caretaker manager   (世話人マネージャー)

In 2010 he was the caretaker manager of Velež.

For a short stint in 1998, Marić was the caretaker manager of Düsseldorf.

In 2009, under caretaker manager Guus Hiddink, Chelsea won another FA Cup.

caretaker government   (暫定政府)

Parts of it have continued onward as a caretaker government.

In the meantime, his government remained in power as a caretaker government.

During this period, elections were managed by a neutral caretaker government.

appointed caretaker   (任命された世話人)

In the meantime, Swaroopananda was appointed caretaker.

Upon the death of Remigio Morales Bermúdez in 1894, Borgoño was appointed caretaker president until the next election.

Following the departure of Ricardo Moniz as manager in January 2016, he was appointed caretaker manager of the first team.

caretaker coach   (世話人コーチ)

Kearney was fired in 2012 with six games remaining and Arthur was appointed the caretaker coach.

Then technical director Dean Hennessy took over as caretaker coach for the rest of the 2016 season.

George Mungwa took over as caretaker coach but he could not save Zambia's campaign as South Africa grabbed the only ticket to France '98 in the group.