caught up   (追いついた)

The trauma, the battling we all got caught up in.

Of late prawn farming has caught up with the place.

Arm troubles soon caught up with Perkowski, though.

caught fire   (火がついた)

On December 27, 1934, the Courthouse caught fire.

In 1847, it caught fire and was burned to the ground.

These cracked when the bell tower caught fire in 1885.

caught the attention   (注目を集めました)

Williams caught the attention of MGM scouts at the Aquacade.

Stobart's actions caught the attention of the Royal Serbian Army.

Jarman's use of anachronism caught the attention of many critics.

caught the eye   (目に留まった)

He caught the eye of Albert Besnard .

Algernon's cousin, Gwendolen Fairfax, has caught the eye of Jack.

He played so well that he caught the eye of national team selectors.

get caught

Pubic hair does not get caught on the neoprene fly.

The group fight their way there only to get caught by U.S. forces.

They still get caught up and Alice watches everything in the distance.

caught between

The bigeye sand tiger has been caught between the depths of .

Mitzi and Barry meet when her slipper is caught between two railroad cars and he falls for her.

The area was often caught between warring factions, including American Indian and European interests.

gets caught

The time bomb comically gets caught over each person.

If the player gets caught, monsters will attack them.

lt gets caught in the snare, and begins to make a noise.

caught off

The type specimen is a female caught off Tokyo.

The type specimen is a 68-cm-long female caught off Australia.

The type specimen was a 98-cm (3.2-ft)-long male caught off Cuba.

got caught

The trauma, the battling we all got caught up in.

And in the first 2 minutes of the fight I got caught cold.

A civilian who got caught in the crossfire was also killed.

getting caught

The possibility of getting caught creates a thrill."

A police car turns on the sirens and they try to evade getting caught.

This is more time-consuming and increases the likelihood of the artist getting caught.

caught stealing

After that runner was caught stealing, no other batter reached base.

It is explicitly not caught stealing to be put out after a wild pitch or passed ball.

Attempts to steal that result in the baserunner being out are "caught stealing" (CS).

eventually caught

Lemba was eventually caught and was executed in 1548.

They were eventually caught, wiring US$100 million overseas.

The "Robert Wallace" eventually caught fire and burned down.

fish caught

The types of fish caught by this method are tuna, skipjack tuna, frigate and mackerel.

The main fish caught are carp and tilapia, which are filleted in small local maquiladoras.

The largest fish caught there was twenty-nine and one-half inches and 10 pound and 4 ounces.

never caught

Fräulein Doktor herself was never caught.

This alphabet never caught on, and he eventually lost interest.

However, they are both murdered, and their killers are never caught.

caught behind   (後ろに引っかかった)

Kieron Pollard was caught behind for seven off 12 balls.

He was eventually out caught behind for 102.

Gilchrist was himself caught behind off Zaheer shortly thereafter.

finally caught   (ついに捕まった)

World War II and age finally caught up with the Reds.

"Eagle" finally caught "Corcyre" after a chase of 10 hours.

However, fate finally caught up with the church on 7 June 1992.

soon caught

Arm troubles soon caught up with Perkowski, though.

He soon caught wind of the Baroness and fell deeply in love with her.

But she is soon caught unprepared when she learns that her mother has grown ill.

then caught

The gonggi stones are then caught on the back of the hand.

He denies it but the two are then caught red handed by Jane herself.

He then caught dysentry and stayed in a hospital in Koblenz until November 1792.

caught the ball

Childs caught the ball and outran several UF defenders to the end zone.

Cunningham, stayed on the line of scrimmage, caught the ball and ran into the end zone.

The extra point man had first to field the punt-out, and then, kick from where he'd caught the ball.

not caught

Unlike on May 12, they were not caught by surprise.

It is explicitly not caught stealing to be put out after a wild pitch or passed ball.

If not caught within ~300 miles from new, the bearings in the transmission would be ruined.

caught his first

He caught his first career touchdown pass in week two against Virginia.

Rice caught his first touchdown pass on September 30, 2007 playing against the Green Bay Packers.

Beasley caught his first touchdown reception with the Bills in a 31–21 week 6 win over the Miami Dolphins.

when he caught   (彼が捕まったとき)

While it worked on Mosin, it couldn't work on Gravedigger when he caught up to the group.

Pierce had actually killed his girlfriend when he caught her cheating on him with another doctor.

Brown was First-team All-Conference as a senior when he caught 38 passes for 680 yards and 7 touchdowns.

caught off guard   (不意を突か)

Barney is caught off guard when the woman kisses him as the photo is being taken.

At first, the plan works perfectly and the searats are completely caught off guard.

In 1962, when an coup d'état attempted by senior officers of the military and police, Abeykoon was caught off guard.

before being caught

De Villiers scored freely throughout the day to reach 163 before being caught on the fence.

Brown made up for his earlier mistake by breaking off a 75-yard run before being caught from behind.

First seen in the episode "Dirty Girls", she is pursued by Bringers before being caught and critically injured by Caleb.

caught on fire   (燃えだす)

Mouton's rally ended when her engine caught on fire.

Sherwood's aircraft was hit and caught on fire.

The plane caught on fire, causing it to crash.

quickly caught

The approach quickly caught on in Chicago.

Isbisa fled, but was quickly caught, unmasked, and imprisoned.

It quickly caught the public's fancy.

yards and caught

In 1992 Cleveland rushed for 1,125 yards and caught 52 passes.

Grimes rushed for 105 yards and caught 13 passes for 94 yards.

Additionally, he rushed for 21 yards and caught a pass for 21 yards.

caught a pass   (パスをとった)

Cannon and Tyler each caught a pass for a touchdown.

Georgia's Smith next caught a pass and went 20 yards to the goal.

Mitchell, Wellington, and Taua each caught a pass for a touchdown.

later caught

She was later caught and arrested by British troops.

It later caught on fire and was demolished.

The couple are later caught having sex at Summer Bay Auto.