head of cattle   (牛の頭)

Kendall also had about 130 head of cattle at the time.

It was stocked with 10,000 head of cattle at the time.

There were 50,000 head of cattle in 2006.

sheep and cattle   (羊と牛)

Pigs, sheep and cattle were domesticated over 10,000 years ago.

Main economic activity of the town is sheep and cattle breeding.

Today, the surrounding areas are used for sheep and cattle farming.

cattle and sheep   (牛と羊)

Atora only uses suet from cattle and sheep.

There are five working crofts in Torrin with cattle and sheep.

Hogs, which are not ruminants, do not chew cud as cattle and sheep do.

beef cattle   (肉牛)

It is made from the hindquarter of beef cattle.

The farm has a beef cattle heard and a flock of sheep.

The main industries of the area are sheep and beef cattle.

cattle raising   (畜産)

Subsistence farming and cattle raising predominate.

Economy is mostly based on agriculture and cattle raising.

The economy is mostly based on agriculture and cattle raising.

cattle ranch   (牛牧場)

The ranch continues as an active cattle ranch.

He used this land for a cattle ranch.

Eventually, Wescott started a cattle ranch in Custer County, Nebraska.

cattle grazing   (牛の放牧)

The main land use in the ranches is cattle grazing.

The major present threat in this area is cattle grazing.

Most of the land bought by Marion Shay for cattle grazing.

cattle station   (牛ステーション)

The cattle station was built between 1890 and 1969.

The cattle station Thurloo Downs was in the parish.

He also purchased the Paringa cattle station.

cattle ranching   (牛の放牧)

It was then later used as a line camp for cattle ranching.

Over time, cattle ranching became less and less profitable.

Grain farming and cattle ranching are extensive in the surrounding areas.

dairy cattle   (乳牛)

She is known for her work on infertility in dairy cattle.

In the Waikato and Taranaki areas, dairy cattle predominate.

In South Africa, both beef and dairy cattle are commercially important.

cattle breeding   (牛の繁殖)

The backbone of Cholistan economy is cattle breeding.

Goat and cattle breeding are other activities.

Main economic activity of the town is sheep and cattle breeding.

cattle and horses   (牛と馬)

Over the years, he greatly improved the breeds of his cattle and horses.

The cattle and horses that provided the hides and tallow essentially grew wild.

The islands were largely used for pasturage for cattle and horses and for raising hay.

cattle market   (牛市場)

Every Friday and Tuesday, a cattle market conducted in the village.

A cattle market was held in Abergavenny from 1863 to December 2013.

A highway ran through the cattle market to the northeast towards Bernau.

cattle ranches   (牛の牧場)

Capybara have flourished in cattle ranches.

Lee owns and operates cattle ranches in Aguadulce and Houston.

Edwin Dun came to Sapporo to establish sheep and cattle ranches in 1876.

such as cattle   (牛など)

Livestock such as cattle, horses and sheep were introduced as well.

These dunes have been impacted by conflicting activities such as cattle grazing and 4X4 vehicle use.

Some trans fatty acids also occur naturally in the milk and meat of ruminants (such as cattle and sheep).

cattle rancher   (牧場経営者)

Budge was a cattle rancher in Soda Springs, Idaho.

Francisco Avila was a wealthy cattle rancher who was a native of Sinaloa.

He has been employed as a laborer for Weyerhaeuser and as a cattle rancher.

cattle farming   (畜産)

Beef cattle farming is a major economic activity in Tepetzintla.

Today, the surrounding areas are used for sheep and cattle farming.

Ségou produces the major part of Mali's national food, including sedentary cattle farming.

horses and cattle   (馬と牛)

At times, the livestock trade (horses and cattle) was significant.

The sales of livestock, quality horses and cattle, was also important.

Ready used the farm to grow wheat and corn, and raise hogs, horses and cattle.

raising cattle   (牛を育てる)

They lived by agriculture and raising cattle.

The setting is a large, fertile valley ideal for raising cattle.

Originally a shepherd settlement, locals later engaged in raising cattle and weaving.

cattle industry   (畜産業)

A bridge crossing the river near Roy Hill was constructed in the late 1920s to service the cattle industry.

The Wambaya eventually adapted by taking on work in the cattle industry, though for a long time they were paid less than white stockmen.

Enzootic abortion in ewes is thought to cost the UK sheep industry £15 million a year and Johne’s disease costs the UK cattle industry £13 million a year.

raised cattle   (飼育牛)

He also engaged in farming and raised cattle.

Wright's father was born in Mexico and also raised cattle.

The people of Aksum also raised cattle, sheep, and camels.