Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

administrative center   (centro administrativo)

Zmiiv is the administrative center of Zmiiv Raion.

It is the administrative center of Zhashkiv Raion.

It is the administrative center of Zastavna Raion.

city center   (centro de la ciudad)

It is located at around 7 km from the city center.

This is about , by road, east of the city center.

In the city center is Wakayama Castle, built on Mt.

shopping center   (centro comercial)

It is the first lifestyle shopping center in the area.

In 1990 it was re-purposed as a small shopping center.

The management of the shopping center denied the charge.

town center   (centro de la ciudad)

The arena is located to the north of the town center.

The town center is situated around the port.

In 2018, the creation of a new town center has been decided.

community center   (centro Comunitario)

In 1994 a community center was completed in Secunda.

In 1870 was founded a community center "Saedinenie".

An Armenian community center was opened in year 2000.

cultural center   (centro Cultural)

Zone 2: Multifunctional cultural center.

Plans are afoot to turn it into an American cultural center.

The House of Humour and Satire is a cultural center in Gabrovo.

research center

"n independent research center of publication and study."

National law college has set-up different law research center viz.

The Schauerman Library serves as the research center of the college.

through the center

The Torii River flows through the center of town.

NH 66 passes through the center of the village.

The Watarase River flows through the center of the city.

training center

This building now houses the training center and offices.

It had Kalari (training center for martial arts) at Kallooppara.

As of now, the closest training center of this type is in Norway.

near the center   (cerca del centro)

The base is in diameter and thick near the center.

It is located near the center of Iosco County.

A dark triangular patch found near the center of each costa.

center field

A liner... off Nagy's glove, into center field.

Swing and a fly ball, right center field.

Every one of his defensive appearances came in center field.

convention center   (centro de Convenciones)

The new convention center opened on October 17, 1986.

The city's main convention center is McCormick Place.

A convention center is also available at Kottamam, St: Josephs Parish Hall.

commercial center   (centro comercial)

Chengalpattu is an important commercial center.

The commercial center of the city lies along Route 330.

Aizuwakamatsu is a local commercial center.

center of town   (El centro de la ciudad)

The Torii River flows through the center of town.

Many bars are situated in the center of town.

Here, it briefly joins US 19 through the center of town.

medical center   (centro Médico)

There is a medical center in the village.

There are secondary school and a medical center in the village.

There are secondary school, club and a medical center in the village.

visitor center   (centro de Visitantes)

It currently serves as the Winslow visitor center.

The visitor center as originally built was in area.

A trail guide is available at the visitor center.

data center

This will be the first green data center in the world.

In 2011 he founded the data center storage company Infinio.

Prior to the 1980s all IT operations were performed at the data center.

center fielder

Baltimore Orioles center fielder Brady Anderson is featured on the cover.

A power-hitting center fielder, Doby led the American League twice in homers.

Out of spring training in 2016, Grichuk won the role as starting center fielder.

became the center

Shklov became the center of the Haskalah movement.

It became the center of its own parish in 1579.

The cathedral became the center of the cult of St Olaf.

center of gravity   (centro de gravedad)

There is also a payload bay under the drone's body, at the center of gravity.

This can be of use in lowering the center of gravity for a given ground clearance.

The center of gravity of the blade lies at the tip of it to enhance the impact power.

village center

It decided to withdraw toward the village center of Kvam.

In 2012 small reconstruction of the village center began.

In 1900, construction began on a chapel at the village center.

arts center

It is currently operated as a performing arts center.

At this time the city was looking for a space to use as an arts center.

Now a performing arts center, it hosts the River City Community Players.

center located

Big W has a distribution center located at Monarto.

There was a bath house and study center located there.

Pluit Village Pluit Village is a shopping center located on Jl.

historic center

Balad is the historic center of the City of Jeddah.

It is located within the historic center of the city.

It is a historic center of silk production.

fitness center   (gimnasio)

The high-rise also contains a fitness center.

There is a fitness center inside and outside the mountain.

He also owned a fitness center prior to becoming a wrestler.

distribution center

Big W has a distribution center located at Monarto.

The site remained a regional distribution center for Sears.

In 1993, MDI became a distribution center for Independent Grocers Alliance.

center of mass

It reaches a minimum when the axis passes through the center of mass.

It may or may not pass through the center of mass, or it may lie completely outside of the body.

In the ionized case, we have where formula_3 is the center of mass of the molecule/group of particles.

detention center   (centro de detención)

It has also been used as a detention center.

Giuseppe and Pasquale are sent to a juvenile detention center.

It was a juvenile detention center, not an actual women's prison.

important center

It was an important center and port in the Roman era.

The School is an important center of fine arts in Bihar.

It was an important center for the carpet trade with Europe.

health center   (centro de salud)

Under construction there is a health center for elderly persons.

The health center and grain mill are deserted, and the school is gone.

UNRWA operates one health center and two primary schools within the camp.

became a center

The coast became a center of the slave trade.

In the 20th century it became a center for coal mining.

During this time, "Shinchiku" first became a center for glass making.

major center   (centro mayor)

The Gulf Coast is a major center of economic activity.

Austin is considered to be a major center for high tech.

Altyndepe was a major center even then.

urban center

Its seat is Ciamis, also the primary urban center.

They are located southeast of the Tianjin urban center.

The city is within Jinzhou District, east of Jinzhou's urban center.

regional center   (centro regional)

The regional center of the raion is its capital Ağstafa.

The Olmecs regional center was San Lorenzo (1150 - 900 B.C.)

Yahali is a regional center and market place for its surroundings.

conference center   (centro de conferencias)

The conference center contains Grand Ballroom and 5 meeting rooms.

In 2005, after a total renovation, the castle opened as a conference center.

It features a small hotel, a small conference center, and a number of restaurants.

call center   (centro de llamadas)

He currently lives in Lisbon and works in a call center.

A 24-hour call center was opened.

One day, Maya joins a call center and gets miffed with a driver on his careless driving.

education center

Naha is the political, economic and education center of Okinawa Prefecture.

The North High School building served as an adult education center for many years.

More recently, the building has been used as a daycare and early education center.

control center   (centro de control)

In 1954, they built a new control center near the dam.

Its territorial control center assumed combat duty in July 2018.

All technological processes are managed in the SCADA control center.

care center   (centro de cuidados)

Montoya was treated at the infield care center and released.

The facility will provide 90 beds, a 120-bed nursing home and an outpatient care center.

1967 - The state's first, on-site employee child care center opens at Huntsville Hospital.

trading center   (Centro de intercambios)

The port has also long been a trading center within Shikoku.

(Washington was a slave trading center.)

Siam was a major trading center attracting Europeans merchants.

starting center

Flanagan became the starting center in 2001.

At 6'11", he was Lebanon's starting center.

Unger was the starting center for the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

industrial center

Today's Asbest is a large industrial center.

Taganrog is the leading industrial center of Rostov Oblast.

The wilaya of Bordj Bou Arreridj became a young industrial center.

recreation center   (centro de recreacion)

The armory is now a city recreation center.

In 2008, the recreation center and playground were renovated.

It features a Beaux Arts landscape and Art Moderne recreation center.

center is located

Metrolink's operations center is located near the station.

The center is located in Midtown, the city's arts district.

The center is located in downtown Enid.

command center

Instead he single-handedly destroys the rocket command center.

In both cases a strike on a command center could be very serious.

Dariush and Gabriel stay in the command center of JPL to insert the key into the systems.

center around   (centrarse alrededor)

The railway station is far from the city center around six kilometres.

A night of romance would generally center around a bottle of Courvoisier.

Economic ties between Chile and Finland center around copper and forestry.

center stage   (Escenario central)

The members walk in sync towards the center stage.

Two barges sit on each side of the stage, and two are at center stage.

and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just beginning to blossom.

trade center

Kadampanad was a trade center in the ancient period.

Surunga Surunga is a trade center of Jhapa District.

The Bishopric of Dorpat was an important Hanseatic trade center.

district center

It is located 16 km away from the district center.

It is located 13 km north of the district center.

Between 1950 and 1959 Veisiejai was a district center.

geographic center   (centro geográfico)

The geographic center of Bulgaria is located in Uzana.

Shōwa-ku Shōwa Ward is located near the geographic center of Nagoya.

Centerville then was located near the geographic center of Talbot County, hence the name.

population center

The population center of the Chippewa Valley is Eau Claire.

The county seat and largest population center is Chényíng Town ().

Ouake is the primary population center for the Lokpa people in Benin.

service center

From the destination service center, the freight is delivered to the customer.

Passengers can purchase a 1-day pass for RMB 25 in the service center in any metro station.

Ken Pollock Auto Group opened a service center in February 2019 using the former Sears Auto Center.

media center

Davis Media Access, a community media center, is the umbrella organization of television station DCTV.

Office wing and the media center are located on the upper floor, services rooms are on the ground floor.

ft. media center is a focal point for the school and includes a time capsule placed by the Class of 2001.

performing arts center

It is currently operated as a performing arts center.

Now a performing arts center, it hosts the River City Community Players.

In 2016 the city put out a request for proposals for a new performing arts center.

business center   (centro de negocios)

This city is also the largest business center of the country.

It has a casino, several restaurants, a business center, and a pool.

economic center

Nitra is its seat, largest city, and cultural and economic center.

Fort Wayne is the cultural and economic center of northeastern Indiana.

Cloud's long-serving economic center and the heart of a major Minnesota city.

center section

A sanitary tee has a curved center section.

The center section of the station contains the baggage room.

The new lighthouse was painted orange with a black center section.

rehabilitation center

Angie is going to Rankin House, a rehabilitation center temporarily, then to Lakeview.

Later that same day, Angle announced he was immediately entering a rehabilitation center.

In 1989, he was ordered to enter a drug rehabilitation center after violating his probation three times.

center back   (Centro de la espalda)

He played full time in all 3 matches as center back.

In 2001, he played many matches as center back.

He became a regular player as center back in October.

treatment center   (centro de tratamiento)

In addition Florida also has a residential treatment center.

This center is the nation's first hospital-based proton treatment center.

It's also the training and treatment center for other PBA athletic teams.

center position

Standing at , she plays at the center position.

Listed at and , he plays the center position.

He was 6'10 ft, 235 lbs and played the center position.

trauma center   (centro de trauma)

UAB Hospital is the only Level I trauma center in Alabama.

It houses all super specialty departments and an apex trauma center.

The hospital is an adult Level 1 trauma center, chest pain center, and stroke center.

operations center

"She brought this information to the operations center.

Metrolink's operations center is located near the station.

Thimbo confesses to Nigel that this hut is an operations center.

educational center

In Altea is an educational center dedicated to the arts.

Budalur is the main educational center for lot of small villages around it.

The Diocese planned to restore the building and establish an educational center and museum in it.

learning center

Then at the learning center is another magic carpet.

In 2013, a regional distance learning center was opened in Semey.

The computer learning center of the school was inaugurated in 2003.

center entrance

It was originally a five-bay center entrance house.

That facade is five bays wide, with a center entrance.

Rectangular three-room dwellings with a center entrance were not unique to Scandinavia.

information center   (centro de Información)

It is a tourist information center in Dan Chang District.

It is now an interpretive and information center for the Minneapolis Park System.

The information center is named after Chaim Kahn, the first chairman of the institute.

center console

A special serial number plate is added to the center console and engine bay VIN plate.

Changes for 2002 also included a stationary cup holder in the center console as opposed to a removable one.

A secret locking compartment was fitted in the depths of the center console below a removable cassette storage bin.

center opened

The new convention center opened on October 17, 1986.

The new visitor center opened in October 2012.

The center opened to the public on September 22, 2012.

towards the center

The members walk in sync towards the center stage.

The view is from the , looking towards the center of the plaza.

A Pratt truss has vertical members and diagonals that slope down towards the center.

transit center

Construction of the transit center cost $16.5 million.

Morocco is a transit center for Algerian gas exports to Spain and Portugal.

The Route 302 bus operates from the transit center north to Newark via Middletown.

religious center

Shklov was an important Jewish religious center.

This would have been political and religious center of the community.

Shri Jagadguru Fakireshwar Math(Temple) is a famous religious center.

around the center   (alrededor del centro)

Neighborhoods were developed around the center.

The spots are generally darkest around the center of the mantle.

The same is true of a star's orbit around the center of its galaxy.

new center

This new center includes a 300 meter long plaza and a large ball-court.

It forms part of a large commercial development called the "Neue Mitte" ("new center").

With his supply line lengthening, Bonaparte created a new center of operations at Palmanova.

historical center

The boundary of the town historical center is vague.

It is the historical center of the Nikaj-Mërturi region.

The historical center has remains of the medieval walls and two towers.

development center   (centro de Desarrollo)

Best Secret development center are located in Granada and Munich.

The development center focuses on the development of Apple Maps and employs 4,000 people.

In 2016, Apple Maps opened a new development center and it was updated for watchOS and iOS.

circulation center   (centro de circulación)

Deep convection was flaring around the low-level circulation center.

However, the low-level circulation center (LLCC) became exposed later.

Deep convection had started to form over a low-level circulation center.

resource center

In 1972, the resource center was built.

Most TEEAL sets are housed in a library or information resource center.

It is equipped with a separate computer resource center for specialized applications and research.

civic center

ticket stub Roanoke civic center cellar door concerts

It is designed to be pedestrian friendly and connects Bunker Hill to the civic center.

The new Sacred Heart serves the archdiocese as both an ecclesiastical and civic center.

student center   (Centro de estudiantes)

Phase I was when the student center was first established in 1981.

A recent student center expansion project will expand the existing facility to .

The Blue Oasis, Duke Kunshan's student center, opened at Dayu Bay in October 2019.

political center

San Andrés collapsed as a political center towards end of the 9th century.

Besides being the political center, Brasília is an important economic center.

Kondracke appeared on C-SPAN in July 2017, calling for a revival of the "political center" in America.

toward the center   (hacia el centro)

The density of stars increases toward the center in most galaxies.

Eggs are typically oviposited on leaves toward the center of the host plant.

The perianth is very strongly curved toward the center of the flower head, in long.

main center   (centro principal)

Damascus is the main center of education in Syria.

It is the main center of the Montefeltro traditional region.

The main center was at San Fernando High School, where more than 750 evacuees registered.

football center

Antoine Caldwell Antoine Caldwell (born April 19, 1986) is a former American football center and guard.

Rudy Niswanger Rudolph Nelson Niswanger ( ; born November 9, 1982) is a former American football center.

Drew Nowak Drew Nowak (born March 7, 1990) is an American football center who is currently a free agent.

art center

Kimball then became a director of an art center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

One secondary setting is the art center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, directed by Peter Vanderwaal.

In June 1959, Klamer tried to sell Milton Bradley an art center concept but it was turned down.

down the center   (por el centro)

The new helmet was silverblue, with a blue-white-blue tri-stripe down the center (the middle white stripe was thicker).

Most bodies are made from two pieces of wood with some of them including a seam running down the center line of the body.

He installed a 16-foot mirror with a line of real cocaine running down the center, in which visitors were welcome to partake.

entertainment center

The Old Navy space became a family entertainment center called Saturn 5 in 2010.

The historic depot and surrounding buildings house a retail and entertainment center.

Despite efforts to promote Pudong, Puxi remains the cultural and entertainment center of Shanghai.

nature center

The park also preserves a number of historic structures and operates a nature center.

The park also has canoe and kayak rentals, picnicking facilities, and a nature center.

The park includes a large Audubon nature center focused on the birdwatching the area is known for.

retreat center   (centro de retiro)

The yearly meeting decided to establish a retreat center on the property.

It is now operated as a bed and breakfast, meeting hall, and retreat center.

It was conceived as a relaxing and retreat center for the Ottoman administration.

played center

She played center and wing in 15s, and hooker in 7s.

He played center and forward during his career.

Viljar Veski played center position.

sports center

Dar es Salaam is the sports center of Tanzania.

Bugårdsparken Bugårdsparken is a park and the main sports center in Sandefjord, Norway.

The daughter and oldest child of Philippe, eighteen year old Manon works at an outdoor sports center.

center during

The school was used as an evacuation center during the Mountain Fire in July 2013.

It played an imported role as Orthodox spiritual center during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The "Renny" was a significant entertainment center during the Harlem Renaissance, and the New Negro Movement in Harlem.

financial center   (centro financiero)

Tallinn has emerged as the country's financial center.

Denver is an important financial center.

awp news is a resource of the Swiss financial center and his companies.

social center   (centro social)

It continues to serve as a community social center.

The Bigler home in Sacramento was a popular social center.

For the next seventy years, the Clarke Hotel served as the social center for the region.

center of each

A dark triangular patch found near the center of each costa.

At the center of each foot is a circle representing a "chakra" or 'energy point'.

The center of each head is filled with protruding tubular disc florets with large dark anthers.

center of circulation

By October 15, Omar began to quickly intensify as deep convection developed around the center of circulation.

Deep convection contracted to a small region around the center of circulation and the overall size of the storm diminished.

The center of circulation was embedded within a central dense overcast and located within an area favoring further development.

center line

Face-off dots are marked on the center line.

Haining was positioned on the center line of the total solar eclipse on Wednesday, July 22, 2009.

In the center is a diameter superimposed bronze star, the center line of all rays of both stars coinciding.

center of attention   (centro de atención)

Balan, who was a laughing stock, suddenly becomes the center of attention.

He was described as shy, simple and prudent who did not like to be the center of attention.

Dragas became the center of attention for those who supported Sullivan in their expression of dismay.

center turn

US 460 and US 11 enter Salem along Main Street, a four-lane road with center turn lane.

Starting at the highway's western terminus, the highway is three lanes with a center turn lane.

US 20 heads east from Elkhart towards Middlebury, as a four-lane roadway with a center turn lane.

manufacturing center

This nickname comes from Dayton's prominence as a Midwestern manufacturing center.

By the early 20th century, Cleveland had emerged as a major American manufacturing center.

The line started from the heart of the manufacturing center of Reading to the very pinnacle of Neversink.