captured and imprisoned   (捕獲され、投獄された)

Krankka was captured and imprisoned at Turku Castle.

He was captured and imprisoned at Silchar jail.

She is eventually captured and imprisoned by Ottoman pirates.

captured and taken

The ruler, Dawachi, was captured and taken to Beijing.

In 1864 he was captured and taken to Andersonville Prison.

Returning to Ra'iatea, he was captured and taken to Borabora.

finally captured   (ついに捕まった)

Union forces finally captured the region in 1863.

The Holy Grail of the Gibson Cup was finally captured in 1974.

The Tangs finally captured it in 747 CE, after three failed attempts.

attacked and captured

The Maratha's initially attacked and captured Katwa and Hooghly, in Bengal.

"B" Squadron, 10th Light Horse Regiment attacked and captured the rearguard.

Chaytor's Force advanced towards Amman which was attacked and captured on 25 September.

defeated and captured

Gómez was defeated and captured and the rebellion was snuffed out.

He was defeated and captured in 1184 at the Battle of Ichi-no-Tani.

Babak defeated and captured him.

not captured

The terrorists fled the scene and were not captured.

The terrorists immediately fled the scene and were not captured.

CODASYL supports insertion and retention that are not captured by referential integrity alone.

troops captured

In July 1941 German troops captured Kivertsi.

Soviet troops captured him there in 1945.

In November 1476, Isabella's troops captured the castle of Toro.

quickly captured

The island was quickly captured.

He did not attempt to flee, and was quickly captured by a local militia.

They quickly captured You.

captured and killed

Yukiie was captured and killed in 1186, on orders from Yoritomo.

The Canons were captured and killed.

Muhammad Imin Khan fled to the Mountains where he was captured and killed.

successfully captured

The Shu forces thus successfully captured Wudu and Yinping commanderies.

The port—which had, for the most part, been abandoned—was, indeed, successfully captured.

Llano's forces successfully captured Matamoros who was tried and executed shortly after that battle.

team captured   (捕獲されたチーム)

In 1981, the Marist men's lacrosse team captured the Knickerbocker Conference title.

In 2007, the Milwaukee Men's Junior B travelling team captured its first NAGAA Championship.

In addition, the boys' track and field team captured nine state championships between 1951 and 2012.

soon captured

Burr was soon captured, and the men were sent home.

Unfortunately, Barnabas was soon captured by the Leviathans.

Two managed to return home, while the others were soon captured.

captured all

This newly created lot captured all known or marked graves.

Alexander captured all these cities in a period of three years (83-80 BCE).

During his term, Republicans captured all but two of the county-wide offices.

army captured

By March 1944 the Russian army captured the region.

On 20 April, the army captured the Imam Ali mosque in Tadamon.

The same year his northern expedition army captured the capital Khanbaliq.

wounded and captured

Barlow was wounded and captured in the attack.

French losses were immense, with over 27,000 killed, wounded and captured.

During the 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, he was wounded and captured again.

captured most   (最も捕捉された)

Hill's attack, we would have had an easy victory—comparatively, & would have captured most of Porter's command."

The Italians captured most of the KJRM in port, including "Ljubljana", which had spent the duration of the invasion in dry-dock.

In III Corps the 1st Division captured most of the rest of Flers Switch Trench and was relieved by the 47th Division that night.

city was captured

The city was captured by the Rashidun Caliphate in 638.

The city was captured by the invading Arab Muslims under Khalid ibn Urfuta.

In a frontal assault on 8–9 July the northern half of the city was captured.

captured when   (キャプチャされたとき)

The ships' officers had been captured when they came ashore near Bucks Harbor.

In December 1672, Carleton was captured when a turnkey from Newgate Prison, while searching for stolen loot at that time recognized her.

Some years later in the early 190s, she was captured when the warlords Li Jue and Guo Si sent their troops to pillage the lands east of Hangu Pass.

subsequently captured

Jasmine wins, and then they are subsequently captured.

"Wake", at Shanghai, was subsequently captured by the Japanese.

Most of the conspirators were subsequently captured and executed.

captured and held

He was captured and held prisoner in Sweden until exchanged in 1718.

Meanwhile, 36 soldiers of the 10th Parachute Regiment were captured and held by the LTTE.

After a brief but bloody battle, Riddick is subdued when Jack is captured and held at gun point.

rebels captured

On 16 October 2016, Turkish-backed rebels captured the town from ISIL.

On the evening of the same day, rebels captured the village of Qubbat al-Kurdi.

On 16 October 2016, Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army rebels captured the town from ISIL.

when they captured   (彼らが捕獲したとき)

On 20 July "Shannon" was in company with and when they captured "Comet".

The Germans cut the pipeline from the oilfields when they captured Rostov on 23 July.

Then on 21 August, "Shannon" was in company with "Surinam" and when they captured "Espoir".

captured many

Social photographer Sam Hood captured many socialite weddings during the 1930s.

He rallied men of several units, led them forward, and captured many prisoners.

During these attacks on Ottoman rearguards they captured many prisoners and machine guns.

captured along

The Ghurids were however defeated and Suri was captured along with his son Shith.

In October 1862, 130 men from the 8th were captured along with seven German-Americans.

An anonymous "senior coalition official" said Saedi was captured along with "three other individuals."

men captured

Drake and his men captured the town and its treasure.

In addition to the men captured on Crete, one other had been captured in Greece.

In early 1862, Captain Madison and his men captured mail en route to Ft. Garland.

recently captured

August also saw a trial in Admiralty court over the recently captured sloop.

On 10 February, "Winooski" moved from Lingayen Gulf to recently captured Subic Bay.

On the following day, the SAA advanced from the recently captured village of Salim to the nearby Hamrat.

captured alive

Kasab was the only attacker captured alive by police.

He was Kasab, the lone terrorist captured alive later.

Nine of the attackers were killed and one, Ajmal Amir, was captured alive.

captured and sent

They were soon captured and sent to close confinement in Montreal.

The crews were captured and sent to Winchester where they were hanged by orders of Alfred.

During that siege the Captain and 20 men of Company K were captured and sent to a POW camp.

captured a number   (数字をキャプチャしました)

The French squadron also captured a number of smaller British warships and the large Portuguese frigate "Minerve".

Under Cochrane, "Hind" captured a number of vessels in 1793: "Georgette" was under the command of Jean-Pierre Edet.

It appears that Tibetans captured a number of Caliphate troops and pressed them into service on the eastern frontier in 801.

captured the village

On the evening of the same day, rebels captured the village of Qubbat al-Kurdi.

On June 1, 1948, Israel's Giv'ati Brigade captured the village in the second stage of Operation Barak.

On 30 January 1943, the Vulnetari militia captured the village of Grbole and terrorized the residents.

captured the fort

In 1686 the French captured the fort and burned it.

1676 Marathas captured the fort of Parnera.

They rested on Jwalamukhi and ultimately captured the fort.

captured the attention   (注目を集めました)

Her reporting captured the attention of Hillary Clinton, who invited her to the White House.

He captured the attention of public figures, politicians, Western journalists and government officials.

A "Herald Sun" reporter said "No other wedding in soap history in Australia has captured the attention like Scott and Charlene's nuptials late in 1987."

again captured

Specter loses and is once again captured.

He took part in the Warsaw Uprising and was again captured by the Nazis.

However, while in Afghanistan, he was once again captured by the Safavids.

when captured   (捕獲されたとき)

She was pierced for 14 guns, but had none aboard when captured.

Dangerous bears are tranquilized when captured and are marked with a bright paint on the neck.

Baghdad and southern Iraq remained under Ottoman rule until 1917, when captured by the British during World War I.