Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

city centre   (centro de la ciudad)

In the city centre, driving a car is discouraged.

Erfurt-Weimar Airport lies west of the city centre.

Both are based in Park Street in the city centre.

town centre   (centro de la ciudad)

Ubli consists of a town centre and a few villages.

The town centre is located on the Varatella banks.

It is located to the south of Panmure town centre.

shopping centre   (centro comercial)

Mel and Jay find themselves in a shopping centre.

However, it is currently used as a shopping centre.

A shopping centre is also in the planning stages.

administrative centre   (centro administrativo)

The administrative centre was the village of Åsen.

The administrative centre was the village of Skogn.

Its capital and administrative centre is Anfoega.

community centre   (centro Comunitario)

Today it serves as a Protestant community centre.

), Keilor Downs Police Station and a community centre.

4 more schools were built along with a community centre.

centre back   (centro de la espalda)

He was deposed as centre back for a while by Roger Hynd.

He is a defender who plays as a centre back.

Bjarmann was a rough but fair centre back.

training centre

Berlin is the largest Olympic training centre in Germany.

It is a training centre of many international ski jumpers.

Ghislain Printant was the first director of the training centre.

cultural centre

As such, it is also a cultural centre of the city.

It now houses the cultural centre of the village.

This is acting as a cultural centre of Keezhur.

centre forward   (delantero centro)

Halliday was thus moved to play at centre forward.

His regular position was as a centre forward.

He usually plays in centre forward position.

research centre

Kannara plantain research centre Kannara.

Kerevat has also been a notable research centre for entomology.

It is produced at the Fabrica research centre in Treviso, Italy.

commercial centre   (centro comercial)

The main commercial centre is the city of Mutsu.

Narvik is a commercial centre for the region.

Kodaly is the commercial centre and town.

through the centre

For rays passing through the centre, it is zero.

The rally car first races off the arena through the centre exit.

Running through the centre of the township is Jalan Midah Besar.

visitor centre   (centro de Visitantes)

There is a visitor centre including a cafe and shop.

A visitor centre was constructed about from the castle.

The visitor centre has had many facelifts notably in 2005 and 2010.

health centre   (centro de salud)

There is one primary health centre in the village.

There is a small village store and a health centre.

Hingalganj has a primary health centre with 6 beds.

village centre

The nearest bus stop is in the village centre of Dalen.

Four Lanes village centre is 220 metres (720 feet) above sea level.

Kvæfjord Church is located in the village centre near the local school.

important centre

It is a very important centre for hat production.

Between 1538 and 1600 it was an important centre of Calvinism.

The area became an important centre for anti-U-boat operations.

centre half

The centre half back generally marks the centre half forward.

Rodgers plays as a defender, either at centre half or full back.

became the centre

In 1842, Lida became the centre of Vilna Governorate.

This building became the centre of a monastic community.

Paris soon became the centre of this trade.

centre of gravity   (centro de gravedad)

This allows the skier to determine their centre of gravity.

near the centre   (cerca del centro)

They build an orb web and rest near the centre.

There is also a mosque on elevated ground near the centre.

In 1860, near the centre of the Hundred, T. & W. Day leased .

arts centre

The building became a community arts centre in 1974.

There are also a city museum and a fine arts centre in Balıkesir.

In 2003, he proposed a community arts centre for downtown Sudbury.

major centre   (centro mayor)

Taroom is a major centre for the Queensland beef industry.

Sakawand in Zabulistan was a major centre of Hindu pilgrimage.

Edinburgh was also a major centre for the Scottish book trade.

regional centre   (centro regional)

NHS Direct has a regional centre based at the hospital.

Amaravati might have been a regional centre for the Mauryan rule.

Before redevelopment Pacific Werribee was originally a regional centre.

sports centre

The town has a library, a sports centre and swimming pool.

A new sports centre was one of the last projects to be completed.

Bolton St Catherine's Academy has a community leisure and sports centre.

urban centre

It is the administrative and urban centre of Sreepur Upazila.

Sant Miquel is the largest urban centre in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja.

A police liaison program is provided in the urban centre where the officer has a school office.

conference centre   (centro de conferencias)

The hall is now a hotel and conference centre.

The Evoluon building has evolved into a conference centre.

It is now a 74-room De Vere Venues hotel and conference centre.

centre section

The centre section is an example of estate satire.

Their fuel was in centre section tanks.

These were bound together in the centre section by a trellis of box-girders.

leisure centre   (centro de ocio)

Today the site is a shopping and leisure centre.

There are two secondary schools in the area along with a public leisure centre.

The area has a large new sports & leisure centre, and good transport connections.

centre located

Today there is a clan centre located at Glenbarr Abbey.

Whyte Ridge has a community centre located on Fleetwood Road.

There is a tourist information centre located at Donegall Square North.

main centre   (centro principal)

Tkalčićeva Street was the main centre for brothels.

Rousse serves as the main centre for agricultural machinery.

Sheffield quickly became the main centre for cricket in Yorkshire.

became a centre

Les Baux became a centre for Protestantism.

Ban Khrua became a centre of the silk industry in Thailand.

Slowly the settlement flourished and became a centre of trade and commerce.

medical centre   (centro Medico)

There is also a government medical centre.

He died of internal bleedings a few hours later in a medical centre.

The complex will include a university, a research center and a medical centre.

historic centre

Its historic centre is characterised by narrow lanes.

The historic centre did not suffer severe bomb damage.

East Berlin included most of the city's historic centre.

service centre

The nearest town and service centre is Sauðárkrókur, 30 km from Hólar.

The village is a service centre for surrounding agricultural production.

Today Forsayth is a service centre for road transport and regional tourism.

information centre   (centro de Información)

It is now used as a tourist information centre.

It also has a shop, multiple cafes, and an information centre.

Barlow common also has a private fishing area and information centre.

hockey centre

All games were played at the hockey centre within the Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia.

Marc Fortier Marc Fortier (born February 26, 1966) is a Canadian retired ice hockey centre.

centre is located

The town centre is located on the Varatella banks.

The administrative centre is located in the city of Nelson.

The centre is located at Cane Field, Saint Thomas, Barbados.

ice hockey centre

Marc Fortier Marc Fortier (born February 26, 1966) is a Canadian retired ice hockey centre.

Bob Bassen Robert Paul "Bob" Bassen (born May 6, 1965) is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey centre.

Alexander Kucheryavenko Alexander Kucheryavenko (born August 27, 1987) is a Russian professional ice hockey centre.

trading centre   (centro de Cambio)

The first mention of the village is from 1126 as a local trading centre.

He reached Vettikkal which was a trading centre between Kochi and Travancore.

In Bengal region, the Portuguese made the principal trading centre in Hooghly.

education centre

Castle Toward was used as an outdoor education centre.

There is also an education centre and cafe.

There is also a gift shop, education centre, and restaurant on site.

control centre   (centro de control)

The base also served as a regional control centre for aviation.

It acts as operations control centre of Line 1 and Line 2, and maintenance workshop of Shenzhen Metro Line 1.

The VisualWorks Launcher, usually just called "the Launcher", is the control centre for the VisualWorks system.

industrial centre

It has rapidly developed as an industrial centre within the Armenian SSR.

Together with the nearby port of Gdynia, Gdańsk is also a notable industrial centre.

Nuremberg, as a major industrial centre and transportation hub, was hit particularly hard.

distribution centre

at the Palmerston North distribution centre.

The brewery premises served as a distribution centre until 1983.

Nisbets’ main European distribution centre is in Avonmouth, Bristol, UK.

detention centre

He was arrested and then held in a detention centre since December 2005.

He was transferred to an immigration detention centre while his deportation was delayed.

On the next morning, he was transferred to the detention centre of Dongcheng District in Beijing.

business centre   (centro de negocios)

A business centre and nursing home have recently opened.

The hotel also has a business centre, swimming pool, health club and a spa.

Commercial and financial activities made Milan Italy's main business centre.

population centre

The town of Cabinda is the chief population centre.

Hagersville is a population centre with a land area of .

Its population centre was the town of Oatlands to the north of Hobart.

call centre   (centro de llamadas)

By late 2018, the call centre was processing 80,000 calls a week.

These include the call centre industries in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and India.

Woods was working in a call centre when her agent called to tell her she had won the part.

centre line

In August, Gaston led part of the centre line of the crusader army at the Battle of Ascalon.

The medial lobe is wide with a ridge along its centre line and there is a two-part callus long.

"Linesmen" are primarily responsible for watching for violations involving the centre line and the blue line.

convention centre

The hotel has a 4,000 seat convention centre.

The venue has received 107 industry awards, making it the most awarded convention centre in Australia.

The Ban Phu Waan Pastoral Training Centre, a leading Catholic conference and convention centre is also here.

financial centre   (centro financiero)

The City is a major business and financial centre.

The Cayman Islands is a major international financial centre.

Frankfurt is the largest financial centre in continental Europe.

centre of town   (centro de la ciudad)

Markey) on the former wine palace site in the centre of town.

Luganville has a police station located in the centre of town.

The centre of town is still ringed by its original fortifications.

centre of excellence   (centro de Excelencia)

Laird began his football career as a trainee at Plymouth Argyle's centre of excellence.

He started his career at Saint-Fulgent before joining the centre of excellence at Cholet Basket.

His consulting rooms on the 6th floor of 140 Park Lane became a centre of excellence for many visiting specialists.

towards the centre

There is a spring which feeds a pond towards the centre of the site.

This made the Poles retreat towards the centre of Praga and then towards Vistula.

Hutton Moor End is set in an open area with wide views towards the centre of the north Lakes.

centre opened

A£16 million university centre opened in 2011.

In September 2009, the new $6.5 million birth centre opened.

The V/Line Freightgate centre opened at Shepparton in April 1985.

fitness centre

Imperial Park is next to Lakeshore and contains shops, restaurants and a health and fitness centre.

The surrounding training facilities include a tennis lane, dressing rooms, a bar and a fitness centre.

It has two indoor pools, gymnasium, fitness centre, indoor walking/running track and multi-purpose rooms.

new centre

When work was started at a new centre two people were sent together.

Gerry Eakins to develop a new centre for the education of disabled young adults.

The Dutch trading post on this island was extended as the new centre of the slave trade.

care centre   (centro de cuidados)

The hospital is recognised as a level II trauma care centre.

The train care centre functions adjacent to eastern side entrance.

The rich community established a synagogue, a school, a care centre for the elderly and poor, and a mikveh.

exhibition centre   (centro de exposiciones)

The main building is now a cultural and exhibition centre.

The Fairfield Halls is a well known concert hall and exhibition centre, opened in 1962.

The north range contains a visitor centre, with a coffee shop, exhibition centre and a bookshop.

centre stage

The font CCZoinks appears to have less prominence with CreativeBlockBold taking centre stage.

The replay saw Tom Moran take centre stage once again, as St. Martin's secured a 1–13 to 1–10 victory.

Simultaneously the studio believes that architecture should remain a backdrop to life rather than taking centre stage.

social centre   (centro social)

However, there is no single type of social centre.

The social centre existed until 2015.

The Wapping Autonomy Centre was an early social centre experiment.

historical centre

Old Sormovo is more remote from the historical centre.

Its historical centre is part of UNESCO World Heritage List.

The historical centre now includes restaurants, cafes, and art galleries.

primary health centre   (centro de salud primario)

There is one primary health centre in the village.

Hingalganj has a primary health centre with 6 beds.

Gaighata has a primary health centre with 6 beds.

resource centre

UNESCO Bangkok has declared Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar as a resource centre for ICT.

The Multimedia lab of the school has Pentium III microprocessors, one maths lab and a teacher resource centre.

NASHI also founded the Maple Leaf Centre, a resource centre and shelter in Ukraine for young people who are at risk of being trafficked.

centre was opened

The first rape crisis centre was opened in 1973 for England and Wales.

The centre was opened in 1991.

Recently, a Giant Hypermarkett and shopping centre was opened by Gan Yee Chee.

rehabilitation centre

Their efforts are thwarted by Abha, who manages to send Pratibha to a rehabilitation centre to be treated.

In 1962, Greally was released from the rehabilitation centre after she spent her time there training to be a housekeeper.

Greally was transported to Coolamber Manor, a new rehabilitation centre in Longford which had just opened, in the late 1950s.

religious centre

The Mother church dell'Assunta is the religious centre of San Giorgio Morgeto.

Egypt was the political, cultural, and religious centre of the Fatimid empire.

An initial attempt in 1994 to transform the site into a Jewish religious centre failed.

economic centre

"Megina") was an important economic centre.

Conakry is Guinea's capital, largest city, and economic centre.

Like other downtowns it is the commercial and economic centre of the city.

outlying centre   (centro periférico)

The operational buildings stood in the outlying centre of Hardenburg.

The Kuselbach rises in the outlying centre of Diedelkopf where the Bledesbach and the Pfeffelbach (or Aalbach) meet.

On 23 November 2008, the Palatinate's first Protestant urn graveyard was consecrated in Bad Dürkheim's outlying centre of Seebach.

garden centre

Later it was used as a garden centre.

It served the consumer DIY market sector, and most stores had some form of garden centre.

A garden centre has been developed opposite the Tesco Store and a golf centre to the other side.

political centre

As Labour remained at the political centre, the Tories moved to the right.

Aachen became the focus of his court and the political centre of his empire.

North of the Maya Mountains, the most important political centre was Lamanai.

along the centre

There are four rows of calli along the centre of the labellum.

There was no sanitation, and open drains flowed along the centre of winding streets.

On the sides and posterior, the colouration is lighter with a prominent white streak along the centre of its thorax.

centre of each

Louvred openings occupy the centre of each side of the belfry.

The two pieces were intended to appear on the centre of each panel.

Armed guards manned watchtowers at each corner, and at the centre of each side, of the camp.

trade centre

Kollam(Quilon) was a famous trade centre and a sea port in ancient times.

It was opened in 1911 and is today an important trade centre in the city.

kulasekharapatnam was also an important trade centre even before the arrival of Islam.

down the centre   (por el centro)

The riband is navy blue colour with a white thin silver stripe down the centre.

Bona Vista was leading the horses that were racing down the centre of the track.

A darker line runs down the centre of the back, while the underparts have only sparse, white fur.

centre was built

The shopping centre was built between 1967 and 1972 by Taylor Woodrow.

In 2003 it was demolished and a second shopping centre was built on the land.

The centre was built by Sir Robert McAlpine and first opened in November 2000.

centre during

The island is located in the city of Budapest allowing trips to the city centre during the day.

Owing to its fortified position, Vrontisi was used as a revolutionary centre during the Cretan uprisings of the 19th century.

Florence became a musical centre during the Middle Ages and music and the performing arts remain an important part of its culture.

educational centre

Dar es Salaam is the educational centre of Tanzania.

It is an ecological centre, an educational centre and a visitor attraction.

A medical simulation centre is an educational centre in a clinical setting.

municipal centre

It sits about southeast of the municipal centre of Hauge.

It is located only west of the border with Sweden and about southeast of the municipal centre of Sandvika.

youth centre

The station building is currently (as of 2011) used by a youth centre.

Since the early 1990s it has been used as a community and youth centre.

From youth centre days...

union centre   (centro sindical)

The conference staked out plans for a new trade union centre.

UGTAN-unitaire The UGTAN-unitaire was a trade union centre in Senegal.

In its initial phase, LGTA received support from the Congolese trade union centre FGTK.

data centre

In 1993, Cathay Pacific paid $5.2M for land in Norwest business park to establish a $260 million international data centre.

In 2017, the Centre's member states accepted an offer from the Italian Government to move ECMWF's data centre to Bologna, Italy.

The monitoring stations register data that is transmitted to the international data centre in Vienna for processing and analysis.

learning centre

The empire also served as a Buddhist learning centre in the region.

He also bought a $600,000 mansion to house a Hare Krishna temple and learning centre in Honolulu.

After its establishment, Kairouan became an Islamic and Qur'anic learning centre in North Africa.

civic centre

Most famously, the buildings of Cathays Park, the civic centre in the centre of the city, are built of Portland stone from Dorset.

Further, this elite's control of llama herds became a powerful control mechanism as llamas were essential for carrying goods between the civic centre and the periphery.

In 1856, Johannes Petrus Meyer (better known as Jan Meyer) acquired of his father's Elandsfontein farm and built a house next to the Natalspruit, close to where the civic centre stands today.

heritage centre   (centro patrimonial)

It is adjacent to the local library (former school-house of the village) and heritage centre.

A selection of locomotives can be viewed in the heritage centre museum and the trust holds open days for the public.

The battlefield heritage centre now has a viewing point with the Fenn Lane Farm site and other notable points marked.

tourist centre

This Cultural & Educational tourist centre provides more information to Adults and children on Culture & Tradition.

Cardiff is a significant tourist centre and the most popular visitor destination in Wales with 21.3 million visitors in 2017.

The beauty, elegance and the peacefulness of this area has the scope of developing into a shooting location and a tourist centre.

played at centre

He played at centre in the 9-3 win.

Lineen played at centre 29 times for Scotland, and for Boroughmuir.

He played as a fullback or on the wing, and also played at centre in his youth career.