İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

many cases   (birçok vaka)

and so, in many cases, it was given to the princes.

In many cases, the entire database is replicated.

In many cases, the first sign is a heart attack.

most cases   (çoğu vaka)

In most cases, the three-letter combinations (e.g.

This status also gives work permit in most cases.

The swelling can, in most cases, be easily cured.

other cases   (diğer durumlar)

In some other cases the steps may be done in place.

In other cases, the association is mere pretense.

In other cases the skull is put in sacred place.

both cases   (Her iki durumda da)

The word 'wrongfully' is applicable to both cases.

The resolution of both cases are quite climactic.

In both cases, the singular region has zero volume.

all cases   (Tüm vakalar)

In all cases “%” or “*” can be used as wildcards.

Discharge is available in some but not all cases.

This form of lytico-bodig is fatal in all cases.

such cases   (bu gibi durumlarda)

In such cases, the object is said to be polarized.

Non-Muslims can face imprisonment in such cases.

Additional imaging by CT is warranted in such cases.

criminal cases   (ceza davaları)

Robes and wigs are worn in all criminal cases.

He had at that time ten criminal cases pending against him.

Jury trials started for criminal cases.

cases involving   (içeren davalar)

A special court hears cases involving persons under the age of 18.

Peck describes in some detail several cases involving his patients.

Immunity for cases involving flood levees was apparently not addressed at that time.

court cases   (mahkeme davaları)

He handled civil, criminal and family court cases.

Since that time Tyahnybok has won nine court cases in that regard.

Robert Cooley was the Chicago Mafia's "Mechanic"—a fixer of court cases.

rare cases   (nadir durumlar)

In some rare cases, radiography is done with neutrons.

In some rare cases the crystals occur doubly terminated.

In rare cases, formula_58 can be negative.

number of cases   (vaka sayısı)

In a number of cases, authoritarian regimes were reinforced.

Tamoxifen has been associated with a number of cases of hepatotoxicity.

Secondary mania has been associated with HIV/AIDS in a number of cases.

few cases

שווא נח); in a few cases as "shva meraḥef" (Heb.

In all but a few cases there is some sort of front porch.

A few cases of human infestation have also been reported.

special cases   (özel durumlar)

It's just that there are special cases for Surabaya.

Here are the three most important special cases.

There are two special cases of the Bass diffusion model.

several cases   (birkaç durum)

There are several cases where the concept of flux is important.

In several cases Jews tried to help support the Sasanian advance.

TSR itself ran afoul of intellectual property law in several cases.

certain cases   (Belirli durumlar)

Evidence in certain cases (e.g.

In certain cases a woman could transmit rights that she could not enjoy.

However, in certain cases other representations may be suitable as well.

extreme cases   (aşırı durumlar)

In extreme cases PVE can lead to coma and death.

In extreme cases, such as "The Persuaders!

In extreme cases it can lead to the cause of Rhabdomyolysis.

severe cases   (Sunum dosyaları)

In severe cases: two tablets daily in two doses.

In severe cases, photochemotherapy is an option.

In exceptionally severe cases PUVA therapy may be considered.

civil cases

It is the final court of appeals in criminal and civil cases.

Corroboration is not required in England or in civil cases in Scotland.

As a formal Beis Din they hear civil cases and deal with matrimonial matters.

cases against   (karşı davalar)

He attributes Belarusian court cases against him as a response to his claims.

Thus far, however, most such cases against file sharers have been settled out of court.

He also worked on class action right-to-treatment cases against New Jersey public mental hospitals.

reported cases   (bildirilen vakalar)

Mention of his name is made in some reported cases.

accounting for 50% of the reported cases in Zimbabwe.

As of 2010, there had been approximately 132 reported cases.

cases such

Substitutes in cases such as this included cornmeal.

In less frequent cases such feeds could also be accessed from off-site.

In extreme cases such as Roj Blake's, brainwashing and re-programming were used.

new cases   (yeni vakalar)

In 2017, 206,200 new cases of cancer were diagnosed.

In 2015 about 61 million new cases occurred globally.

Every year 25,000 new cases of dementia are diagnosed .

legal cases   (yasal davalar)

He had much interest in historical legal cases.

He also worked a number of famous legal cases.

There were at least 7 legal cases still under way at the end of 2016.

cases when   (ne zaman)

But these can become large in cases when left unattended.

Two knights can win in some cases when the defender has more than one pawn.

Also included are cases when people died in police custody due to applied techniques.

majority of cases   (vakaların çoğu)

In the vast majority of cases, this will be positive advice.

The majority of cases were in Punjab and the United Provinces.

In the majority of cases, only a limited subset of data is retrieved.

cases before

Ball argued 9 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

He argued 12 cases before the Supreme Court and won 9.

He would argue several cases before the House of Lords in his time.

cases per   (vaka başına)

There are 686 malaria cases per 100,000 people.

In the same time, Dufferin Hospital saw more than 100 minor cases per month.

A rival factory at Modderfontein was producing another 200,000 cases per year.

use cases

PNaCl is recommended over NaCl for most use cases.

The primary use cases are in quoting, estimating and billing translation work.

These are the use cases that will be subjected to script driven performance testing.

confirmed cases   (onaylanmış vakalar)

To date, a total of 114 confirmed cases of hepatitis C have been linked to the outbreaks.

There were 1,060 confirmed cases of listeriosis during the outbreak, and about 216 deaths.

A total of 18 confirmed cases of infection with "E. coli" O157:H7 were reported during the subsequent outbreak linked to XL Foods.

abuse cases

Martin has dealt with Catholic sex abuse cases in his tenure as Archbishop.

During this period a number of sexual abuse cases emerged concerning a Dominican priest.

He appeared regularly in a number of alleged sexual abuse cases including false memory syndrome.

more cases   (daha fazla vaka)

After the first case of mad cow disease that was discovered, two more cases emerged.

This is also the case when formula_1, formula_2 and formula_63 are kaonized, although there are more cases.

In more cases, though, rigid tubing or flexible hoses are used to direct the flow from one component to the next.

exceptional cases   (istisnai durumlar)

But "exceptional cases" must be identified and tested.

In exceptional cases, the light is yellow, and visible for .

However, there were exceptional cases.

murder cases

He pioneered the use of DNA evidence in murder cases.

The Lucerne High Court convicted Andermatt but only in seven murder cases.

Archerd was sentenced to death on March 6, 1968, for three of the murder cases.

test cases   (test senaryoları)

For test cases, one source uses 3009 and 884.

These paths can again be used as test cases.

@assert), as well as support for parameterized test cases.

similar cases

Accusations of similar cases had occurred much earlier.

In November 2012, similar cases appeared in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

There were other similar cases.

cases from volume   (hacimli vakalar)

List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 555 This is a list of all the United States Supreme Court cases from volume 555 of the United States Reports:

individual cases

In individual cases the membership of some areas is disputed.

This has caused inequity in the treatment of individual cases.

Proszyk concluded that he could only "describe... verified individual cases.

except in cases   (durumlar hariç)

The article argued that power is not asymmetrical except in cases of physical violence.

Decisions are made based on a majority vote if more than half of the Chamber is present, except in cases of constitutional issues.

Upon completion of their service, Auxiliary Policemen are discharged with a Sergeant rank in the ROK Army Reserve (except in cases of demotion).

cases reported   (bildirilen vakalar)

As of 16 March 2007, there were 314 cases reported, with 215 deaths.

A second outbreak occurred in 2013 with 368 cases reported by August.

The outbreak peaked in January 2009 with 8,500 cases reported per week.

serious cases   (ciddi vakalar)

In more serious cases, blistering can occur.

For serious cases, such as murder, bail is often refused.

Having begun work in the Cheka, Grigory was assigned some serious cases.

cases include

Some of his more prominent cases include:

Notable IP copyright cases include Napster, Eldred v. Ashcroft and Air Pirates.

In 2017 the countries with the most cases include the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar and Peru.

numerous cases

In numerous cases the peasants ended up with the smallest amount of land.

In the 1930s, Wangensteen attended to numerous cases of small bowel intestinal obstruction.

Nose swipes were taken frequently of the workers, with numerous cases of moderate and high readings.

specific cases   (özel durumlar)

The tasks of the unit was to investigate specific cases of local experiences.

Rather, rights in specific cases were to be decided by the judicial system of courts.

Furthermore, the study shows that those specific cases were never formally documented.

million cases   (milyon vaka)

Vouvray produces more than a million cases of wine a year.

In 1983 canned coffee makers shipped more than 100 million cases.

In the United States about 1.6 million cases were reported in 2016.

notable cases

There have been some notable cases regarding the ADA.

There are two particularly notable cases of these love triangles in the first season.

See the list of people who took refuge in a diplomatic mission for a list of some notable cases.

corruption cases   (yolsuzluk davaları)

Other candidates were also associated with corruption cases.

One of the most important corruption cases in Brazil concerns the company Odebrecht.

The State Court also deals with organized crime, and economic crime including corruption cases.

hear cases

The PJ does not hear cases herself/himself.

The Supreme Court's authority to hear cases is discretionary.

The GTC convened panels to hear cases.

documented cases

In Australia in 2012 there were about 140 documented cases.

There have been at least 100 documented cases of ROHHAD worldwide.

There are documented cases of reversible frontotemporal dementia and coma.

rights cases

The Hughes Court also faced several civil rights cases.

He successfully argued two voting rights cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Ransom were gradually winning civil rights cases based upon federal constitutional challenges.

cases of rape   (tecavüz vakaları)

In cases of rape, the woman is not seen as a victim.

He opposes abortion, including in cases of rape and incest.

The Joint Fact Finding Team (", TGPF) found two cases of rape and four cases of sexual assault.

cases brought   (getirilen davalar)

It also highlights several criminal cases brought against these people.

Scrope v Grosvenor Scrope v Grosvenor (1389) was one of the earliest heraldic law cases brought in England.

Rangers did not dispute this ruling, and was sued for damages in 60 other cases brought by relatives of the dead.

cases even

In some cases even an airplane/helicopters can be cited as examples of unsought goods.

This bumblebee has an oblong head and a very long tongue, about , and in some cases even .

As parishes were built in the area, so were schools, in some cases even before the church.

almost all cases

In almost all cases, this means particle board or MDF or similar.

In almost all cases, water tariffs increased in the long run under privatization.

In almost all cases, this is equivalent to a minimum party size of four seats, but on rare occasions, a party can end up with three.

known cases

In no known cases did the filter affect legitimate sites.

Approximately 50 known cases have been reported in the literature.

Approximately 200 known cases have been reported in the literature.

display cases

The suspended display cases can be moved manually or by remote control.

A box and ten display cases with more than 22,000 specimens had been deposited.

The Ground Floor also holds staff offices, bathrooms, a small meeting room, book resale shelf, and two display cases.

cases were reported   (vakalar rapor edildi)

In the United States about 1.6 million cases were reported in 2016.

In the United States about 1.4 million cases were reported in 2014.

In the United States 2500 cases were reported in 2011 which resulted in 27 deaths.

cases including

It has also been cited with approval in various other cases including, , and .

He appeared regularly in a number of alleged sexual abuse cases including false memory syndrome.

He is notable for a number of high-profile cases including the defense of Green Berets in Vietnam.

important cases

The most important cases are when is an integer or half-integer.

The most important cases involved statutes requiring flag salutes.

One of the important cases heard by him in his tenure was the Lakshmikanthan Murder Case.

cases related   (ilgili vakalar)

Merkin lost three arbitration cases related to the Madoff investments.

Reactions at the solid|gas interface are in some cases related to catalysis.

The cases related to harassment of women under Rachakonda commissionerate had come down by 85 percent.

first cases

The first cases appears to have been reported in 1978 by Davidson et al.

It was created by the 1963 Michigan Constitution and heard its first cases in January 1965.

They were one of the first cases to highlight the dangerous results of toxic mold and changed how normal indoor mold was viewed in America.

following cases

The following cases were referred to in this judgment:

The following cases can be identified.

The following cases all involve the adoption of the fasces as a symbol or icon, although no physical re-introduction has occurred.

law cases

Up until then, all family law cases were held in private.

The promise was to write a textbook based exclusively on family law cases.

She had represented plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and employment law cases.

particular cases   (belirli durumlar)

Unless the precinct is handed particular cases, their chances are running out.

The other amendment formulae are for particular cases as provided by in the act.

They contain lists of Pythagorean triples, which are particular cases of Diophantine equations.

cases during

This source contributed approximately 140 additional cases during the same period.

He was responsible for the investigation of many high-profile cases during his tenure, such as The Pocket Man in 2009.

Ruditsky was associated with many criminal cases during this period, most notably, ending with the break-up of Murder Incorporated in 1940.

cases of sexual

Another important factor in reported cases of sexual assault can be victim age.

The Joint Fact Finding Team (", TGPF) found two cases of rape and four cases of sexual assault.

His strong record in handling cases of sexual abuse by priests was also cited as a rationale for his appointment.

used in cases

As such, it is only used in cases of severe epilepsy when other, less-toxic drugs have failed.

Life imprisonment is also used in cases of terrorism, as well as kidnapping and attempted murder.

It can be used in cases of emergencies to guide salvage vessels to the location of a disabled submarine.

various cases

In various cases its editorial use appears to be disparaging.

In reality, monitoring systems are inadequate and various cases of fraud have been documented worldwide.

Cardo is reassigned to CIDG and tackles various cases, some which ties directly to the Tuazon family's criminal acts.