damage caused   (引き起こされた損傷)

The damage caused by crop pests is considerable.

The damage caused forced an immediate return to base.

In 1298 there was further damage caused by an earthquake.

caused controversy   (論争を引き起こした)

The song caused controversy for dissing Aggro Berlin.

This article was reprinted in 1930 and caused controversy.

It caused controversy and was replaced by the image of a cat.

caused many   (多くを引き起こした)

Lightning in particular caused many forest fires.

Pascal's results caused many disputes before being accepted.

This caused many public complaints by disgruntled Air Guardsmen.

vacancy caused   (欠員)

A special election was held in Queensland to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Labor Senator Max Poulter.

However, Sykes served as State President, only filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Richard Bassett.

Nacrelli was appointed to the Chester City Council in 1966 to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Garry E. Boden.

caused significant   (重大な原因)

The 2011 Virginia earthquake caused significant damage to the school.

Nuclear polyhedrosis virus caused significant mortality in some cases.

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

caused much

The tsunami caused much damage in Maui as well.

A severe earthquake in 1500 caused much damage.

The development of Bunker Hill caused much controversy.

problems caused

Engine problems caused most of the mishaps.

Bracing can also be used to correct problems caused by CMT.

However the club's serious financial problems caused unrest.

caused considerable

The incident caused considerable controversy.

It caused considerable controversy.

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel hit the city and caused considerable damage.

caused severe   (重度の原因)

In 1995 Hurricane Luis caused severe damage on Barbuda.

The 1838 earthquake caused severe damage.

This was said to have caused severe health problems among area residents.

caused great   (偉大な原因)

This case caused great public debate in the late spring of 1844.

The 'graffiti' on their Holiest site caused great offence to Jews.

This caused great sadness, depression and fear amongst those not involved.

caused problems

This caused problems for users of the site.

The same issue caused problems for bus drivers for many years.

This has caused problems for fish such as the Rio Grande silvery minnow.

caused widespread   (広まった)

The case caused widespread public debate in Norway.

The report caused widespread panic in Georgia.

This marriage caused widespread disapproval.

caused damage   (ダメージを与えた)

The tornado caused damage to a warehouse nearby.

These floods caused damage, especially from 2008 to 2012.

On 28 February 1969, an earthquake caused damage to the church nave.

caused extensive

Dean caused extensive damage in northern Belize.

This caused extensive traffic jams in the area.

The 1980 earthquake caused extensive damage to the building.

storm caused   (嵐の原因)

The storm caused flooding along some streets in Annapolis.

On October 5, a tropical storm caused flooding in Saint Lucia.

In Florida, the storm caused eight fatalities and 43 injuries.

disease caused   (引き起こされた病気)

In 2003 Lyme disease caused her to lose sight in one eye.

Botulism is a rare disease caused by the bacterium "Clostridium botulinum.

The greatest killer at sea was scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency.

death caused   (死を引き起こした)

Townshend-Farquhar's death caused a by-election.

Note: O'Connell's death caused a by-election.

Kinglake's death caused a by-election.

fire caused   (火災の原因)

In 1859, a great fire caused destruction to the College.

The resulting fire caused extensive radioactive contamination.

The fire caused overhead luggage compartments to melt onto seats.

caused some controversy   (いくつかの論争を引き起こした)

Maasinhon's win caused some controversy, however.

This caused some controversy, and Kumar was penalised and remanded.

It featured live simulated sex and audience interaction that caused some controversy.

not caused

Unlike HHV-8-associated MCD, iMCD is not caused by uncontrolled HHV-8 infection.

Their second logo is a Gyfu rune, similar in appearance to a Saltire, and has not caused controversy.

Meningism Meningism is a set of symptoms similar to those of meningitis but not caused by meningitis.

often caused   (しばしば引き起こされる)

EPSPs are often caused by either Na or Ca coming into the cell.

Although effective, the system often caused panic among guest stars.

The soft tissue of the disc is often caused to bulge in retrolistheses.

caused the death   (死を引き起こした)

In Sicily, it caused the death of around 60,000 individuals.

It caused the death of the two train drivers and the injury of 31 people.

From 2007 to 2010, the tigers caused the death of 9 humans and 25 further tigers were killed.

caused major   (メジャーになりました)

The storm then caused major flood in Luoding, People's Republic of China.

The gas created a massive fire that caused major forest damage and killed 3 people.

Tides reaching up to caused major beach erosion and minor coastal flooding in Naples.

caused more

This earthquake caused more than 800 deaths.

This tactic, however, caused more insult than it did profit.

Douglass felt that inoculation caused more deaths than it prevented.

caused when   (引き起こされたとき)

Intraplate compression was caused when the Atlantic Ocean basin formed.

A recurring theme in the book is the pain caused when people try ineptly to help or to please others.

This is a good example of the confusion caused when initials or first names are left out of the scorecards.

caused serious

This caused serious problems for tourists to access the tower.

One bomb caused serious damage to the Victorian glass and steel roof.

Their love affair caused serious complications between Goebbels and his wife Magda.

caused extensive damage   (大規模な損傷を引き起こした)

Dean caused extensive damage in northern Belize.

The 1980 earthquake caused extensive damage to the building.

The fire caused extensive damage.

caused heavy

The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region.

The bomb also caused heavy damage to surrounding buildings.

The storm caused heavy rainfall inland, peaking at in Angleton.

loss caused   (損失が発生しました)

If he does, he is liable to compensate the agent for the loss caused to him thereby.

They discover the burglar, hiding in a closet, passed out from blood loss caused by having three fingers bitten off.

In 1916 Railton was an experienced and mature man in his thirties and was appalled at the sufferings and loss caused by the War.

what caused

Cassius Dio did not specify what caused the fire.

William's anxiety over them was probably what caused his first nervous breakdown.

Racing competitions, industrial disasters), then the moment of the incident and what caused it.

caused several

Oil exploration and production activity has also caused several accidents.

The conditions caused several City men to collapse, and by half time only eight remained.

In practical terms, erecting a horizontal loop antenna on a ship caused several problems.

caused further

The coup of 1987 caused further contraction.

The marriage caused further distress to Lady Wilde when the couple moved in with her.

A car accident caused further complications and she has walked with a stick ever since.

caused no

The second incident caused no damage to persons or property.

The lightning strikes had caused no serious permanent damage.

The aircraft dropped a homing torpedo which caused no damage.

caused significant damage   (重大な損傷を引き起こした)

The 2011 Virginia earthquake caused significant damage to the school.

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

Outside of Lexington County, a few other tornadoes caused significant damage.

caused flooding

1 hold and damaged and caused flooding in No.2 hold.

The storm caused flooding along some streets in Annapolis.

Rainfall caused flooding on the island.

caused a great   (偉大な原因)

This caused a great deal of joy among Negroes.

The article caused a great deal of light-hearted controversy.

This caused a great deal of controversy, resentment and protest.

caused a sensation   (センセーションを起こした)

News reports of the armour caused a sensation throughout Australia and much of the world.

Her success caused a sensation in the national media, who dubbed her the "Knuckle Princess".

With the group's experimentation with various Afro-Cuban styles, jazz and R&B, it caused a sensation.

caused a major   (メジャーを引き起こしました)

Kasenkina's behavior was erratic, which caused a major international scandal.

Settled peoples who fled the Fulani caused a major redistribution of population.

On that mission, the two became separated and an explosion hit Jaime, which caused a major concussion.

likely caused   (おそらく引き起こされた)

This was likely caused by intense glaciation and a drop in sea levels.

According to her daughter, the death was likely caused by complications from recent strokes.

This was most likely caused by a lit cigarette disposed of in a garbage can at another station.

caused minor

The attacks caused minor damage.

The quake caused minor damage and cracks to buildings in the territory.

It caused minor damage in Mississippi and Louisiana, totaling less than $50,000.

caused by mutations   (突然変異によって引き起こされる)

Sack–Barabas is caused by mutations in the COL3A1 gene.

This disease is caused by mutations in AGK or SLC25A4 genes.

Here she concentrated on leukemia caused by mutations in DNA.

earthquake caused   (地震による)

The earthquake caused 207 deaths and 2000 injuries.

The earthquake caused 30 deaths and 25 injuries.

This earthquake caused more than 800 deaths.

caused a stir   (かき混ぜた)

This caused a stir on the local Malay entertainment scene.

She caused a stir by easily qualifying, easily winning three straight sets matches.

Not only that, his attitude caused a stir from Manager Cosmin Contra and the pair fell out.

caused confusion   (混乱を引き起こした)

The use of the same unit prefixes with two different meanings has caused confusion.

While Jones's delivery drew ridicule, it also caused confusion on the part of batters.

This caused confusion in the ranks of government troops, and their front crumbled under attack .

injury caused

The injury caused him to miss the remainder of the season.

His injury caused an increase in minutes for Jahmal McMurray.

An ankle injury caused Byron Leftwich to miss the remainder of the season.

deaths caused

There are 1.14 million deaths caused by exposure to ambient air pollution.

Most cancer deaths caused by occupational risk factors occur in the developed world.

Mulhearn recounted her personal witness of the deaths caused by Allied bombing in Iraq.

probably caused   (おそらく引き起こした)

Extinction was probably caused by the climatic and physical disruption of the Early Pleistocene Glaciations.

This was probably caused by the Punic Wars, which had a profound impact on the economy of the Tyrrhenian coast.

A new epidemic arrived in 1419–20, which probably caused the death of Janus' second wife, Charlotte on 15 January 1422.

caused severe damage   (深刻な損傷を引き起こした)

In 1995 Hurricane Luis caused severe damage on Barbuda.

The 1838 earthquake caused severe damage.

In localized areas, the flooding caused severe damage to roads and houses.

accident caused

The accident caused all flights to be halted on 3 July.

The coroner ruled his death an accident caused by cocaine use.

A horse-riding accident caused her to have hemiplegia in her left leg.

injuries caused

This explains the large scale of casualties and injuries caused by the blast.

Eye damage and blinding are common injuries caused by out-of-battery firings.

Wu later reported that these injuries caused her to pursue a different career to ballet.

usually caused

They are usually caused by a bacterial infection.

It is usually caused by trauma, infection, or crystalline arthritis.

It is usually caused as a result of trauma or as a complication following surgery.

damage was caused   (損傷が引き起こされた)

The damage was caused by an alkali–silica reaction.

About £20 million worth of damage was caused.

Nobody was injured, and no irreparable damage was caused.

crisis caused   (危機の原因)

The resulting crisis caused a wave of evacuations of foreign nationals and refugees.

In 2008, Chile experienced a pork crisis caused by high dioxin concentrations in their pork exports.

Marinaleda represents a local exception of the national housing crisis caused by real estate speculation.

destruction caused

Along with the destruction caused by the floods famine spread.

There was a large-scale destruction caused by bombing and shelling.

The destruction caused by the Mongols forced many locals to return to an agrarian rural society.

flooding caused

In localized areas, the flooding caused severe damage to roads and houses.

Inland, flooding caused by heavy rains killed two people and injured twenty.

The bridge was closed during the flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes in late June 1972.

incident caused   (発生した事件)

The incident caused considerable controversy.

The incident caused one pupil to be permanently enlarged.

The incident caused much dissatisfaction within the army.

damages caused

Over 80% of Japanese temples suffer from damages caused by raccoons.

It took two years to repair the damages caused during the occupation.

The damages caused to the fort can still be seen on its walls and open spaces.

delays caused   (遅延が発生しました)

The continued delays caused the loss of further orders.

This will help alleviate traffic delays caused at this crossing by passing trains.

In distributed systems, the promise mechanism also minimizes delays caused by network latency.

eventually caused

Allied attacks on shipping eventually caused trade to cease.

A serious, near-fatal accident eventually caused his retirement in 1939.

The success of the airlift eventually caused the Soviets to lift their blockade in May 1949.

caused concern   (懸念を引き起こした)

A source that has caused concern is landfills.

This caused concern for Hampton & Richmond as they expected compensation.

This caused concern about the revival of piracy in the Straits of Malacca.

caused considerable damage   (かなりの損害を与えた)

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel hit the city and caused considerable damage.

The Japanese invasion during the Second World War caused considerable damage to the rail network.

On their part, the Indians recoiled, splitting into small parties that caused considerable damage to outlying homesteads but abandoned the major attack on Nashville.

caused the deaths

They admitted to hurling the rock which caused the deaths.

Powerlines have caused the deaths of adult petrels from collision during flight.

It condemned the military, which had caused the deaths by trying to disperse demonstrators.

rains caused

The rains caused landslides in two villages, although damage was minor.

Torrential rains caused water inundation up to in some areas of Shreveport.

Severe flooding left behind by the heavy rains caused $5 million in damage.

habitat loss caused   (引き起こされた生息地の損失)

It is suffering from habitat loss caused by subsistence agriculture, timber extraction, charcoal production, invasive species (eucalyptus), and expanding human settlements.

caused the loss   (損失を引き起こした)

The continued delays caused the loss of further orders.

It also caused the loss of the submersible's starboard thrusters.

The bombing lasted an hour, and it caused the loss of 13,000 tons of oil.

caused a lot

Nora...she caused a lot of trouble.

The mounting debt has caused a lot of damage to the society in question.

This caused a lot of controversy, since he was an emblematic player of his team.

caused an uproar   (騒ぎを引き起こした)

This caused an uproar and citizens formed a council.

China's cautious response to the issue caused an uproar among human rights groups.

The verdict caused an uproar with Haukar who were unhappy with the short suspension.

winds caused

Strong winds caused the fire to destroy much of the city.

These winds caused the fire to spread into the city of Santa Barbara.

Strong winds caused a power outage in both Agnes Water and 1770 late on 5 February.

caused at least

High rainfall caused at least six mudslides, one of which damaged a county road.

This initial failed castration caused at least one member to leave Heaven's Gate.

Conflicts in the following list have caused at least 10,000 direct violent deaths in 2018.

rainfall caused

The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region.

High rainfall caused at least six mudslides, one of which damaged a county road.

In Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding.

explosion caused   (爆発の原因)

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

The explosion caused no casualty, apart from a BN employee who was slightly injured.

An underground explosion caused the death of 65 miners, making it New Zealand's deadliest mining disaster.

conditions caused

Unfavorable conditions caused the depression to dissipated by the following day.

This was likely due to poor field conditions caused by the previous night's rain.

The conditions caused several City men to collapse, and by half time only eight remained.

caused outrage   (怒りを引き起こした)

The article caused outrage and was widely criticised.

Their execution on 19 June 1953 caused outrage in Europe.

However, his move to RB Leipzig caused outrage among FC St. Pauli supporters.

caused a scandal

Both the marriage and divorce caused a scandal.

These political accents have caused a scandal.

At first no propositions were accepted, which caused a scandal, so after re-examination four of them were approved.

issues caused

Financing issues caused complications.

In 2018, two separate issues caused numerous delays and cancellations with many trains replaced by buses.

A definitive public transport concept has yet to be decided upon, mostly due to funding issues caused by budgetary constraints.

caused massive

In the last decade, drug-related violence has caused massive problems for the local tourism trade.

This caused massive flooding in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia, affecting nearly a million people.

A lack of a hurricane levee system and 8–10 ft storm surge caused massive flooding of hundreds of homes.

event caused   (発生したイベント)

This event caused him to suffer a nervous breakdown.

This event caused a small media shockwave.

This event caused South Korea to halt the project in 2005.

caused all

The accident caused all flights to be halted on 3 July.

Soon, fear of the animal had caused all his companions to flee, though the saint pressed on.

This caused all tens of thousands of programs and websites depending upon his libraries to break.

having caused

I apologize for having caused offense, my aim was the contrary."

Ahmad Shah Durrani accused Sultan Shah of having caused the Afaqi brothers to die.

A telepathic Botha confesses to having caused the disturbance, simply because he could.

caused such

This game's violence caused such an outcry that no games at all were played in 1871.

In 1938, the Republican gains of the mid-term elections caused such federal art projects to be rendered more conservative.

This caused such a severe housing shortage that some Rice women were housed in the dorms of nearby Texas Women's University.

caused during

It took two years to repair the damages caused during the occupation.

She helped her husband come to terms with the deaths they caused during the battle.

It can also be caused during movement of materials for construction, souvenirs or even target practice.

death was caused   (死が引き起こされた)

Her death was caused by complications of syphilis.

It was thought that death was caused by exhaustion combined with ill health.

His death was caused, it is said, by grief at the humiliation to which he had been subjected.

failure caused

For several years there had been crop failure caused by severe winters.

Wu died aged 68 on 6 December 2015, of kidney failure caused by diabetes.

Anatoly Dyatlov died of heart failure caused by radiation sickness in 1995.

caused by human

The fire was caused by human activity.

Therefore, these changes in SST must be caused by human activities.

Safety experts estimate that pilot fatigue contributes to 15-20% of fatal aviation accidents caused by human error.

changes caused

These are stories of significant changes caused by the intervention.

The changes caused some turmoil.

The changes caused by industrialisation required the principles of society to be redesigned.

diseases caused

At present, no effective vaccines are available for most diseases caused by these parasites.

A list of prevalent diseases caused by lack of or malfunctioning of DNA ligase is as follows.

Soon afterwards pressure from Europeans on all sides and European diseases caused its decline.

caused a rift   (亀裂を引き起こした)

This change in demography caused a rift in the Sokoji community.

Like "Maladroit" the marketing of this EP caused a rift with Weezer's record label Geffen Records.

This caused a rift among the journal's board members, ultimately leading to the magazine's evolution into a federalist journal.

disruption caused   (混乱の原因)

A central message of the film is that "life goes on", with Christmas traditions continuing despite disruption caused by bombing.

This was done by executive order of President Harry Truman in order to overcome the disruption caused by labor strikes and disputes.

For some, the disruption caused by the Great Schism probably made the friary a more attractive place to study than continental institutions.

tornado caused

The tornado caused damage to a warehouse nearby.

According to Indian River County Emergency Management Coordinator Dale Justice, that tornado caused $850,000 in losses.

On March 27, 1991, a tornado caused significant damage to Lemont and Sag Bridge, including the historic St. James Church and cemetery.

caused a large

Nevertheless, the bombardment caused a large number of casualties.

The impact severely damaged an area of the Pentagon and caused a large fire.

In 2003, she caused a large amount of protest after 900 workers were fired from Bank Hapoalim.

devastation caused   (荒廃を引き起こした)

The haka references the ecological devastation caused by European colonists.

The devastation caused by the snake has been significant over the past several decades.

It concludes with a description of the havoc and devastation caused by a plague in Noricum.

caused both

Outrage among church-goers caused both committees to back down.

He applied a sleeper hold on Mankind which caused both of them to fall to the outside.

The force of the impact caused both vehicles to come to rest off the highway in the northwest corner lying on their sides.

harm caused   (害を引き起こした)

4 attached to the owner of contiguous land the liability for harm caused by defects of cleaning.

Manu contends that the punishment should be commensurate with that of the harm caused to the victim.

Advocates argue that low-skilled attackers can use this information to perform sophisticated attacks that would otherwise be beyond their ability, and the potential benefit does not outweigh the potential harm caused by malevolent actors.

pain caused

The women are united because of the pain caused by the genital cutting.

A recurring theme in the book is the pain caused when people try ineptly to help or to please others.

Facet joint injections are mainly used as a therapeutic to relieve back pain caused by the facet joints.

caused numerous

The following years were difficult and caused numerous disruptions.

Mobs looted Spaniards' shops and caused numerous fires in government buildings.

This caused numerous short circuits, which required hours of costly diagnosis and hand rework to fix.

hurricane caused

Overall, the hurricane caused eight fatalities.

The hurricane caused "considerable damage", with wind gusts reaching .

The hurricane caused extensive damage to infrastructure, homes, and businesses.

delay caused

The delay caused thousands of Rwandan lives to be lost and mentally scarred those who lived to tell the story.

The delay caused by the Confederate victory at Munfordville may well have cost them a much more important prize– Louisville.

Following a delay caused by mistrial, the case was dropped in 2017 under the Jordan ruling, which puts time limits on cases.

caused controversy when   (論争を引き起こしたとき)

Harbaugh caused controversy when he guaranteed a victory over Ohio State in 1986.

Zero caused controversy when issue 31 included a playable demo of "Cover Girl Poker" on the cover disk.

In 2005 Vera caused controversy when appearing on the cover of Época magazine with the title "I Did Abortion".

infections caused

These drugs are effective but infections caused by resistant parasites have been reported.

Recent papers have also proposed the use of viruses to treat infections caused by protozoa.

Shortly after that, another controlled clinical trial in Western Europe (treatment of ear infections caused by "Pseudomonas aeruginosa") was reported in the journal, Clinical Otolaryngology in August 2009.

caused friction   (摩擦を引き起こした)

This caused friction between Ruffin and Gordy.

The success of the record caused friction within the group.

Prior to that it had caused friction within their marriage.