not carry   (運ばない)

Many cable providers did not carry ESPNU at the time.

He did not carry a cell phone and had no support team.

Husbands of female recipients will not carry any title.

able to carry   (運べる)

Later-model Canberras would be able to carry both.

These ships were able to carry over 100 tons of goods.

Each ship will therefore be able to carry 32 ESSM missiles.

used to carry   (運んでいた)

The railroad was used to carry passengers from Mt.

TAG bits are used to carry the flow control information.

Balloons were used to carry instruments aloft and take samples.

did not carry   (運ばなかった)

Many cable providers did not carry ESPNU at the time.

He did not carry a cell phone and had no support team.

Unused challenges did not carry over when this happened.

per carry   (キャリーあたり)

He averaged 8.0 yards per carry during the regular season.

He also scored 6 touchdowns and averaged 5.1 yards per carry.

In 2002, he was second in the NFC averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

designed to carry

is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers.

The lifeboat was only designed to carry 38 passengers.

It was designed to carry motor traffic and pedestrians.

carry up

They could sail as far as and carry up to 12 people.

A Boeing 727 can carry up to 10 tons of cargo.

They could carry up to 2.0 m of water and 1.2 t of coal.

yards per carry

He averaged 8.0 yards per carry during the regular season.

He also scored 6 touchdowns and averaged 5.1 yards per carry.

In 2002, he was second in the NFC averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

does not carry

It does not carry a Pantry car coach.

The original Greek word "daimon" does not carry negative connotations.

In other words, the disability does not carry over to subsequent terms in office.

concealed carry

It was designed as a concealed carry weapon, similar to SIG P365.

Taurus is positioning the Public Defender series as a concealed carry piece.

Support for concealed carry laws in Missouri grew gradually throughout the 1990s.

carry more

An urban appliance will also carry more of the larger hoses ( and ).

Both of those aircraft could carry more people, at a lower cost per mile.

General performance was similar, although the T-10 could carry more ammunition.

continued to carry

It has continued to carry vehicular traffic since.

They continued to carry their former intercept company numbers.

"Lloyd's Register" continued to carry stale data for some time.

order to carry   (運ぶために)

These discs used the two walls of the groove at right angles in order to carry the two channels.

The Roman fleet sailed by night in order to carry out a surprise attack, but became scattered in the dark.

In order to carry out its statutory duties a council of 33 members governs the RCVS and meets eight times a year.

carry passengers

The railroad was used to carry passengers from Mt.

a vehicle being driven under limited trade plates was not allowed to carry passengers).

This lift, Sawduster, was installed to carry passengers from the Inn to the Base Lodge.

required to carry

Professional scuba divers may be required to carry bailout gas.

Children were required to carry a comb and handkerchief with them at all times.

Lazenby estimates 30–40 transport ships would be required to carry 1,000 cavalry.

ability to carry

Actual ability to carry out the apprehended contact is not necessary.

It offers the ability to carry legal loads up to tall, which other trailers cannot.

There is also an optional roof rack that provides ability to carry outdoor equipment.

enough to carry

Some are small enough to carry in a pocket.

Robins realised her income from acting was not stable enough to carry her.

In the Golden Kingdom, a young boy creates a flying golden ring, large enough to carry a man.

allowed to carry

Only certified products are allowed to carry the Zhaga logo.

One train per day was allowed to carry wounded from Ladysmith to Intombi.

a vehicle being driven under limited trade plates was not allowed to carry passengers).

intended to carry

The Spartan Three Stage Rocket was a vehicle intended to carry payloads of 1 to 5 kg into suborbit.

It was a ‘trip’ locomotive intended to carry out shunting work and hauling local (short distance) goods trains.

Conroy Virtus The Conroy Virtus was a proposed American large transport aircraft intended to carry the Space Shuttle.

unable to carry   (運べない)

By March 2010, Hopper reportedly weighed only and was unable to carry on long conversations.

This meant that they were then unable to carry out any more public commissions in Rome in their own right.

Occasionally, if a Censor was unable to carry out one of his tasks, an Aedile would perform the task instead.

only carry   (運ぶだけ)

Females only carry one fetus at a time.

It is smaller and can only carry 24 people (with 3 pods and 4 cars per pod).

However, while the NiD 38 could only carry two passengers, the NiD 39 could carry four.

carry the name

The child is the first Windsor to carry the name Albert since King George VI.

She was the third Royal Navy ship to carry the name, which was introduced in 1653.

The earliest building to carry the name was built in 1879 for the Western Union Telegraph Company.

carry out research

Beginning in 1954, Caudill turned his interests to Japan, and made a series of trips in order to carry out research.

The study groups carry out research into their various areas which informs the development of the Bluetooth specifications.

He is an expert in the cognitive processes of learning and memory, using animal models to carry out research on these topics.

carry the same

Today, many of the new buildings carry the same name.

They carry the same variations of fuel types as the ovens mentioned above.

Lotoko made from cassava or plantains doesn't carry the same methanol risk.

built to carry

She was built to carry grain- for capacity rather than speed.

She was built to carry 1000 passengers.

Currey Road Station was originally built to carry horses during the British Raj.

began to carry

The provider began to carry HDNet in many major markets on September 30, 2010.

In 1933, she began to carry out 129-day world cruises after the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

Lewis discovered that six of his rounds had hit his target with no effect; Lewis began to carry a Thompson.

carry water

It was observed that dust storms can carry water vapor to very high altitudes.

There are about of pipeline laterals that carry water to the conveyance channel.

Some birds carry water for chicks at the nest in their crop or regurgitate it along with food.

often carry   (しばしば運ぶ)

Since they often carry only one commodity, cars are of all the same type; often the cars are identical.

Despite their grandiosity, Gregor's figures often carry a humility, a restraint in gesture and expression.

These kinds of sports often carry out the potential risk of serious and permanent physical injury and even death.

still carry   (まだ運ぶ)

Reinolt's descendants still carry this name and belong to the Dutch nobility.

Duodji artists are still active in Sapmi and still carry on the traditions of the Duodji.

Prior to about 1800, anglers made their own floats, a practice that many still carry on today.

decided to carry

Dramali rejected this plan and decided to carry out his march towards Nafplion.

After one year of grieving, Gustavo and Tilly decided to carry on with their friend’s plan.

Don Bonifacio was first on the list, but he decided to carry on with his duties as a priest.

carry all

After the railroad is built, Sunny and his friends go to the trainyard to hire a train to carry all the goods.

Smith additionally managed to carry all the other Democrats running for statewide office to victory along with him.

The Tamemes were in charge to carry all the products on their backs and there was a relay after every certain distance.

carry off

It was a capital crime to carry off or offer violence to a nun.

Children were warned against saying the names, lest the monsters hear and come to carry off a person, sometimes to be killed.

Moreland observed, "it became a fashion to raid a village or group of villages without any obvious justification, and carry off the inhabitants as slaves."

carry firearms

... Sungusungu members are not permitted to carry firearms or machetes, but they did carry sticks or clubs.

Because of the constant threat of physical harm, all citizens are allowed to own and openly carry firearms in public.

He came armed with a Smith & Wesson Model 10 police revolver (in 1990 front-line Police did not routinely carry firearms).

modified to carry

The Victors were also modified to carry US weapons.

IBs, were also modified to carry a Hispano cannon in each wing panel.

Approximately 65 F-14As and all F-14Ds were modified to carry the pod.

carry away

Most goods sold in tianguis are small items that customers can carry away.

The ship burned for three days, and French soldiers used 400 mules to carry away its gold.

The usual solution is a small pool and waterfall (a penstock) to carry away floating debris.

refused to carry

Sears stores throughout the U.S. refused to carry the game.

I refused to carry it out.

Erdemović and the other members of his unit refused to carry out any more killings.

carry only   (運ぶだけ)

The aircraft is certified to carry only essential crew and not passengers.

The first Carnal Comic to carry only the Re-Visionary logo was "Tyffany Million" #1.

Often, additional border crossing points are created to carry only local border traffic.

carry a maximum

The IX could carry a maximum load of of bombs.

The Whike weighs including the sail and can carry a maximum weight of including luggage.

A sentence of greater than 14 years, on the death-by-dangerous-driving charge, can only otherwise be imposed if any of the remaining charges of which the offender is convicted carry a maximum prison sentence of more than 14 years (e.g.