passenger cars

Sales of passenger cars in 2016 exceeded 24 million.

Railroad passenger cars were segregated in 1891.

The passenger cars of the PRSL were painted Tuscan Red.

racing cars

By the 1930s, specialist racing cars had developed.

It was the first time that the racing cars were also displayed.

The 1924 Bugatti Type 35 is one of the most successful racing cars.

sports cars

He likely model railways and driving sports cars.

Their sports cars are regarded as a British cultural icon.

In 1963 the company made a series of Mini powered sports cars.

electric cars

Trimble produced horse, cable and electric cars.

Urban electric cars have been manufactured in Ghana since 2014.

The total stock includes almost 12,000 used imported electric cars.

new cars

20 000 new cars are registered every year.

It had a market share of 12% of new cars.

The train used seven new cars manufactured by the Budd Company.

armoured cars   (装甲車)

There were also tanks and armoured cars involved.

The first modern AFVs were armoured cars, developed circa 1900.

As of 1962, each Battalion had 6 tanks and 5 light armoured cars.

race cars   (レースカー)

100 octane fuel is used in these race cars.

Elfin produced a variety of sports and Open-wheel race cars.

By 1909, he was driving race cars.

motor cars

The fleet comprised both motor cars and trailer cars.

The Q38 stock consisted of 25 driving motor cars and 183 trailers.

There were two lighting circuits, one fed from each of the motor cars.

rail cars   (鉄道車両)

By 1920 the SRL owned and operated 7,000 ice-cooled rail cars.

Commandant Mougin is credited with putting guns on rail cars in 1870.

In 2013, Parkland acquired Elbow River Marketing, with 1,400 rail cars.

other cars   (他の車)

Hazards such as signposts and other cars must be avoided.

The two other cars finished sixth (No.

Many of the other cars featured in the film are also Chrysler products.

freight cars

Several freight cars were also built in Montreal.

No interchange railroad freight cars were operated.

Two freight cars were sold to NSB.

cars were built

A total of 424 cars were built, arranged in pairs.

Only 3 cars were built during its production run.

26 cars were built, including #00, the pilot car.

both cars

The cars touched, and both cars spun into the wall.

The test was an identical 11.4 seconds for both cars.

He had many technical problems with both cars.

police cars

Terms for police cars include area car and patrol car.

In 2016 they received new police cars.

In the United States, police cars are frequently Black and white.

cars built

Chrysler did as well, using cars built by Mitsubishi.

The car was number 24 of the 25 Zonda Roadster F Club Sport cars built.

The original "Silver Meteor" used lightweight cars built by the Budd Company.

all cars

It was fitted with air conditioning in all cars.

"Note: all cars were fitted with Offenhauser engines."

Three new cars were delivered and all cars made into double cars.

railroad cars

His father worked in a repair shop for railroad cars.

Bánáthy was assigned to unload sacks of wheat from railroad cars.

MRS owned railroad cars used to transport Anheuser-Busch's products.

number of cars   (車の数)

The total number of cars in this group formula_8.

The number of cars expanded from 250 to 521.

The total number of cars made is not known with estimates between 30 and 100.

cars per

By 1900, the company was producing about 150 cars per year.

The 20 Million Euro plant aims to produce 1,700 cars per year.

The Cherkasy plant can produce 120 000 to 150 000 cars per year.

luxury cars   (高級車)

The makers of luxury cars were low on ths distribution priority list.

They employed a full staff of servants and owned a fleet of luxury cars.

It is said that West sold Criswell her old luxury cars for five dollars.

cars and trucks

From there, he progressed into late model cars and trucks.

The meat of the Metosul name were its line of 1:43 scale cars and trucks.

Currently, rail cars and trucks share unloading docks, causing conflicts.

stock cars   (ストックカー)

He also competed in modified stock cars in the 1970s.

The 1920 stock cars were retired from service in 1938.

Modified cars are a hybrid of open wheel cars and stock cars.

cars used

The cars used were of the Brill double truck pattern.

MRS owned railroad cars used to transport Anheuser-Busch's products.

Line A used the cars used at its inauguration for just under a century.

production cars

Most modified production cars use full exhaust systems.

The first production cars were slated for production in 2012.

This concept was maintained for almost all production cars of Iso.

power cars

Both cryogens have been used to power cars.

Two power cars with the new engine were successfully trialled.

The six-car train set consists of two power cars and four trailers.

armored cars

The Italians used armored cars during the Italo-Turkish War.

Davidson is considered "The Father of American armored cars."

They fought mounted in mobile Bantam Jeeps and M8 armored cars.

touring cars

In 1979 a cup for touring cars was added.

Langes later raced in touring cars.

There, he built touring cars and commercial vehicles of more conventional design.

cars such

Older Formula Renault 2.0 machinery along with other cars such as Formula BMW and Formula Abarth encompass Class B.

In addition to other brands of cars such as Range Rover, Ford and Jaguar; he is sole distributor of BMW in Nigeria.

Diesel engines have long been popular in bigger cars and have been used in smaller cars such as superminis in Europe since the 1980s.

sleeping cars

A usual consist had two sleeping cars, being increased to three in busier periods.

The BR decided from the very beginning that it would operate its own sleeping cars.

Unlike most Amtrak long-distance trains, the "Palmetto" does not have sleeping cars.

train cars

This could also allow trains to pass parked train cars.

SMRT took delivery of the first 2 train cars on 21 May 2015.

Work is done here, as well as the storing of train cars and locomotives.

private cars   (自家用車)

In Finland the shops routinely offer free parking for private cars.

Other than that, private cars are prevalent, though bicycles are also used.

At the end of 2008, in Bucharest there were 1.24 million vehicles, of which 985.000 were private cars.

cars produced

, most cars produced in the U.S. use DOT 4 brake fluid.

From 1950 to 1958 there were approximately 50 Daina Series cars produced.

The 25-30 was manufactured for more than a year with a total of 65 cars produced.

cars sold

The McLaren F1 suffered from similarly poor sales performance, with just 71 cars sold against McLaren's target of 300.

Lexus ES The is a series of compact executive, then mid-size luxury cars sold by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota since 1989.

Hydrous ethanol (about 95% ethanol and 5% water) can be used as fuel in more than 90% of new gasoline fueled cars sold in the country.

road cars   (ロードカー)

It partially improved sales for Mazda's road cars, however.

The original road cars were typically two seat front engined V12s.

These vehicles range from modified road cars to custom built dune buggies.

cable cars

The side grip allowed cable cars to cross at intersections.

The cable cars are principally used by tourists rather than commuters.

The cable cars are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

subway cars

44 subway cars are completely destroyed by the flames.

The line will use higher capacity six car type A subway cars.

Both the light rail and the heavy rail subway cars share the station.

trailer cars

No trailer cars were built as part of the stock.

The fleet comprised both motor cars and trailer cars.

The "Tc" (7100 series) trailer cars have no pantographs and can not operate alone.

classic cars

Endurance rallies are long-distance motor rallies for vintage, historic and classic cars.

It houses a good collection of objects, antiques, paintings, artifacts, temple chariots, vintage and classic cars.

It features homemade floats, classic cars, motorized living room furniture, fire-breathing dragons, and marching bands.

several cars

The ship could also accommodate several cars.

During World War II several cars were lost.

The Joker's design consists of several cars holding four riders each.

first cars

The first cars went on sale in 1902.

As a result, the first cars were not delivered until early 1920.

His first cars were belt-driven, with single- or twin-cylinder engines mounted at the rear.

more cars

The recall was then expanded to 324,000 more cars in Europe.

Twelve more cars were sold that night.

If demand for bicycle cars rise, more cars would be retrofitted.

cars made

Three new cars were delivered and all cars made into double cars.

The total number of cars made is not known with estimates between 30 and 100.

Smaller, more aerodynamic cars made opera windows appear gaudy or out of place.

cars during

Briton produced 170 cars during 1920, 163 of the 10/12 hp.

The Italians used armored cars during the Italo-Turkish War.

The streets of central Frankfurt are usually congested with cars during rush hour.

small cars

Orbital engines now appear in boats, motorcycles and small cars.

The Trnava plant was built to produce the company's "Platform 1" cars, which are small cars.

The standard motometer came in three sizes for small cars, medium cars, and large cars and trucks.

own cars

In 1983, McDonald started building his own cars and March was left outside F1 once more.

Brabham is the only driver to win the title in one of their own cars, a Brabham in 1966.

Rather than owning (and parking) their own cars, members share a group of cars parked nearby.

cars were produced

On sale between 1907 and 1913 only 152 cars were produced.

The Junior/F12 series became quite popular, and many cars were produced.

Only 125 cars were produced.

used cars

Besides being a professional boxer, Little also sold used cars in Reading.

Greg reveals that Slasher has a lot of used cars that the survivors can use to escape.

A number of cities such as Monterrey, and Guadalajara have tianguis that operate only to sell used cars.

concept cars

The following is a partial list of concept cars Toyota developed.

Ferrari has produced a number of concept cars, such as the Mythos.

In 2005 he assumed overall responsibility for Citroën's concept cars.

cars were entered

At the R15's last race, two cars were entered into the Zhuhai 1000 km.

At Petit Le Mans two cars were entered but both lost to a Peugeot 1–2 victory.

In the 2020 Dakar Rally, six Hilux cars were entered prepared by Gazoo Racing, and another nine by Overdrive Racing.

drive cars   (車を運転する)

Four-wheel drive cars cannot be raced in any of the above categories.

Two-wheel drive cars and Group R2 and R3 cars are still eligible to enter rallies.

These were restricted to two-wheel drive cars with atmospheric engines up to 2000cc.

series cars

The Pride series cars carry 97% local content.

It also has a rear spoiler, air intakes and rear lights taken from the 760 series cars.

First series cars were available only in Special trim and were called Polski Fiat 131p Mirafiori.

cars were made

No more than about 8,000 cars were made.

Around 14 Austin 60 hp cars were made.

About ten cars were made in total.

railway cars

The railway cars were only flatbed wagon cars with no locomotives to move them.

By 1902, his mine was producing more ore than railway cars could load and haul away to the Ladysmith and Nanaimo ports.

The United Kingdom mounted a few guns on railway cars which saw action during the Siege and Relief of Ladysmith during the Second Boer War.

cars were sold

All 3 cars were sold and are now possibly scrapped.

58 cars were sold, which won 42 major races.

The car reached and 150,000 cars were sold.

many cars

GM has also used many cars in the American racing series NASCAR.

The Berlin branch was headed by Paul Cudell and did not make many cars.

The Junior/F12 series became quite popular, and many cars were produced.

patrol cars

Initially, in the late 1920s, two patrol cars in Perth were equipped with radios.

As of 2011 the police's new patrol cars are four-wheel drive Volkswagen Passat with automatic transmission.

They are used extensively by the police as patrol cars, and wealthy people can also acquire spinner licenses.

dining cars

Major railroads featured upscale cuisine in their dining cars.

It is normally used to house the "Quantock Belle" dining cars.

Tableware used in railway dining cars, passenger ships and airlines are also included in this category.