İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

cease and desist   (dur ve vazgeç)

In July 2002, Google's lawyers told it to cease and desist.

The cease and desist letters from this company were removed when this show was announced.

Sometime around September 8, 2006, Counts received a cease and desist order from EMI's attorneys.

cease operations   (işlemleri durdur)

The court ordered the company to cease operations.

would cease operations on June 1, 2012.

The rest of the league would cease operations at the end of season.

cease fire   (ateşi kes)

After this, he was forced to sign a cease fire agreement.

On 12 January a cease fire was agreed, but bombing began again on 19 January, killing at least 22.

Israel rebuffed many cease-fire calls but later declared a cease fire although Hamas vowed to fight on.

cease to exist   (var olmayı bırak)

If the light were to be withdrawn, the creation would cease to exist.

Select committees usually cease to exist upon reporting back to the chamber.

Dimensional warps created by Portal cease to exist when he is rendered unconscious.

not cease   (durmamak)

However, subduction in the South Shetland Trench did not cease.

They were anathematized by the bishops, but would not cease to preach.

The controversy did not cease.

did not cease   (durmadı)

However, subduction in the South Shetland Trench did not cease.

The controversy did not cease.

Raiding did not cease with the decline of the Viking threat in the 11th century.

cease all   (hepsini bırak)

[He] demands for all sides to cease all forms of violence.

Kozloduy, which exported 14 percent of its output in 2006, was expected to cease all exportation in 2007.

Robyn then began to cease all westward movement and instead took a dive south, only to turn north and later northwest.