İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

case against   (karşı dava)

Kajal's mother files a case against Neeraj's family.

The criminal case against him was eventually dropped.

Innoson Motors began its case against GT Bank in 2011.

special case   (özel durum)

An earlier version, for the special case of i.i.d.

A special case, "$0", refers to the entire record.

It is a special case of the Bing–Borsuk conjecture.

court case   (dava)

In the 1994–95 British court case, the Rt.

Another court case began in November 2002.

It involved a fierce contest that ended up in a court case.

not the case   (durum böyle değil)

This is not the case anymore for infinite groups.

However, this is not the case in the later books.

However, for natural proteins this is not the case.

each case   (her vaka)

In each case the juries were only out five minutes.

The answer in each case must be a resounding negative.

The music in each case was written by Cecil James Sharp.

first case   (ilk dava)

Their first case begins as a routine disappearance.

Brill's first case as an attorney was a dog bite case.

It was the first case that "yokozuna" received such a punishment.

case studies   (durum çalışmaları)

The historical case studies approach might be biased.

A review of 59 case studies by Veyssier-Belot, C et al.

'Wetland Valuation: three case studies', in Perring "et al."

case study   (Vaka Analizi)

The approach of this historical case study only offers one data point.

A case study by Beale et al.

One case study recorded the initial onset occurring 31 years post treatment.

murder case   (cinayet davası)

In May 2013, her husband was convicted in a murder case.

The film is based on sensational Sundari Amma murder case.

Four months later, Quddus was dropped from the murder case.

case law   (içtihat)

This sentence set down case law for future claims.

The SCA is driven by case law and court interpretation.

This was the basis for Anglo-Hindu case law.

case involving   (dava içeren)

The team are called to a case involving a suspected suicide attempt.

The case is considered a landmark case involving tribal sovereignty.

In 1986, there was a case involving a change to the City Sanitation Department entrance exam.

latter case   (ikinci durum)

In the latter case the claim would not be actionable.

In the latter case, the function is a constant function.

CFDs are only comparable in the latter case.

case when   (ne zaman)

This is the case when electron correlation is large.

In paper tape, it is the case when there are no holes.

It can be lifted up into the case when in very shallow water.

either case   (Her iki durumda)

In either case, the Excalibur would be destroyed.

In either case, the change in formula_18 is identical.

In either case his face very often shows his suffering.

criminal case   (ceza davası)

The criminal case against him was eventually dropped.

In 2014, another criminal case was launched against him.

However, the criminal case against Dyulgerov was never terminated.

case before   (önce dava)

was a case before the United States Supreme Court in 1999.

They served as an assist in more than one case before 2008.

This was not the case before his rule.

particular case   (özel durum)

The particular case is referred to as Lipschitz continuity.

The particular case where is prime is Fermat's little theorem.

Some prepositions require the nouns they modify to take a particular case.

law case   (hukuk davası)

Powell v Lee Powell v Lee (1908) 99 LT 284 was an English contract law case.

The law case was settled two years later, with both men's claims on half of the castle being upheld.

Atlantic Mutual was involved in a significant tax law case which reached the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1990s.

legal case   (Yasal durum)

The most recent legal case in that work was dated 196 BC.

In 1958-9 he was involved in a legal case against John Lee.

A long £13m legal case followed which was settled out of court.

often the case   (çoğu zaman)

This is often the case for many precedents that have been set in the common law.

This is often the case if it is a rescue survey, but less common in a regular survey.

It is evident that the victimized woman has no voice, as is often the case with rape.

such a case   (böyle bir dava)

In such a case, augmentation is often recommended.

In such a case, the surface is called "trapped".

In such a case, the deletion can be easily reversed.

always the case   (her zaman durum)

However, in the Deaf Community, this is not always the case.

However, this was not always the case.

However, this is not always the case.

another case   (başka bir dava)

In another case, there may have been an inadvertent Saxbe fix.

Kate issues a final warning to Megan, so Megan takes another case.

Risperidone and valproic acid treated the symptoms in another case.

worst case   (En kötü durumda)

The worst case is achieved when the integers are equal.

Failing to do so renders analysis uncertain and in worst case useless.

He declares Bugs as the worst case of "rabbitschenia" he has ever seen.

case was dismissed   (dava reddedildi)

The case was dismissed in November 2010 by Lombard.

The case was dismissed with prejudice in February 2017.

Later, the matter was resolved, and the case was dismissed.

hear the case   (davayı duy)

However, the court later refused to hear the case.

The Court agreed the hear the case in September 2017.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case as "R.G.

general case   (Genel dava)

These values shouldn't be trusted for the general case".

They could not give all details of this mode in the broad frame of the general case.

In the general case, the strongest evidence to date comes from numerical evolutions.

lower case   (küçük harf)

SIL codes are upper case; ISO codes are lower case.

Similarly, Showcase is usually spelt in all lower case.

There are no distinct upper and lower case letter forms.

every case   (her dava)

Examples for every case are known.

In these MDL cases, it is not practical to prepare every case for trial.

In every case, he chose the Dalai Lama's own objects and rejected the others.

case went   (dava gitti)

The case went to jury trial in December 2011.

The case went to court and the application was refused.

The case went in favour of Mr Garnett-Orme.

second case   (ikinci dava)

In second case, the two households both have annual income of US$200 per year.

In the second case the deuteron is a spin singlet, so that its total spin "s" is 0.

In the second case, a female guard accused an inmate of inappropriately touching her.

case brought   (dava getirildi)

This case brought him more than ever into national reputation.

This followed a 1984 Supreme Court decision in a case brought by BMM.

In 1999, a case brought him to Tampa, Florida, where he decided to retire.

case was settled   (dava karara bağlandı)

The Richard Spoor-run Gencor case was settled in 2003.

The Richard Meeran-run Cape Plc case was settled in 2003.

The case was settled on undisclosed terms.

case because   (durum çünkü)

We had a very strong case because I had the truth on my side.

Morris began researching the case because it related to Dr. Grigson.

After a while he returned to his obsession with his wife case because he had some new information.

test case   (test durumu)

A possible execution path can serve as a test case.

Model checkers can also be used for test case generation.

After the implementation, it can be associated with the test case.

case involved   (söz konusu dava)

The case involved is "Anne Anderson, et al., v. Cryovac, Inc., et al.".

The case involved Dr. Emily Stowe, one of Canada's first female doctors.

The case involved an Aboriginal Chief named Edward Jim of the North Saanich tribe.

landmark case   (önemli nokta)

The case is considered a landmark case involving tribal sovereignty.

This was a landmark case that Spry lost to his ex-wife in a dispute involving family trusts.

She supported the recent landmark case of Varnum v. Brien, which legalized gay marriage in the state.

cartridge case   (kartuş kılıfı)

This ensures correct alignment of the projectile and the cartridge case.

The cartridge consists of an aluminum cartridge case crimped to an aluminum canister.

The term "fixed" means that the projectile and the cartridge case are crimped together.

no case   (durum yok)

Police later found Gibson had no case to answer.

But without a body, the police say there is no case.

There are no case declensions in Danish nouns.

dismissed the case   (davayı reddetti)

The court dismissed the case and awarded Wilkin fifty guineas.

The District Court dismissed the case.

On February 6, 2014, courts in South Korea dismissed the case.

won the case   (davayı kazandı)

The African-American purchasers won the case in 1945.

Younghusband won the case, but legal fees cost him £165.

They won the case and the race was eventually reinstated.

business case   (iş durumu)

There is, however, a good business case for Stratford-Cotswolds link.

The questionnaire centers on a simple business case that ensures comparability across economies and over time.

The business case for sales outsourcing should also include consideration of the cost of controlling the contract.

case was heard   (dava duyuldu)

The case was heard in the Ontario Court of Justice.

The case was heard by the Court in February 2018.

such case   (böyle bir durum)

In such case, the structure acts as an electrical generator.

In such case, the moving structure acts as an electric motor.

They may also be solemnly affirmed, and in such case the phrase is omitted.

case reports   (vaka raporları)

Mortality is rare, but case reports do exist.

There are case reports of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease presenting with expressive aphasia.

According to recent case reports, use of vacuum aspiration can also lead to intrauterine adhesions.

case management   (durum Yönetimi)

Additional skills specific to case management are learned in the role.

In a tightly managed plan case management may be integral to the benefits program.

The drug court regime consists of more intensive treatment and judicial case management.

case decided   (dava kararı)

1, is a leading tort case decided by the House of Lords.

R v Thomas R v Thomas was an Australian court case decided in the Victorian Court of Appeal on 18 August 2006.

Mazer v. Stein Mazer v. Stein, 347 U.S. 201 (1954), was a copyright case decided by the United States Supreme Court.

genitive case   (genetik durum)

Other prepositions require the genitive case of nouns.

"Marinelda", genitive case "i/e Marineldës" "of Marinelda").

Other words use the genitive case in place of the accusative.

important case   (önemli vaka)

It decided so little, and it was such an important case.

Buckel stated, "It's a very important case, not only within Nebraska but nationally."

This was an important case in determining the patentability of software and algorithms.

similar case   (benzer vaka)

The mayor already lost a similar case against Sziget at court in 2002.

The California Supreme Court also cited the Lindquist ruling in a similar case.

A similar case is the NEC V30 and V20 CPUs, enhanced copies of the Intel 8086 and 8088, respectively.

case concerning   (ilgili dava)

This was especially the case concerning traditional Fijian spiritual beliefs.

He was involved in a case concerning claims made regarding the Abra Silver Mining Company.

The opposing counsel in a high-profile court case concerning a dispute about a large estate fall reluctantly in love.

case of war   (savaş vakası)

This giant factory is one large ammunition compound in case of war".

It instead provides more comfort for the regular forces in case of war.

In case of war or national emergency, the Naval Staff was to become directly subordinate to the Supreme Command.

specific case   (özel durum)

Since 2007, the "plan rouge" is a specific case of the "plan Orsec".

Forest genetic resources represent a specific case of plant genetic resources.

Each use of an ambiguous term should be preceded by the definition, suitable for a specific case.

lost the case   (davayı kaybetti)

The court rejected her claim and she lost the case.

The ACLU lost the case and Scopes was fined $100.

Elizabeth lost the case in a landmark hearing.

civil case   (hukuk davası)

The federal government pursued a civil case to attempt repayment.

He has worked as a criminal defense lawyer for four years and been civil case litigator for two.

"Dartmouth College v. Woodward" (1819) is a famous use of the certificate of division procedure in a civil case.

transfer case   (transfer kutusu)

The NP transfer case gave a 4.88:1 final drive ratio.

A two-speed transfer case is not available.

This new 4WD setup featured a gear driven RF1A transfer case.

case came   (dava geldi)

The case came to trial a year later, on 8 November 2001.

The judgement in Nakens' case came easily.

This summer she went to court when a controversial case came up.

remanded the case   (davayı geri aldı)

He would have reversed and remanded the case.

The Court vacated the sentence against Dawson and remanded the case.

The Court reversed the decision of the Appeals Court and remanded the case back to them.

case was brought   (dava getirildi)

In 2015, the case was brought to an appellate court.

On 16–17 September, their case was brought to the court for a committal procedure.

The case was brought before a military court and presided over by the Constable of England.

corruption case   (yolsuzluk davası)

Ortega had also been reporting on this corruption case.

On May 20, 2005, Nazaruddin was suspected in the alleged corruption case at the KPU by the Corruption Court.

In July 2017, ex Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav of the RJD was charged by the CBI in a corruption case.

jewel case   (mücevher kutusu)

All subsequent releases have been in a jewel case.

Instead of a jewel case, it came in a folding cardboard box.

The CD version was issued in a full jewel case picture sleeve.

solve the case   (davayı çöz)

Detective Manacek is called to solve the case.

With time running out the threesome will have to solve the case.

While they solve the case, the rest of the squad work on the dinner.

rape case   (tecavüz davası)

The Qatif rape case was a 2006 gang rape of a teenage girl by seven men.

In February 1947 alone, police arrested thousands of rape case protesters.

The 1886 Mount Rennie rape case in Sydney in Australia falls in this category.

case back   (geri dava)

The Court reversed the decision of the Appeals Court and remanded the case back to them.

He remains on death row, as the Supreme Court upheld his sentence and sent the case back to a lower court.

It may, in addition, send the case back ("remand" or "remit") to the lower court for further proceedings to remedy the defect.

use case   (kullanım örneği)

"Blanch v. Koons" is another example of a fair use case that focused on transformativeness.

He has also contributed in the design and use case studies in the BlueBoard system as a collaboration tool.

A very illustrative use case is the automatic switch-off of a percent of base stations during the night hours.

extreme case   (aşırı zor vaka)

Another extreme case of precovery concerns Neptune.

In the extreme case this is merger arbitrage, described below.

However, this is an extreme case.

case of emergency   (Acil durum)

Gallieni was designated as Joffre's successor “in case of emergency” on 31 July.

In case of emergency, a single anointing, not necessarily on the forehead, is sufficient.

Usually this is below the water line so that the area can be flooded in case of emergency.

just in case   (her ihtimale karşı)

From that point on Danny White was seen warming up just in case he was needed.

He gives Elena the daylight ring Bonnie made her earlier in the day, just in case.

"I've got a new single dropping tomorrow night, too, just in case you got some free time."

longer the case   (dava daha uzun)

While the K6 FPU had looked anemic compared to the Intel P6 FPU, with Athlon this was no longer the case.

The electronic edition was available without charge, as an open access journal, but since 2008 this is no longer the case.

That's no longer the case — here, legs are severed, men cry out in agony as they reach for lost body parts, and gouts of blood fly as bullets pierce flesh."

upper case   (büyük harf)

SIL codes are upper case; ISO codes are lower case.

For a series of words in upper case, a colon is added: .

is used to indicate that an entire word is in upper case.

former case   (eski dava)

In the former case, the bust was taken outside before being broken.

Even in the former case, the exclusive use of an exonym may be unhelpful for the map user.

Like English, Danish only has remnants of a former case system, particularly in the pronouns.

s case   (s davası)

Gabriel Cruz’s case shocked the Spanish society .

Changes are always risky, but in "Black Ops 4"s case, it worked out for the better."

JIW’s case study to evaluate the consistency in a series of re-tests began in the late 1970s.

case by case   (duruma göre)

The arrangements vary significantly case by case.

The number of target antigens varies on a case by case basis.

Large scale testing should be assessed on a case by case basis.

same case   (aynı durum)

", 2009 documentary about the same case.

In any other case, the nouns and numbers are in the same case.

Mohammad al-Qahtani was sentenced to 10 years in the same case.

simplest case   (en basit vaka)

In the simplest case the model can be a set of 3D points.

The simplest case of vector-radix is where all of the radices are equal (e.g.

The simplest case, when the sets are affine spaces, was analyzed by John von Neumann.

libel case   (iftira davası)

The libel case ended with the BCA withdrawing its suit in 2010.

A libel case against the Rev.

This article was the subject of a successful libel case against editor John Stephens in March 1850.

filed a case   (dava açtı)

He has since filed a case against the team.

Later as "RSS" filed a case against him, he had to apologise for it.

In 2009, Mohan filed a case against his son Karthik for neglecting his health.

case became   (dava oldu)

Urdiales' case became a political issue for a short time.

Glading's case became a cause célèbre and made national headlines.

As a result, the case became an international incident, better known as the Stokes Affair.

case did   (dava yaptı)

The case did not go to court due to Delarue's death on the 24 August 2012.

This case did not involve judicial review, but it elucidates the same principle.

The anticipated court case did not materialise as Rous issued a qualified apology.

severe case   (ağır vaka)

She survives the fall, and manages to get back to New Montana, but contracted a severe case of black lung.

The second classification of the Seddon system is referred to as axonotmesis which is a more severe case of peripheral nerve injury.

In December 1943, while on a trip to Dhaka, health problems flared anew, a severe case of Phlebitis causing a two-month hospitalization.

strong case   (güçlü dava)

We had a very strong case because I had the truth on my side.

A strong case of reinforcement occurring in fungi comes from studies of "Neurospora".

Among the Apostolic Fathers, "a strong case can be made for Ignatius' use of ... 1 and 2 Timothy".

s case   (davası)

Gabriel Cruz’s case shocked the Spanish society .

JIW’s case study to evaluate the consistency in a series of re-tests began in the late 1970s.

Meanwhile, Sharon learns Henry’s case is serious enough that he could potentially die at any minute.

case during   (sırasında)

Heinz sued for damages but dropped the case during the hearing.

To his credit, he had never lost a single case during his practising period.

Jenkins was reported to have been served a writ in the case during a Hong Kong visit.

case regarding   (ilgili dava)

In 1858 Bemis suffered a hemorrhage in his lungs while arguing a case regarding railroads.

An informant, Terrai Hanswitch, approaches them with a case regarding a missing child - and they accept.

In a 2015 case regarding female circumcision, a judge concluded that non-therapeutic circumcision of male children is a "significant harm".

made the case   (davayı yaptı)

In 2018, a new study made the case for the double flash being a nuclear test.

In 2019, the historian Michael Livingston also made the case for a site west of Azincourt, based on a review of sources and early maps.

Albright made the case for a pure chronological ordering of the poems, especially since "Oisin"'s themes reverberate throughout the later work.

take the case   (davayı al)

Galloway convinces Kaffee to take the case to court.

Barnes decides to take the case.

Mayo again appealed to the Supreme Court, which agreed to take the case.

case was not   (dava değildi)

One point was that the "State Street Bank" case was not a correct statement of the law.

The case was not appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, thus it is only binding in the state of California.

However, in 1999 Cory noted that the action in the earlier case was not against the mother, which was a more "sensitive issue."

cold case   (soğuk kasa)

In 2004, her murder case was formally reopened, but remains a cold case.

In 2003, Cox created a cold case unit to investigate and prosecute cold cases.

The investigation leads to the reopening of a cold case and identifies a possible miscarriage of justice.

investigate the case   (davayı araştır)

New York State Police continue to investigate the case.

To this end, the Society has sent one of its founders, Frederic Myers, to investigate the case.

In 2008, the Supreme Court of India formed a Special Investigation Team to investigate the case.

case was filed   (dava açıldı)

The case was filed in 1917AD and decided in 1921AD.

Since the case was filed, almost half the ten years was spent on post-trial matters.

The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

last case   (son dava)

And Glading's was not to be the last case of its kind.

This was his last case before retirement on 17th November 2019.

For this last case, the cohesive fracture can be said to be "cohesive near the interface".

least one case   (en az bir vaka)

John Adams argued at least one case in this courthouse, on May 16, 1767.

In at least one case opposition to Nono's composition went beyond words.

Lumbar disc herniation has been reported to cause CSF leaks in at least one case.

rare case   (nadir vaka)

It is a rare case found in certain dialects of Finnic languages.

In a rare case published in 2003, a patient presented with bilateral necrosis of both upper and lower eyelids.

Furigana may also be necessary in the rare case where names are transliterated into kanji from other languages (e.g.

especially the case   (özellikle dava)

This is especially the case with murders of women in Latin America.

This was especially the case concerning traditional Fijian spiritual beliefs.

This is especially the case with net services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll.

known case   (bilinen vaka)

It was the first known case of fraud at Bell Labs.

The first known case outside England was in Blois, France, in 1171.

In every known case, the numbers of a pair are either both even or both odd.

case basis   (vaka temeli)

The number of target antigens varies on a case by case basis.

Large scale testing should be assessed on a case by case basis.

Each ECS based application is assessed on a case by case basis.

notable case   (kayda değer vaka)

One notable case was Bell's lawsuit against Western Union.

One notable case Lane decided was known as the "dog case".

Another notable case was the arrest of Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in 1957.

heard the case   (davayı duydum)

A court in Windsor, Ontario heard the case.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case in February, 2018.

case of mistaken   (yanlış durum)

"It was not a case of mistaken identity, it was a deliberate act," he said.

One man was arrested by police, though it later was revealed to be a case of mistaken identity.

In a case of mistaken identity, Zartan kills the Hard Master, leader of the Arashikage, instead.

single case   (tek dava)

A single case came from Valletta.

To his credit, he had never lost a single case during his practising period.

This design consists of two, three or four independent LNBs in a single case.