cavalry regiment   (騎兵連隊)

He then commanded a cavalry regiment of gendarmes in Kiev.

After completing high school he joined an Austrian cavalry regiment.

In 1835 he became a second lieutenant in the 5th Lancers cavalry regiment.

light cavalry   (軽騎兵)

Another two types of cavalry were dragoons and light cavalry.

Jovan Popović vojvoda of Tököl commanded the Serbian light cavalry.

The stratioti were pioneers of light cavalry tactics during the 15th century.

cavalry regiments   (騎兵連隊)

At noon, Saint-Cyr arrived in person with the two Italian cavalry regiments.

Some regiments also served alongside regular cavalry regiments in cavalry brigades.

Many infantry and cavalry regiments operated in pairs under the command of a "comes".

heavy cavalry   (重騎兵)

This company was paired with another company of heavy cavalry.

Overall, Guyot's Guard heavy cavalry division lost 47% of its strength.

Historically, cavalry was divided into horse archers, light and heavy cavalry.

cavalry units   (騎兵ユニット)

These consisted of infantry troops and cavalry units.

Largely because white cavalry units objected to designating them as “U.S.

The lack of horses was the deciding factor in the reduction in the cavalry units.

cavalry division

On May 26, he sent a cavalry division under Brig.

Gregg's cavalry division in reserve.

The cavalry division occupied one after the other, Rayak, Homs, Hama.

cavalry officer

Bardziński was a cavalry officer in the Polish Army.

Her father had been a Union Army cavalry officer during the Civil War.

"Jeb" Stuart was the most prominent and able cavalry officer of the south.

infantry and cavalry

The Diet voted to pay for certain amount of infantry and cavalry.

Many infantry and cavalry regiments operated in pairs under the command of a "comes".

The name comes from the Latin word for a small, round shield carried by infantry and cavalry.

cavalry charge

The cavalry charge was one last deadly blow.

Another brigade was cut off, and destroyed by a cavalry charge.

The regiment was a part of the great cavalry charge in the Battle of Eylau.

cavalry unit

The last Finnish cavalry unit was not disbanded until 1947.

During the Boxer Rebellion (1900), Samsonov commanded a cavalry unit.

A single Roman cavalry unit, the "Ala Gallorum Picentiana" is recorded from the site.

cavalry brigade   (騎兵旅団)

The cavalry brigade of Col. George H. Chapman, part of Brig.

Back east, Gary was commissioned as a brigadier general of a cavalry brigade.

On 21 February 1915, orders were sent from India to form a cavalry brigade in Mesopotamia.

cavalry divisions

It limited the size of the Hungarian army to six infantry and two cavalry divisions.

By 1903, the German Army had 11 machine-gun detachments serving with cavalry divisions.

It did, however, have a higher allocation of artillery compared to foreign cavalry divisions.

cavalry force

The Mughal armies ("lashkar") were primarily a cavalry force.

Peter sent a cavalry force to subdue them, but the Chechens routed them.

Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest escaped with his cavalry force of about 700 men before the surrender.

cavalry and infantry

The town of Pozzuolo has two monuments dedicated to the cavalry and infantry respectively.

Boldu was also ordered to transport Crnojević's cavalry and infantry over the Skadar Lake.

The envoy pointed out that the ruler of Kashmir respected the Chinese, and had a large cavalry and infantry.

cavalry commander   (騎兵隊長)

On May 4, he ordered cavalry commander Brig.

In a raid toward Richmond, Confederate cavalry commander Maj. Gen. J.E.B.

cavalry squadrons

Its core units were armored and mechanized cavalry squadrons groups.

It was raised in 1951 from the amalgamated state cavalry squadrons of Gwalior, Jodhpur, and Mysore.

The Surrey Yeomanry (attached for training, pre-war) was detached in November 1914 and split up as divisional cavalry squadrons.

cavalry brigades   (騎兵旅団)

The cavalry brigades were named for the commanding officer, rather than numbered.

Some regiments also served alongside regular cavalry regiments in cavalry brigades.

Stuart, with five cavalry brigades, advanced from the direction of Funkstown and Williamsport.

cavalry corps

3e GRDI covered the final part of the cavalry corps' withdrawal and suffered heavy losses.

At the beginning of the war, Red Army cavalry corps had 2–3 cavalry (or mountain cavalry) divisions in each.

In March 1916 the two cavalry corps were disbanded and the five divisions were assigned to the five British armies.

cavalry forces

He led the right wing of Polish cavalry forces at the Battle of Vienna.

He joined the cavalry forces of General John C. Fremont and served as a captain.

The cavalry forces that had fought at Old Church continued to face each other on May 31.