carried away   (運び去られた)

Thus prepared, we shall never be carried away by opinions.

Most of this energy is carried away by the emitted neutrinos.

The tides destroyed crops and carried away farming implements.

carried off   (持ち去られた)

Three giants carried off the king's three daughters.

They carried off four rifles, jewels and other property.

Once found, the True Cross was carried off to Ctesiphon.

work was carried   (仕事が運ばれた)

The most important work was carried out by Hans Tho.

It was recorded before restoration work was carried out.

The work was carried out at three levels.

not carried   (運ばれない)

Ice-poles and other safety equipment are not carried.

Numbers in parentheses were allocated but not carried.

Nevertheless, his order was not carried out.

carried through

That carried through the instruments as well."

The motion was carried through and Sukarno became president for life.

The production was carried through the United States and into Australia.

then carried

She then carried French prisoners of war to France.

He then carried out a lot of left-wing political work.

She then carried provisions and wood from Norfolk to Martinique.

survey carried   (実施された調査)

In a citizen survey carried out in 2012, it was chosen as the symbol that most identifies Penquists.

The recent population of khairang VDC is 3633 as per a survey carried out by Nepal red cross society in 2015 AD .

In 1980, a survey carried out in Attikamek territory lists the name "Aiapew Sakahikan", which translates as "male moose lake".

carried forward   (繰り越される)

(""The light's carried forward | proudly on your crown.

This tradition carried forward into the 20th and 21st centuries.

The system is carried forward by the students and grand students of Hsiung.

surveys carried   (実施された調査)

For this mission, the hydrographic surveys carried away by the "Dom Carlos I"-class research ships have been crucial.

with more recent surveys carried out in 2011 and 2012, revealing the level of support in a referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

The National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP) was launched in 1996 and consists of a number of national, annual surveys carried out by a network of volunteers across the UK.

never carried

Its locomotive fleet never carried numbers, only names.

Park Royals never carried flying snails.

However, the plan was never carried out.

ships carried

The ships carried a total of 3,600 rounds for them.

The ships carried of fuel oil which gave them a range of at .

The ships carried enough fuel oil to give them a range of at .

work carried   (運ばれた仕事)

The mid-19th century saw extensive restoration work carried out on the church.

From 1856 to 1874 there was considerable work carried out on the stained glass windows.

Strengthening work carried out on the bridge in 1986 enabled the restrictions to be rescinded.

carried out during

The protest was carried out during the morning formation on Monday the 14th.

Some restoration of the remaining castle ruins was carried out during the 1980s.

Air-sea rescue operations carried out during war have saved valuable trained and experienced airmen.

carried out between

Observations were carried out between 1895 and 1933.

Further restoration was carried out between 1993 and 1995.

The patrol itself was carried out between Jan Mayen and Bear Islands.

often carried   (しばしば運ばれる)

Mortars are often carried this way.

Research is often carried out on an animal model, the Ts65Dn mouse.

His poems often carried humorous versions of Anon as the author's name.

carried the ball

He also carried the ball twice for 11 yards.

He also carried the ball once for one yard.

Simpson carried the ball for the last play in AFL history.

ship carried

The ship carried eight lifeboats on radial davits.

The ship carried of fuel which gave a range of at .

The ship carried three torpedoes per tube.

carried out through

This is carried out through several divisions.

All administrative details of operating the Society are carried out through the National Office.

This was carried out through a cooperative working relationship with the Bangladesh Election Commission.

usually carried

She usually carried bulk cargoes such as iron ore, coal and grain.

With few interruptions, it was usually carried out every five years.

Sampling is usually carried out in two stages, discretization and quantization.

still carried   (まだ運ばれた)

The vinyl label still carried "The Magic Garden" as its title.

In 1928, the line still carried 62,000 passengers, but then the decline began.

It is still carried out All altars in the church, except for the altar of repose, are stripped.

carried out using

Initially, transport is carried out using lorries.

The communication in this gold-for-salt was carried out using drums.

Navigation between the islands of Tuvalu was carried out using outrigger canoes.

carried a maximum

The charges carried a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The charges carried a maximum sentence of twenty years' imprisonment.

"Cornwall" carried a maximum of of fuel oil that gave her a range of at .

tests were carried

In 1972, the first experimental tests were carried out.

Six Kitten tests were carried out at Naya in March 1956.

All significant holes and rough surfaces were crossed wherever tests were carried out.

carried out research

His carried out research on emus and magpie geese.

Maheswaran has carried out research in several different subject areas.

As a faculty member at Baylor, he wd carried out research in vascular surgery.

carried up

By 1950, three big mains carried up to of water a day.

The F-4 carried up to four AIM-7s in built-in recesses under its belly.

The deity is carried up to the Hilltop Arulmigu Sri Balathadayuthapani Temple.

carried only   (持ち運びのみ)

The railway carried only freight traffic.

The railway carried only goods traffic.

(In those days, hockey teams carried only one goaltender, as a rule.)

only carried   (運ばれるだけ)

Askins only carried four counties, including her home county of Stephens County.

This removes the guesswork, as the surgery is only carried out when a positive diagnosis has been made.

The state's Republican base essentially melted; John McCain only carried 13 of the state's 72 counties.

carried around   (持ち運び)

In this festival, players perform on taiko while portable shrines are carried around town.

In 1750, the people of Venlo made giant puppets which they carried around in religious processions.

More than 1 600 custom-made events have been carried around the globe, in varying contexts and locations.

research carried

Generally, the research carried out into the effectiveness of chiropractic has been of poor quality.

The "borderless selling" term was originated as part of the research carried out by team led by Paramjeev Singh Sethi.

Private donations and bequests made directly to the McArdle Laboratory play a vital role in the support of the research carried out at the Laboratory.

carried more

Fergie," which carried more of a story compared to its single-released predecessor.

She said she shipped about 160 flags and carried more in her suitcase in preparation for the event.

Furthermore, their shells carried more explosives than those of guns, and caused considerably less barrel wear.

carried the name

In preservation it has carried the name Hercules.

It carried the name until withdrawal in September 1947.

12,750 people in the Netherlands carried the name in 2007.

works were carried

Restoration works were carried out in the 1890s.

Initial restoration works were carried out in the 1890s.

carried passengers

It carried passengers and mail.

After the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 she carried passengers to Melbourne.

From 1844 through 1857, palace steamers carried passengers and cargo around the Great Lakes.

carried out against   (に対して実施)

Meanwhile, another, unsuccessful, attack was carried out against Isdud.

Assassination attempts were carried out against heads of state, some of which were successful.

Technical evaluation is usually carried out against a set of pre-determined Technical Evaluation Criteria.

carried the title   (タイトルを運んだ)

All Sangu chiefs carried the title of Merere whose personal name was Mwahavange.

He created his sons imperial princes, and Xiao Baoyin carried the title of Prince of Jian'an.

For the 2001 through to the 2007 seasons, on screen it simply carried the title "Big Brother".

carried no

The Mosquito was the one aircraft in the raid that carried no armament.

They carried no guns.

The final resolutions of the meeting carried no reference to the Hampden Clubs.

not be carried

But these projects could not be carried out smoothly.

The points from the first round would not be carried to the Final Round.

When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish.

carried back   (持ち帰った)

Thaniel is carried back drunk by Big.

The survivors of the experiments were carried back to their homeworld.

On February 3, he was shot in the left breast and was carried back to receive treatment.

carried out several

BdSF carried out several violent attacks against non-Bodo civilians.

In the capital area, the Oslogjengen carried out several sabotage missions.

Meanwhile, his troops carried out several raids and sorties to sabotage Boer artillery.

carried out extensive

He carried out extensive survey work connected with improving the defences of the island of Malta.

Heywood carried out extensive research, so his portrayal of Brody would be as accurate as possible.

During the 1872–1876 "Challenger" expedition to Indonesia, naturalist John Murray carried out extensive surveys.

previously carried   (以前に運ばれた)

San Pablo Avenue previously carried U.S. Route 40 until the terminus was moved progressively east to Utah.

The Church and its members had previously carried out policies to protect the presence of Jews in Christian culture.

The cable channels previously carried KXND until their programming moved to the NBC North Dakota network's subchannels.

attack was carried

Robert's attack was carried out in five columns.

The attack was carried out by the ZANLA.

Meanwhile, another, unsuccessful, attack was carried out against Isdud.

study carried

A study carried out on a grassed waterway during 8 years in Bavaria showed that it can lead to several other types of positive impacts, e.g.

A scientific study carried out by the University of Bologna on characteristics of five ancient varieties of apple highlighted Campanino's qualities.

A pilot study carried out in 2005 using DIAL found that actual emissions at a refinery were fifteen times higher than those previously reported using the emission factor approach.

originally carried

To achieve this, they re-ran a survey which was originally carried out in 1977.

Thus, each "Spruance"-class destroyer originally carried a maximum total of 24 ASROC.

She was commissioned in 1811 and originally carried 36 guns, later being upgraded to 42.

carried along

During this period he felt he was being "carried along in the arms" of his spiritual teacher, his grandmother.

At this time a large tea urn was being carried along the corridor by two adults, to the main room of the tearoom.

They are föhn-like inasmuch as the moisture carried along has often been precipitated in the Pyrenees or French Alps.

station carried   (運ばれた駅)

No local radio station carried games of the New Fighting Saints (1976–77).

In some markets, no local station carried the telethon for various reasons.

The station carried NBC's "Monitor" on weekends, and "Nightline" on weeknights.

carried across   (運ばれた)

The six wounded officers were carried across the street to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital and the manhunt began.

Under current standards, AEMO is required to ensure 850 megawatts of reserve is carried across the entire NEM.

Wagons could not cross the gorge loaded; they had to be unloaded and cargo carried across the creek and gorge hand.

carried all

The Saturn V carried all Apollo lunar missions.

He carried all five territories and two states.

McCain carried all but four of the state's 15 counties.

always carried

Playing strips have always carried both emblems.

In reality, ritual duties were almost always carried out by priests.

It is said he always carried a bottle of vodka in his hollow briefcase.

successfully carried

have been successfully carried out.

Majjhantika later successfully carried out the mission following the Buddha's prediction.

Botswana has successfully carried an Action Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, which was adopted in the period 2006-2007.

carried enough

The ships carried enough fuel oil to give them a range of at .

The lifting bodies normally carried enough fuel for about 100 seconds of powered flight and routinely reached from to and speeds above Mach 1.

repairs were carried

Further repairs were carried out in 1974, including the removal of floors.

The "Heimgar" was in dock for fifty days whilst repairs were carried out for both the collision damage and the storm damage.

Significant firebox repairs were carried out in 2000 and then it ran again until 2010 when it was withdrawn, being in need of a new boiler.

now carried

This trade is now carried by road and rail transportation.

WSPA dropped MeTV on April 1, 2018; it is now carried by WYFF (channel 4).

This task (and that of Rugby) is now carried out by the Anthorn radio station.

carried out without

Tower construction was carried out without any cranes and scaffolding, but only with winches.

According to one US official the attack was carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Pakistani authorities.

The chair has an absolute veto on all decisions, that is, no policy can be adopted or action carried out without the "concurrence" of the chair.

study was carried

In 1988 a study was carried out by the archaeological expedition led by G. M. Toshchev and S. I. Andrukh.

This study was carried out for comparison of the physicochemical and biochemical characteristics of these two varieties.

Although the study was carried out in 1991, its publication was delayed by the ongoing litigation between SWWA and the victims.

carried the same

The car carried the same designation as the concepts, LFA, but without the hyphen.

Place's stores carried the same departments as larger discount stores except on a smaller scale.

Back to racing colts, she carried the same weight and competed in the Dwyer Stakes, losing by a nose to Wildlife.

aircraft carried

The aircraft carried 29 passengers and 3 crew members.

During 1949, two aircraft carried 2,700 cars.

Some Marine Corps aircraft carried two pods for strafing.

excavations were carried

In 1965 more excavations were carried by Ron Clarke on Site II, and the southern burial Site I.

Rescue excavations were carried out by the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) under Jacques Cauvin between 1979 and 1986.

In 1872 William Copeland Borlase, a descendant of the earlier Borlase, conducted further investigations and excavations were carried out.