carved stone   (刻まれた石)

It has a front of carved stone.

The "helicopter" image is the result of carved stone being re-used over time.

The artisans Alfons Juyol and Eusebi Arnau used carved stone for their design.

carved wooden   (刻まれた木製)

He carved wooden decoy ducks and enjoyed wearing his Dr. Martens.

Its intricately carved wooden fascia is supported on granite columns.

The ornately carved wooden doors to the "sim" are original to the old temple.

elaborately carved   (精巧に彫られた)

At the foot of the Tower is the elaborately carved West Doorway.

The dough is pressed very thinly into elaborately carved moulds of varying shapes and sizes.

One face of the stone has an elaborately carved cross above a design of intertwined snake-like animals.

intricately carved

The masjid has many mehrabs, all intricately carved.

The intricately carved icon screen was made in 1705.

Its intricately carved wooden fascia is supported on granite columns.

carved wood

The icon is painted on canvas and framed in carved wood.

It is also during this time that the present altar and carved wood statuary were installed.

The cello is typically made from carved wood, although other materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum may be used.

richly carved

This bracketing is arranged in tiers and is richly carved.

The walls were adorned with glossy blue-green tiles, richly carved teak, and bronze lamps.

The Reception Room was decorated in richly carved mahogany Jacobean-style panelling painted a glossy white.