Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

different categories   (diferentes categorías)

There are different categories of free software.

Ghoshal received three awards in different categories.

Folklorists divide customs into several different categories.

other categories   (otras categorias)

Additionally, she was nominated in five other categories.

The same holds for the other categories.

As with the other categories, this description is more of a guideline than a rule.

main categories   (categorías principales)

Disorders were divided into four main categories.

The three main categories of diseases are listed below.

It is usually divided into at least seven main categories.

following categories

Awards are given in the following categories.

Failure mechanisms of electronic semiconductor devices fall in the following categories

Robots (and their parts and software) that fall within the following categories are eligible.

several categories

Nutrients in food are grouped into several categories.

Sporting players and are divided into several categories.

The running event has several categories according to age and sex.

various categories

Spells fall into various categories and have various ranges.

Institutions have been charging fees from students under various categories.

The AMG Heritage Awards presents twenty-five awards to artists in various categories.

all categories

This is in all categories of video games: mobile, PC, Xbox, and PS.

The School's recognised as Outstanding by Ofsted in all categories.

It is listed as a tier one airport in all categories of the Michigan Airport System Plan.

broad categories   (amplias categorias)

Von Wright's writings come under two broad categories.

Guitars can be divided into two broad categories, acoustic and electric guitars.

Generally, they are divided into two broad categories: those that are painted (Tib.)

categories such

Sei whales for instance are divided into categories such as immature, pubertal and mature.

Further refinements to these definitions have resulted in categories such as copyleft and permissive.

In the same year, additional categories such as Best Lyricist, Best Playback Singing were also introduced.

both categories

Some techniques can fall into both categories ("e.g."

In 1981 both categories were promoted to be a European Championship for Autocross Drivers.

"The Dark Knight" won the most film awards, winning in both categories in which it was nominated.

major categories   (Categorías mayores)

The contest is divided into three major categories.

Below is a list of winners in the major categories by year.

categories including

In the same year Mojo Webb was nominated in four other categories including Album, Producer, Male Vocalist and Song Of The Year.

The speedway has hosted a number of Australian Championships over the years for different categories including Sprintcars, Speedcars, and Super Sedans.

Prior to the injury, Boone did became the All-Time Utah Blaze franchise leading wide receiver in all categories including receptions, yards and touchdowns.

award categories

The 2008 ceremony saw an updated structure to the award categories.

The Board of Governors meets each year and considers new award categories.

For most award categories, a jury of music journalists selects four nominees.


Pennsylvania school district reserve funds are divided into two categories – designated and undesignated.

Pennsylvania public school district reserve funds are divided into two categories – designated and undesignated.

categories based

Free constructions exist for many categories based on structured sets.

These statues have been divided into two categories based on their visual form.

These standers are generally grouped into two categories based on the position of the occupant.

statistical categories

These ranges of BMI values are valid only as statistical categories.

He played in 16 games where he led the Blaze in all receiving statistical categories.

The 20-time titlist did lead the Tour in average and a few other statistical categories.

age categories

A total of 16 medal events took place, 8 in each of the two age categories.

Most age categories of "Albertosaurus" are represented in the fossil record.

general categories   (categorías generales)

There are 8 general categories of additives.

Ecological systems provide four general categories of services: provisioning (e.g.

There are three general categories: Inside the accordion are the reeds that generate the instrument tones.

youth categories

Quintano took over the youth categories in the table on U.

Gama won 83 caps for Portugal all youth categories comprised, scoring 28 goals.

Born in Granada, Andalusia, López joined Málaga CF's youth categories in 2011 at the age of 15.

categories include

Nomination categories include male and female vocalists, albums, videos, songs and musicians.

Those categories include "crimes of violence", which are defined by the "elements clause" and the "residual clause".

Some examples of past categories include: Best Love Song, Best Literature Song, Best Techie Song, Best Sing Along, etc.

new categories

Since 2014 the award ceremony was changed with new categories added.

It introduced many new categories of disorder, while deleting or changing others.

Two new categories were also introduced: Song of the Summer and Best Collaboration.

product categories

The brand is actively seeking additional product categories for its business.

The product categories included electric bikes, smartphone fans, and smartwatches.

This implies that there are certain product categories more aligned to generic brands.

certain categories   (ciertas categorías)

Bush also announced a five percent fee on "certain categories of employment" to be payable by businesses.

Under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976, damages were only paid to certain categories of people, and were based on the economic loss to the victim.

Only people with Palestinian ID, or foreign nationals, by exception, in certain categories, subject to Israeli oversight, were permitted to cross in and out.

separate categories

There are two separate categories involved and one cannot be reduced to the other.

This classification is often subdivided into two separate categories for para-Alpine skiing.

Children have separate categories for boys and girls, and are divided into two or three age groups.