cargo ship   (貨物船)

She previously worked in the cargo ship industry.

"BBC China" was a cargo ship measured at and .

The ship served as a cargo ship for the Luckenbach Line.

cargo ships   (貨物船)

The ship has a bulbous bow, a standard feature for cargo ships.

Three cargo ships and seven boats ran aground and two other boats sank.

On 24 August the submarine sank two attack cargo ships: "Yoshida Maru No.

general cargo   (一般貨物)

"Empire Advocate" was carrying a general cargo.

passenger and cargo   (旅客および貨物)

Both passenger and cargo aviation are included.

These were used for both passenger and cargo operations.

Hybrid components won't reduce passenger and cargo space.

tons of cargo   (トンの貨物)

She could carry approximately 1,500 tons of cargo.

A Boeing 727 can carry up to 10 tons of cargo.

"Prince George" could carry 350 tons of cargo.

carrying a cargo

She had been carrying a cargo of indigo to Embden.

She was carrying a cargo of iron ore and empties.

She was carrying a cargo of fish and personnel.

cargo aircraft

It operates a fleet of twelve Boeing 767 cargo aircraft.

From 2017 the airport is open for small passenger and cargo aircraft.

Falling prices for smaller cargo aircraft made this part of the operation unprofitable.

cargo hold

She was in length, her beam was and her cargo hold was .

A hatch or hatchway is the opening at the top of a cargo hold.

Her hull was long, her beam was wide and her cargo hold was deep.

cargo vessel

A cargo vessel, with a crew of 23, ran aground near the harbour.

The Dutch cargo vessel "Timca" was hired for the 2012/13 campaign.

In 2005, the country had one merchant ship of over in service; a cargo vessel of .

cargo capacity   (積載量)

They have a cargo capacity of in five holds.

She has a gross tonnage of 162,252 and a total cargo capacity of .

Each ATV has a cargo capacity of .

passengers and cargo   (乗客と貨物)

She had left with 110 female convicts, plus passengers and cargo.

He was well known for transporting passengers and cargo along the Maine coast.

Commercial railway services for both passengers and cargo were operated until 1974.

air cargo

By 1957, the airport was the third busiest in the world for air cargo.

São Paulo International Airport is also one of the main air cargo hubs in Brazil.

In addition to general aviation, the airport supports air cargo and corporate flight operations.

cargo flights

The 747s were used for cargo flights.

It has been certified for international cargo flights since 2000.

using ATR 42 aircraft as well as scheduled cargo flights by Airbus Transport International.

cargo airline   (貨物航空会社)

Kosmas Air Kosmas Air was a charter cargo airline based in Belgrade, Serbia.

It has a subsidiary cargo airline, Blue Dart Aviation that operates in South Asian countries.

Lufthansa Cargo Lufthansa Cargo AG is a German cargo airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

cargo handling   (荷役)

The general arrangements of "Yulius Fuchik" were largely dictated by the cargo handling system.

Oriental Air Transport Services, a cargo handling company based at Kastrup, was bought in 1971.

Andhra Pradesh has one of the country's largest port at Visakhapatnam in terms of cargo handling.

bulk cargo   (ばら荷)

Several factors affect the cost to move a bulk cargo by ship.

In 2002, 162 million net tons of dry bulk cargo were moved on the Lakes.

Because bulk cargo is so difficult to discharge, bulk carriers spend more time in port than other ships.

cargo vessels

The locks make the river navigable, even for large cargo vessels ( long).

This includes two petroleum tankers and four refrigerated cargo vessels (1999 estimates).

The initial twelve Atlantic Missile Range ships were modified World War II cargo vessels.

cargo area

The wheelbase was extended by to , with the height of the cargo area measured to be .

EX had the spare tire below the cargo area and LX mounted in a swing carrier at rear.

The "Newport" class has the capacity for of vehicles, of cargo area and could carry up to 431 troops.

cargo terminal   (貨物ターミナル)

It now functions as the main freight cargo terminal.

The station also has a cargo terminal with several tracks.

The site will also include a cargo terminal and maintenance area.

tonnes of cargo

In 2004, it handled 3,161 ships and 9.2 million tonnes of cargo.

The facilities handle some 9.5 million tonnes of cargo a year (2012).

It is also expected to handle 320,000 aircraft movements and 2 million tonnes of cargo annually.

cargo services

It operates domestic and regional cargo services.

It operated domestic cargo services until July 1998.

British Airways provides cargo services under the British Airways World Cargo brand.

cargo space

Hybrid components won't reduce passenger and cargo space.

The Strada features a maximum loading capacity of and a cargo space of x .

This resulted in more usable cargo space and larger loads than the C-82 could accommodate.

cargo plane

We see a shot of Otto's destroyed cargo plane in the snow.

The Argentine Air Force cargo plane provided no services; they flew as cargo.

cargo transport

Although sh e operated as a U.S. cargo transport with a U.S. Navy crew, there is no record of her commissioning.

After finishing his career as a footballer, he devoted himself entirely to his business of moving personnel and cargo transport.

For cargo transport, the Byzantines usually commandeered ordinary merchantmen as transport ships ("phortēgoi") or supply ships ("skeuophora").

cargo bay

The cargo bay is by , and could transport to , or to the ISS at .

After being secured in the shuttle cargo bay, a new perigee kick motor was installed.

This carrier was used to mount the satellite into a cradle in the Space Shuttle cargo bay.

cargo and passenger

The extensive road system is utilized by most internal cargo and passenger traffic.

Kupang harbour is a harbour in Kupang that can serve both cargo and passenger ships.

cargo operations

This second terminal is today used for cargo operations.

These were used for both passenger and cargo operations.

Most of cargo operations take place between a ship and a land-based terminal.

large cargo

The locks make the river navigable, even for large cargo vessels ( long).

The aft end of the Promenade was a large open air space flanked by two large cargo cranes.

A large cargo rack on the roof may be used to carry personal bags, spare parts and agricultural goods.

cargo traffic

Buloh to allow rail cargo traffic to bypass downtown Kuala Lumpur..

The Canal has gained importance for leisure cruises in addition to cargo traffic.

The containerised cargo traffic of 20,000 TEU is almost exclusively import into Nepal.

cargo holds

The barges were moved longitudinally in the cargo holds on remote-controlled platforms.

Handymax ships are typically 150–200 m in length and 52,000 with five cargo holds and four cranes.

The sloops "Robert" of Philadelphia and "Good Intent" of Dublin were stopped on 22 October 1717, and their cargo holds emptied.

attack cargo

On 24 August the submarine sank two attack cargo ships: "Yoshida Maru No.

USS Sedgwick (AKA-110) USS "Sedgwick" (AKA-110) was an "Andromeda" class attack cargo ship whose construction was cancelled due to the end of World War II.

USS Whitfield (AKA-111) USS "Whitfield" (AKA-111) was an "Andromeda" class attack cargo ship whose construction was cancelled due to the end of World War II.