İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

heavy casualties   (ağır kayıplar)

Confederate attacks were driven back with heavy casualties.

Although they were repulsed, they inflicted heavy casualties.

One was the heavy casualties suffered by Irish units in the war.

no casualties   (kayıp yok)

men were hit, but the IRA suffered no casualties.

The squadron suffered no casualties in the process.

There were no casualties on board the "Neches".

civilian casualties   (Sivil kayıplar)

However, bombings tend to be small-scale and civilian casualties are rare.

In Sri Lanka, the civilian casualties were second only to those in Indonesia.

Despite this there were no reports of civilian casualties after the incident.

many casualties   (birçok kayıp)

There were many casualties in the Allied and German armies.

The attack failed with many casualties.

The wire was forced, despite many casualties and Guillemont entered.

number of casualties   (kayıp sayısı)

The true number of casualties remains unknown.

Nevertheless, the bombardment caused a large number of casualties.

if an emergency has a significant number of casualties in a limited area .

suffered heavy casualties

The Germans pushing forward into Stalingrad suffered heavy casualties.

The large force that was concentrated on the hill suffered heavy casualties.

90 Squadron suffered heavy casualties and the use of the Fortress I was discontinued.

casualties during

Siamese casualties during the war amounted to 19 dead.

Royall's command suffered most of the U.S. casualties during the battle.

The mujahideen suffered an estimated 3,000 casualties during this battle.

casualties among

There were only four casualties among "España"s crew.

The presence of landmines in the area causes casualties among yak, nayan, kiang, and Tibetan wolf.

Ahrar al-Sham claimed responsibility on their website alleging "dozens" of casualties among Russian officials.

few casualties

The Swedes lost four ships and had few casualties.

The objectives were achieved with remarkably few casualties.

The Welsh suffered few casualties.

casualties on both   (her ikisi de kayıplar)

Union troops gained only , at a cost of over a thousand casualties on both sides.

The American advance was inexorable, but resulted in a high number of casualties on both sides.

For 14 days, the two sides exchanged gunfire and artillery, resulting in mass casualties on both sides.

high casualties

The Marines took increasingly high casualties as they slowly advanced through the ridges.

Heat indices were around , and the Marines soon suffered high casualties from heat exhaustion.

Hancock's division followed that of French, meeting the same fate with high casualties as well.

inflicted heavy casualties   (ağır kayıplar verdi)

Although they were repulsed, they inflicted heavy casualties.

They also attacked neighbouring Naga tribes and inflicted heavy casualties.

Army helicopters then intercepted them with machine-gun fire and inflicted heavy casualties.

suffering heavy casualties

Hill, then Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell, suffering heavy casualties.

The battle ended in a rout with the Ottoman army suffering heavy casualties.

After suffering heavy casualties, the Russians withdrew from the battlefield.

suffered casualties   (kayıplar verdi)

"U448" also suffered casualties - one dead and two men wounded.

The legions suffered casualties, but they then rallied and won the day.

which had suffered casualties in the mopping up, now formed up in the second line.

casualties were reported   (kayıplar bildirildi)

No casualties were reported on either side.

No casualties were reported by authorities.

In total, 34 casualties were reported.

significant casualties   (önemli kayıplar)

The fleet inflicted significant casualties and returned victorious.

Despite the significant casualties of May 12, Grant was undeterred.

The Mughals were victorious and inflicted significant casualties among the Mewaris but failed to capture Maharana.

severe casualties   (ciddi kayıplar)

VFL club University left the league and went into recess due to severe casualties.

While suffering severe casualties, the German force won a mostly temporary reprieve.

Meanwhile, the deception raids at The Nek and Lone Pine resulted in severe casualties.

more casualties   (daha fazla kayıp)

Further counter-attacks and heavy shelling on 23/24 July led to more casualties.

The division brought up several 20-pound Parrott rifles and inflicted several dozen more casualties.

The bomb could have caused more casualties had it exploded later when the van entered the busy street.

inflicting heavy casualties   (ağır kayıplar vermek)

2nd Panzer Corps managed to encircle the 1st Airborne, inflicting heavy casualties.

Polish troops drove off two regiments of Russian mounted jaegers, inflicting heavy casualties on them in the process.

Despite inflicting heavy casualties, the SADF did not kill or capture Dimo Amaambo or any other senior SWAPO leaders.

casualties suffered

One was the heavy casualties suffered by Irish units in the war.

There are no records of squadron victories after 16 July 1918, nor of casualties suffered after 24 September 1918.

The Imperial forces suffered no consequences from their defeat aside from the casualties suffered and the supplies lost.

suffered no casualties

men were hit, but the IRA suffered no casualties.

The squadron suffered no casualties in the process.

The French resisted, but the British suffered no casualties.

numerous casualties   (çok sayıda kayıp)

This resulted in a plague of UD's (unauthorised discharges) and numerous casualties.

The force destroyed some planes and inflicted numerous casualties before they were annihilated.

The village was destroyed and the Kai Colo, despite being armed with muskets, received numerous casualties.