vaulted ceiling   (アーチ型天井)

The vaulted ceiling is made up of curved, porcelain panels.

The nave has a vaulted ceiling supported by wooden strapwork.

The vaulted ceiling was added in 1847.

plaster ceiling   (石膏天井)

The former female toilets have a plaster ceiling with a damaged plaster ceiling rose.

The screen, altar rails, holy table and plaster ceiling of the chancel date from the 17th century.

walls and ceiling   (壁と天井)

The walls and ceiling were painted black and the trap door blended in.

In some shots, they appear to be walking and sitting on the walls and ceiling.

Gregor begins to accept his new identity and begins crawling on the floor, walls and ceiling.

debt ceiling   (債務上限)

He suggested using discussions about raising the federal debt ceiling as "leverage" to reduce federal spending.

Ryan voted against the Senate compromise continuing resolution that ended the shutdown, which included raising the debt ceiling and funding for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

And in 2011, GUSA President Mike Meaney organized a group letter from more than 100 student body presidents to President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner urging a bipartisan compromise on the national debt ceiling.

glass ceiling   (ガラス天井)

Carmichael is a part of the most inspiring group of men and women with the goal of shattering the glass ceiling for women.

The entrance foyer's core is decorated with marble floors, stainless steel mesh wall panels, and a translucent glass ceiling.

In 1978, Leila Seth became the Judge of the Delhi High Court, breaking the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman to do so.

coffered ceiling

The impressive hemispherical dome has a coffered ceiling.

On the first floor the original renaissance wood carved, coffered ceiling can be admired by visitors.

The courtroom originally had a coffered ceiling, but it has been covered by a modern drop-down ceiling.

wooden ceiling

Its wooden ceiling was installed with pegs and glue.

The painted wooden ceiling of the nave is from 1649 and was renovated in 1996.

The wooden ceiling is decorated in geometrically patterned Moorish latticework.

land ceiling   (土地の天井)

Sangameswara Iyer was once the largest landholder in Vayakkara, but due to land ceiling act the family lost most of the property.

floor to ceiling

The interior space is from floor to ceiling.

The dining room boasts a mahogany sideboard that runs from floor to ceiling.

The room features Cropsey paintings from its floor to ceiling; the light is kept low, allowing the paintings to glow.