most celebrated   (最も有名な)

By 1800, Canova was the most celebrated artist in Europe.

One of the most celebrated issues of the Lee-Ditko run is No.

Clavé was one of Spain's best known and most celebrated artists.

celebrated every   (祝った)

Founder's Day was celebrated every November 10.

The "Abovyan day" is celebrated every year in mid October.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.

festival celebrated   (祝われる祝祭)

"Sankranti" is a festival celebrated in India.

Dosmoche Dosmoche is a festival celebrated in Ladakh, India.

It is a spring festival celebrated with great favour and gaiety.

celebrated annually

Three moments in Erasmus' life are celebrated annually.

These events are celebrated annually during the Festival of Ridván.

His urs (death anniversary) is celebrated annually in a traditional way.

day is celebrated

This day is celebrated as "Tiatr Dis" (Tiatr Day).

The day is celebrated on the 5th of May each year.

In 2019, the feast day is celebrated on 24 November.

festival is celebrated

Navratra festival is celebrated in the mandir for nine days.

The harvest festival is celebrated by Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus.

The festival is celebrated as a national holiday in Bangladesh.

school celebrated   (祝われた学校)

The school celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2004.

In 1985, the school celebrated its quatercentenary.

The school celebrated its 150th jubilee in 2006.

celebrated its centenary   (その100周年を祝った)

The school celebrated its centenary on 28 August 2018.

The post office celebrated its centenary year in 2017.

In 2009, the ARL celebrated its centenary.

celebrated during

The festival is usually celebrated during the time of harvest.

This festival is celebrated during the time of the Hindu festival Navaratri.

The perseverance of the Pilgrims is celebrated during the annual Thanksgiving festival.

celebrated every year

The "Abovyan day" is celebrated every year in mid October.

A replica of the ship can be visited, and the event is celebrated every year.

Chinakkathoor Festival is celebrated every year in February-March(makam naal of kumbham).

widely celebrated   (広く祝われる)

Martenitsa is also widely celebrated.

Christmas is a public holiday in Singapore that is widely celebrated.

He is widely celebrated as one of America’s premier tap dance artists.

still celebrated   (まだ祝われている)

This still celebrated at Girton College to this day.

This day is still celebrated as Venezuelan Flag Day.

The event is still celebrated on the last Sunday in July.

celebrated its centennial   (100周年を迎えました)

The parish celebrated its centennial on December 8, 2013.

Burke's celebrated its centennial during the 2007–2008 school year.

The school opened in 1911 and celebrated its centennial year in 2011.

festivals celebrated

People follow most of the festivals celebrated in Nepal.

Diwali, Ramzan and Christmas are other festivals celebrated.

Maha Shivratri and Navratri are some main festivals celebrated.

club celebrated

The club celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2011.

The club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

The club celebrated its 10th anniversary in 1986.

feast is celebrated   (ごちそうを祝います)

The temple feast is celebrated across religions.

Her feast is celebrated on November 21.

His feast is celebrated on October 1.