Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

began his career   (comenzó su carrera)

Riswold began his career as a sculptor in Chicago.

Humann began his career at SunTrust Banks in 1969.

He recently began his career as an operatic tenor.

started his career   (comenzó su carrera)

Mikaeili started his career with Pegah Gilan F.C..

Jokar started his career with Fajr Sepasi in 2010.

He started his career in AFC Ajax's youth academy.

professional career   (carrera profesional)

Overall, he went 32-19 in his professional career.

Chaiat began his professional career at FC Utrecht.

Varga finished his professional career at Újpest FC.

playing career   (jugando carrera)

During his playing career, his nickname was Chewy.

He won a total of $709 during his playing career.

He then began his playing career at AS Carcassonne.

first career   (primera carrera)

However, his first career aspiration was music.

San Lorenzo were Reniero's first career club.

Robson's first career was as a schoolmaster.

political career   (carrera política)

Ellis began his political career as a Republican.

She started her political career by becoming the Sr.

McCallion began her political career in Streetsville.

career began

López's career began in 2009 with Central Español.

From that moment his career began a steady ascent.

Uppal's television career began with the show "P.S.

acting career   (carrera de actuación)

She began her acting career in the Marathi theatre.

Her acting career on film had a troubled history.

1917 Gertrude Welcker began her film acting career.

solo career   (Carrera en solitario)

At this time Serrano also started his solo career.

Gisèle Magnan's solo career really began in 1982.

By that time Anu had left to pursue her solo career.

during his career

He designed over 100 productions during his career.

He scored a total of 12 centuries during his career.

football career

Oluokun began his college football career at Yale.

Frutos began his football career with Metz in 2000.

Baraza began his club football career with A.F.C.

began her career   (comenzó su carrera)

Hausam began her career in California around 1912.

Cassyette began her career as a DJ and songwriter.

She began her career as a dancer and choreographer.

career high

He reached a career high of number 7 in the world.

In 2012, Sourabh Verma reached a career high of no.

He reached a career high ATP singles ranking of No.

throughout his career   (a lo largo de su carrera)

in varying sizes and media throughout his career.

Rees has worked in diverse areas throughout his career.

Prince played the song throughout his career.

early career

Information about Qurra's early career is obscure.

A pagan, Valerius Maximus’ early career is unknown.

In his early career he competed in the coxless pair.

music career

She then moved to Mumbai to pursue her music career.

The Dogg began his professional music career in 2003.

Originally, he intended to make a music career.

pursue a career   (seguir una carrera)

Carrie then went on to pursue a career in writing.

She retired in 1973 to pursue a career in business.

(Mama) Mann who did not pursue a career as a musician.

coaching career

Gene Keady began his coaching career at the school.

He began his coaching career with Middlesbrough.

Lakovič began his basketball coaching career in 2016.

musical career   (carrera musical)

His musical career began at llanera music festivals.

He stopped studying law to pursue his musical career.

This was a very highlight point in his musical career.

military career

Richard was equally proud of his military career.

The campaign ended his military career in the field.

He spent his entire military career as a cavalryman.

college career

She finished her college career with 1,678 points.

After his college career he signed with Ste Mar.

During his college career, he played defensive tackle.

long career   (larga carrera)

During his long career he received 15 Clio Awards.

Throughout Bhatt’s long career as a teacher at the M.S.U.

She switched to acting and had a long career in the theatre.

racing career

Luyendyk dropped out to focus on his racing career.

During his racing career Dansili earned £373,602.

His hand was crippled, ending his racing career.

finished his career

He finished his career at amateur side Halsteren.

He finished his career with a 3–1 edge over Tressel.

He finished his career with Horden Colliery Welfare.

successful career

Vertov's successful career continued into the 1930s.

This was the beginning of his successful career.

Zamboni also had a successful career internationally.

academic career   (carrera académica)

His academic career was described as "[b]rilliant".

Like his father, Frede Castberg had an academic career.

Soon after, he started his academic career.

film career   (carrera cinematográfica)

In 1924, he left his film career for work on the stage.

His film career faded after ten good years [1952–1962]'.

He left CinemaElectric in 2006 to resume his film career.

entire career   (toda la carrera)

Maeboodi has played his entire career with Malavan.

Nazari has played his entire career with Fajr Sepasi.

It was his lowest season in his entire career.

started her career

She started her career in the women's singles event.

Chia started her career as a child actress with SBC.

Born in 1921, Lakshmi started her career in dancing.

international career

Thangaraj had an illustrious international career.

Vadavathy started his international career in 2006.

His international career was less spectacular though.

career playing

He started his career playing as a right winger.

He ended his career playing again at Fostiras.

Guastavino started his career playing for Sud América.

career ended

His career ended with the French invasion of 1794.

Bacon's public career ended in disgrace in 1621.

Her animation career ended in the early 1940s.

career started

Rawlings' career started in 1918 with Southampton.

Rahman's informal career started from college life.

His career started at Newcastle University in 1982.

ended his career

He ended his career in 1989 at Apollon Kalamarias.

He ended his career at Pezoporikos Larnaca in 1990.

He ended his career without a Railway Cup medal.

league career

It was the first home run of his big league career.

He won 74 games during an 11-season minor league career.

Bob's son Jay Nilsson began his minor league career in 2006.

writing career

Srijato started his writing career in the 1990s.

Purdy's writing career spanned fifty-six years.

Killough began her writing career with short stories.

singing career

Since 1993, Diab has focused on his singing career.

As a consequence, her singing career began to suffer.

She was supposed to revive her singing career in 2008.

teaching career   (carrera docente)

After university he briefly began a teaching career.

However, he did not take up a formal teaching career.

Alongside painting, Martin had a long teaching career.

collegiate career   (carrera universitaria)

Bertelli's collegiate career earned him multiple awards.

He started his collegiate career at SMU in the 2012 season.

Gipson started every game of his collegiate career at Wyoming.

senior career

Garro started his senior career with Godoy Cruz.

Sara started her senior career with Keflavík in 2011.

His senior career with the club got underway in 2017.

career best

He had also scored a career best 43 with the bat.

He had a career best ranking of 117 in the world.

Willis took 8/43, his career best Test figures.

whose career

1 whose career spanned from the late 1980s to the early 2000s.

was an American cinematographer whose career spanned from 1914 to 1954.

This included their captain HD Wood whose career was ended due to his injuries.

baseball career

Lynn began his professional baseball career in 1934.

Aust's professional baseball career concluded in 1968.

Sullivan started his baseball career in 1891.

career when   (carrera cuando)

She started her freediving career when she was 13 years old.

Manojlović started his musical career when he was very young.

Biševac started his football career when he was at BASK in 2001.

life and career   (Vida y carrera)

The film is about the life and career of Hondros.

Throughout his life and career, Walker has opposed abortion.

The Persian Wars played a large role in the playwright's life and career.

second career

Danes won to claim her second career SAG award.

These days Pillsbury has a second career as a winemaker.

His second career has been in academia.

career spanned   (carrera abarcada)

His career spanned from the late 1930s to the 1970s.

Purdy's writing career spanned fifty-six years.

His literary career spanned over eighty years.

new career

In 1992 Meyer retired from architecture to start a new career.

In memorial, Jay starts a new career of managing younger heroes.

He also said that he was considering starting a new career as a writer.

career spanning

In a career spanning over fifty years he trained over 1,000 winners.

In a film career spanning 25 years she was starred in over 80 feature films.

In a career spanning 133 films, he considered the film his fourteenth break.

recording career

He also has a recording career as a soloist.

It compiles songs spanning 25 years of his recording career.

His early recording career embraced blues, soul and rock and roll.

legal career

Nonetheless, Peyton continued his legal career.

Lydon began her legal career at Nexsen Pruet Jacobs and Pollard.

Jackvony pursued a legal career concentrating in estate litigation.

career working

Fitton has spent her career working at the British Museum.

DeVoe began her career working for the Visiting Nurse Association.

Cowell began his racing career working for Gavin Pritchard-Gordon.

career highs

He established career highs in minutes and assists.

He also set his career highs in every category.

He also had career highs in nine other offensive categories.

school career   (carrera escolar)

At the end of his high school career, Orton was the No.

He posted a total of 2,793 points in his high school career.

He obtained a 1.23 GPA throughout his high school career as well.

during her career

She exhibited throughout Texas during her career.

She exhibited widely in Texas during her career.

She won during her career nine national titles.

began a career

Malhotra began a career as a model at the age of 18.

After this, she began a career in voice acting.

Upon graduation, Bernardo began a career in journalism.

artistic career   (carrera artística)

Matoush began her artistic career as a printmaker.

Ibrahim's artistic career has spanned over 50 years.

Her transition influenced her artistic career.

literary career

Simultaneously, Buchan pursued his literary career.

Besik Kharanauli started his literary career in 1954.

His literary career spanned over eighty years.

club career

During his club career, he played for HFC Haarlem.

Lagan also enjoyed a lengthy club career with Glen.

For his club career, he played for FC Schalke 04.

career came

The pinnacle of his art career came in the 1790s.

The greatest success of his career came in 2004.

Clarke's television career came about by chance.

career start

It was his only career start at that position.

He made his first NFL career start with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2018.

He was replaced by Matt Barkley, who made his first career start with the Bears.

career in music

He left in 2007 to pursue a full-time career in music.

Dern moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music in 1994.

Brewer maintained a career in music lasting over five decades.

throughout her career

Buxton's Judaism played a role throughout her career.

Aaliyah focused on her public image throughout her career.

Gallardo appeared in dozens of films throughout her career.

career record   (registro de carrera)

His career record stands at 38-7-3, 14 knockouts.

His career record in the minor leagues was 119–112.

His career record as head coach thru 2017 was .

career took

His career took a significant turn in these years.

The highlight of his career took place in Italy.

Ferry's racing career took place during World War I.

major league career   (carrera de grandes ligas)

Coleman's major league career ended with the Pirates in 1979.

After one season in Pittsburgh, his major league career ended.

His major league career began with the Cubs the following year.

youth career

Intzidis started his youth career at Ilioupoli.

Vicari started his youth career at "Albatros Lercara".

Horn started his youth career at SC Rondorf and joined 1.

television career

Uppal's television career began with the show "P.S.

Clarke's television career came about by chance.

In 1993, she started her television career in Lethbridge.

business career   (carrera de negocios)

Romney's web site defends his business career.

Schwarzenegger has had a highly successful business career.

In 1995 Stormer left music to pursue a business career with IBM.

pursued a career   (siguió una carrera)

He successfully pursued a career as a portrait artist.

She later pursued a career in filmmaking as a producer.

After the war, Miller pursued a career in civil aviation.

career included

His stage career included plays by Shakespeare and Shaw.

His career included stints abroad between 1975 and 1985.

His career included service in World War II and the Cold War.

high school career   (carrera de secundaria)

At the end of his high school career, Orton was the No.

He posted a total of 2,793 points in his high school career.

He obtained a 1.23 GPA throughout his high school career as well.

later career

For much of his later career, he has taught Torts.

In his later career he wrote reviews for "Opera News".

He then focused on psychiatry during his later career.

distinguished career   (carrera distinguida)

She had a long and distinguished career.

She had a distinguished career as a racing and cruising yacht.

Sod has had a long and distinguished career in television broadcasting.

career games

In 2 career games, he had one hit in six at-bats.

In two career games, he had one hit in eight at-bats.

In seven career games, he had no hits in two at-bats.

career home   (carrera profesional)

On August 23, Bonds hit his 400th career home run.

On July 3, , he hit his 100th career home run.

It was also his one hundredth career home run at OPACY.

s career

Much of Cassidy’s career was in civil engineering.

"Mercury"s career pre-1790 is currently obscure.

1923 finally saw a breakthrough in Van Hamel’s career.

career college

The School of Dance is recognized in Ontario as a private career college and a seminary of learning.

UEI College UEI College is a for-profit career college with locations in California, Arizona, and Georgia.

Fresen has received at least $25,500 from the “career college” industry, made up mostly of for-profit schools.

first career start

He was replaced by Matt Barkley, who made his first career start with the Bears.

Butler got his first career start and interception against the Tennessee Titans.

He was 12-of-18 passing for 183 yards vs. Western Kentucky in his first career start.

continued his career

After the war, he continued his career as an artist.

Østby continued his career in sprint canoeing.

He continued his career in the top flight, moving to Madina.

career path   (trayectoria profesional)

Davis initial career path took him into a variety of jobs related to sports.

Assistant editing can be seen as a career path to eventually becoming an editor.

With live circus losing popularity, becoming a performer did not seem like a viable career path.

career points

Stringer scored 1,365 career points for the Tigers.

Kicker John Kasay is the team's career points leader.

His 1,533 career points is twelfth highest in Butler history.

s career

Much of Cassidy’s career was in civil engineering.

1923 finally saw a breakthrough in Van Hamel’s career.

Hanson’s career has focused on creating humanlike robots.

broadcasting career

His broadcasting career began when he joined Radio Éireann in 1964.

During his broadcasting career, he was known on-air as "Frank Andrews."

Melnyk began his broadcasting career on CKMP in Midland, Ontario, in 1971.

active career

During his active career, Bearden lived in California.

After his active career he became a professor of medicine.

Yvonne still enjoys an active career as a freelance actress.

career in journalism   (carrera en periodismo)

Upon graduation, Bernardo began a career in journalism.

Haider started his career in journalism.

Raghida Dergham began her career in journalism at the age of fifteen.

career he played

During his club career he played for Seba United.

During his career he played only for Steaua Bucureşti.

During his senior career he played only for FK Sarajevo.

career during

As a result, the ship's career during the war was limited.

Sergiu Nicolaescu started his political career during the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

That began a 35-year career during which he acted in 35 films and did stunts in 115.

stage career

She is best known for her illustrious stage career.

He began his stage career in "Aloma of the South Seas".

His stage career included plays by Shakespeare and Shaw.

boxing career   (carrera de boxeo)

Maskayev's professional boxing career began in 1993.

Gervacio had an award winning amateur boxing career.

After his boxing career he became a trainer.

managerial career

He also made a managerial career in Swedish mining.

Vlak started his managerial career in 1990.

His managerial career took off with Estudiantes de La Plata.

compiling a career

He also played 18 games as an outfielder, compiling a career .230 batting average (47-for-204) with 27 runs and 14 RBI.

He served as the head football coach at Wisconsin for 16 seasons, from 1990 to 2005, compiling a career college football record of 119–72–4.

He served as the head football coach at the University of Central Oklahoma from 2008 to 2011, compiling a career college football record of 15–29.

pursuing a career   (siguiendo una carrera)

De Luca began pursuing a career in show business in 1986.

There he dreamed of pursuing a career in singing and acting.

Bandleader Teddy Makombe died in 1994, aged 54 after pursuing a career as a sign painter.

junior career

Tan started his junior career as a mixed doubles player.

Silva began his junior career in 2009.

Lee started his junior career as a Malaysian player based in Penang.

career win

His 4,000th career win occurred on February 4, 2005.

His biggest career win was in the 2006 Hungarian Open.

With the win, John Beilein earned his 800th career win.

amateur career

Pratt started his amateur career with Hunslet Parkside.

Hudson had a very successful junior and amateur career.

Simpson started her amateur career in 2009.

basketball career   (carrera de baloncesto)

The end of Scott Skiles' college basketball career.

Chazalon began her basketball career in 1960.

His high school basketball career started as a freshman.

pro career   (carrera profesional)

This marked the end of Malakhov's pro career.

Her pro career doubles record was 200–71.

He started his pro career with Rethymno of the Greek A2 League.

footballing career   (carrera futbolística)

He played his footballing career at Akademisk Boldklub.

D'Souza started his footballing career with Mumbai F.C.

It was at the Hatters that his footballing career ended.

own career

This started Riefenstahl's own career as a filmmaker.

In April 1965, Campbell's own career success pulled him from touring with the group.

After her family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Keene began her own career in photography.