family cemetery   (家庭公墓)

He is buried in the Hodges family cemetery plot.

The house is situated near the Ridgley family cemetery.

He was buried on a family cemetery near his buffalo pasture.

cemetery located   (墓地)

He was buried in a cemetery located in his former home town of Roseburg.

Holyhood Cemetery Holyhood Cemetery is a cemetery located in Brookline, Massachusetts.

East Lawn Memorial Park East Lawn Memorial Park is a cemetery located in East Sacramento, California.

cemetery contains   (公墓包含)

The cemetery contains the graves of 1602 soldiers.

The cemetery contains the graves of many of the area's prominent people.

The cemetery contains 4,648 burials, mostly of the Invasion of Normandy.

historic cemetery

He was buried in the small, historic cemetery in Oakhurst.

A historic cemetery and gardens are located outside the temple.

The grounds of the former "asistencia" include a historic cemetery.

local cemetery

Alexander Ostrovsky was buried in the local cemetery in Nikolo-Berezhki.

He suffered a heart attack on October 26, 1937 and was buried at the local cemetery.

The men were executed by hanging and strung up on a tree at the entrance of the local cemetery.

new cemetery

A new cemetery was created above the Pfarrhof.

Therefore, a new cemetery site was purchased in 1800 on the western edge of town.

He also funded ten almshouses for the needy (removed 1971), and donated land for a new cemetery in 1862.

military cemetery

It is a partly civilian, partly military cemetery.

Both were buried in Can Tho military cemetery.

It was an Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) military cemetery.

cemetery is located

The entrance to the cemetery is located at 3620 Wilkens Avenue.

The Bluit cemetery is located at .

A small family cemetery is located in a wooded area east of the farmstead.

old cemetery

Cleveland contains an old cemetery and a rodeo.

The old cemetery was closed in 1967 and turned into a car park in the 1970s.

Next to the church is an old cemetery dating to the 18th and 19th centuries.

small cemetery

A small cemetery is near the ranch with about 10 graves.

South of the church is a small cemetery.

His remains were buried again in a small cemetery in Fanano.

cemetery was established

The cemetery was established in 1980.

The cemetery was established in 1904.

A new cemetery was established for the Jewish population of Dresden in the neighborhood of Johannstadt in 1869.

cemetery near

It is situated in the cemetery near the church.

He is buried at Hamamian cemetery near Bukan.

He was buried on a family cemetery near his buffalo pasture.

church and cemetery

Both the school and the church closed by 1965; the church and cemetery were given historical markers in the 1980s.

William P. M. and Mary Ann Dean founded the community by 1860 and established a Methodist church and cemetery by 1861.

It developed into a French town with a church and cemetery, red tiles, play circles, three tennis courts and a bowling alley.

war cemetery

They are buried in the Langemark German war cemetery in Belgium.

They were buried in mass graves on the camp graveyard (today's war cemetery).

The Italians were reinterred at the Italian war cemetery at Hamburg-Öjendorf.

church cemetery

He is buried at the Haaparanta (Haparanda, Sweden) church cemetery.

Buried in a church cemetery in Pine Bush, which was founded in 1962 by his care.

Monet died of lung cancer on 5 December 1926 at the age of 86 and is buried in the Giverny church cemetery.