İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

car accident   (araba kazası)

When he drinks and drives, he has a car accident.

Papară was in a car accident in 3 September 2005.

Papară started snowboarding after a car accident.

car park   (otopark)

The Plenty Road car park is a 11km stretch of road.

A "pay and display" car park now occupies the site.

It enters the lake near the Armboth public car park.

sports car   (Spor araba)

It also famously powered the DeLorean sports car.

This was converted into a sports car, however.

She has her sports car parked in front of her building.

car racing   (araba yarışı)

The track has not only hosted stock car racing, however.

He was more successful in sports car racing.

He is also known as a motorcycle and car racing enthusiast.

car crash   (araba kazası)

He died in a car crash on March 1, 2009 at age 49.

Dunn died in a car crash in 2011 at the age of 34.

Tragically Cyril was killed in a car crash in 1957.

new car

To go with the engine a new car was prepared.

Work on the new car began in 1970 under project code M550.

Daggett spends all his time on developing a new car motor.

race car   (yarış arabası)

It reformatted Jazz in the form of an Earth race car.

His younger brother, Yuji, is also a race car driver.

It was the birthplace of race car driver Tazio Nuvolari.

stock car   (stok araba)

The track has not only hosted stock car racing, however.

That stock car experiment at Lonsdale proved to be right on.

The track has hosted stock car racing and kart racing events.

cable car   (teleferik)

A cable car takes visitors up to a mountain peak.

The bridge offered cable car service across the span.

The last cable car ran on this line on 25 October 1951.

first car

The first car she owned was a Mitsubishi Lancer.

The first car arrived in 1949 and entered service in 1950.

Brewer's first car was a beige Mini 850cc.

safety car   (güvenlik arabası)

The race was eventually started under safety car conditions.

A yellow LED is illuminated when the safety car is deployed.

A late safety car session saw the Audi's lead shrink to thirteen seconds.

private car   (özel araba)

The first private car was C&NW 6700, named "The Deerpath".

Per capita private car ownership is the 29th-highest in the world.

Thus, private car ownership in the country is the fifth highest per capita in the world.

concept car   (konsept araba)

In February 2014, the Redi-Go concept car was presented.

In that same year, the Vauxhall SRV concept car was shown.

named the 1999 Bugatti 18/3 Chiron concept car in his honour.

racing car

Wetteroth Wetteroth was a racing car constructor.

Meskowski Meskowski was a racing car constructor.

Pankratz Pankratz was a racing car constructor.

car driver   (araba sürücüsü)

His younger brother, Yuji, is also a race car driver.

It was the birthplace of race car driver Tazio Nuvolari.

Currey's father was a race car driver.

touring car   (Turne arabası)

It produced a touring car, the Bay State Forty.

It still holds sports car, touring car and motorcycle races.

The 1990 Australian touring car season consisted of 12 events.

stock car racing   (stok araba yarışı)

The track has not only hosted stock car racing, however.

The track has hosted stock car racing and kart racing events.

Jane is credited with bringing stock car racing to Australia.

car bomb   (araba bombası)

A car bomb exploded in a checkpoint outside the compound.

Three of them were killed in two separate car bomb explosions.

The same day, a car bomb exploded in Kidal, killing two people.

passenger car

In 2013, a new passenger car was purchased for the route.

When installed on a passenger car, it provides extra seating.

The company also owned a passenger car and a matching luggage car.

car parking

Box Hill Central has 7 levels of undercover car parking.

There are also 1,150 basement and surface car parking spaces.

There are also 360 car parking spaces.

electric car

The electric car batteries are their main cost.

The DUT12 was the second electric car of the DUT Racing team.

The Chery Arrizo 5e is an electric car based on the Arrizo 5 sedan.

police car

During the demonstration, one police car was damaged.

She watches as he is bundled away into a waiting police car.

There are several types of police car.

car race   (araba yarışı)

Twelve drivers have scored their first - and in some cases only - Indy car race win at Michigan.

Procter's racing career ended in 1966 when he was hit from behind in a saloon car race at Goodwood.

He instituted "the world's largest car race" from Oslo to Askim in 1939 and Rally Viking in the 1950s.

car manufacturer   (araba üreticisi)

Sports car manufacturer Pagani is located here.

The Adiva was also sold by car manufacturer Renault under the name Full Time.

Prior to World War I, the Austrian Empire had five car manufacturer companies.

motor car

All were open except one motor car which was closed.

He also toured inland, travelling by motor car.

Austin 25/30 The Austin 25-30 is a motor car.

car parks

Another criticism has been the lack of car parks.

Revenue from car parks assists in the upkeep of the area.

Both of these car parks are free to use.

race car driver   (yarış arabası şoförü)

His younger brother, Yuji, is also a race car driver.

It was the birthplace of race car driver Tazio Nuvolari.

Currey's father was a race car driver.

car dealership   (Araba satış bayiliği)

He has a stepmother who works at a car dealership.

In 2007, Cargiant became the world's largest car dealership.

Landry later became a sales representative at a car dealership.

second car   (ikinci araba)

Herb McCandless drove Brooklyn Heavy's second car.

The shed was also extended to allow for Rose's second car.

It was the second car released under BAIC ownership, after the Freedom/Furuida M50.

car chase   (araba kovalamacası)

All three feature a memorable car chase sequence.

Cowboy leads the cops on a car chase, but is caught.

In 2003, Parnell flees from Simon and the Terminators in a car chase.

each car

1,000 motor, thus giving each car horizontal tractive pull.

All cars were articulated—trucks were shared between each car.

All models have one train, which has 10 cars with 2 seats on each car.

another car   (başka bir araba)

You know, driving your car you hear another car playing it.

Duryodhana, riding on another car, encounters Yudhishthira again.

Along the way, she passes another car (who owns the car is unknown).

sports car racing

He was more successful in sports car racing.

The premier championship series of sports car racing is the FIA World Endurance Championship.

R-GT was introduced to allow Grand Touring cars that competed in sports car racing to enter rallies.

production car

The production car debuted in November 2016.

The production car debuted in December 2013.

This made it the fastest production car from 1992 to 1993.

small car

Just behind the beach there is a very small car park.

The small car was scheduled to roll out of the factory by 2008.

There is also a small car park currently free of charge to rail users.

car produced

It was the last ever car produced by the ATS team.

It is the first commercial car produced by Geely Automobiles.

Honda N-WGN The is a kei car produced by Honda for the Japanese market.

luxury car   (lüks araba)

Italian luxury car brand Lamborghini was strengthened under VW ownership.

Cadillac (disambiguation) Cadillac is a General Motors luxury car brand.

The last main category is Origins, inspired by the luxury car brand Genesis.

armoured car   (zırhlı araba)

He was wounded, but survived (and since then used an armoured car).

), some IVECO armoured car Puma 4X4 and IVECO utility vehicles VM90.

The armoured car was the first modern fully armoured fighting vehicle.

car racing driver

Steve Seligman Steve Seligman is a former American stock car racing driver.

Randy Baker Randy Baker (born May 14, 1958) is an American stock car racing driver.

Mike Olsen Mike Olsen (born February 8, 1968) is an American stock car racing driver.

car manufacturers   (Araba üreticileri)

Iran Khodro is one of the largest car manufacturers in Asia.

It features cars from various high performance and exotic car manufacturers.

Several car manufacturers referenced the "Balance" ad in subsequent commercials.

car built

It is an intelligent car built by intelligent people.

Paul Newman had the car built for Letterman.

Ferrari 408 4RM The Ferrari 408 4RM is a prototype car built by Ferrari in 1987.

used car

The group then decides to run to the used car lot.

Many Pakistanis in Japan run used car export businesses.

His father was a used car salesman.

car market   (otomobil pazarı)

Brazil has become the fourth largest car market in the world.

Following the war, prices in the car market fluctuated greatly.

The second generation Haval H1 was launched on the Chinese car market.

professional stock car   (profesyonel stok araba)

Mason Diaz Mason Diaz (born May 16, 2000) is an American professional stock car racing driver.

Kyle Donahue Kyle Donahue (born May 6, 2000) is an American professional stock car racing driver.

Derek Kraus Derek Kraus (born September 1, 2001) is an American professional stock car racing driver.

own car

Four years later his wife dies in her own car accident.

He does his own car stunts in the series.

In September 2017, Vingroup started the construction of its own car factory.

car rental   (araba kiralama)

There are also two car rental departments: Murad and 'Orabi.

The major car rental companies include:

Paid parking, taxis and car rental are available at the airport.

car driven   (araba ile çalışan)

17 car driven by Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

As he approached the gate of the SS HQ, he was blocked by the car driven by Miś.

On September 10, 1971, a car driven by Leo Jackson, Jr. collided with a police vehicle.

family car   (aile arabası)

It replaced the Stellar as Hyundai's large family car.

It varied in two forms only, one as a family car and the other as a taxi.

He wore out the owners manual of the family car looking through it at age 2.

car sales

The village has a number of car sales outlets.

Her father has a car sales business and her mother is a writer.

General Motors grew in prominence surpassing Ford Motors selling just over 50% of car sales in 1962.

car when   (ne zaman araba)

Ludivine takes Luc's car when she leaves early.

He stops the car when he starts feeling stoned.

Wilson had been in the widow's car when Mr. Trump had called her.

car company   (araba firması)

The association has a sponsorship relationship with the Nissan car company.

Walter Chrysler personally financed the construction with his income from his car company.

Now the challenge was to create a powerful, modern, 1990's design and restart the car company.

when the car   (araba ne zaman)

This wound the clockwork motor and when the car was released it shot forward at speed.

These were often wired to the car's ignition system, to explode when the car was started.

This can be clearly seen when the car initially pulled up outside and the camera pans upwards.

car ferry

A passenger ferry started in 1949 and a car ferry in 1960.

A car ferry links it to Kohukohu and the northern Hokianga.

A car ferry to Fowey departs from there.

car designed

On March 27, 2005, CQ Motors began selling an electric car designed by Toriyama.

Noble M10 The Noble M10 was the first car designed and produced by Noble Automotive.

Mazda Chantez EV The Mazda Chantez EV was a concept car designed by Mazda as part of the A.I.S.T.

road car   (yol arabası)

It is based upon the Citroën C3 road car and is built to R5 regulations.

A high-performance road car like the Enzo Ferrari only achieves around 1g.

The "BMW M" division released its first road car, a mid-engine supercar, in 1978.

armored car   (zırhlı araç)

The Dozor-B is a four-wheeled Ukrainian armored car.

Later it was developed into the Automobile Battery armored car.

In 1992, he was acquitted of participating in an armored car heist.

rental car   (kiralık araba)

In the UK, a hire car is the US equivalent of a rental car.

Baggage claim and rental car agencies are on the lower level.

The two manage to get a rental car and arrive in San Francisco.

dining car

Since July 2015, the "Silver Star" has operated without a dining car.

At the moment of the crash, the imperial family was in the dining car.

The new train carried both coaches and Pullman sleepers and a dining car.

car during   (araba sırasında)

Wissel retired the Basel car during this with engine trouble.

At the Commissioner Antonio is stolen the car during a night.

Witnesses told police the wounded man was pursued by a driver of another car during a chase.

other car   (diğer araba)

No other car inspires more confidence than the LFA".

But, no other car I know of does everything so extremely well".

Inteva produces cables and latches and other car parts at the Salonta facility.

car used

18 had a lower gear ratio setup meaning the car used less fuel but was slower.

Lotus 78 The Lotus 78 'wing car' was a Formula One racing car used in the and seasons.

A cable car used to connect the town with Engolasters Lake, but it has been dismantled.

car made

55 car made its way to third place with the No.

The express car made two round trips per day.

Cudell The Cudell was a German car made from 1898 to 1908.

car races

USAC sanctioned Championship car races from 1956–1979.

He also began shooting with an 8 mm camera, including filming car races.

The DBR9 competes in the GT class in sports car races, including the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans.

patrol car

She borrowed a patrol car and returned to the scene.

Terms for police cars include area car and patrol car.

Having fled down the road, they take cover upon seeing a Garda Síochána patrol car.

drove the car

They drove the car out to Danvers, Massachusetts and left it in the woods.

Newey first drove the car up the hill at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

He then drove the car and rammed it into the GPPS, where the third attack occurred.

same car

Another bomb exploded from the same car.

Nonetheless this same car achieved the fastest lap of the event at 2:03.699.

He later broke the Formula Ford lap record at the Sandown Raceway in the same car.

car dealerships   (otomobil bayileri)

Berzin owns three Fiat car dealerships, in Lombardy.

His father was in charge of a "chain of car dealerships".

His father ran car dealerships, including Medway Autos in Kent.

sleeping car   (uyuyan araba)

The 6-4-4 sleeping car operated through to Los Angeles.

Four conductors were also employed to serve the sitting and sleeping car passengers.

The last preserved Class WLAsüge 20 sleeping car is owned by the "Passauer Eisenbahnfreunden".

car body

The 2nd generation featured a redesigned car body.

Center car body louvres became vertical-slotted.

The second is to traverse the rail car body on its trucks, known as a "car-traversing mount".

car dealer   (araba satıcısı)

Erik Lyly continued as a store manager for Aineen Autoliike Oy (car dealer) in Rovaniemi.

For "Trading Up", Brewer drove a white Toyota Fortuner owned by a used car dealer in India.

Media reports of dos Santos' "normal" activities range from a petty car dealer to a car thief.

per car

In 1959, tolls were set to $0.35 per car.

Six to eight passengers could ride per car, and trains usually ran with 8-10 cars.

The toll per car remained at $0.75 when the replacement bridge opened in the 1980s.

car owner

Forsythe began his career as a car owner in 1983.

Later he took a sip of milk, at the urging of his car owner Roger Penske.

Fogg runs his own 'Radio Sport' race team in conjunction with car owner Kevin Williams.

when his car   (onun arabası)

In 2002 he was in the news when his car hit a pedestrian.

The protagonist's road trip comes to an end when his car breaks down.

A young English schoolteacher finds himself stranded when his car breaks down.

sprint car

He later moved to sprint car racing, becoming a Dixie Outlaw Sprint Car Series competitor.

There are also several engine builders that build both 410ci and 360ci engines for traveling sprint car teams.

Harold Dunaway Harold Glenn Dunaway (October 7, 1933 – September 3, 2012) was an American stock car and sprint car driver.

rail car   (Raylı araba)

On July 1, 1903, their rail car arrived in Calgary, Alberta.

The most popular use was in the Budd RDC self-powered rail car.

This rail car service crossed with other services at Yarra Glen until 1972.

pace car

The first pace car was a Stoddard-Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher.

The pace car is deployed for debris, collision, or weather reasons.

Mazda was confirmed as the new pace car and courtesy vehicle supplier.

car show   (araba şovu)

The Mallanats is an annual car show held at the circuit since 2009.

The still minor King Peter II was named a patron of the car show in 1938.

After the new Belgrade Fair was finished in 1957, the car show was revived.

car salesman   (araba satıcısı)

He quits flying and becomes a car salesman instead.

In 2002, Mitchell married Jason Essary, a car salesman.

His father was a used car salesman.

car production

This lasted until car production resumed in 1947.

Hotchkiss shut down Delahaye car production.

Hungarian car production started in 1900.

car bombs

He was responsible for IED attacks and car bombs.

The earliest car bombs were intended for assassination.

On December 11, 2007, two car bombs exploded in Algiers.

car wash   (araba yıkama)

Additionally, the company operates full-service car wash facilities in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

While waiting at a car wash, Ávila was asked if he was a journalist and then he was taken by three armed and masked men.

Across the street and on the same block as Mars Investigations is the car wash often seen in Season One flashbacks with Lilly Kane.

street car

A street car service runs on rails on the Mainstreet.

6, double reduction 15-horse- power street car motors.

Patton Motor Company The Patton Motor Company was an street car manufacturer in Chicago.

driving a car

In the city centre, driving a car is discouraged.

She made the news again in 1911, when she took up driving a car.

He even tried driving a car along the dirt road beside the ranch.

compact car   (kompakt araba)

Even though dimensions became mid-sized, it was still rated by the EPA as a compact car.

Buick Apollo The Buick Apollo is a compact car that was manufactured from 1973 to 1975 by Buick.

Changan Eado The Changan Eado (逸动) is a compact car produced by Chinese auto manufacturer Changan.

car ownership

Per capita private car ownership is the 29th-highest in the world.

Thus, private car ownership in the country is the fifth highest per capita in the world.

With one private car for every 2.09 persons, Brunei has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world.

single car

Louis F. Florian died Monday, October 6, 2014 in a single car accident.

Two of the routes that the 6000s were not used on were served by their single car variants, the 1-50 series.

With such a focused beam, an officer using a LIDAR gun can target a single car in close proximity to others at ranges of up to .

car bodies

The car bodies are made of steel, with a length of and a width of .

After that war he raced cars and also developed and patented lightweight car bodies.

The car bodies are made out of aluminium, and the trains are powered by IGBT-controlled three-phase motors.

stolen car

Friedlinghaus then pretended to find the supposedly stolen car.

They stabbed her to death and fled the vicinity in their stolen car.

The paths of Samet, Umut and Asim's gang cross because of a stolen car.

third car

At the same time, the third car moves to the engine assembly.

Tidemand and Fløene will share the third car with Gus Greensmith.

In BTTF 2, some trim is different suggesting a possible third car.

railroad car

Car 553 Car 553 is a privately owned railroad car.

Clearance car A clearance car is a type of railroad car in maintenance of way service.

Scale test car A scale test car is a type of railroad car in maintenance of way service.

stock car race   (stok araba yarışı)

In 1994, Chase qualified for the 1994 Brickyard 400, the inaugural stock car race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

During a stock car race at Lakewood in Georgia, Petty's son Richard raced against Lee, a teammate to his father on Petty Enterprises.

2012 AAA 400 The 2012 AAA 400 was a NASCAR Cup Series stock car race held on September 30, 2012 at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware.

touring car racing

The closest European equivalent to stock car racing is probably touring car racing.

It has competed in rallying and touring car racing, and also develops high performance versions of road cars.

Audi Sport's activities in rallying and touring car racing have been sponsored by Castrol, as well as its Le Mans Prototypes program since 2011.

getaway car   (kaçış arabası)

He was eventually caught and arrested by Converse police later that day after crashing a stolen getaway car.

Bill and Dave gain access to the vault and soon rush out of the bank with $275,000, with Alvin driving the getaway car.

A motor vehicle, commonly referred to as a getaway car, is frequently used by the offender to flee the scene of a crime.

large car

Grove Road station has a large car park with over 160 spaces.

There is a large car park.

Within the depot there is a large car shed, with open-air sidings to either side of it.

car manufactured

Lexus LFA The is a two-seat sports car manufactured by Lexus, the luxury car division of Toyota.

Renault Grand Prix The Renault Grand Prix was a race car manufactured between 1906 and 1908 by French car maker Renault.

Ruf SCR 2018 The Ruf SCR is a German rear-engined sports car manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Ruf Automobile.

last car   (son araba)

The last car ran on the line in 1925.

This was also the last car to be made at Lansing's old Fisher Body plant.

They also enforced requirements that Jews not appear in public places and ride only on the last car of the Parisian metro.

car parts

The cargo consisted of Ford car parts and other general cargo.

Inteva produces cables and latches and other car parts at the Salonta facility.

The company originally supplied car parts for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW vehicles.

classic car

In 1987, Karl-Friedrich discovered the Mille Miglia, a classic car rally that runs from Brescia to Rome.

Stock broker Selwyn Proctor is furious when his classic car blows up outside his prestigious home in Midsomer Market.

In each series Noakes used a particular mode of transport to get about such as a yacht, on foot, narrow boat, or classic car.

car crashes   (Araba kazaları)

The bonus clip usually involves car crashes or military disasters.

Their car crashes to a tree.

The car crashes into a lorry whilst he was on the phone to Liam, which made him lose concentration.

car design

It continued to be used in car design well after World War II.

After the failure of the Disk, Zbrojovka was determined that its next car design would be a success.

However, racer and performance driver Smokey Yunick requested this car as the basis for a new race car design.